Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway

Bring Reiki back into your life with minimal resistance and carve a smooth path toward tangible physical benefits with a fundamental Reiki refresher course.


Reconnect With Your Inner Healing Force

Many Reiki enthusiasts find it difficult to experience tangible physical benefits, to the point where they may eventually let Reiki slip into the background of their lives.

It’s a heart-wrenching reality…

Yet, it’s not uncommon to see a dedicated student struggling to manifest results in the physical plane or feel the universal energy flowing despite their sincere effort.

And… if family and friends are not that supportive, to say the least, or there’s nobody to turn to for guidance and advice, it’s all too easy to leave Reiki hanging in the rear-view mirror and get lost in a labyrinth of confusion and self-doubt.

But what if the Reiki flywheel began its slow, heavy motion?

For example…

Imagine experiencing better sleep due to the absence of stray thoughts and harmful feelings, allowing the body to regenerate, heal, and, therefore, show positive signs in the physical plane.

Yet, despite your efforts, you may have failed to notice these changes.

Rest assured, it’s not because you lacked specialized abilities or some eccentric techniques.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

You see…

Physical benefits are a by-product of Reiki‘s profound ability to take us deep within our structures, surface hidden imbalances, and stimulate our self-awareness.

Once you become knowledgeable of your innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you can begin to work on them.

The answers that emerge will contribute to inner healing, gradually revealing its beauty on the outside.

And… This happens because…

We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Physical Experience

Therefore, focusing too much on physical healing is not wrong but incomplete. – And… it’s actually backwards.

Yet, seeking physical comfort is only human and far from being a shallow desire.

But it’s like watering the leaves of a plant while ignoring its roots.

That’s why a holistic approach is needed

One that starts from the spiritual plane, flows into the emotional and mental realms, and finally manifests in the physical body.

You must nourish your spiritual roots before expecting the flower to blossom.

All these elements are interconnected and have unique particularities.

Yet they must work together for the best outcome.

Therefore, to regain confidence and engineer a sustainable motivation, it’s essential to acknowledge that the roadblocks that put Reiki in the background of your life are not self-generated.

Better yet… they are avoidable encounters.

Information overload, poor guidance, and lack of focus are common reasons that can slow down progress, create confusion, and make you doubt your ability to practice Reiki efficiently.

But there’s good news…

You can overcome these challenges by releasing the chains of limiting beliefs that have held you captive and unleashing that untapped inner potential.

The power to heal is already rooted within you, waiting to be awakened.

The energy is always there…

Yet, sometimes, you just need a little help remembering how to tap into it effectively.

And if you feel that traditional solutions and guidance fell short for your specific needs, rest assured that you are not alone in navigating the vast ocean of possibilities.

Many Reiki enthusiasts, just like you, have experienced the limitations of conventional approaches.

That’s why I embarked on my own transformative journey, seeking answers beyond the ordinary.

Little did I know that along the way, I would stumble upon a concept that would reshape my understanding of Reiki – an easy-to-follow process that will help you become a ‘spiritual gardener.’

So let me take you into a reality that stems not from mere hope but from my own personal experience and those I’ve had the privilege to guide…

Laurence ReikiScoop testimonial

Why Am I Qualified To Put Together A Reiki Refresher Course

Hi, I’m Vlad!

I’m a Usui Reiki Grand Master & Teacher who has been practicing and teaching Reiki for 17+ years.

Vlad and William Lee Rand - ReikiScoop

I also gained the Master Level in 3 other systems: Karuna, Shamballa, and Gendai Reiki.

My passion for this type of energy healing took me on a long journey of self-discovery and growth.



I’m lucky enough to share these experiences through ReikiScoop – the website I co-founded with my partner Peter.

Together with our newsletter, we’re reaching close to 200,000 Reiki enthusiasts each year and have helped thousands of them find clarity and gain confidence in their practice through our content and programs. We’re grateful for this opportunity and the responsibility that comes with it.

