Svadhishthana – From Sexual Energy To Creativity With The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, Svadhishthana or the lower spine chakra, is the second primary energy center in the physical human body, located under the navel.

Its role is to govern sexual energy and guide it towards creativity and adaptability.

Keeping Svadhishthana healthy helps you enjoy all aspects of life and become happy with yourself.

What Does Svadhishthana Mean And Where Does It Come From

The name, Svadhishthana derives from Sanskrit and it generally translates as “its own base”, or “the one seat”.

This chakra is more than just a place of concentrated energy. It also represents the next threshold of spiritual human evolution. Beyond this level, the growth of the Kundalini vital energy is considered a true ascension.

The reason behind this is quite simple: most people have their Kundalini energy awoken up to this level – the sacral chakra.

This is neither good nor bad.

It simply represents a stage in human spiritual evolution. We are all where we need to be at particular moments in time.

If Muladhara is the “ground floor” for the Kundalini energy, I like to see Svadhishthana as the “first floor with a window”. What I mean is that most people have their Kundalini energy gathered at this level and it manifests itself from this point on.

Other Meanings

In Buddhist philosophy, the sacral chakra is called Hara. Here, we learn how to connect with the deep inner voice within ourselves.

In martial arts, this is the main energy center through which the practitioner manifests her/his energy.

At this level, we meet our true selves.

Also, through the second chakra, we are able to manifest most of our shadow-self.

Here you have all the fears, frustrations and unfulfilled desires.

Once you start paying attention to yourself, you have to face all of them eventually.

But here’s how everything leads to a positive outcome.

Your Kundalini energy has also integrated all the necessary qualities and strengths so that you may deal with yourself in a harmonious way.

When asked who are his biggest enemies, Mahatma Gandhi replied:

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“I know but three enemies. The first and easiest to guide is the British Empire. The second and harder to deal with are the Indian people. The third and most fearsome of all is a man named Mohandas K. Gandhi.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Before going further, I would like to say something about Svadhishthana.

It is considered to be the center for generating sexual energy.

This is not far from the truth. In fact, both Muladhara and Svadhishthana are responsible for generating sexual energy, one of the most powerful forces in the whole Universe.

The fact that we perceive it as the need for intercourse has to do with our own limitations. If cultivated and understood, this energy can have a huge influence on our spiritual evolution.

Through sexual desire, we are able to use this energy to our advantage, instead of being drained from it.

What Does The Sacral Chakra Control And Where Is Svadhishthana Located

The sacral chakra has a front and back symmetric projection.

It is located approximately 1 inch under the navel and its back-projection corresponds to the lumbar, sacral area, as the name suggests.

Although different, Svadhishthana and Muladhara share some similar attributes.

At A Physical Level

Svadhishthana controls the flow of fluids and hormones within our body, from blood, and urine to the lymph and digestive liquids.

Together with the third chakra, Svadhishthana controls the kidneys, lower intestine, and bladder.

Also, together with Muladhara, the sacral chakra has an influence on the material stability of our lives. The more in balance it is, the more potential we have in receiving and offering a material exchange.

Contrary to some beliefs, the sacral chakra DOES have an important role (together with the root chakra) in keeping the reproductive system healthy.

On An Emotional And Energetic Level

Probably the most dominant attribute of Svadhishthana is that it coordinates the feeling of freedom of sexuality. This does not solely refer to the idea of lust and desire, but to the expression of your inner sexual energy through emotions, ambition, and joy.

When it comes to pure sexual expression (when the sacral chakra is in balance) you should have no issue in offering and receiving physical pleasure. Also, you will feel the need to be more sensual and offer more affection to your partner.

The sacred chakra governs the potential of creativity and the feeling of joy. Through it, we are able to express our feeling of “being alive”.

A healthy sacral chakra will make you love and appreciate yourself in a harmonious way and help generate the energy field of signaling emotions.

Why Is The Sacral Chakra Sometimes Blocked, And What Causes Its Imbalance

One of the main reasons the sacral chakra becomes out of balance is when we negate our true inner nature.

Just to be clear, by saying this I’m not referring to the negative aspects. I am talking about being aware of the true inner desires, emotions and the way we want to express them.

