About (me) Vlad and ReikiScoop

vlad reikiscoop

Hi, it’s Vlad, the founder of ReikiScoop.

I’m happy that you landed on this page and excited to see you want to learn more about me and what ReikiScoop is really about.

I don’t take that for granted! I appreciate your time and that’s why I put all my efforts into this project.

Have you ever read Purple Cow by Seth Godin?

Seth Godin is known as a world-class marketer but I would argue that he is one of today’s greatest thinkers.

Purple Cow is all about being different in today’s economy.

The only way small can win.

And why is “small” relevant and more appealing over “big”.

It’s because of what people choose to care about.

People want “meaningful specific over wandering generality”, as Zig Ziglar used to say.

And that’s valid for Reiki enthusiasts too.

It’s also how I choose to run ReikiScoop.

As Reiki practitioners, we often feel like Purple Cows.

But we don’t know what it means and often that discourages us.

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and was raised the conservative way.

Although my family had a totally different view on life and what a person should do for work, I was always drawn to the spiritual and esoteric world.

I know many people consider this field at least strange and unreachable because of the inability of “placing your finger” on something tangible.

However the more I studied, I went deeper and the more interest I became.

With time this gave me confidence and the opinion of others became a blur.

I started to understand that I can use this gift (interest) to do something that matters – change the world around me.

Something small but meaningful.

I could become a Purple Cow.

And I have to be honest … and a bit selfish.

Everything became clear to me when I discovered Reiki.

It’s not magic, and it’s not like I know everything.

Far from it …

But it was like wearing glasses for the first time and seeing the world through a different, clear lens.

Many would say that it was by chance that I met my first Reiki teacher.

But we all know there is no such thing as “chance” when we talk about the power of attraction and manifestation.

Here’s a short history

I went to my first Reiki seminars keeping some opinions to myself. Meaning that I know there are many charlatans out there who are willing to fool you for a simple piece of paper.

Luckily, this was not the case.

I was amazed to see how much knowledge my teacher had to offer.

But I didn’t take it for granted and went out there to verify it by reading various books and attending different courses.

And I always encourage people to do the same.

In the end, I found his learnings to be better than others. Maybe because he was already a renowned therapist and writer, even back then.

He now has more than 25 years of teaching, writing and therapy experience. He is a real inspiration to me and others.

But this was happening all the way back in 2005.

Since then I have attended many seminars, practices, and courses and gained the Master Degree Level in 4 Reiki Systems (Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shamballa Reiki and Gendai Reiki).


I have worked on many patients, done and received quite a few attunements in other Reiki Systems, and learned a lot about the human inner and higher self.

Apart From Reiki, Traveling Also Influenced My Life

One “activity” that certainly changed the way I look at life is traveling.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel at a pretty young age almost all over the world.

I even started working as a flight attendant to make the most out of it. But that was some time ago.

Besides the beautiful people I have met in my journeys, there is one thing I have learned from all my travels:

The way we perceive the world is up to us.

For some, it is an evil battleground filled with challenges and difficulties while for others its a vast place of kindness, beauty, and love.

I am not favoring one opinion over the other, but what I can say is that it might as well be split in two.

Some people are born here to learn the struggle while some seem to live a never-ending vacation. The world is really that way.

It is not good, nor bad… it all depends on how we look at it.

We have the freedom to choose!

For the most part, we can decide what path to take and how we would like our life to look like. From that point on, we can learn and evolve.

You may choose to do things that are considered terrible as well as becoming a saint.

“Out of two people that you cross roads with, at least one of them can be a master for you in a discipline”.

Chinese Proverb

For me, Reiki started out as a “spiritual guide”, but it slowly became a way of life and a fountain of wisdom.

Right now I am eager to help people better understand what Reiki is and how it can be used to enhance our lives.

I’m doing this through the reiki articles section and I’m also working on building free as well as paid products, like our Reiki Online Course for Levels 1-2, to make this journey even more interesting.

This is just the beginning here at ReikiScoop.

There are so many things you can do with Reiki but the most important is You, Your well-being in relation to yourself and others.

The rest will follow.

It is a continuous learning and evolution process.