It’s been a beautiful ride…

Yet… my journey wasn’t always smooth sailing.

There were times when I questioned my abilities and struggled to find the “tangible” results I desired. It was frustrating, to say the least, and there were many instances when I felt like letting Reiki slip into the background of my life.

That’s what I believe recommends me the most…

Not the fancy certificates…

And not even the countless positive testimonials we’re getting from our audience…


But understanding how it feels to hit a brick wall and go past it to continue your spiritual journey.

Despite my dedication and sincere efforts, I found myself running in circles without making substantial progress.

“Practice more…” – they said.

“Pay attention to the messages…” – some advised.

The traditional solutions and guidance I received seemed to fall short of addressing my specific needs and challenges.

It was disheartening to witness other Reiki practitioners experiencing breakthroughs while I felt stuck in a cycle of doubt.

But I refused to give up!

Still, I realized that doing the same thing and expecting different results wouldn’t cut it. I knew I had to take a different approach if I wanted to reignite the power of Reiki in my life.

So, I embarked on a quest for answers

I attended seminars, sought guidance from like-minded individuals, and delved deeper into my own self-reflection.

And then…

Something extraordinary happened…

I encountered a Reiki teacher who would forever change my perspective and put me on the right track.

Vlad and Mikao Usui - ReikiScoop

It wasn’t like he possessed greater knowledge or was inherently more intelligent than others. What set him apart was his gift of sharing his wisdom in a way that resonated deeply with me. He helped me understand what I had been missing all along.

Through his guidance, I discovered that the true essence of Reiki lies in the connection we foster with the universal life force energy.

It’s less about collecting attunements and fancy certificates but cultivating a profound understanding of how the universal energy flows and use it to manifest abundance in our lives.

Funny how things turn out.

Maybe my “Reiki efforts” did point me in the right direction after all.

And you know what struck me early on?

If I wanted to see those “tangible physical results” I craved, I had to somehow engineer a process that would create the proper layout for a consistent practice that would be unshakable in the face of limiting beliefs or emotional blockages that could hinder my progress.

Now, after 17+ years of navigating my own challenges and learning from the experiences of countless others, I want to share with you the “secrets” that my Reiki teacher taught me.

Yet, I don’t want to neatly but bluntly list them in order.

Throughout my journeys, I’ve managed to carve a path that links them all together in a way that makes a lot more sense.

Plus, I’ve specifically taken the time to organize everything with the “refresher” in mind.

That’s how I came up with the “Spiritual Gardening” framework. It’s a peculiar concept, designed to:

  • Remove limiting beliefs and help you free yourself from past patterns;
  • Unveil the depths of your energetic anatomy so you can better understand what the universal life force energy does in its path and how to use it to manifest abundance in your life;
  • Discover the keys to building unshakable confidence and pave your way for remarkable growth and self-mastery;

Best of all… you don’t have to embark on this journey all by yourself!!

I’ll be here to guide you and answer your questions whenever needed.

Become A Spiritual Gardner

This implies you are well prepared and have the right tools to pull out all the invasive negative energy and trim the overgrown doubts before planting the seeds of self-trust and commitment to regular practice.

To dive back into Reiki without first preparing the soil would be like trying to grow a garden in a patch of wilderness – the old, unattended weeds would strangle the new seeds of hope and growth.

And this cannot happen randomly…

While it’s only natural to have a burst of enthusiasm when embarking on a new journey, it’s also mandatory to avoid the pitfalls it creates.

It’s why commencing this adventure with basic Reiki knowledge and pure excitement represents only the beginning. This initial stage is ideal for putting things in motion, but it’s like having a single water can for a blooming flower field.


