Rama Symbol Brings Balance By Removing Energetic Blockages

Rama is the 4th symbol you learn in the Karuna Reiki System.

This symbol helps with grounding and maintaining balance in your life.

It’s very useful for removing obstacles and blockages at the energetic level.

Rama symbol can easily dispel negative energies from around us as well as an area.

It has a strong connection with Archangel Michael.

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Rama And Reiki Treatment

Rama symbol from Karuna Reiki is exceptionally good in removing residual energies from our energy centers and place them in balance.

I recommend using Rama every time you activate your palms and chakras for self-treatment. It works particularly well on lower body chakras – Muladhara, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra.

We store most of our low vibrational emotions at these levels. Activating Rama in self-treatment will help remove blockages and residual energies.

Using Rama on your feet, especially after self-treatment, will send through your soles to the ground any energetic “waste”.

Among its many uses, Rama brings with it a strong vibration. This is able to protect you from negative influences.

To create a field of protection visualize Rama around you, on all four sides: front, back, left, and right.

Cleansing A Room Using The Rama Symbol

If you’re looking to clean up a location, Rama is the perfect symbol to do that. That’s because it brings with it the energy and power of the angels and Archangels.

While some Reiki symbols carry with them harmony or peace, Rama is the one that purifies a place. Its vibration and power will quickly dispell residual and negative energies from that specific area.

I recommend activating it in the corners of the room. If you place candles there, activate Rama with Halu symbol on each candle to create a perpetual cleansing and protective energy field.

Activate it even on an incense stick while it’s burning. The purifying energy of the incense will be greatly enhanced.

If you wish to cleanse someone else’s room, make sure to get their approval first.

NOTE: Never use Rama directly on someone or in a room that’s not yours, without the person’s consent!

Rama Symbol And Grounding

Imagine a plane with no landing gear. When it has to land, there will be a lot of damage done.

I believe this is an accurate description to emphasize the importance of being grounded. In our case, Rama acts as a “landing gear”.

If this is something that interests you, read more about grounding with the Earth Star Chakra.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel like they are floating and not being present. It happens more often than not so don’t worry too much about it.

We all live in a physical world and our connection to it is vital.

Rama symbol can help you transition to a state of balance by smoothly connecting you to the Universal Source of life force energy and earth.

You can do this by applying the symbol on your feet whenever you feel the need to be grounded. I use it before physical activities and even when I wake up in the morning.

You can enhance the effect by adding Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol to the process. This will push residual energies down to earth through your soles.

Boosting Your Energy Level And Enhancing Your Memory

Think about that time after lunch when a feeling of brutal fatigue hits you. It feels like there is a crack in your body through which your vital energy is leaking.

Moreover, in those moments your memory doesn’t serve you well. You have a difficult time remembering things and putting tasks together.

Well … Rama is of great help in situations like these.

By visualizing Rama and its energy filling your body will help you recover from that state. As mentioned before, you should also use Rama on the lower, first three chakras. This will push all residual energies to the ground.

When you go through confusing times or feel like you lack memory, Rama can help.

In this case, I like focusing on self-treatment and use the following sequence of Reiki symbols: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Rama. I apply it on the third eye chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra. I also add the Shanti symbol on the third eye chakra, for an enhanced effect.

To avoid such situations there needs to be an energetic balance between the two brain hemispheres. The left one handles the rational part while the right one handles the intuition.

You can read about this in detail in the Sei He Ki article.

Protecting Against Energy Vampires

As strange as it may sound, there are people who willingly or unwillingly are able to drain energy from you. This usually happens without your knowledge.

NOTE: This doesn’t necessarily make them evil. People who are doing this without their will should learn how to channel their own energy rather than pulling it from others.

As for the ones that are doing this on purpose, there is a simple way to protect against them:

  • Activate your energy centers with Cho Ku Rei + Shei He Ki;
  • Visualize Rama on the front and back of your body;

This will create powerful protection not only against energy vampires but also against many unwanted influences.

It will be somewhat more difficult to socialize having this protection.

That’s not bad though. Having this filter will allow only the people who have good intentions to come in contact with you.

In case you forget to create this wall of protection, you can always recover your energy with Reiki. Having access to the Universal Source of life force energy allows you to do just that.

If you understand and master the flow of the Divine Light, and the Reiki symbols, you’ll have a field of protection at all times.

Rama Symbol And Archangel Michael

Rama has a strong connection to the Archangels of protection and power. Many Reiki Masters believe that whenever we activate Rama in a place or situation, an Archangel will be present.

Having said that, the corresponding Archangel for Rama is Michael.

He is considered to be the leader of the armies of Heaven and the one that constantly helps in the conflict against dark forces.

Also called the “Lord of the Stars”, he is present in many cultures and religions. He is willing to help us whenever we call upon Him.

We may use Rama as the conductor that channels his energy towards our intentions.

Be mindful when using this!

Great power comes with great responsibility.

Use it only for your benefit and for helping others through therapy.

Connecting to Archangel Michael through meditation when using Rama will enhance the symbol’s energy for protection and dispelling negative energies.

Some Of The Many Uses Of Rama Symbol

Rama has various beneficial uses. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Opening up your energetic pathways – using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Rama in front of you with the intention of opening your pathways, will remove any energetic obstacles. This process should lead only to beneficial encounters;
  • Cleansing crystals – add Rama when cleansing crystals using Reiki symbols. This will greatly enhance the energy field and power of any crystal or stone;
  • Protection against theft – using Rama within your home, on your car or at your workplace, will create a field of protection. Specifically, it will lower the odds of having an assault or theft;
  • Protection against aggressors, conflicts, and even wild animals – drawing Rama between you and a person or a threatening situation will create a wall of energy that will keep negative influences away. Always have the intention of protecting yourself when doing so;
  • Removing depression and sadness – Rama has the power to ground you and to remove residual, low vibration energies from your body, mind, and soul. Therefore, you can use it on yourself with the intention of becoming free of grief, melancholy, and sadness;

Remember that we are yet to discover all the benefits of the Reiki symbols so it’s up to us to work with them.

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6 thoughts on “Rama Symbol Brings Balance By Removing Energetic Blockages”

  1. I guess this is a symbol that you must be attuned to and can only be attuned to if you study the Karuna Reiki methodology? I haven’t hear of this one, but sounds interesting that for sure. I am Usui Reiki attuned, hence why I ask 🙂

    • Hi there Wendy,

      In order to use the full potential of any Reiki symbol, an attunement on the level and system that offers that symbol is required.

      Having said that, I always advise using CKR+SHK+HSZSN to connect to the energy of a symbol from another system. This will enable you to (at least) tap into the energetic print of that specific symbol and use its ability to some extent. Also, you can use meditation as a means to access this energetic print.


  2. Hello Blad. I am Mongolia. I am doing meditation for each Karuna symbol as per your suggestion. But is it necessary to eat a vegetarian diet?

    • Hi Orgoo. Happy to hear that you are using the information and doing the meditations.

      A vegetarian diet is not really necessary, unless it’s your own choice. Having said that before meditations. Reiki sessions, and/or attunements it is recommended that you don’t fill yourself up with too much food. The reason for this is not to overwhelm the digestive system – which requires a lot of vital energy to process) which will harden the flow of universal life force energy.



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