Bring Reiki Back Into Your Life To Help Yourself And Others With A Fundamental Reiki Refresher Course

Kathy and Jane are two Reiki enthusiasts who decided to enrich their lives through this beautiful art form when they were younger.

They both practiced consistently and slowly but surely started seeing the results they were looking for. It was a time when they were attending seminars and keeping close with like-minded people.

But life got in the way…

Kids were occupying 110% of their time, and without even relaizing, they let Reiki slip into the background of their lives.

Recently, things changed.

With more time on their hands, both Kathy and Jane decided to bring Reiki back and regain that lost balance.

But this time, they didn’t arrive at the same results…

Even though both restarted Reiki on their own because it was difficult to find a teacher.

Kathy wasn’t able to feel the energy flowing as she once did and had many questions she couldn’t answer. She wasn’t sure that what she was doing was right. This made her confidence levels drop, and pretty soon, Reiki was out of her life once again.

Jane became a confident practitioner and even helped others with Reiki.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered how two people with similar backgrounds can end up with such different results? It’s not that one is smarter than the other, nor has unique abilities.

The difference lies in how they approach Reiki through the type of knowledge they have access to.

One can be crippled with information overload and lose that crucial confidence needed in the early stages…

While the other can enjoy a smooth ride by taking advantage of a segmented approach that enables you to:

  • Become aware of what you are healing;
  • Where the energy flows and what it does in its path;
  • Why a clear understanding of the core fundamentals is vital for the emotional and mental healing;

Kathy and Jane are not isolated examples.

I was once in the same position.

Luckily, I managed to overcome those blockages, grow my confidence levels, and rely on Reiki in almost any situation.

It’s when I understood why Reiki enthusiasts start doubting their abilities…

And how a guided and to-the-point learning method can help a Reiki enthusiast win the battle with the lack of trust and practice with confidence.

Just like …

reiki refresher course testimonial from alexandra


reiki refresher course testimonial from Jenny

Who Am I And Why I’m Qualified To Put Together A Reiki Refresher Course

Hi, I’m Vlad, and I’ve been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 15 years.

My passion for Reiki grew with time, and it didn’t take long before I realized I wanted this beautiful art form to become part of who I was.

I took the time to learn and apply.

That’s how, throughout the years, I became a Usui Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and also gained the Master Level in 3 other systems: Karuna, Shamballa, and Gendai Reiki.

vlad reikiscoop reiki grand master diploma

It’s been a beautiful ride, but with its share of ups and downs.

Being close to giving up because I lost faith in my abilities to regain balance through Reiki, control my anxiety and social discomfort … was one of them.

Still, I was among the lucky ones.

I found support in my Reiki teacher and fellow practitioners. I had the comfort of like-minded people who helped me get back on track.

That’s what recommends me the most…

Not the fancy certificates, but the fact that I’ve been where you are right now and that I understand how it feels and what to do moving forward without wasting time with unnecessary distractions.

Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone enjoys this privilege.

Usually, you’re all alone … trying to figure things out and even afraid to talk to others because of what they’ll think of you. That’s actually very common, and it happens predominantly among family members and close friends.


It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to overcome these struggles.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through all this to achieve remarkable results for yourself.

Surprisingly, you can do a lot by simplifying your approach.

And, best of all … from now on, you don’t have to do it all by yourself!!

Why The Need For A Reiki Refresher Course

This is the perfect opportunity to bring Reiki back into your life if you haven’t practiced in a while, get unstuck, or improve through a different perspective.

It’s a way to reinstate balance and build self-trust while learning how to help yourself and others

And do so, with as little friction as possible!

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A properly designed Reiki refresher course will help you internalize the core fundamentals, become the true master of your inner-self, and even assist others.

Go beyond standard knowledge and access the deeper levels so you can enjoy Reiki at its full potential.

The 5 Vital Steps For Solid Progress And Real Results

One big influence was the concept of “deconstruction,” introduced by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. Its theory can become very complex, but in its simplest form is all about breaking down complicated structures into manageable blocks.