The emotional discomfort rises with the release of long-held energetic blockages…

You find it challenging to fit Reiki into your busy schedule…

Feelings of unworthiness or guilt creep in when you “prioritize” your needs…

You encounter skepticism from loved ones…

You’re uncertain how to apply Reiki to your unique challenges…

Or even start comparing your results to others, leading to feelings of inadequacy or impatience…

You need a precise set of steps to elude the sting of disappointment and make room for a complete spiritual experience.

Therefore, adopt the role of a Spiritual Gardner and carefully cultivate your inner growth in 4 simple but powerful stages:

  1. Self-assessment – Start with a mindful look inward. Assess your current spiritual, emotional, and physical state to highlight the issues that are holding you back.
  2. Preparation – Train your mind so that your body can fully enjoy the healing energy. This will also set the stage for everything that will come.
  3. Essentials – Master the essential Reiki knowledge and stay away from distractions. This focus will provide you with the opportunity to be more efficient while also giving you a strong foundation on which you can further develop your Reiki skills.
  4. Self-trust – Plant the seeds of trust and learn how to commit to regular practice. Consistency is the underrated “secret sauce” that seamlessly blends everything together and instruments real results.

Becoming a Spiritual Gardener is not so much about chasing outcomes but creating an environment within yourself that allows for growth, transformation, and healing.

Avoid navigating this journey with a single water can!

Instead, cultivate a spiritual garden capable of blossoming on its own and create yourself the opportunity to experience the full power of Reiki.

This may certainly seem challenging.

But remember…

Even the tallest and strongest trees started as tiny seeds.

Make Reiki Part Of Who You Are To Experience Life-Changing Results

When you begin to embrace Reiki as an integral part of your life instead of a mere tool for healing, a profound transformation takes place within you.

I experienced this many years back, and others have seen similar results.

It’s not about the balance you might feel or the issues that are now diminishing.

You become a different person…

More resilient to external influences and open to embracing new challenges.

It’s interesting yet intriguing because you discover a NEW You!

While this may sound abstract, if you trust in the process and practice patience instead of rushing for immediate results, you’ll find yourself transformed without even realizing it.

What’s also surprising is that you might feel like you’ve been that person all along…

But now… you’re living it consciously.

When I experienced this change, I thought it would be easy to explain it to others.

But it wasn’t the case…

What I received from my teacher helped me see everything much clearer. Yet, the information came randomly, making sense only after we discussed it in detail and repeatedly over a prolonged period.

Vlad and Sensei Hyakuten Inamoto - ReikiScoop

Still… there wasn’t a set of notes to refer to or that I could share with others if I wanted.

And it was a shame because my case is not unique.

If I was able to experience a change in such a way, others could do the same.

It’s when I decided to put my thoughts on paper and define the steps I went through.

I was proud of what I’d created and as disappointed as one could be when I witnessed the reaction…

Eager to share my discoveries with the world, I quickly realized that simply stringing ideas together wasn’t sufficient to help people truly grasp and appreciate Reiki as I do.

Creating an effective learning experience requires structure, flow, and practicality.

That’s when I partnered with my friend Peter, who has a background in architecture and years of experience creating and designing content that people can easily consume and implement.

I thought that 1+1 equals two and that our combined knowledge would yield a decent result, at least better than I was able to achieve.


I couldn’t be further from the truth…

What I learned was… that if two people who agree on a common set of values come together and create work based on distinct but complementary expertise…

The outcome is exponentially better!

That’s how we came up with…

Return to Reiki product image - ReikiScoop

This is a specialized online course for those who practiced Reiki in the past and are now ready to find physical, mental, and emotional balance by focusing on spiritual growth, even if they are confused and not sure where to begin.

Our combined skill sets are the secret sauce that makes this program unique.

However, the experience of our students is what recommends it the most!

Angelita Fanas ReikiScoop Testimonial Angelita M Fanas

I loved the Return to Reiki course because the way it was made, made it so much more insightful and had much more content that anything else I had done. I loved learning about soul cleansing and the way he does cleansing and as a whole just made so much more sense to me. The content was very easy to navigate, the concepts well explained and easy to grasp. This was my first online experience with Reiki, the first two courses I took were in person and I still say that this was better. I highly recommend the “Return to Reiki” course to everyone. And get the videos as well for those of us that are very visual.

