Kriya Symbol Helps You Manifest Your Wishes Into The Physical Realm

Kriya is the 2nd symbol you learn in the Karuna Reiki system at level 2.

Reiki Master Kathleen Millner channeled this symbol with the help of William Lee Rand.

Kriya symbol is about action and manifestation.

It’s a very powerful symbol that connects to the Angels of creativity, thus helping us transform ideas into reality.

It is the perfect link between the physical world and the higher spiritual planes.

Kriya symbol is the perfect adjuvant for healing the entire human race.

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Kriya Is The Connector Of Heaven And Earth.

At first glance, a clear image of a double Cho Ku Rei can be spotted right away. However, this symbol goes way beyond the power of a double Cho Ku Rei.

It is very simple yet has complex applications.

The representation of the perpendicular lines ending up in spirals at their base has a symbolic meaning. The lines are the connection with the higher celestial dimensions that go through the other etheric planes and all the way down to Earth.

The spirals represent the energy vortexes that channel the necessary Divine elements so the physical parts can manifest.

Kriya Symbol And Its Manifestation Through Action

One of the most interesting uses of the Kriya symbol is its power to bring our desires into physical manifestation. They can be material or spiritual and you should always be very clear about what they are.

Either way, there is one important thing to keep in mind.

These wishes have to be under the Divine will and laws. The Karuna Reiki symbols will aid you on your personal journey as long as you use them in a beneficial way. This means helping yourself as well as others.

If you have Reiki projects I highly recommend using the Kriya symbol. Sending them Reiki energy daily while using Kriya will amplify their potential of manifestation.

How To Use It In Meditation

Another efficient way is to activate the Kriya symbol on your crown chakra and Soul Star chakra.

You can use this every day in a short but clear meditation.

Simply visualize yourself achieving that specific goal or having the object you desire.

For example, if you wish to have your own place, visualize yourself living there. You can even go as far as holding the papers for your new home.

Be thankful and happy that you already have it.

Grow Your Skill Set

This method even works for a skill you wanted to learn but thought it was out of reach.

If you always wanted to play a musical instrument, visualize yourself playing a tune you like using that instrument.

When activated on the Third Eye chakra, the Kriya symbol has the power to remove mental blockages and enhance focus.

When it comes to removing blockages I would advise using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Rama. This sequence will clear your mind and help you manifest your desires.

Kriya symbol will help you achieve what you wish for by using certain parts of the universal life force energy. Bear in mind that the action or object you wished for may come in a different form than as you pictured it.

Someone may pop into your life and guide you towards that goal. Maybe an opportunity arises when you least expect and will take you to the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to tell what is good for us and what’s not. We can only see and understand from our human perspective.

That is why it’s best to let the Universe take us where It wants.

In case you are a bit unclear about what you should ask for, you may activate Kriya on the Crown and Soul Star chakras. Have the intention of receiving only what is good, useful and beneficial for you and your life.

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Another extremely useful attribute of Kyria is grounding.

To become grounded implies an optimum flow of energy through your body.

This is why, when using this Reiki symbol for connecting to the universal life force energy as well as for grounding, you become the link between the Divine and Earth.

To do this is you activate the Kriya symbol from the hips down to the feet.

I recommend applying Cho Ku Rei + Rama on your feet as well. This will further enhance the grounding effect. I do this in the morning and I can feel the grounding effect during the day.

Healing Humankind Using The Kriya Symbol

Kriya has the power to help heal the entire human race.

The use of “help heal” is mandatory in this context. That’s because neither I nor anyone else can simply heal someone who doesn’t it or isn’t aware of it.

Ideally, the first step would be to make people aware of our natural state. That is to exist within the highest loving energies.

We are far from that, unfortunately.

That’s why spiritual practices have been given to us so that more and more people would become aware and grow. If we evolve as individuals the whole planet will follow.

The Kriya symbol helps people by “delivering” the necessary vibration. In turn, this leads them to understand that they should change their life for the better. It gives them the awareness to grow and thrive.

This method can be applied in extreme situations such as natural disasters and even armed conflicts. These are times when humanity can really benefit from a spiritual boost. Lightarian Reiki focuses specifically on this matter.

Often times at seminars, under the guidance of one of my teachers, we send Reiki energy to the whole planet for its greater good. This includes people, animals, and the whole ecosystem.

You can either use the classic, efficient method Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Kriya or if you have a physical map you can go for Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Kriya.

Send energy for about 10 minutes whenever you have the time.

The more people do this simultaneously, the more powerful the effect is. The power grows exponentially with each added practitioner that sends energy.

The Angels Of Creativity

The Angels of creativity are pure and evolved beings of light.

According to our vibration interests and resonance, they connect us to the right ideas and creations so that we can gain the necessary resources to advance from a spiritual and physical perspective.

Of course, they need to know we even want to do this in the first place. Therefore, you can easily connect to them through Reiki.

Some of you might even have angels of creativity as spirit guides.

It would mean a lot if you were aware of their existence and learn how to use them.

The Angels of creativity don’t manifest solely in the higher spiritual planes. They want to take their ideas to our physical realm. Therefore, they can inspire us to have both spiritual and mental creativity.

They do this by facilitating our knowledge growth on Divinity, humanity, and the world in general.

These angels can advise us on important decisions, artistic works, and our daily life. They can guide us step by step to a brighter future.

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