Shanti Symbol Brings Peace And Harmony To Heal Our Past And Present

Shanti is the 4th and last symbol you learn at the second degree of the Karuna Reiki system.

Reiki Master Pat Courtney channeled this symbol.

It is a very powerful symbol that represents and connects to the Angels of peace and spiritual guidance.

Shanti is extremely useful for opening certain energy centers, healing our past and present conditions.

It helps remove negative emotions like worries, stress, and fears.

Shanti symbol is there to create a feeling of peace and harmony.

It is often used for chants in the Hindu prayers.

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Shanti Symbol And Healing Your Past

There is a common question I hear a lot at the seminars I attend:

“Why is it important to heal our past and how can we do that?”

When we heal or past we actually heal and unlock our present potential.

By fixing past emotional and mental issues we dissolve the negative energies and programs. Many of the unsolved energies from the past can still dwell within our energy fields.

These usually keep us from taking certain decisions and manifesting the positive programs from our present.

To do this, we need to take a patient and gradual approach. Nobody can heal their past in one day. Rushing the process may even bring unwanted energy to the present instead of healing it.

That is why we use the Shanti symbol. It can help us heal that energy in our own optimum rhythm.

Using Shanti in self-treatment, meditation or when sending light into our future will bring peace and harmony to both our past and present.

When you have the specific intention of healing your past, I recommend using Shanti together with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Remember that the Shanti symbol has a very high and peaceful vibration. This vibration is there to heal very deep wounds and can replace suffering with peace and light. It teaches us acceptance, detachment and helps us gain the ability to create a bright, spiritual future.

Shanti And Activating The Superior Chakras

Shanti’s energy is best suited for the superior chakras: Soul Star chakra, Crown chakra, Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, and Heart chakra.

Activating it daily as well as using it in self-treatment, will bring a feeling of detachment and healing of your past and present. This can work for both situations that are holding you back as well as with people that are not beneficial to you.

Additionally, the Shanti symbol will bring positive energy to each chakra. They will open as much as it is necessary for each one of us.

Applying Shanti on the Soul Star and Crown chakras will enhance our connection to Divinity and spirit guides. This will bring self-confidence and solid trust in life itself.

Activating The Third Eye

It is considered that the Shanti symbol has the potential of opening the actual third eye, located between the eyebrows.

NOTE: the third eye chakra is not the same as the actual third eye. The name, third eye chakra, is used so that everyone can have a clear idea of where this energy center is located. The true name of this chakra is Ajna. Therefore, in the center of Ajna is a structure located in the spiritual realm that looks indeed like an eye.

Fully opening and activating this third eye will bring clairvoyance, clarity of mind and other psychic powers.

This “eye” will open fully only when you are ready. Many practitioners are not aware of that. It’s a spiritual gift and it won’t open at our command. 

That is because not everything we wish for is good for us.

Many people who can open the third eye start seeing things they were not even close to being ready to see. Some were even emotionally traumatized for life.

The third eye will open when and if we are truly ready. In the meantime, the Shanti symbol will help cleanse and activate Ajna for a clear intuition and for an increased capacity for knowledge and wisdom.

Shanti Symbol On Other Chakras

Activating this Reiki symbol on our throat chakra will enhance our ability to express our deep emotions. This will give us a feeling of accomplishment.

If we use it on the heart chakra it will induce a deep feeling of peace and relaxation within our soul. This activation keeps away panic attacks and removes fears.

Shanti symbol is known for helping us have a calm, dreamless sleep. It is a very efficient symbol for removing insomnia.

I like using Shanti to increase my awareness and make decisions in a calm, peaceful, and balanced manner.

The Connection To The Angels Of Peace And Spiritual Guidance

The angels of peace help us harmoniously merge our lives with the Divine laws.

These Angels are the entities that protect us from negative influences and conflicts that can take place either outside or within us.

They offer the necessary awareness to reach our inner emotional balance and show us the importance of our lives.

The Angels of peace are capable of changing every conflict on Earth into understanding and mental peace. The only thing keeping them from doing so is us. If every person on this planet would call upon them at the same time, our world would be entirely different.

The Angels of guidance are the patrons of the people who chose to offer their time and attention to helping others without self-interests. They offer their protection to these people and help them find the best path to success. In this case, success means helping others reach their goals.

The Angels of peace and guidance will always offer the spiritual resources and support needed for people who wish to help and heal others.

Once we ask for their aid, we’ll be able to feel their presence and energy. They will teach us how to heal ourselves and others.

You can find this attribute and more in the Reiki Symbols Guide and quickly assess which symbol to choose for your situation.

Shanti Symbol Used In Incantations And Prayers

Shanti has its origins in India. It has been used for bringing the energy of peace and harmony for thousands of years.

There are many meditations, incantations, and prayers using the word Shanti. It is mostly used at the beginning of meditations for bringing students to calm and clearing their minds.

Shanti incantations create deep feelings of relaxation before and after meditations. This works for Reiki and any other spiritual practices.

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  1. Very knowledgable. Thank you so much. I have been reading all your articles. Thank you for increasing everyone’s wisdom.
    May the universe bless you 🙏.

  2. Hi Vlad

    Thank you for so much amazing information and clarity about Reiki. I trained as a Reiki Practitioner and Master back in 2005 in the UK. I then traveled to Sri Lanka and worked there as a volunteer and was blessed to be welcomed into my friends’ homes and lives. When I returned to the UK I became pregnant and named my daughter Shanti Rose Louise.
    15 years later here I am rebirthing my consciousness and remembering who I am as a spiritual being, rather than solely focussing on my child and home and all the challenges that come with that responsibility as a single mother.
    I started meditating yesterday to the amazing Tibetan Monk bells and have felt reconnected to my path of peace!
    Thank you for reading my story and for all your work you share with everyone.
    Blessings and peace.
    Heidi Louise

    • Hi there Heidi Louise and thank you for sharing your story.

      Yes, Reiki can be a catalyst for both health and spiritual growth. I am grateful that you could benefit from the offered information!

      Blessings and good health to you, your daughter, and to everyone dear to you!


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