Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Reiki Symbol For Distance Healing

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the Reiki symbol for distance healing.

In this article, we’re going to cover its meaning, learn how to use it, and other related applications.

So if you’re looking to discover this beautiful symbol or enhance your knowledge on the subject, this article is for you.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, also known as the Reiki distance healing symbol, is very powerful and efficient because it allows the practitioner to send energy, through the commonly used symbols, in time and space.

Throughout the decades, Reiki has been “upgraded” little by little to its present form. Only the most effective and positive knowledge was kept alive.

But, a crucial part of Reiki was preserved, and I believe it can never disappear. Reiki is a spiritual practice, and there is always something new to learn and discover. Each individual is different, and every one of us can have their own adventure.

Even though Reiki schools have their own way of teaching, most techniques are the same. Therefore, the distance healing method should look similar for each Reiki practitioner.

I often meditated on it and feel how its influence grows on me. It’s like getting to know Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen better and, therefore, becoming more familiar with it, I can use it more efficiently.

So explore as much as you can and enjoy the process.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Meaning And Its Pronunciation

“There is no past, no present, no future.”

“The past, present, and future are here now.”

“The Divinity in me salutes the Divinity in you.”

Or the more commonly known phrase,

“The Buddha in me salutes the Buddha in you.”

I choose to use “Divinity” because Reiki it’s independent of any religion, and anyone can use it.

What Is Reiki Distance Healing

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a high vibrational Reiki symbol that can transcend time and space. You can develop higher levels of understanding of the universal energy that can help you in therapy.

As the name suggests, with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, you can send Reiki healing energy over a distance.

This great article from psychologytoday.com explains how our past influences the way we see our future. It gives a bit more context to our story here.

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It is pronounced: Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen [hɑn ʃɑ zi ʃoʊ nen]

How To Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

It is a fascinating drawing that uses Japanese Kanji letters.

hon sha ze sho nen

This is how to draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on your palms. Again, like all the other Reiki symbols, you should preserve the orientation, regardless of the hand you’re using.

hon sha ze sho nen draw on left palm
hon sha ze sho nen draw on right palm

Using The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

You can use HSZSN in meditation to establish a better connection with the Universal Source of Life Force Energy.

You can use it when you meditate to visualize a faraway place that you miss or would like to see.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be used as part of a distance healing treatment for a patient that may feel uncomfortable receiving hands-on Reiki treatment.

This symbol helps you send energy over a distance and should be used with The Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei) and the Mental-Emotional Healing Symbol (Sei He Ki). Only then add HSZSN. Together they form a sequence that facilitates the opening of a gateway to the Universal Source of Life Force Energy.

Even if we use this sequence backward – HSZSN + SHK + CKR – it will still activate the gateway to the universal energy.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be used for sending energy in time and distance by creating a spiritual bridge towards certain situations, people or future events.

REMEMBER: Intention is the key.

How To Use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen On Yourself

HSZSN can be regularly used to help keep your mind, body, and spirit in harmony.

Meditate on it or draw it over your chakra system for self-treatment.

Start with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on each of the 7 Primary Chakras and the secondary ones. This way, you will “invite” the light in all your energy centers, cleansing, and filling you with energy.

Using this sequence on the crown chakra opens up the main energy channel to the universal energy. Also, it helps you create a spiritual path towards your higher, divine self.

If practiced long enough, this brings a new level of awareness and consciousness.

Activating your palms with the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + HSZSN sequence and placing them on the sacral area (second chakra), will have an energizing effect over your Kundalini Energy. By raising this energy, you should be able to bring a stronger spiritual awareness into your life.

How To Use The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol To Send Energy In Time, Space, To A Person Or Project

Like always, preparation is key, so start with the intention of sending light into distance/time to whomever, wherever or whenever you wish.

Using the Reiki symbols, activate your palms and your primary energy centers. This is good for proper energy flow and protection.

Draw or visualize the following sequence in front of you: Cho-Ku-Rei + Sei-He-Ki + Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen

As mentioned, you may use the sequence backward HSZSN + SHK + CKR. Either way, they will work. Again, what matters is the intention. The gateway will open.

