Manifest Your Intentions
Without Getting Lost In Research
Even If Remembering
Reiki Symbols
Feels Challenging

The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide

Unlock the potential of 65 Unique Symbols for Health ∞ Abundance ∞ Spiritual Growth

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Here’s A Glimpse Of What You’ll Find On The Inside

Avoid traveling off the beaten path and transform your journey into a familiar way home.

Shika So Reiki Symbol ReikiScoop

You can always practice Reiki randomly with good results.

Still, being aware of what you are healing and exploring each symbol beyond its standard features can help you achieve specific results and enjoy a more complete experience.

The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide:

  • Lists the main attributes of each symbol to help you understand its role;
  • Explains the main uses of each symbol to show you how and when to integrate it in your practice;
  • Includes concepts and applications that I’ve discovered through practice and working with various Reiki Masters and students – that are not found anywhere else;
  • Features symbol sequences you can use to focus on specific imbalances;

Overcome Common Challenges: The guide’s format is specifically designed to help you navigate concerns such as forgetting symbols during sessions or misunderstanding their role.

Unlock The
Universal Energy
Regardless Of Your Attunement

At the beginning of the book (p.12), you’ll find out how to seamlessly integrate the energy of any symbol into your practice, regardless of your attunement status.

There are 3 methods I have successfully used for years, and many of my students and peers implement them regularly or use variations to explore the symbols in their unique way.

How To Use
Reiki Symbols For
Chakra Activation

Master the art of deploying Reiki symbols to purify chakras and engineer a continuous flow of universal energy through your energy centers.

Not every symbol is the same. And each chakra can react differently to the unique manifestations of the universal life force energy.

By better understanding how each symbol functions and the type of energy it taps into, you’ll be able to assist your energy centers with more clarity and focus.

The 3 Symbols I Use For
Emotional Healing

3 Reiki symbols for emotional healing ReikiScoop

Most Reiki symbols have attributes that can be linked to emotional healing. While some are more obvious, meditation can always yield new insights.

Still, throughout the years, I always returned to these 3 symbols.

I use one of them to release stagnant energy from the heart chakra. By stimulating this energy center, you help place this area in a state of healing. This gradually leads to offering and accepting forgiveness, compassion, and love.

I like using the others to retrieve the lost pieces of the soul and restore the energetic fields. This process promotes smoother communication of one’s feelings and harmonious connection with loved ones. It’s also a way to potentially balance past traumas.

Ensure A Safer
Practice Through

Practice Reiki on others ReikiScoop

Explore how Reiki symbols can amplify your energetic protection, freeing you from the worries of absorbing unfavorable influences.

Once you become more comfortable with their attributes, you can take your practice one step further and approach each situation with more awareness regarding the energetic implications.

Who Is This For

If you’re constantly doubting whether you’re using Reiki symbols the right way or have trouble remembering their role during sessions, you’re in the right place.

The Novice Explorer

Curious about the power of Reiki? This guide will provide a clear, accessible introduction to the symbols used in Reiki, helping you to start your practice on solid ground.

The Dedicated Lifelong Learner

You live and breathe Reiki, constantly seeking to deepen your knowledge and enhance your practice. This guide will serve as a comprehensive resource, helping you to master each symbol and apply its energy effectively.

The Holistic Healer

Integrating Reiki into your broader healing practice? This guide will help you add another layer of depth to the services you offer, empowering you to provide more profound healing experiences for your clients.

Reiki Practitioners Facing Challenges

If you find remembering and implementing Reiki symbols daunting, this guide is tailored to make each symbol easy to understand and use, ensuring you can apply them with confidence and ease.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal practice, offer more to your clients, or simply explore a new aspect of spiritual wellness, “The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide” is your companion on the path to deeper, more effective healing.

NOTE: I’ll also show you how to benefit from any symbol you resonate with, even if you don’t have the corresponding attunement.

Hi, I’m Vlad

Vlad and Mikao Usui - ReikiScoop

I’ve been practicing and teaching Reiki since 2004. Like everything, there were many ups and downs. Yet, my love for this type of energy healing helped me overcome each roadblock and gain the master-teacher level in the Usui, Karuna, and Shamball Reiki systems.

Today, I share my knowledge through ReikiScoop. This spiritual brand supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources.

Working with and studying symbols was always more than a way to enhance my practice.

This passion has led me to draw each line, study every shape, and ask questions that might look abstract to others.

But with curiosity comes distraction. You can stray for hours or days without implementing what you learn.

“The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide” emerged from a need to stay consistent by focusing more on the essentials. It’s a practical approach to Reiki symbols that I and many others have found to be a great ally in combating procrastination.

In addition, it’s a comprehensive resource that can help you gain deeper insights and efficiently address various situations.

Whether seeking to refine your practice or just starting out, this guide offers the foundational steps and advanced techniques necessary for practical energy work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Reiki attunement before I buy this Reiki symbols guide?

It is ideal to have at least the Reiki level 2 attunement to tap into their energy and benefit from a symbol’s full potential. Still, some symbols in this guide are not part of a particular Reiki system/attunement. Therefore, you can work with any symbol to some extent. The guide includes a meditation for connecting to any symbol you may want to experiment with.

I’m new to Reiki. Is this something that I need right now?

This Reiki symbols guide is designed to serve as a manual throughout your entire spiritual journey. It’s not a requirement as you get started, but if you’re serious about Reiki, it will certainly serve you well in the years to come. If you’re new to Reiki, “Reiki Online Course for Levels 1-2” would be a better course.

Why should I buy this course? Isn’t there enough information online?

Yes and No. You could simply do your own research and put things together. But, having done this already, I can tell you that it’s not only challenging, but you also need books, notes, and manuals that are not easily accessible online.

The role of this guide is to help you improve and challenge yourself year after year. Even if you know what Cho Ku Rei is, and have used it many times over, coming back to the same information after a while, when you have more experience, will help you see things through a different lens.

Plus … you get to have everything in one place and even print it out if you want. You won’t need to spend countless hours searching for symbols. Instead, you can focus on using them in your practice and reach your goals faster.

If I get stuck, can I ask questions?

Of course. There are moments when a real person can open your eyes and help you see something that is right in front of you. It happens to all of us. That’s why I find it crucial to offer support whenever needed.

RSG Product Cover ReikiScoop


(After the purchase you’ll be provided with a download link.)

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*VAT charges might apply as per the billing address.
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The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide 3D


(Amazon fees may apply.)