Shamballa Reiki: Access Profound Healing For Spiritual Ascension

Shamballa Reiki is a complex method of spiritual ascension molded on the structure of the traditional Usui Reiki system. It comes with a set of new features, multiple healing and protection methods, as well as unique symbols.

John Armitage, also known by his spiritual name Hari Das Baba or Hari Das Melchizedek, channeled Shamballa Reiki in the 90s through the Count of Saint Germain.

The Count of Saint Germain was a renowned European alchemist and spiritual practitioner who allegedly discovered the “elixir of long life” and the “philosopher’s stone.” It is said to be one of the greatest ascendant masters, the bringer of the sacred violet flame – also known as the 7th divine ray of healing.

Shamballa Reiki’s Origins

Shamballa Reiki derives from the ancient teachings of Atlantis. The story of its existence resembles the one of Mikao Usui and the founding of the original Reiki system. 

Even though Atlantis had a long time of glory that consisted of cultural and spiritual growth, at one point, a decline within its evolution began to set. Inevitably, this led to its demise.

Witnessing this slow but sure deterioration in society, a high priest under the name of Master Germain decided to leave all behind and isolate himself in the pure energetic areas of the Atlantis mountains.

Here, he started meditating to find a spiritual path to help the people of Atlantis regain their spiritual values.

During his time spent in meditations, Master Germain had a revelation. He received access to divine forms of healing and restoration as well as 352 high-vibrational unique symbols.

He later passed on some of his teachings and 22 of these symbols to fellow Atlantean priests so they could align with this new vibrational change.

Alongside his newly formed teachers, Master Germaine managed to escape the cataclysm that befell Atlantis. They settled in the region known now as Tibet, where they decided to offer the inhabitants only 3 of these 22 symbols and monitor their evolutionary state.

Sadly just a few people used these symbols for good. The rest went on a dark path, seeking only their own desires. Some even managed to distort the essence of these symbols.

Therefore, the Atlantean priests decided to offer the 22 symbols only to those who are truly worthy and willing to help humanity evolve from a spiritual perspective.

Their trip culminated in India, where some of these symbols were hidden within the Sanskrit alphabet while the rest were kept sacred for a long time.

It is said that Master Germain’s teachings and spiritual elements were used as the base for building the Kingdom of Shamballa. Therefore, very few people from “outside” this realm were taught these secrets to prevent the mistakes from being repeated.

Even if Shamballa Reiki is considered an extension of the original Usui Reiki system, things seem to be the other way around when considering these events.

Regardless of the story’s accuracy, Mr. John Armitage was the channel through which this beautiful system was brought to the world for spiritual development and for the greater good of humanity.

What Is Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki is a healing and spiritual ascension system with high-vibrational energy forms, profound healing meditations, and many symbols.

Each of these elements is a gateway to different manifestations of the universal life force energy.

The system also offers access to the energy and information of many ascendant masters such as the Count of Saint Germain and various Archangels like Metatron and Michael.

It includes efficient protection methods that are not found within other Reiki systems.

It holds a tremendous amount of information and wisdom that you can access through the attunements, the practice of self-treatment, and its complex meditations.

From my experience, Shamballa Reiki is one of the quickest methods of spiritual awakening. However, the sheer amount of vibration you engage with can be pretty intense for practitioners who have not yet integrated the basics and essence of a Reiki system beforehand.

That’s why I always recommend to work with the Usui master/teacher level for a while before considering the Shamballa Reiki attunement.

What Are The Differences Between Shamballa and Usui Reiki

Each Reiki system connects to a certain level and manifestation of the universal life force energy.

Therefore, seeking gradual growth is always recommended instead of tirelessly becoming attuned to multiple systems. It’s better to find a rhythm and results with simple methods than to get confused by information overload.