Sharon Senna ReikiScoop Testimonial Sharon Senna

The “Return to Reiki” is an excellent course for both beginners and experienced Reiki practitioners. The content is thorough and interesting. It piques your interest to learn more, to continue self-practice, and to continue sharing Reiki with others. I like how you can complete a module at a time and go back to the content whenever you like to continue learning. The sections on the Chakras and Reiki Methods for Addressing Specific Health Disorders were of particular interest to me and deepened my knowledge.

Carla ReikiScoop Testimonial Carla

I’m so glad I took this course. I learned things in the course that I didn’t even know about Reiki. I took it as a refresher because I wanted to get my Masters. It was definitely worth the cost, and I would do it again. The course is so detailed and easy to do. I’d suggest it to anyone that needs a refresher on Reiki.

This program is one-of-a-kind because it takes a rather vast concept and breaks it down into manageable blocks.

These essential components create the perfect blend of clear information and actionable advice to ensure former Reiki practitioners a smooth start.

There are many options on the market, and even ReikiScoop has a course dedicated to beginners that covers levels 1-2 in great detail.

While they may look similar in form, they differ vastly in substance.

You don’t need to go through levels 1-2 once again but (re)Start Reiki with as little friction as possible and do so through a better understanding of each concept.

The 6-Step Self-Sufficiency Blueprint For Manifesting Tangible Results

Module 1: Reconnecting with Reiki Fundamentals


• Rediscover the profound essence of Reiki and its transformative power;

• Uncover the underlying principles that make Reiki a unique healing modality;

• Acknowledge Reiki’s potential and meaning while building the confidence to let the breeze of others’ opinions pass you by;

• Why Reiki is more than just an alternative therapy;


• How a simple mindset exercise can transform your Reik experience into a path of tangible progress;

• Learn to ask better questions to reveal the answers that will help you transition from a wandering Reiki enthusiast to a confident practitioner; 

• Expecting immediate results can lead to discouraging impatience and stagnant frustration. Focus on this instead!


• Learn how to use the Reiki Principles to bridge a mechanical approach with the potential of spiritual expansion;

• How the Reiki Principles begin fostering your spiritual growth and self-awareness;

• Initiate a quest of self-understanding to accept life’s challenges as catalysts for growth;

• How developing an ethical awareness early on can infuse confidence and elevate your Reiki practice;

Module 2: Cultivating Energetic Awareness


• The concept of energy flow and its impact on overall well-being;

• Why energetic blockages occur and why you should embrace them as opportunities for growth;

• Recognizing the connection between energy imbalances and tangible physical benefits;


• Gain profound insights into the subtle yet powerful forces that shape your existence;

• Subtle Bodies: Uncover your energetic self and enhance your intuitive abilities by navigating the layers of your subtle bodies;

• Chakras: How to complement your Reiki practice by learning about the areas of influence of each chakra;

• Aura: Increase self-awareness by understanding your energetic state and its impact on your overall well-being;

Module 3: Techniques and Practices


• Use this meditation for reconnecting to the universal life force energy to cleanse your metaphysical structures, activate your chakras, and enhance the overall flow through your subtle bodies;


• Cultivate clarity around the key components of a Reiki practice to effectively structure and carry out your sessions;

• Gain valuable insights by understanding what you are healing;

• How a holistic approach can guide you toward the root causes of imbalances rather than just alleviating symptoms;


• Journey the extensive range of Reiki hand positions that promote energy restoration;

• Gain insight into the profound effects of each position as we explore their unique abilities to release emotional blockages and promote physical well-being;


• Learn to harness the power of Reiki symbols to expand your intuition and ability to amplify and direct the energy flow;

