How To Improve Your Emotional Health By Aiding The Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar plexus chakra is the third energy center and part of the seven primary chakras.

It helps us transform low-vibrational feelings and emotions into spiritual qualities. Its structure expands from the etheric realm into the astral body and beyond.

Still, these 7 chakras are all part of the physical body spectrum where they handle certain aspects of this area.

Together with its back projection, the solar plexus chakra has a vital role in governing most of our vital organs. It also plays an important part in helping us find self-control at the mental and emotional levels.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore its functions, attributes, and spiritual potentials.

solar plexus chakra

What’s The Meaning Of The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is represented by the Sanskrit name Manipura, which roughly translates as “city of gems” or “glorious gem.”

In Hindu philosophy, this energy center is a distribution point for willpower and energy from the Universe into the physical realm.

If the Kundalini energy reaches the solar plexus chakra and stays there, it means that you have crossed a major threshold in your spiritual evolution.

While this offers a new, higher level of awareness, it doesn’t make you enlightened.

NOTE: With time, you’ll notice that the more you develop spiritually in your life, the less need you will have to criticize or judge others. When someone judges or considers oneself superior, it’s because their level of spiritual knowledge is still in its infancy.

At this phase, you must transmute low-vibrational sentiments and emotions such as jealousy, fear, and bigotry into positive qualities like diligence, detachment, and an appetite for knowledge.

That’s why this is a place of transcendence, inner development, and inner discipline.

Although the solar plexus chakra does not have a well-known dedicated name in other ancient Asian thought, it is nevertheless a vital energy center.

In Chinese Taoism, it is referred to as the “sea of chi,” or the center of concentrated inner energy. Its back-projection corresponds with a major meridian junction known as “Ming Men.” This translates as the “Gate of Life,” and is responsible for your overall strength and health. This makes it one of the most important meridian points in the whole physical body.

In Japanese esoteric philosophy, Manipura represents a sensitive energy center that requires physical and spiritual conditioning to strengthen. Therefore, a practitioner can gain valuable insights and a considerably stronger body due to this effort.

Where Is The Solar Plexus Chakra Located

The solar plexus chakra is located approximately one inch above the navel.

Because of its physical location, it can coordinate most of our vital organs and various emotions.

It has a symmetrical back-projection responsible for past experienced emotions located between the kidneys.

solar plexus chakra location

What Is The Solar Plexus Chakra Responsible For

At The Physical Level

The solar plexus chakra coordinates the optimal function of the following organs:

  • Stomach;
  • Liver;
  • Gallbladder;
  • Large Intestine;
  • Pancreas;
  • Spleen;
  • Kidneys;

As you can see, it has a lot of “responsibilities” at this level. This means that it plays a very important role in keeping the digestive system healthy.

It also aids in the proper functioning of the endocrine and neuro-vegetative system health.

The kidneys will be healthier if your solar plexus is activated. This also relies on the foods and beverages you consume.

At The Emotional And Energetic Level

The solar plexus chakra is considered a complex energy center because it contains most of our generated and expressed emotions and feelings.

It has 10 petals or energetic layers. These are symbolic references to the low-vibrational manifested emotions:

  • Jealousy;
  • Greed;
  • Sadness;
  • Foolishness;
  • Delusion;
  • Fear;
  • Disgust;
  • Shame;
  • Ignorance;
  • Treachery;

For a healthy spiritual evolution, these elements need to be transformed.

Make no mistake!

I am not saying to replace them. But, a literal transmutation that is in coordination with our evolution is what will make the difference.

There is no duality, as both low and high-vibrational emotions belong to the same system – yourself.

This implies that you are likely to experience at least one of these emotions when you ascend a rung on the spiritual ladder. You must acknowledge it, face it, and accept it after that. Only then can you transform it into positive traits such as inner strength, courage, order, confidence, joy, trust, generosity, and detachment.

Manipura generates the energy fields called the “field of protection.” This is the main “shield” against malevolent intentions and negative energies. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most exposed to these influences.


Through the solar plexus chakra, we can easily lose or drain ourselves of energy in the presence of what are known as “energy vampires.” These are individuals who steal our energy through their simple presence. They should learn to create their own power rather than draining others.

Remember when your stomach is in knots? That’s because the solar plexus chakra is one of the most sensitive places in the presence of fear, anger, and stress.

What Is The Solar Plexus Chakra Element

The solar plexus chakra’s main element is fire.

As fire melts and transforms most physical elements, the same happens in the spiritual realm. This is a symbolic reference to the concept of the transmutation of emotions through the sacred fire that exists within us.

Solar plexus chakra’s structure resembles a 10 petal flower lotus having a bright sun-yellow color.

Within it, there is a large down-pointed triangle. This symbolizes the transition and ascension of the inner-self from the lower levels to the higher ones.

This triangle is surrounded by a circle representing unity and perfection that can be achieved after transmuting low-vibrational emotions.