Instead of trying to internalize huge amounts of information in an undefined timespan, you get to see everything from above and learn in small chunks. Not only that, but these individual blocks are the indispensable components of a solid Reiki foundation.

Let them become clear in your mind, make them part of who you are, and with time, you’ll never struggle with self-doubt ever again.

That’s how I believe a properly designed Reiki refresher course should look like.

While I was reading about Jacque Derrida and a few other people with an impressive set of teaching skills, like the chess prodigy Joshua Waitzkin … something instantly clicked. The cloud above my head suddenly disappeared, and it was like I could see for the first time.

This revelation helped me summarize everything needed for someone looking to practicing Reiki with confidence, and find balance through a clear approach, to only 5 essential steps:

• • •

STEP #1 > Consistency Is Key – We all want to see results as soon as possible. That’s only human nature. But, you can only find results if you practice Reiki consistently. Yet, this concept is explained poorly, and that’s why most find it difficult to implement.

That’s because when you feel lost, and you’re not even sure that the effort is even worth it…results look different.

Nobody tells you that.

When you haven’t practiced in a while, or even after a 2-day crash course, you might fear doing something amiss. Maybe you think you need to know everything before you get started, which is not only a bad idea but also unrealistic.

Don’t get me wrong…

Having a clear end goal is a good thing. Without it, it’s like driving at night, on a foggy and unfamiliar country road, without navigation, and only an approximate destination.

But … you also have to be careful.

At this stage, you don’t want to focus on obtaining something specific.

You should rather learn how to get there.

Thinking only about the end goal is a recipe for disaster!

Because results take time, it can easily lead to disappointment and frustration.

This is when people give up.

And it’s not even their fault because they don’t know any better.

But now, you do!

So …

Instead of falling victim to dreams that are impossible to manifest today, aim for a tangible outcome, and enjoy the reality that can take you there.

If, for example, you want to lower your anxiety levels, work towards this goal with daily self-treatments. A 30 odd minutes Reiki session is a more reasonable aim.

It’s easy to achieve.

Anyone can do it.

And you know how “done” looks like.

Don’t try to comprehend all the techniques and symbols at once. You can revisit them once you’re ready to enhance your practice. Better yet, work to implement the Reiki self-treatment in your daily routine and be happy when this becomes a habit.

Celebrate each session and mark it as a success.

You’re now making progress. It’s a powerful strategy that can make your journey enjoyable and satisfying.

Go SLOW now to go FASTER later!

STEP #2 > Acknowledge – Reiki might just be the most straightforward path to self-healing on all levels. But this can only happen if you understand its deeper role, which will change and evolve with time.

Stop fighting the giant in front of you!

Do the little, simple things first and become comfortable with them. Once you do, it will be easier to accept one fundamental truth: Reiki is more than a “tactic” or a way to relax.

This will make a huge difference along the way because you’ll also start to accept its full set of benefits.

STEP #3 > Learn What You Are Healing – Answer important questions and unravel many unknowns.

It’s nothing wrong with practicing Reiki at random, but you want to enjoy its true potential. Knowing what you are healing will allow you to acknowledge the changes that occur and understand them.

You won’t be fighting symptoms anymore. You’ll begin addressing the real issue and heal starting from the root of the problem.

STEP #4 > Bring Back Reiki Into Your Life – The work you’ve done at steps 1 through 3 will now help you have a more genuine and profound experience.

Bring back Reiki into your life through a meditation for reconnecting to the universal life force energy. Discover the positions, principles, and methods that will smoothen this transition. Start raising your vibration and find balance in your optimum rhythm.

STEP #5 > Emotional Healing – You’re now armed with the fundamental understanding of what Reiki is and how to properly use it to get the most out of it. It’s time for you to address the emotional and mental side of healing. Finding balance at this level will have a positive influence on everything else. This is the proper time to start working with your anxiety, fear, and depression through specific techniques. It’s when you want to improve your relationships and grow self-trust.

• • •

NOTE: Anxiety, depression, bitter relationships … are all symptoms of a deeper cause. Through Reiki and by following the steps above you can tap into all that at a root level. This acknowledgement on its own can help you progress at a faster and more efficient pace than most.