Think of it as tanning on the beach:

You begin with limited and gradual exposure. Spending the first day bathing in the sun is always a bad idea. Instead, you should seek areas with shadows because you’ll get that sun exposure anyway. Then, slowly increase your time in direct sunlight and start assimilating the optimum amount of Vitamin D without unnecessary burns.

As mentioned before, Shamballa Reiki is a complex system that offers a broad spectrum of knowledge and access to elements that are not met in other Reiki systems.

• A significant difference between Shamballa Reiki and Usui is the presence of the 352 symbols. Due to their unique manifestations and power, most of them are secret. Therefore, one can only “unlock” them through meditation and practice.

• On the other hand, there are several symbols the practitioner gains access to from the very first level.

• And this takes us to another noteworthy difference: You don’t receive any symbols at the first Usui Reiki level, while in Shamballa Reiki, you do. This alone makes Shamballa an “improved” structure from a vibrational standpoint.

• Even though Shamballa Reiki has its own type of attunement that resembles those from Usui Reiki, the forms of energy conveyed throughout the procedure provide much greater spiritual development and healing advantages.

• Specific meditations are also available to cleanse the transpersonal chakras, activate inner DNA sequences, and connect to the energy of ascendant masters.

Learn more about the chakras in this article >>

NOTE: It’s essential to remember that this doesn’t make the Usui Reiki system weaker or less valuable – on the contrary. Starting off with the Usui Reiki system is probably the best approach you can take to begin the healing process, raise your vibration, and clear energetic and spiritual blockages. Without the traditional elements, there would be no structure on which to base the rest of the Reiki systems.

The Structure Of Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki is split into 4 levels, with the last one being the master/teacher.

Before describing what each level offers in more detail, know that from the first attunement of Shamballa Reiki, you receive access to the following types/manifestations of the universal life force energy:

Shamballa Energy

This energy type connects to the spiritual awakening of Shamballa. It will gradually help activate the inert spiritual structures, including some of the chakras located outside the physical body (transpersonal chakras).

It also provides a cleansing effect, pushing down residual and negative energies.

The Shamballa energy has a light-violet color that the practitioner can perceive through meditation.

Mahatma Energy

This is a pure, beneficial, and harmonious extension of the universal life force energy you can access within the physical world regardless of your current vibration. It’s often perceived as silver or light blue.

You can invoke and connect to the Mahatma energy to create a harmonious transition from a lower-vibrational state to a higher one without distorting the mental or emotional levels.

It can be very efficient in cleansing your soul’s energy as well as the chakras and the fields they generate.

Using it regularly can also stimulate the activation of the superior, transpersonal chakras.

NOTE: Mahatma Gandhi manifested this energy throughout his lifetime, promoting peace and spiritual awakening.

The Christ Consciousness Energy

The Christ Consciousness energy is one of the purest, high-vibrational energies you can connect to. It’s one of the reasons why you may perceive it as a bright white light.

Like the Mahatma energy, the invocation of the Christ Consciousness energy stimulates the activation of the superior transpersonal chakras, especially the 8th one (Soul Star chakra).

Besides its cleansing effect on the body, soul, and spirit, the Christ consciousness energy engulfs you with pure compassion and light. 

When used regularly, it has the potential to help activate the superior stages of your consciousness.

This form of manifestation connects to the spiritual level named “Christ,” one of the highest spiritual levels a person can reach. Of course, it’s one thing to feel the energy for a limited time, and another to stay in this flow for the rest of your life. Considering our current lifestyles, it can prove quite challenging to do so.

Nevertheless, the Christ Consciousness energy can shine in the darkest places and moments, creating a path of light and love. We live in the physical plane, and it’s not ideal to always be in a high-vibrational state. Balance is what we should seek.

Shamballa Reiki Level 1 And Its Symbols

Shamballa Reiki is a system with multiple energy levels, the first one being the starting point for your training and practice.

This level stimulates the healing process of your mental and emotional level in order to “prepare” you for the next steps, which are oriented towards spiritual growth and the raising of consciousness.