When you end a relationship, you have to learn to let go to avoid dealing with negative effects.

Otherwise, an energetic string will stay present between both of you, at the sacral chakra level.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, learn to maintain a balance. We all need our alone time. Too much attachment can drain you of your attention towards yourself.

The desire to control or manipulate others will bring negative influences to your first two chakras (Muladhara and Svadhishthana).

Symptoms Of A Blocked Sacral Chakra

  • Constant lower back pain;
  • Difficulty in accepting your true sexual nature and desires;
  • Lack of sex drive;
  • Insecurity;
  • Lack of affection;
  • Prostate issues and urinary problems;
  • Desire to dominate;
  • Shyness;

How To Heal Your Sacral Chakra

The main element of the sacral chakra is flowing water and one of its main attributes is creativity. This refers to all types of creativity.

It can be activated through specific meditations that contain the element water or it can be activated with Reiki. 10 minutes per day are enough to bring Svadhishthana at the right vibration.

A great way of activating the sacral chakra is to sit near a river and visualize as you absorb that energy.

When it comes to stimulating the first two chakras, socializing is probably my personal favorite because hanging out with friends or dear ones is a very useful and simple method of activation for anyone.

Be creative with something that you resonate with like painting, sports, sculpture, music, writing or anything you love.

Acknowledging the true nature of your emotions within you and learning how to harmoniously express them is an amazing activator for Svadhishthana.

Another good stimulant is to try to adapt to certain situations that are “out of your comfort zone” and even become more flexible with the people around you and with yourself.

Having a healthy and loving relationship is what nourishes and helps grow the energy of Svadhishthana.

Try to start with the one you feel more comfortable with and aim to use a diverse set of actions in order to heal your sacral chakra.

Svadhishthana Therapy

  • Aromatherapy: elements and oils from oak, elm, ylang-ylang, or verbena help activate the sacral chakra
  • Music therapy: traditional music as well as rhythmed music; Svadhishthana resonates with the mantra VAM.
  • Chromotherapy: Visualize a clear bright orange light filling your sacral chakra each day. Feel how those vibrations go through all your body, flooding it with its energy.

Sacral Chakra Stones

Probably the best stone to use for healing your sacral chakra is Carnelian, a brownish-red mineral that stimulates creativity. Also take into account Amber, Orange Moonstone, Tiger’s eye, and Tangerine Quartz.

These are all great stones for activating your sacral chakra but be sure to place them on a layer of salt and keep them there for at least 24 hours before using them.

You use them by lying down and placing the stone on your sacral chakra. As you relax, you visualize how you absorb the energy of the stone through Svadhishthana.

9 Sacral Chakra Affirmations To Help Stimulate Its Energy

  • I am grateful for being me;
  • I harmoniously embrace my sexuality;
  • I invest my energy in accordance with my true-self;
  • I freely express my creativity;
  • I free myself from old patterns;
  • I attract all the right people for me;
  • I forgive myself and all the other people;
  • I am creative, radiant and beautiful;
  • I enjoy a healthy and happy life;

Sacral Chakra Symbol

Svadhishthana is represented in a bright orange color. This symbolizes purity and action. We can see many Buddhist and Hindu monks dressed in the very same color as the sacral chakra.

Svadhishthana has six petals. Each one represents the six negative, telluric emotions that we have to conquer: pride, desire, jealousy, anger, cruelty, and hatred.

Within the chakra, we have two concentric circles.

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They symbolize the continuous shift of energy, the perpetual change, and the movement of life in which we are integrated.

The circles form the shape of the moon symbolize the power of the feminine energy within each one of us. This is in perfect balance with the first chakra, Muladhara.


Probably the most important thing is to be aware of your sacral chakra and its role.

If you know about it you probably won’t deplete yourself of all the sexual energy you have through intercourse.

By realizing you can channel part of this energy to creative endeavors or physical exercise, you’ll become a more complex individual and you’ll be able to offer more of what you represent.

Obviously we are different and we don’t have the same amount of energy stored within us.

But that’s not the point. What’s important is to make informed decisions and know you can always be and do more than you’re currently doing.

Are consciously working with your Svadhishthana chakra or are you looking to do so in the future?

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