• How to tap into the ancient wisdom embedded in the 3 Main Reiki Symbols;

• Navigate toward harmonious communication and soul alignment with 2 lesser-known Reiki symbols;

• Progress toward spiritual enlightenment following the guidance of the Master Symbol;


• Discover the astonishing power of some mind-boggling simple yet targeted rituals that can potentially transform your life when practiced consistently;

• Aura Cleansing: Learn to identify imbalances in your Aura and clear the gateway toward radiant health and vitality;

• Chakra Balancing: How to identify the energetic trigger points behind specific imbalances;

• Clearing energetic blockages and stagnant energy: 5 straightforward techniques to release yourself from the energetic cords that drain your energy and create imbalances;

• Intuitive Reiki (Reiki and Intuition): Engineer a more personalized healing approach by learning to trust inner guidance;

• Use this one simple breathing exercise to promote deep relaxation, release mental blockages, and facilitate creative focus;

Module 4: Advanced Applications


• Overcome physical limitations and touch those you care about (plus… a unique take on the one Reiki symbol that makes it all happen);

• How to help heal emotional wounds and past traumas affecting you today;

• Extend healing energy to your beloved animal companions, promoting their well-being and fostering a deeper bond;


• Conquer the grip of anxiety, fear, and depression by working your way up from the root cause;

• Tackle relationship healing with integrity;

• Acknowledge the influence of superior chakras in addressing the energetic blockages associated with ADHD and OCD;

• Cultivate a sense of emotional freedom by releasing the burdens of past negative emotions;

• Learn how Reiki can help alleviate some of the most common imbalances that lead to insomnia, migraines, lower back pain, or anger;


• Shield yourself from unwanted influences and bring harmony for a more balanced and efficient experience;

• Access enhanced healing and engineer energetic alignment with high vibrational tools;

Module 5: Reiki As A Catalyst For Spiritual Growth


• Cultivate a sense of support and guidance by understanding that we are never truly alone;

• Learn how tapping into higher realms of consciousness provides insights into the underlying causes of energetic imbalances, patterns, and blockages;

• A step-by-step exercise to establish a proper connection with your guardian angel, even if you worry about making mistakes or not living up to their expectations;

• Why working with spirit guides means more than overcoming personal limitations and how this relationship can help amplify your potential for spiritual growth;


• How understanding the interconnected levels of the mind, soul, and inner self can transform the Reiki practice into a spiritual tool for extracting the underlying cause of an imbalance;

• Gain insight into the divine and demonic aspects of oneself for a greater sense of self-integration and inner harmony;

• Liberate yourself from unconscious patterns that reside within the shadow aspect of the inner self and let go of self-judgment by embracing your flaws;

• Navigate your interactions with others more skillfully by uncovering the enigmatic puzzle of your own strengths, limitations, and triggers;


• Use this guided shadow meditation to embark on a transformative journey of healing and integration as you courageously illuminate the hidden depths of your shadow self;

• Tap into the wisdom of your higher self through this meditation to align your mind, soul, and inner self for better decision-making and a more authentic expression;

• Why using this specific sequence of Reiki symbols will strengthen your intuitive abilities and cultivate greater emotional intelligence;

• 3 sets of hand positions that help you better focus the universal life force energy to promote mental clarity, stimulate your cognitive abilities, and awaken your soul’s consciousness for a better alignment with your true essence;

Module 6: Simple Strategies For Becoming A Confident Practitioner


• Why Module 6 exists and how to use it for optimum results;


• Why lacking consistency is not a reflection of worthiness; 

• How to reFrame past failures into a paddle, propelling you forward as you confidently navigate the twists and turns of your journey;

• How to break free from the “Time Trap” by overcoming the illusion of scarcity and shifting from guilt to self-mastery;

• Uncover the power behind leveraging small steps and how they can unlock the hidden potential of accountability;

• The 3 widely accepted but underrated techniques that create momentum;