Therefore, among others, at Shamballa Reiki level 1, you’ll encounter the Reiki symbols from the traditional systems such as Usui and Gendai:

Cho Ku Rei

Shamballa Reiki Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol

Cho Ku Reiki has the role of cleansing, activating, and protecting the body area where you place it. You can also activate it on your palms and chakras prior to the daily self-treatment as well as on the whole body for protection. Cho Ku Rei acts as a “light switch” and is usually the first symbol a practitioner uses when engaging in any Reiki therapy.

Sei He Ki

Shamballa Reiki Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol

Sei He Ki symbolizes mental and emotional healing, promoting harmony and balance. Together with Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki amplifies the universal life force energy flow. You may use it in self-treatment and treatment of others to place the body in a healing state.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Shamballa Reiki Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki Symbol

This is the majestic distance healing symbol. Together with the previous two, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can open an energetic gateway for channeling the universal life force energy more directly.

Because this symbol transcends time and space, through the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen you can send energy to anyone, regardless of their physical location. You may use the sequence to send energy for your future or to heal the past.

Dai Ko Myo

Shamballa Reiki Dai Ko Myo Reiki Symbol

Although this is known as the “Master symbol” in the Usui and Gendai systems, in Shamballa Reiki, you gain access to it at level 1.

Activate Dai Ko Myo on your palms and chakras before self-treatment. Consider using it to bring light, wisdom, balance, and prosperity to an area or a space. Then, meditate on it to gradually fill yourself with its energy.

This will help raise your vibration while improving your physical, mental, and emotional health. With time and practice, Dai Ko Myo has the potential to help you reach higher consciousness levels.


Shamballa Reiki Zonar Reiki Symbol

Zonar is the first symbol you learn in Karuna Reiki, but it’s also part of the first Shamballa Reiki level. It plays a significant role in healing the residual energy from past traumas or unpleasant events that can still be trapped at a cellular level.

Alongside the previous two symbols, Zonar’s potential increases exponentially. It also acts as a spiritual “token” that enables you to access the energy print of Archangel Gabriel.

Other Spiritual Elements Present At Shamballa Reiki Level 1

Apart from the symbols described above, Shamballa Reiki level 1 will provide access to a few other spiritual components. These will enable you to become the perfect vessel that channel the universal life force energy and the Earth’s vital energy.

The Soul Star Chakra

This is known as a “transpersonal” chakra, meaning it’s outside the physical body range, located approximately 10 inches above the crown chakra. An open Soul Star Chakra can help create a clear pathway towards connecting to your higher self and allows you to channel the divine energies and information needed for healing and spiritual growth.

The 12-pointed Star

It will activate within your heart chakra so you can learn and channel pure compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Shamballa Reiki also comes with great responsibility towards yourself and others. Therefore, if you wish to heal and grow from a spiritual standpoint having an open heart and offering compassion, love, and forgiveness are essential elements in this endeavor.

Earth Star Chakra

This transpersonal chakra is located approximately 6-10 inches below the feet. The opening of this energy center means that your connection to the energy of the Earth will become stronger. As an effect, you’ll feel more grounded and enjoy increased stability and abundance.

The Earth Star Chakra is the gateway to all the residual and negative energies you have created in this life and previous ones. These elements will gradually surface so you can heal them one at a time. In turn, the pure light you’ll receive will clear the path toward spiritual growth.

Shamballa Reiki Level 2 And Its Symbols

At this stage, you start integrating the essence and knowledge of Shamballa Reiki. Instead of focusing on mental and emotional healing, Shamballa level 2 is when you interact with the energy and symbols specific for spiritual growth.


Antahkarana is an ancient symbol with a solid physical, emotional, and energetic cleansing ability by connecting to a specific manifestation of the universal life force energy. It has the potential to dissolve negative energies and programs with its simple presence.