Once I saw the positive feedback and that I was finally onto something, I was convinced more than ever that I had the responsibility to get this out into the world.

It was the perfect collection of Reiki material for those of you looking to start again or improve your practice through a different perspective.

You’ll feel like you’re looking right over my shoulder while discovering how to implement this Reiki learning method in the best way for you.

It’s a step-by-step guide with to-the-point information that will help any confused Reiki enthusiast make the proper first steps towards refreshing their knowledge and start practicing Reiki again with confidence.

I call it …

Reiki Refresher 101 – The Path To Self-Trust Through Guided Information

It addresses Reiki levels I and II with the best hand-picked, carefully sorted and to-the-point pieces of information … blended together with my years of experience as well as the new teaching skills I’ve acquired from the world’s best coaches.

This Reiki refresher course is in written format.

With video, people tend to get lost in the story, view the clip as a movie instead of a lesson, and overlook critical details. Also, my experience taught me that having your own voice while going through the material returns far superior results.

Video has its role, that’s for sure. And, can very well come as support later on. But at this stage, it’s crucial to internalize the information with as little friction as possible.

And even though the system is very simple to use, we wanted more proof that ANYONE could use the program … free themselves from the fear of doing things wrong and escape the blockages that have imprisoned their progress.

So … I tested the first draft with a few people who have been following our content for a while and showed interest in a refresher course.

People like Carla:

The lack of confidence comes from my childhood when I was told that I’m not good at math or my dreams are ‘not aligned with reality’. It was even more difficult later when I was interested in natural medicines but this wasn’t on the ‘accepted topics list’ in my social circles. Reiki helped a lot but I often struggled with questions and the fear of talking to others about it. Finding your course and the support I had while understanding so much more about this practice was as they say ‘a breath of fresh air’. Appreciate your work – Carla

and Julia

Have a look at the Table of Contents >>

So … I’m going to tell you exactly how you can get it for yourself and your loved ones in just a second.

But before I do that, I want to let you know that you’ll also be getting 4 incredibly valuable bonuses that will help enhance your overall experience.

Bonus #15 Methods To Use Against Malevolent Influences

When practicing Reiki, the need for energetic protection becomes self-evident. These methods will help protect you from negative and residual energies.

Bonus #23 Guided Meditations Text + Audio

This includes a meditation for reconnecting to the Universal Life Force Energy. Grow your spiritual potential by getting closer to your inner and higher self.


Bonus #3Usui Reiki Symbols Chart


Receive access to ALL 5 charts. These are digital downloads that are available for sale in our shop section for €28.00 each. Print it! • Frame it! • Hang it!

Bonus #4Chat With Me Directly

As a brand new owner of the “Reiki Refresher 101: The Path To Self-Trust Through Guided Information,” you’ll also get priority access to my personal email… so, if you get stuck along the way, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

I understand that no matter how hard I try to simplify this method and how it’s presented … there will always be folks with specific questions for their situations.

That’s why I find it crucial to have unlimited support, and on top of the priority email access, you can always ask for help at each lesson. A comments section is always open, and you can learn from other replies as well as add your own.

So if you ever feel like you’re stuck, or you’re not sure what to do … or even if a certain explanation is not aligned with your thoughts…

All you have to do is send me an email or leave your message in the comments area, and I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Get $589 worth of value with one-time payment of just $97

The Essential Knowledge For Reiki Level 1 – Reiki’s core is the foundation for everything you want to do from this point on. Experience a unique and different view on Reiki. Discover how to practice efficiently, from principles to techniques. ($97 value)

The Essential Knowledge For Reiki Level 2 – Progress to a deeper perception of Reiki through the sacred symbols. Learn how they work and influence your energetic system. Through this knowledge, access a new level of vibration and understanding. ($137 value)

Emotional Healing [The Chapter] – Once you are comfortable using the fundamentals, you can address specific emotional issues. Recognize the root of the problem and see healing from another perspective. ($167 value)

Specialized Techniques – Learn how to add an essential layer of protection against discordant energies. Enhance the cleansing effect and recalibrate your energetic body. ($129 value)

[DIY] Pay once, enjoy it forever – Do it yourself every day from the comfort of your home. Stay safe by avoiding meeting face to face. Instead of being stuck in traffic and paying for a 40′ Reiki session, use the spare time to focus on the practice itself. ($59 value)

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Because I know how easy it is to understand and go through the entire content of the Reiki Refresher 101

And that even those who have their confidence level to the ground can find the support needed to break that barrier.

