How To Learn Reiki | What Does It Mean And The Right Way To Do It

If you’re wondering how to learn Reiki, it’s good to know right from the start that it’s not very different from other things you have learned in the past. Anyone, at any age, can learn Reiki and there is no specialized knowledge needed to get started.

But there is one specific thing to Reiki that I’ll share with you in a moment.

Like any other skill, it takes time to assimilate and understand new information, and then put it in practice.

Unfortunately, nobody can skip this step and because it’s very important I make it a rule to mention it every time:

Early enthusiasm fades out quickly and regardless of what you’re starting, know that it will take time to see results and improve. – Be at least skeptical if you hear a different story.

This great Medium article talks about enthusiasm, small steps and how to develop willpower.

It’s key to have goals, at each stage of your spiritual evolution, that closely match the level you are at.

You can only keep yourself motivated by taking small, consistent steps over a long period of time.

This should not disappoint you.

On the contrary.

You should be glad that I’m sharing this approach with you because it’s the number one reason people fail at most things.

They set unrealistic targets, overestimate what they can do in one month and underestimate what they can achieve in a year.

Celebrate small wins because these are the ones that will lead you to your ultimate goal and beyond.

Can Anyone Learn Reiki

Reiki is for everybody!

We are channels through which the Universal Life Force Energy flows.

We all have access to it and the only thing that’s needed is to learn how to take advantage of its existence and use it for our good and the good of others.

Reiki is not a cult nor a religion, therefore it doesn’t matter what color your skin has, your gender, what church you go to or if you attend the service at all.

Here’s what’s specific to Reiki: because it’s not a tangible thing, at least at first, you have to believe that it’s going to work. You have to give yourself time to learn the craft and trust that it will show results. You can only do this by putting that knowledge into action and learn to feel the presence of Reiki within you step by step.

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It’s hard to be “all in” from the start.

If you are, that’s great. If you’re only 50/50, give it time and trust the process.

This is not a pill that will cause your body to react almost instantly. Therefore patience is another requirement while enjoying the progress more than the results.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits And Reasons To Learn Reiki

There isn’t a straight answer here. The best reason to start practicing Reiki is the one that made you ask “how to learn Reiki” in the first place.

People have different needs, wants, and come from various backgrounds.

Some are purely passionate about the subjects while others seek help through this form of therapy.

If you simply apply the most basic concepts of Reiki without even thinking about the healing part and only use it as a form of meditation and relaxation, it will bring a lot of value to your life.

By slowing down and having a moment of peace with yourself on a regular basis, you’ll clear your mind and start the day refreshed and positive.

Furthermore, you’ll develop a better understanding of your present issues and by becoming aware of them, it will be much easier to try and solve them.

This alone is a way of healing in itself.

Some Of The Benefits Of Learning To Practice Reiki

Receiving Reiki from someone is wonderful, especially if you resonate with that person.

But doing Reiki self-treatment is not only convenient but also a very personal experience.

The first and most obvious advantage is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for your Reiki Master to free up some time or pay for the session.

On top of that, you’ll be able to practice on a daily basis which is always more efficient and powerful than once a week for example.

More Specific

With time and exercise, you cand use Reiki to lower anxiety and stress levels. It can even work as a pain reliever.

As you gain experience and knowledge, it is possible to tackle more severe affections like asthma, diabetes or depression.

Reiki can help heal these imbalances but know that it won’t happen overnight.

At the very least you’ll get to see some improvements.

NOTE: The most important benefit of all is to keep yourself healthy.

By learning how to practice Reiki you’ll become aware of the issues around you, protect against negative influences and heal whatever needs to be healed.

How To Learn Reiki (at a technical level)

This is going to be a very brief overview of the process and I’ll mention/link the corresponding articles if you want to go deeper into each step.

You do not learn Reiki per se. It is passed on from a Reiki Master to its student.

First Step

Find a Reiki Master that you resonate with. Have a chat first and get a better understanding of what Reiki is and your goals are.

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Second Step

In order to practice Reiki, you need to go through an Attunement Process. This is best done in person. Even though some Reiki Masters say it can be done at a distance I always recommend against it simply because if its importance.

As said before we all have access to the Universal Source Of Life Force Energy, therefore anyone can practice Reiki.

Through the attunement process, your energy centers open so you can become a channel through which the Universal Energy flows.

At this stage, your Reiki Master should provide additional knowledge about the basic Reiki techniques you may use moving forward.

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Third Step

There are three main Reiki Levels and at first, you will be attuned for Reiki level one. This doesn’t mean one level is better or more powerful than others. You can accomplish a lot even with the first degree.

What’s important to remember is that these are steps you take once you achieve different levels of experience and you’re ready to move on, assimilate new knowledge and evolve through your spiritual journey.


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Fourth Step

Do not rush and jump from one Reiki level to the next too fast. Take your time. Understand what you have been through and apply that knowledge. Experiment and see what happens while learning more about yourself. Embrace the process and fall in love with the practice.

How To Choose A Reiki Master

Any Reiki Master can offer you an attunement but remember that it’s a very intense and personal process.

Therefore it’s ideal to have someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Can You Learn Reiki Online, At Home, By Yourself

Eventually, that’s the best way to do it.

We all learn better by teaching instead of being taught.

That’s a fact.

So you can become your own teacher.

NOTE: You have to be attuned (in person) by a Reiki Master to practice Reiki. This is the only mandatory step. 

After this, you can start applying what you know and enhance your Reiki knowledge from online resources.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Reiki

Learning Reiki is a lifelong journey. The beauty lies in its flexibility therefore people can apply it in different ways and it becomes a personal experience that can’t usually be matched.

At its core, Reiki is the same for all of us. It’s our journey that makes it unique.

If you’re a complete beginner, the attunement for Reiki level 1 and two takes only a few minutes. 

Then follows the introduction that’s needed to practice Reiki. This one varies from one Reiki Master to the next.

Some may teach everything in one day, 4-8 hours, while others choose Reiki retreats that may last a whole week.

It’s always a good idea to attend such a course but the actual learning starts after, through self-study.

The Story Of The $10,000 Fee

The story goes back when Mrs. Hawaya Takata was active and practicing Reiki in the western world. Back then she decided that she needed to train others to become Reiki Masters and pass on the learnings.

The concept is really simple and I believe it should be applied today, not necessarily at this value.

Some sort of exchange has to take place when one is attuned in Reiki.

It’s simply the ideal process and how both sides can benefit from it.

But how did the $10,000 Fee became popular?

When Mrs. Hawaya Takata was an active practitioner she decided she had to pass on her knowledge.

Therefore, she was able to initiate 22 Reiki Masters during her lifetime.

She thought that most westerners won’t embrace the Japanese culture as it is and won’t value the attunements at their full potential.

If you purchase through this link we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

And even though there are exceptions to the rule, truth to be told, her learnings were too important not to spread throughout the western civilization.

Mrs. Takata knew that people in this part of the world respect money because of the hard work they put in each day to earn them.

Asking for a significant fee would help the student appreciate the Reiki Master level at its true value and more importantly use it to pass on the knowledge without compromise.

That’s how the $10,000 fee came to be.

This was of course for the Master level, while Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 had significantly lower fees.

Her approach certainly returned results. Whether that’s because of the money she asked for or simply because of the dedication her students had, I guess nobody will know for sure.

I believe both contributed equally and thanks to them we now have Reiki spread around the world.

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