Antahkarana Symbol

Activate Antahkarana on your palms and crown chakra before the self-treatment session. This will create a vortex of energy gradually descending from the head area towards the root chakra, cleansing most residual energies in its path. In addition, it will amplify the overall beneficial effect of self-treatment and/or therapy on others.

There are many versions of this symbol, each one with its benefits:

Antahkarana Yin – has slender arms and is usually larger in size. It helps cleanse and activate the superior chakras while promoting calm and relaxation. That’s one of the reasons why you can place a printed version under your bed or couch.

Antahkarana Yang – smaller in size and thicker arms. This is very useful for stimulating the cleansing and activation of the inferior chakras. You can place it in your work area or at home. Even though this brings more Yang energy, its structure is meant to balance the energy flow through your chakras and the fields they generate, similar to the Yin one.

Antahkarana Cross – consists of 13 small Yang or Yin Antahkaranas, by choice. This formation is exceptionally good at dispelling harmful programs and energy caused by dark magic or projected malevolent influences. It also helps in removing negative entities from a space.

Antahkarana Blanket – consists of 16 small Yang Antahkaranas. You can use it to remove negative energies and bring harmony to a place and/or person. It’s also great for removing energetic blockages.

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

Among its many uses, this symbol helps activate inert energetic DNA sequences. This means that Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma offers access to unknown and unexplored spiritual potentials starting from the deep cellular level.

Shamballa Reiki Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma Reiki Symbol

Use it in the Reiki self-treatment to integrate its energy and information:

  • Activate it on your palms and crown the chakra. You can also draw it on the wrists, where there’s an overactive blood flow;
  • Activate on the front and back sides of the body to align the primary charkas and stimulate your Kundalini energy;
  • Activate it on the heart chakra to cleanse your soul’s energy;
  • You can also meditate on it while engulfing yourself in its energy;

Motor Zanon

Motor Zanon, or the “anti-viral” symbol, is ideal for removing the energy prints of viruses, bacteria, or infections.

Shamballa Reiki Motor Zanon Reiki Symbol

Some practitioners claim that it has the ability to dismantle the vital energy field of the virus or bacteria, preventing any infection from spreading.

Others say that it can also heal the affected area of the body by simply removing the negative energy of that infection.

Either way, it’s a very effective symbol in placing a living organism in a state of healing after exposure to a pathogen.

Consider using Motor Zanon in conjunction with Cho Ku Rei to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Shamballa Reiki Level 3 And Its Symbols

Similar to the structure of the Usui Reiki system, this is known as the “Master level.” Once you reach this stage, you can teach others but cannot offer attunements. That feature belongs to Shamballa Reiki level 4.

Considering you’re exposed to a high vibration at the first two levels, I see the third one as a bridge that takes the practitioner from a profound emotional healing to gaining a whole new perspective of what can be achieved through Shamballa Reiki.

That being said, level 3 is not to be taken lightly. It provides the student with powerful symbols and knowledge that expand the potential of this system.

Abundance Symbol

The Abundance symbol’s role is to dismantle the blockages related to the potential abundance you can manifest at the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels.

Abundance Symbol

Of course, the first element that comes to mind is material gain. Still, abundance is not about having more money than you can count but about living a life that brings joy and peace in all its aspects.

Learn more about harmonizing with your material potential through the Money Reiki system.

You can use this symbol both in self-treatment and distance healing.

A healthy understanding of the world and genuine spiritual values will always have the potential to release you from any type of blockage. The abundance symbol will only support your efforts.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili 

This is the symbol that helps the practitioner connect with and easily manifest:

  • Respect;
  • Honor;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Self-worth;
Shamballa Reiki Ho Ka O Ili Ili Reiki Symbol

You’ll gradually integrate the symbol’s energy into your life by using it regularly. This will help heal the components of your inner self related to the above-mentioned qualities.

You’ll start noticing improvements in your relationships, both personal and professional. The sense of self-respect will also increase, along with the ability to radiate that feeling to others without any expectations.

