How to Get Unstuck and Practice Reiki with Confidence

If you’re looking to start practicing Reiki again, you’re in the right place.

The role of the Reiki Refresher mini-Course is to help you refresh your Reiki knowledge with to the point, guided information. It’s a journey through the essential concepts and techniques necessary for (re)Starting the practice of Reiki.

If this sounds like something that will help you get unstuck, raise your hand, and keep reading.

NOTE: The course is delivered via email over a week, and … the best thing, it’s Free!

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Reconnect to the concept of Reiki and get into the right mindset to find consistency and build self-trust;
  • Understand the importance of approaching this art form as a whole rather than focusing on individual elements;
  • Move at your own pace and become clear on the core concepts that most Reiki teachers run through in a couple of days;
  • How to do a meditation of reconnection to the universal life force energy and the fundamental hand positions you need moving forward;
  • The essential steps for a successful self-treatment;
  • Bonus techniques to enhance your Reiki practice;