Visualize the person, a goal, or project that you wish to send energy to and do this through your palms for a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

How To Send Distance Reiki To A Person

In case you are sending Reiki distance healing to someone else, be sure to have their permission. Never send light/energy without the other person knowing your intentions. Have a clear mind of what you are sending it for.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Hold an object that belongs to the respective person in your hands to connect to her and send distance healing. You can use a doll for this or something similar.
  • Put your hands on your body with the intention of laying them over the respective person (self-surrogate). Move them to the areas that need healing, like you would in a real, physical session.
  • Use a picture of the person in need of healing. With your palms activated, you can open the gateway towards that person. Keep the photo in your palms for 10 minutes each day or for as long as needed.
  • Visualizing the person in need of treatment. With your palms activated, open the gateway and send Reiki distance healing using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for about 10-15 minutes.
  • In general, 15-20 minutes per day should be more than enough. Remember to add “for her/his greater good” whenever sending light.

Send Reiki Distance Healing For Yourself In The Past

Some people may ask: “Why would you send light to your past?”

We all had unpleasant experiences, and we tend to put them aside and forget about them. That’s because we don’t want them to affect us in the present nor future. Some were uneventful, while others left emotional and mental scars.

But we might not even realize that past actions or events have an impact on our behavior.

First of all, any traumatic event leaves an energetic print within our energy fields.

These prints can develop over time in a physical or psychological form, which can lead to frustrations, fears, or mistrust.

By sending Reiki distance healing to such an unpleasant event from the past, the energy can heal a “wound” from its root. This happens by making us aware of the real cause that triggered the event.

This action will improve the effects of the present caused by this trauma and remove any chance of affecting us in the future.

When sending energy to your past for an undesirable event that requires healing, you should consider energetic protection. This will reduce the chance of being affected by a negative transfer of energy. The easiest way is to activate the Reiki symbols on all your main chakras, as well as on your front and back of your body.

Two Efficient Ways Of Sending Reiki Distance Healing To Our Past

  • One: Look back at the event as a simple spectator, without getting involved. Mentally visualize Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki symbols with the specific intention of healing and dissolving any negative energies generated in those moments. Stay there for a few minutes while sending light and visualizing yourself being joyful and happy.
  • Two: Write down on a piece of paper a brief description of the unpleasant event. Fold the paper so that it fits within your palms. Apply the same sequence of Reiki symbols CKR + SHK + HSZSN and hold the piece of paper for 5 minutes. Think about directing the energy towards healing any problems that have their roots in this event. Dissolve all the generated negative energy for the greater good of the people involved.

NOTE: I recommend that this shouldn’t become a daily practice! We don’t want to change our past. You should only intend to cleanse yourself from the negative energy that inevitably stuck with you and move on. 10 minutes per session, twice a week is enough.

Sending a high amount of light to a past event all at once can dislocate the negative energy from that time and risk bringing some aspects to the present. Remember, you want to heal the moment, not bring it back. By treating your past, you also improve outcomes from the present and future.

Sending Reiki Distance Healing For Someone Who Passed

By using the same, simple sequence of Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen with the intention of sending energy towards the greater good of the people who passed away, we help them wherever they are.

They need to evolve and learn regardless of being in a higher spiritual plane than us.

10-15 minutes once in a while, is more than enough. It may seem little for us. But, on the “other side”, its value grows exponentially and can help a lot!

This is not meant to be a way of communication, but rather a way of channeling light and spiritual support.

Reiki Distance Healing Techniques For Yourself, Project Or Situation In The Future

Be clear about your intention and mention “for my greater good”.

When sending energy for your own future, think about what you are sending it for.

It could be anything from an exam to starting a new life with someone. You can send light with the general intention of helping you throughout your life and overall health.

Whichever the reason, just be clear of the intention.

  1. Simply visualize the goal you desire and open the dimension;
  2. Use the sequence CKR + SHK + HSZSN;
  3. Keep sending light for 10-15 minutes per day;

You can have the desired outcome, but I recommend letting the Universe or Divinity choose the best one for you.

