4 Simple Ways To Use Amsui Reiki Symbol That You Don’t Want To Miss

Amsui is the Reiki symbol that corresponds to the third level of the Shamballa Reiki system.

It’s a symbol mostly used in attunements. It empowers the practitioner to gain higher vibration, power, and awareness.

Amsui is a totem of light that symbolizes completion and balance.

This article will help you understand how to use it and what benefits it brings to your daily life.

Amsui And Shamballa Reiki

Although this symbol is credited to Bas Van Woelderen, its energy as the whole Shamballa Reiki system, were channeled through Ascendant masters, including The Count of Saint Germain.

Amsui has its origins in the great city of Atlantis. It’s considered a divine tool for healing our planet with the help of spiritual practitioners. This happens by changing the energy levels of each practitioner. They, therefore, transcend to low-vibrational patterns.

amsui shamballa reiki symbol

The Shamballa Reiki system is designated to help us grow our awareness and evolve towards a stronger connection with our higher self.

Even though it’s a complex symbol, its activation is quite simple and effective. Having a pure and clear intention is the most important thing.

Truth to be told, there isn’t a lot of data on this symbol. Moving forward, I’ll cover what I initially learned, as well as what I’ve discovered about Amsui through practice.

NOTE: You need to be attuned for the Shamballa Reiki level 3 to fully enjoy the power of Amsui.

Amsui In Shamballa Reiki Attunements

Amsui is attributed to the 3rd level of the Shamballa Reiki system. This is the Master Level. Because of this, it is mandatory to use it in attunements. It will help the practitioner become a perfect vessel between the divine and Earth’s energies. It balances both in a way that will not overwhelm the initiated and will gradually raise the vibration to her benefit.

The Shamball Reiki system helps activate all 12 main energy centers.

Amsui focuses specifically on the 7 primary ones to benefit the initiated in the best way possible. It releases the potential for perfect harmony to both inward and outward spiritual parts.

Amsui Is A Symbol For Completion

This concept is strongly related to the attunement process. Amsui offers completion and an energetic integration that comes with the Shamballa attunement.

The symbol also manifests this completion at the chakra level. It brings the necessary energies for each individual chakra, a process that supports our spiritual growth. This further integrates within our subtle bodies and propels into our daily life.

Each practitioner can feel this completion differently. It all depends on their level of awareness and understanding.

Amsui Stops Useless Patterns

We all follow patterns. Some are beneficial, while others are unnecessary or even negative.

Through the attunement, Amsui brings balance and high vibration that helps us evolve both mentally and spiritually.

Therefore, the activation of this symbol and the practice of self-treatment helps us detach from harmful patterns. In turn, this frees our minds and allows us to focus on the essential aspects of our lives.

Because of its vibration, Amsui has the ability to break up the energetic structure of most negative programs and patterns.

Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki are also recommended for enhancing this practice. Activate them on your palms and chakras before self-treatment.

How To Use Amsui Reiki Symbol

Activate Amsui before and after self-treatment to balance your chakras and provide an overall cleansing effect.

Compared to the other Reiki symbols, there’s no actual need to draw Amsui on your palms. Having the attunement is enough.

You’ll notice that Amsui is made out of a combination of 7 individual symbols that correspond to each chakra. Even so, they should be seen as a whole.

How To Activate Amsui

  • Draw it on the crown chakra – This will enable a better connection with the essence of the symbol. You’ll also help integrate its energy before self-treatment;
  • Amsui on the whole body – You can activate it on both the front and the back. To do this, draw each individual symbol that forms Amsui on its corresponding chakra. Start from the top of the head (crown chakra). Amsui will balance and align each chakra. It will promote an energetically unified structure;
  • Draw Amsui in the middle of the room – When cleansing a room with Reiki, I draw most of the symbols in the middle. I then close with Amsui. This creates harmony and unity between me and the universal source of life force energy;
amsui shamballa reiki symbol on the body to corresponding chakras

NOTE: Drawing a Reiki symbol on your back can be challenging. You can either visualize or draw it in front of you. With your dominant hand, bring it to the back of your body.

Amsui And Archangel Michael

According to the Shamballa Reiki level 3 manual, you can use Amsui to activate the sword of Archangel Michael.

This method was channeled to Shamball Master Jan Harkey through Archangel Michael himself. It is used to cut residual energetic strings. These can be “leftovers” related to an event or person that you may no longer have a connection with. Usually, these energetic strings connect to the chakras and drain us of energy.

How To Use Archangel’s Michael Sword As Described By Master Jan Harkey

This is a 3 part process (Slice, Burn, and Zap) and can take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The first part is to help you remove the energetic strings. The second and third are aimed towards deep energetic cleansing. Some practitioners use only the first method while others all three.

  • Slice – Visualize the sword of Archangel Michael using the Amsui symbol and place it in your dominant hand. Now, either visualize or actually use the physical movement to cut the energetic strings that go out of your body. If there are any strings left, it means that they are connected to your Karma and need to be “settled” during this lifetime;
  • Burn – Call upon the silver-violet flame of Saint Germain. Allow it to slowly fill your body and visualize how it “burns” all residual and negative energies;
  • Zap – Visualize yourself within an energetic 3D pyramid. Hold your hands up and call upon the Mahatma energy. Visualize the Mahatma energy creating a large ball of bright light and integrate it into this pyramid. Close your eyes and visualize how the Mahatma energy cleanses you of negative thoughts, patterns, and programs. They begin to disintegrate as if they are struck by lightning. Hold the Mahatma Energy until it becomes grounded, then release it to the source of universal energy;

NOTE: you can use this method on someone else by integrating them as well into this energetic 3D pyramid. You must have their consent to do this.


Amsui has some interesting uses, but I think we are just scratching the surface. Like with other symbols, it’s up to us to discover their secrets through practice.

Until then, let’s give it the credit it deserves. It’s a high-vibrational symbol that acts as a catalyst for completion, unification, and balance on the spiritual level.

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