• The ONE thing you should do to overcome resistance;


• Use the power of these 9 tangible exercises to foster your habit-building efforts;

• Unlock the silent dialogues within you to gain insights into unique patterns;

• Why strengthening your intuition can embody your Reiki practice with authenticity and grace;

• Learn to use a safe environment to explore past traumas or repressed emotions for clarity and purpose;

• How to engineer “a-ha” moments and boost your self-esteem by deepening your understanding of your abilities;

• Exploring the connection between Reiki and mindfulness for a more present and centered practice;

• How to unleash a wave of positivity to replace the shadows of fear and anxiety with radiant joy and contentment;

• Embracing vulnerability as a pathway to growth and confidence;

• How even a simple walk in the park can hone your sensory perception and intuition;

More Customer Love

Tina testimonial ReikiScoop
Avneet Gill ReikiScoop Testimonial Avneet Gill

I’d like to thank Vlad and Peter for giving me the opportunity to share about my experience of studying the Return to Reiki course. At first, i remember being hesitant but your response to my email helped and guided me on the right path. I truly believe that the course is a thorough Reawakening Pathway and it fills me with gratitude. I practise Reiki regularly, however after attending your workshops and Return to Reiki Course, it has become an integral part of my life. The course helped me understand how Reiki is a lot more than just healing oneself and others. The topic that resonated the most with me is Reiki being a catalyst for Spiritual Growth. Having come across a few Reiki Masters, I realised none of them talked about spiritual growth. I feel honoured knowing I was able to invest in a course that took my skills and knowledge about sprititual growth to the next level. Reiki Scoop stands out from other online experiences that I have personally come across. I appreciate your prompt and elaborate responses to any hesitations and queries along with the abundance of information available on your website for anyone wishing to learn more. I highly recommend your course and look forward to exploring courses with you in the future.

Yes! I’m ready to Bring Reiki Back into my life

Remember that once you say Yes and enroll in Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway, you’ll have all the essential knowledge at your fingertips, freeing you to focus on your Reiki practice and embrace tangible physical benefits, backed by expert guidance and support.

This Is Everything You’re Getting Once You Enroll

• Immediate access to all the lessons inside Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway – $97.00

Priority Support through my personal email address.

Access to a Q&A section at each lesson to get your questions answered and progress quicker.

BONUS #1: 5 Audio Guided Meditations for a boost in self-confidence and enhanced energy flow. – (Value $69.00)

BONUS #2: VIDEO Webinar – How To Heal Your Inner Self With Reiki – (Value $97.00)

BONUS #3: Usui Reiki Symbols Chart – Print it! • Frame it! • Hang it! – (Value $27.00)

• 30-day no-questions-asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Total Value:$290.00

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Return To Reiki also comes with 3 Valuable Bonuses

You’ll also receive FREE access to a BONUS Package to support your getting-back-to-Reiki efforts and enrich your experience.

Unlock Vital Tools for Your Reiki Comeback

Receive immediate access to this exclusive collection of 5 Audio Guided Meditations, meticulously crafted to empower your Reiki practice like never before.

#1 • Transmuting Fears and Doubts into Healing Energy – Break down the powerful inhibitors that feed the fear of practicing Reiki inefficiently, and create an opportunity to confidently confront these challenging emotions.

#2 • Soul Retrieval – Reintegrate the fragmented aspects of your soul’s essence and enhance your ability to channel energy for wholesome and authenticity.

#3 • Chakra Color Cleansing – Grow more aware of each chakra’s role to promote a smoother energy flow for enhanced vitality and better physical health.

#4 • Shadow Meditation – Learn to accept your hidden or undesirable sides for overall self-acceptance and improved self-esteem.

#5 • Higher Self Guided Meditation – Cultivate a profound connection with your higher self to boost self-awareness and drive your energetic structure towards an authentic connection with the divine.

