Iava Symbol Helps Build A Better Reality By Dissolving Misconceptions

Iava is the 3rd symbol you learn at the second level of Karuna Reiki system.

Reiki Master Catherine Mills channeled this symbol in collaboration with William Lee Rand.

It helps us create our own beneficial present and future. It helps us accept other people’s way of seeing life.

Iava symbol connects to the Angels of nature, harmony, and earth.

Iava’s shape represents the harmony of the four main elements: earth, wind, water, and fire, combining them with the fifth: spirit.

This is the symbol that shatters misconceptions, superstitions, and illusions. It protects against negative mental patterns and influences.

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Iava Symbol And The 4 Elements

With its coiled shape, Iava Karuna Reiki symbol has the vibration and power to bring all the four main elements to balance. Then, it can integrate earth, fire, wind, and water with the 5th and most important of all, the spirit.

NOTE: Some Reiki symbols might look a bit strange. It’s good to know that they are simply a physical representation of the high vibrational healing energies that live behind them. When we activate a Reiki symbol with clear intention, we release that healing energy. It then manifests in our body, mind, soul, spirit and of course, in our life.

The first thing that came to mind, when learning this symbol, was the concept from “The Fifth Element”. The purpose of this movie was to present a spiritual concept in an entertaining way so that everyone could understand. 

Through the intention of incorporating all 4 elements plus the 5th, the Iava symbol promotes the first main steps to energetic and spiritual balance. 

This is extremely important for each personal spiritual journey.

It is very difficult to advance in any field, especially in spiritual practices without knowing and understanding ourselves and where we stand in the balance of elements.

The Connection With Mental Protection And Dissolving Misconceptions

At some point in our life, we are all influenced or manipulated by other people. These can vary from small conditionings to total brainwash. For most of us, this starts at a very young age with different mental patterns about “what’s right or wrong”.

Some of those conditionings shape us into responsible and disciplined people. At the other extreme, others may have deep traumatic effects.

Even as grown-ups we find ourselves in situations when we are not aware of our vulnerability to people who have a stronger mental influence.

Some of them are not always aware of their power. Others are “trained” to do just that (get inside your head so they can do whatever they wish).

Mass media is one of the biggest influencers. I can’t even count how many times we were “guided” to an idea that was either not real or unnecessarily inflated.

With its high vibration, the Iava symbol from Karuna Reiki has the ability to make you aware of such influences.

Together with other Reiki symbols and the help of self-treatment it has the power to annihilate any negative mental patterns or false beliefs.

In time, the Iava symbol creates protection and immunity against such elements.

It helps us assimilate the truth and all the spiritual attributes within our mind and soul. It then cleanses them of the “conceptual packages” we have been given throughout our life.

When activated on the soul star, crown, and third eye chakras, Iava symbol offers protection against conditionings, misconceptions, and manipulations.

For an amplified effect I recommend using a double Iava on the brain hemispheres. This will enable you to use your own present judgment reaching the integrity of the mind.

Building Our Own Beneficial Reality

This means attracting what is good for us and not what society or other people “believe” is beneficial to our lives.

In many ways, we’re not that different from one another. Chances are, that at one point in your life, you wanted to take a different path. Due to social pressure and general education, the options were few and simple.

So you made the choice of least resistance. And that’s ok. Most of us went through that.

And it’s true that we have to be responsible and continue to offer our support to our family and society. Just take into account your true desires. What are your real goals? Ideally, you should overlap those thoughts and try to harmonize them.

Doing so will fulfill your heart’s wish while still being part of your current environment.

Don’t forget that Iava symbol will also make you more understanding and tolerant of the reality others have.

Besides that, its energy will motivate you to go on and pursue your dreams and build your own way of living life.

But first, you have to be clear on what you want and have the strong intention of manifesting it.

By activating Iava symbol on all your chakras and using it in self-treatment, you will feel what ideas and energies are beneficial to you. The ones that are not, will dissolve into the light.

This action will also make you more independent. Your ideas won’t depend on someone else anymore. It will give you the necessary energies and information to understand who you really are. Iava will help you remove the parts that don’t really belong to you.

Handling Addictions With The Iava Symbol

Together with Sei He Ki and Harth symbols, Iava is an incredible adjuvant for removing any type of addiction.

Regardless of the type, using Iava symbol while having the intention of stopping the addiction, will help you discover the real cause and help you heal it.

It takes time though, so be patient!

In general, addictions are a breach in our “system”. They are low vibrational forms of energy that will scatter with the correct intention. 

Using Karuna Reiki symbols constantly will bring the necessary energies and entities to help you grow from an energetic and spiritual perspective. Therefore, you’ll either be able to considerably diminish or even remove these addictions for good.

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The Connection With The Angels Of Nature And Harmony

From my experience, the Angels of nature are beings of light that have a more direct approach to helping humankind. This is due to the fact that we are always connected, one way or another, with the Spirit of the Earth. They want to aid us as soon and as quickly as possible.

They will always want to guide people to have a better relationship with Mother Earth. 

The Angels of Nature, Earth, and Harmony are constantly working to help us remove the negative and residual aspects of our lives.

They give us the will to harvest the necessary resources to reach wisdom, prosperity, and enlightenment. 

Using Iava will naturally connect us to these beneficial entities. 

The Angels of harmony have a tremendous beneficial influence on our lives. When we ask for their help, they will not hesitate to guide us to the things that bring physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Once we reach this balance we can offer this beneficial energy to the ones we care about. They will help us come in contact only with the people looking for a change.

If you have angels of harmony among your spirit guides, you are truly blessed.

At this level of Reiki, Iava symbol brings incredible useful energies and entities that only help us move forward in both our material and spiritual life.

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