Include the phrase “for the greater good” or “for my greater good”.

You may be surprised by how things turn out, and hopefully, you’ll be able to realize how beneficial this process was.

The most significant part of distant Reiki healing is the intention the practitioner has. Can’t stress this enough, I know.

The key is formulating the intentions carefully and correctly. Use the Reiki distance healing symbol to transmit energy only for the greater good, whatever that might be.

This can go a long way in producing positive results!

What Is A Reiki Project And How To Create One

When you have something you wish to happen, do it in the present. The simple act of desire is lived in the present, and therefore, the outcome may never happen.

You’re already there.

You are wishing for something, so it’s happening.

Instead, live the moment by visualizing the result as if it already took place, and you’re enjoying the effects.

EXAMPLE: If you’re not happy in your relationship, don’t wish to improve it. Instead, be grateful that you are ALREADY in the optimum relationship for yourself. Live the outcome and be happy that you’re in the process of making things better.

How To Create A Reiki Project

Take a regular-sized blank piece of paper:

  • Write any wish, desire or plan that you might have for yourself and your future at the present time and with positive affirmations such as:
    “I have the best job for me, for my life and my greater good.”
    “I am having the best, optimum relationship for me, for my life, for the greater good of us both.”
  • After finishing writing all the plans and wishes at the present time, draw al the Reiki Symbols that you are attuned for on the back of the paper. Then activate them using your fingers and pronounce their names 3 times.
  • Fold the paper, so it fits into your palms.
  • Visualize or draw Cho Ku Rei > Sei He Ki > Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on the folded piece of paper and keep it in your palms for 10-15 minutes each day.
  • Send light and love for achieving all of your written plans. Have the intention to happen for the greater good of all the people involved in your actions.
  • Once everything has been fulfilled, you may burn the paper and thank your spirit guides for all the help.

Using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki Symbol To Connect To A Book Or Work Of Art

Sometimes, if you want to have a more real and profound understanding, you need to go beyond the written words or images.

To avoid any misinterpretations an artist wanted to express, you can send light to the author and the work itself.

Use the same sequence of symbols CHK + SHK + HSZSN to connect to the hidden message. Relax and see what you receive.

Using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen To Connect To The Akashic Records

The Akashic records is the universal library located in a non-physical plane. It has all the information on our past, present, and future. Its records go back as far as the creation of Earth. Every thought, word, event, and soul experience can be found and analyzed inside this library.

You can do this through deep meditation, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can help you connect to this library.

NOTE: I don’t recommend it for beginners. The amount of energy and information is astonishing. Considering that it holds all human history, it also carries all the “good” and “bad” elements.

If you purchase through this link we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

However, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, such a meditation can be quite profound.

  • To connect to the Akashic records, use the same sequence of symbols CHK + SHK + HSZSN;
  • I strongly recommend building a layer of protection before accessing this vast spiritual library. There are many ways to do this, but at the very least, activate the Reiki symbols on your main energy centers;
  • Deep breathing exercises should be done, as well. They will help you enter the Alpha state. This is where the conscious mind calms down, and the message from the spiritual realms can be easier received;

What matters now is the present and how you can make the best of it. This will also be written in the Akashic records.

To benefit from the future, you have to build your present and understand the past.

Usui Reiki Symbols Chart


You can use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki symbol in many ways, but it’s up to you, as a practitioner or Master, to find them through meditations.

As previously mentioned, the beauty of Reiki is its flexibility.

The Reiki distance healing techniques can be performed in various ways, and you just need to find yours. What’s even more interesting is that other uses or methods to apply it can be revealed through practice.

I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

What’s your experience with the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol?

Is there something specific you want to use it for?

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      When you send energy to another person, be sure to add “for their greater good”. There is a possibility that the receiver doesn’t need this energy even if they asked for it. It also depends on the sensitivity levels of each person. In the case of you and your Reiki master, there may be quite a good, healthy resonance between the two of you, that’s why you feel it so intense.

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