EXTRAPreparation – It’s essential to create a harmonious space for your transformative journey. In this extra guided meditation, you’ll set up a sacred and serene environment, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the healing experience. Prepare your mind, body, and spirit before each guided meditation to enhance the potency of your practice.

VIDEO Webinar: How To Heal Your Inner Self With Reiki

Connecting to and nurturing your inner self can become a transformative journey of self-discovery and profound healing. It’s a way to stimulate dormant potentials and create a smooth path toward spiritual enlightenment by healing karmic debts.

In this 2h video webinar, you’re going to learn:

• How the 3 levels of consciousness can help you become more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

• Why fostering a healthier connection with your Kundalini energy can help you decode your unique patterns and habits hindering your progress.

• How to carve a path toward your spiritual identity, enhance your mental awareness, and integrate divine values to gain a deeper understanding of your unique role in the universe and your purpose in life.

Usui Reiki Symbols Chart

Enjoy essential information for each Usui Reiki symbol right at your fingertips. This digital and downloadable product is designed to be displayed on any paper size that’s up to A1 (594 x 841) or the ANSI equivalent D (22.0 x 34.0 in).

Print it! • Frame it! • Hang it!


What Other Students Have To Say

reiki refresher course testimonial from Jenny

“The lack of confidence comes from my childhood when I was told that I’m not good at math or my dreams are ‘not aligned with reality’. It was even more difficult later when I was interested in natural medicines but this wasn’t on the ‘accepted topics list’ in my social circles. Reiki helped a lot but I often struggled with questions and the fear of talking to others about it. Finding your course and the support I had while understanding so much more about this practice was as they say ‘a breath of fresh air’. Appreciate your work!” – Carla

reiki refresher course facebook testimonials
larry facebook testimonial for Reiki refresher course

Perhaps You’re Still Wondering…

How will this course help me integrate Reiki into my daily life after a long break?

The course starts by reconnecting you with the fundamentals of Usui Reiki for levels 1-2. This will help you rebuild a strong foundation, which is critical for anyone restarting their energy healing journey.

You’ll receive a guided audio meditation for reconnecting with your energetic roots.


Priority access to my email address to ask questions and get unstuck.

But, more than this…

Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawekaning Pathway is designed with the ‘refresher’ in mind!

While it focuses on the essentials, it also goes deep where it matters.

The specific insights you’ll receive will help you better understand how the universal life force energy flows and what it does in its path for a more conscious healing experience.

My knowledge acquired by working directly with this particular group of people adds an extra layer of specificity.

In the end, with its holistic approach, Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway will reconnect you with Reiki and empower you to seamlessly weave it into your daily life, bringing about a transformative change in your well-being and personal growth.

Do I need any special tools or resources to practice Reiki after this course?

No. This is more than enough to get you back on track, find confidence and consistency in your practice, as well as the guidance you need to use Reiki as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This is a self-paced online course which means you can choose to go through it more rapidly or take your time to fully absorb and practice the lessons. The beauty of this course is in its flexibility: you can revisit the lessons anytime you want, and you are encouraged to learn at your own pace, aligning your learning journey with your lifestyle and comfort level.

That being said, the course is composed of six modules filled with rich and comprehensive lessons. If you devote about 1 hour each day, you can comfortably complete it in less than four weeks.

What makes this Reiki course different from others available online?

Return to Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway is designed to provide an immersive, transformative, and deeply personalized learning experience, unlike any other Reiki course available online.

We understand that returning to Reiki after a hiatus can be daunting. We’ve designed this course to be a comprehensive guide that not only reignites your connection with Reiki but also nurtures your spiritual growth. It’s not merely about techniques, but about creating a deeper understanding and fostering an intuitive bond with Reiki.

What kind of support can I expect if I have questions or run into issues?

You are not alone in this!

Each lesson ends with a comments section. If there is anything you would like to ask, you can leave your question there. Vlad will be more than happy to assist and help you get unstuck.