NOTE: You will notice that the more we go upwards with the chakras, their symbols and elements have deeper spiritual meanings.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to help heal your solar plexus chakra is by centering yourself through a simple meditation.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

  1. Find a quiet place where you can relax for a few minutes;
  2. Play some relaxing music, light a candle or incense;
  3. Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet touching the floor;
  4. Place your palms on your lap, facing upwards, and close your eyes;
  5. Take a few deep breaths and relax your muscles from the head down to your toes;
  6. Focus now on your solar plexus area and visualize a bright sphere of goldish light. This is your center of inner power and manifestation in the physical world;
  7. Notice what you have already healed within your emotional side and what needs further healing to reach mental and emotional balance. Send love and compassion to your solar plexus chakra to accelerate the healing process;
  8. Depending on the information you receive through this introspection, you can stop or continue the meditation. There is no hard rule, and one should always follow its intuition.
  9. When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and continue your day.

More Ways To Activate The Solar Plexus Chakra

Use Reiki self-treatment.

  • Activate your palms and place them in the solar plexus area for 10 minutes each day;
  • Keep both palms on the front side of the body to cover most of the vital organs;
  • As an alternative, rest one palm between the kidneys on the back projection of the solar plexus chakra;

Cleanse your home – Although this may seem strange, cleaning your home and using certain elements to find a sense of satisfaction and discipline can help. In turn, this triggers energetic impulses towards your solar plexus chakra, gradually stimulating its activation.

Physical exercise – working out and spending time in nature are fantastic ways to help activate the solar plexus chakra. Visualize as you absorb the surrounding energy and how it travels to your chakra. This will nourish and stimulate its healing.

Aromatherapy – oils, plants, fruits can enhance the activation of the solar plexus chakra. Some of these are:

  • juniper;
  • cedarwood;
  • rosemary;
  • lemon;
  • ginger;
  • grapefruit;
  • lemongrass;

Music therapy – songs with 432Hz or 528Hz are your best option. They resonate with Manipura and help balance it.

What Causes Pain In The Solar Plexus Chakra

Any kind of physical pain represents either an external factor that has affected the physical body or an internal element that disturbs the natural process of the organism.

If it is an interior influence, we are the ones creating imbalances that lead to pain in the solar plexus chakra area.

We keep building them by manifesting low-vibrational emotions like anger, jealousy, or irritation towards others.

Still, we can harm it from the outside as well by consuming unhealthy foods regularly.

When someone casts the evil eye or transmits a large quantity of bad energy your way, there’s a high possibility you’ll get abdominal pain, specifically in the solar plexus chakra.

That’s because this chakra’s energy field of protection is bombarded with negative energy. If left unchecked, this mechanism will begin to have an impact on the physical structure.

Together with the root chakra, they are responsible for the intake and output of vital energy. Therefore, when you push your physical limits, you may feel pain manifesting in the abdominal area.

Many imbalances in the solar plexus chakra region are caused by a desire to always be in command or, worse, to influence others. As a result of these factors, digestive and gallbladder physical issues that offer severe abdominal discomfort may develop.

Why Would You Consider Unblocking The Solar Plexus Chakra

Unblocking the solar plexus chakra offers several benefits such as:

  • Your field of energetic protection will intensify significantly, keeping you protected from malevolent intentions and negative energies;
  • Confidence and self-respect levels will gradually grow, making you appreciate yourself more;
  • The health of your organs will improve, resulting in better digestion;
  • Your vitality and physical performance will increase, offering you more stamina for the daily activities;
  • Should you choose to immerse in an introspection, having the solar plexus chakra unblocked will allow you to reach new awareness levels. As a result, your consciousness will expand, and you’ll better understand your role within the physical and spiritual universe.

What Crystals Work Best With The Solar Plexus Chakra

The activation of the solar plexus chakra can be stimulated by the following crystals or stones:

  • Citrine;
  • Amber;
  • Tiger eye;
  • Golden topaz;
  • Yellow tourmaline;
  • Yellow jasper;
  • Lemon quartz;

Be sure to cleanse these crystals before using them. You can do so with Reiki, incense, or by simply washing them with soap in lukewarm water.

This process will help revitalize their energetic fields and healing properties.

Where To Place Crystals On Your Body

If you are lying down – place any crystal in your abdominal area above the navel. Lay your hands on them to enhance their flow of energy;

If you are sitting in a chair and meditating – take one of the crystals related to the solar plexus chakra and keep it in your dominant hand. Place your hand in the chakra’s area and keep it there for 5-10 minutes while meditating.

If you are sitting in a chair at work – keep a crystal on your desk close to your abdomen. This will help cleanse and enhance the energetic field of the solar plexus chakra, activating it.

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Is It Possible To Have An Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra

Having an overactive solar plexus chakra can lead to manifesting unwanted behaviors in the physical world. In fact, the more we go “up the chakra ladder,” the more intense these effects become.

An overactive solar plexus chakra can trigger the following symptoms:

  • an excessive competitive need;
  • the desire to control people and situations as you see fit. This is usually the result of seeking validation in everything that you do;
  • being aggressive and self-centered (selfish);

NOTE: any of these symptoms can easily become problematic if left untreated. This can be an issue for you and the people you interact with. Therefore, be mindful and consider addressing them once you become aware of their existence.


  • I am strong;
  • I am protected;
  • I guide the power of my emotions as an instrument of peace;
  • I walk down the balanced middle path;
  • I let go of any authority issues;
  • I am connected to the abundant flow of the Universe;
  • I get things done;
  • I honor the power within me;
  • I honor myself;
  • I am the embodiment of self-confidence and inner peace;

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