Even so … sometimes trying new things can be a little uncomfortable.

That’s why I decided to remove absolutely all of the risk from your investment today.

Simply follow the footsteps of the 10,168 Reiki enthusiasts who have already (re)built their confidence using Reiki Refresher 101 … and who are enjoying the results an efficient Reiki practice offers them.

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This Reiki Refresher Course Is Designed To Help You…

  • Understand what Reiki is from a spiritual perspective;
  • How it influences our mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual layers;
  • How the universal energy flows and the importance of healing each body part;
  • Addressing the emotional imbalances at a core level;
  • And much more … ;

Just as it did for …

testimonial reiki refresher course laurence

and Dhwani

Become A Confident Practitioner

Reiki is a life-long journey that starts with tiny steps. As you evolve, your practice will too. It’s a natural and flexible way to reinstate balance at the mental, emotional, and physical level … it’s an engine for spiritual growth. It might be scary at times, but the excitement of exploring yourself through the thing you care about so much doesn’t go away. One thing is for sure: nothing will ever happen if you don’t take action. To see results with Reiki, you need to learn, practice, and assess. So, take that next step. Trust yourself, and keep moving.

vlad reikiscoop

I’m passionate about Reiki, and because it’s been responsible for so many good things in my life, I’m so excited today that I’m finally able to share this gift with you in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Yes! I’m ready to Refresh My Reiki Knowledge and Improve My Life starting Today

Get Access To The Reiki Refresher Course 101

$589 Only $97!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t practiced in a while. How is this course going to help me?

The course is designed to take you step-by-step from where you got stuck in your Reiki journey and help you find answers and results. With to the point, guided information, each chapter has the role to help you progress to the next one without leaving room for confusion.

There is also a meditation for reconnecting to the universal life force energy included in the course. If you haven’t practiced in a while, this will help you have a smoother start.

Do I need a Reiki attunement before I buy this course?

This is a Reiki Refresher Course, so I assume you already have one. We don’t offer attunements through this course, and you do need it to practice Reiki at its full potential.

If you don’t have one, the information will still help, and you will at least be able to apply some of the level 1 techniques.

How long do I need to practice Reiki to see results?

Results vary from one practitioner to another.

The type of result you plan to achieve is also important. It’s one thing to practice Reiki to relax and another to solve deep emotional issues.

Obviously, the latter takes longer, so take that into account.

Either way, the best thing is to find consistency and be happy with each completed session.

Some people might feel the Reiki energy flowing from day one, while others are non-sensitive and believe Reiki doesn’t work for them.

Regardless of your sensitivity level, results can only be achieved through consistent practice. Even if you feel the energy flowing, this doesn’t mean you’ll reach your goal in a couple of days.

The one detail that truly makes a difference is understanding what you are healing.

That’s one of the key elements Reiki Refresher 101 will help you with.

Can I get this information from books?

Yes and no. Reiki books are a great way to expand your knowledge, but they can also become a good excuse to procrastinate when you need to make progress.

This course is not a summary of the most popular publications. It’s the result of my years of experience, attending countless seminars, and learning from multiple Reiki teachers. It didn’t require just time and dedication but also a considerable amount of experience to put everything together.

It’s the information I wish I had when I was stuck, and I needed something clear, to the point, that would put me back on track.

If I get stuck, can I ask questions?


You are not alone in this.

Each lesson ends with a comments section. If there is anything you would like to ask, you can leave your question there, and I’ll be more than happy to assist and help you get unstuck.

Once you become a student, you also receive priority access to my email. This way, I can offer personalized advice when needed.