Once you become a student, you also receive priority access to Vlad’s email address. This way, you can receive personalized advice directly from Vlad, which is rarely available at such a low price-point.

What will I be able to do by the end of this course?

DisclaimerMy results are not typical, and yours will vary significantly. I invested a lot of time and resources in learning and practicing Reiki. Not everybody is the same. Each person has their own level of dedication and time to spend. While the testimonials are real, they are no guarantee of success.

Having said that, this Reiki Refresher Course has a few general policies:

 The type of result you plan to achieve is crucial. Being honest with yourself from the very beginning will help you progress without too much stress. It’s one thing to practice Reiki to relax and another to solve deep emotional issues. Obviously, the latter takes longer, so take that into account.

 The best approach is to enjoy the process more than focus on the end goal. If you celebrate each completed session and mark it as a success, you’ll find consistency sooner than expected. This is key to achieving those long-term benefits.

 Some people might feel the Reiki energy flowing from day one, while others are non-sensitive and believe Reiki doesn’t work for them. You can only find results through regular practice regardless of your sensitivity level. Even if you feel the energy flowing, this doesn’t mean you’ll reach your goal in a couple of days.

Still, my promise is that Return to Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway includes all the elements (and more) required for you to be equipped with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to confidently practice Reiki both for yourself and others.

How is this course going to help me experience tangible physical results?

Return to Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to foster profound physical well-being through energy healing.

We understand the connection between the mind, body, and energy fields. That’s why our curriculum covers various aspects of energy anatomy, Reiki principles, meditation, and the specific techniques of Reiki practice.

You’ll learn how to identify and clear energetic blockages which, according to holistic healing principles, can manifest as physical ailments over time. You’ll also explore exercises for self-reflection and habit-building, fostering a consistent practice that contributes to ongoing physical wellness.

Through diligent practice and application of the lessons in this course, you may notice improvements in sleep quality, reduced stress levels, increased energy, and a greater sense of overall physical well-being.

Remember, Reiki is a complementary modality that works alongside traditional medicine. As you harness the life force energy to balance your body’s energy centers (chakras), you support your body’s innate healing abilities. This course gives you the keys to unlock this potential within yourself.

Is this course suitable for complete beginners or do I need an attunement?

This course is designed to help former Reiki practitioners reconnect with the practice of Reiki or improve through a different perspective. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of Reiki and have previously been attuned to at least Reiki Level 1.

This course doesn’t offer an attunement.

Still, if you’ve been practicing Reiki for a while and want to improve through a different perspective, I’m confident that it will bring a lot of value to your practice.

How is the course content delivered?

The course content for “Return to Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway” is delivered entirely online. It’s mainly a text-based course, with additional audio meditations.

Once you enroll, you’ll receive immediate access to all course materials via our user-friendly learning platform.

What is the refund policy for this course?

We believe in the transformative power of our course, and we want you to feel secure in your investment. Therefore, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide within the first 30 days of your purchase that the course isn’t right for you, just contact our support, and we’ll promptly issue you a full refund. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority!

Yes! I’m ready to address my Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies with Confidence and Minimal Resitance

Enroll in Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway to embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery and growth. Unlock your boundless potential and experience profound healing, supported by a soulful guide and like-minded seekers.

This Is Everything You’re Getting Once You Enroll

• Immediate access to all the lessons inside Return To Reiki: A Thorough Reawakening Pathway – $97.00

Priority Support through my personal email address.

Access to a Q&A section at each lesson to get your questions answered and progress quicker.

BONUS #1: 5 Audio Guided Meditations for a boost in self-confidence and enhanced energy flow. – (Value $69.00)

BONUS #2: VIDEO Webinar – How To Heal Your Inner Self With Reiki – (Value $97.00)

BONUS #3: Usui Reiki Symbols Chart – Print it! • Frame it! • Hang it! – (Value $27.00)

• 30-day no-questions-asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Total Value:$290.00

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