And, because this is a mandatory step in your evolution, Ho Ka O Ili Ili will “push” you towards accepting and loving yourself for who you are.


Amsui consists of 7 different symbols. Each of the 7 parts corresponds to one of the chakras. Together they create a whole structure representing completion, emotional balance, and spiritual transcendence.

Shamballa Reiki Amsui Reiki Symbol

Activate it on the crown chakra and the body’s length to help dissolve the negative programs and patterns within the mental and emotional levels.

With time and constant use in self-treatments, Amsui has the potential to restore balance within your energetic body. It will also help clear your mind and guide you towards a higher consciousness state.

Palm Master Symbol

Considered to have Tibetan origins, this symbol represents unity between the inner self, soul, mind, and the higher self. In fact, you can use the Palm Master symbol before or after the self-treatment session with this particular intention.

Shamballa Reiki Palm Master Symbol

Usually, you will activate it on your palms and body length as a 3D figure.

The symbol’s energetic structure will help clear blockages and stimulate the activation of the:

The Palm Master symbol is a key to higher awareness. Therefore, its constant use and connection to its energy allow the practitioner to unlock new levels of consciousness.

Fire Serpent

Even though we find the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol in various attunements, it’s usually part of each system’s master/teacher (4th level) level.

Serpent of Fire Symbol

In Shamballa Reiki, it’s present at the 3rd level. Even if you are not yet “qualified” to offer attunements, having access to this symbol allows you to integrate its energy and vibration before the master/teacher level.

As mentioned before, level 3 acts as a bridge.

The Serpent of Fire (Nin Giz Zida) offers some particular uses:

  • Aligns the energy of the chakras;
  • Creates a grounding effect;
  • Offers mental stability and a calming effect;
  • Clears the pathways of energy blockages in front of you;
  • Stimulates the activity of your Kundalini energy;


Similar to the Serpent of Fire, this symbol is present in the attunement process of most Reiki systems.

The Raku Reiki symbol provides us with the ability to bring certain manifestations of the universal life force energy into the physical plane.

Shamballa Reiki Raku Reiki Symbol

It has 3 main uses:

  • Its vibration has the power to “push” residual energies to the ground;
  • Creates a grounding effect and mental balance;
  • It can separate the energy fields of the teacher from the student after the attunement or therapy session;

Shamballa Reiki Level 4

This is the last Shamballa Reiki level. At this stage, you become a master/teacher and can attune others.

The level 4 attunement connects you to a very high vibration where the universal life force energy exists and manifests itself.

As a result, your perception of reality may change as well, enabling you to perceive beyond what you usually can.

This makes no one superior or better in any way but more open to higher spiritual experiences. You’re the only one who can decide how to use this gift to enrich your practice and help others.

Probably the most meaningful benefit is becoming a self-aware being. Because your vibration rises exponentially compared to the traditional Reiki systems, your consciousness will enable you to detach from unhelpful situations, people, or events.

You’ll grow a clear perception and acceptance of what things need to look like. The intersection of the physical and spiritual worlds might seem unfair at times but once you go beyond personal desires, you’ll discover that everything just fits and happens in perfect balance.

The following list represents the essential elements you’ll receive access to at the 4th level of Shamballa Reiki. It is by no means complete, as the meditations and practices of this system are numerous.

NOTE: Even with the first two levels of Shamballa Reiki, you can still implement the following elements to some extent. Still, in order to work with them at their full potential, it’s best to receive the attunement.

Silver-Violet Flame of Saint Germain

This form of energy is considered the 7th divine ray of healing and it’s one of the most powerful manifestations of the universal life force energy. While opinions may differ, the one thing that all agree upon is its effectiveness in healing and cleansing energetic structures.

Due to its high vibration, the silver-violet flame:

  • Can be a great adjuvant in dissolving the energy attached to infections, bacteria, and viruses;
  • It can help restore your body’s energy structure by cleansing it from negative influences and programs;
  • You may also use it to help regenerate the energy fields that have been affected by these types of undesired elements;
  • With constant use, it has the potential to further develop your consciousness;

Of course, each person will live their unique experiences. Still, overall this component acts as a powerful ally in your spiritual journey.

Archangel Michael’s Light Column

Invoking Archangel Michael’s Light Column will provide a strong layer of energetic protection that will also play a role in cleansing your energetic fields of negative influences.

Some teachers advise performing a cleansing before invoking the Light Column because Archangel Michael brings a powerful type of energy that can manifest quite quickly. This effect can trap and aggressively remove most negative energies and entities instead of gradually dissolving them.

It might seem counterintuitive. But, we use Reiki and its stages to improve our lives without exposing ourselves to unnecessary experiences.

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube is one of the most potent forms of energetic protection I’m aware of.

Similar to Archangel Michael’s Column of Light, it has a very high vibration. That’s why performing at least a basic Reiki cleansing before invoking the Cube is a smart approach.

Metatron's Cube Symbol

Apart from its ability to keep away unwanted influences, Metatron’s Cube, together with the Flower of Life, act as gateways toward the divine consciousness.

Moreover, you’ll also receive access to Archangel Metatron’s energy print which is one of the most powerful celestial entities in existence. It governs the highest dimensions and withholds the secrets and wisdom of all Universes. Sometimes referred to as “The Scribe of God,” Archangel Metatron is an excellent ally on your spiritual journey and will be more than happy to guide you towards the path of ascension and self-realization.

The Merkaba Star

Like Metatron’s Cube, Merkaba Star is another spiritual and energetic structure used for protection. One of the main differences between the two is the Merkaba Star’s ability to thoroughly cleanse your chakras and the fields they generate.

Merkaba Star Symbol

Its rotation obliterates negative energies and programs while keeping unwanted entities away.

In certain meditations, it has the ability to activate dormant DNA structures and spiritual potentials because it acts as a vessel toward a higher consciousness.

Flower Of Life

Although a method of protection, the Flower of life represents the spiritual concept of unity and connection between everything present in the universe.

More exactly, the Flower of Life is the web of existence that spreads out into all dimensions. One can perceive it as either a macro-structure that acts as a key to the knowledge and wisdom of the universe or as a micro-protection element for the energy fields.

Flower of Life symbol

Within meditations, you can connect and use both “versions” of the Flower of Life, allow it to integrate into your life, and guide your path towards awakening.

Alongside Metatron’s Cube and the Merkaba Star, the addition of the Flower of Life can create an incredibly potent energetic protection layer.

Atlantean Dai Ko Myo

The Atlantean Dai Ko Myo cleanses and stimulates the rising of the Kundalini energy in a balanced manner. In turn, this awakening allows you to tap into your subconscious levels, making you aware of what requires healing.

Atlantean Dai Ko Myo Symbol

This is a different version of the traditional master symbol. I believe many uses are yet to be unlocked, including certain dormant spiritual potentials.

Still, its most common use is its presence in the sacral area for vitalizing the Kundalini energy.

The 352 Symbols Of Shamballa Reiki

There are 352 hidden symbols in the Shamballa Reiki teachings.

As you go higher up the ladder, it’s possible to discover some of them through self-treatment or meditation. Still, at level 4, the possibility increases.

Each symbol will bring a unique manifestation of the universal life force energy. Therefore, never underestimate their potential because, most likely, each can do much more than what you have perceived at that moment.

Connection With the Ascendant Masters And Divine Entities

Each Shamballa Reiki level enhances the connection with many types of divine entities. 

Among them, you’ll find:

  • Spirit Guides;
  • Archangels;
  • Elohim – entities of divine wisdom;
  • The Monad – the primordial divine trinity that acts as one being;

Ascendant Masters such as Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, and Djwhal Khul.

Specific meditations within Shamballa Reiki can help you channel energy and information from these beings.

However, consider cleansing yourself beforehand through self-treatment and other Reiki methods.

Another recommendation would be to enter the Alpha or even Theta states of mind. They have the potential to help you filter out channeled information from the brain.

What Shamballa Reiki Means To You

Shamballa Reiki is a unique experience designed to “take you by the hand” from the traditional Reiki systems and accelerate your spiritual development.

It’s more than a simple Reiki system because, along with the responsibility that comes with each attunement, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Each stage is an opportunity to address deep imbalances, remove mental and energetic blockages, and settle karmic debts. During the process, your vibration increases exponentially. This will allow you to better place your entire body in a state of healing and awareness.

Shamballa Reiki should never be taken lightly or given away without proper preparation.

The decision to pursue this endeavor must result from a genuine desire to ascend to a new level of spiritual evolution. – (similar to Lightarian Reiki)

In the hands of those who are ready, it is a powerful tool for transformation.

Interested in Shamballa Reiki but you feel like it’s a big step from Usui? Consider Angelic Reiki as a link between the two.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is the co-founder of ReikiScoop, a spiritual brand that supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources. He is a dedicated Reiki enthusiast and spiritual seeker who has reached the master-teacher level in Usui Reiki, Karuna, and Shamballa MDH.

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    • Hi there Marcel.
      Krishna also said to Arjuna: “It is better to follow your own Dharma then succeed in fulfilling another’s Dharma” which can translate to look for your own path towards enlightenment and not be always detoured by seeking to guide those who are not ready to the same level of enlightenment.

      In other words, you may be right but we should change our resonance and seek to fulfill our own path than worry about what others will do. They will have to embrace the fruits of their actions at one point, good or bad.

      All symbols are for dismantling negative energies and projections. But they are also for healing and raising the consciousnesses in conjunction with the Reiki practice.

    • Hi there Raza.

      I have a written Shamballa Reiki course for levels 1 and 2 but it still needs some polishing and I need to add the videos. It will contain the course and the scheduled individual attunements. I have a list of students who are interested and if you feel like this is for you, please let me know and I will add you to this list. The course will be ready probably in May, next year.


    • Hi there Santi. I know they look quite similar but no, they’re not the same. Although they have somewhat similar uses, they have different manifestations of the universal life force energy and different vibrations.

  8. Dear Vlad,

    Thanks for light on Shamballa. Just read it and it’s very interesting. I am preparing for Usui Reiki IIIA and Karuna II.

    Kindly add me to your Shamballa Reiki Class for next year.

    Will continue to follow your interesting articles.

    God bless you, your family and team.

    • Hi there Brown.
      I am happy that the offered information resonated with you.

      Alright. I shall add you on my list.

      Blessings to you as well!

  9. My Dear Vlad,
    You are doing amazing work to all healers to understand deeper level of all kind of Reiki. Thank you so much my dear friend. God bless you always with healthy, happy and wealthy life ever and ever.

    • Hi there Suganthini.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really grateful that you can benefit from the offered information. I also wish you happiness, health, and prosperity in everything you engage!


  10. Hello… Thankyou for this wonderful and enlightening write up. Just yesterday I was guided to connect to the energies of Shambhala and today I come across tjis article of yours… Too much of a coincidence. Please do add me to your list of interested candidates. Gratitude for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.

    • Hi there Uma.

      I am grateful that you resonated with the offered information. Indeed, when the time comes, we are all guided towards the necessary shift in life.
      I shall add you to my list.

      Blessings to you!

  11. Greetings Vlad,

    Pls do you have Shambala Reiki Class this year 2024?

    If yes, pls when is it going to start? Can you also furnish me with the registration details at your earliest convenient?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi there Lou.

      For the moment I offer Shamballa Reiki attunements and one-on-one video in person. This is until I get everything sorted with the course. If you are interested I can send you an email with more details.


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