Vishuddha – Enhance Self-Expression By Discovering Your Throat Chakra

Vishuddha, the throat chakra or the less used term Vishudhi, is the fifth primary chakra on the human body. It is located in the throat region, and therefore some practitioners refer to it as the “communication chakra” because it facilitates the power of self-expression and of course, communication.

Its name originates in Sanskrit and it generally translates as “pure” or “purified”.

Vishuddha represents our manifestation through what we feel and think, and the form of that expression is the word.

The power of the word has been greatly underestimated throughout history. Oddly enough, this is a good thing.


Because if we were completely aware of its extraordinary power and learn how we can use it, we would most likely have taken advantage of it.

This would have led to unimaginable clashes between people.

Therefore, I believe there is a good reason for not being able to fully understand what we can achieve through the power of the word.

For now, understand that every spoken word is formed out of energy and information. Each word, as well as each sentence, has its own vibration.

This resonates with a certain subject and gives that vibration and energy a physical manifestation potential.

Vishuddha Doesn’t Work In Isolation

Vishuddha is in a strong connection with Manipura (the solar plexus chakra). Manipura manages most of your emotions while Vishuddha expresses them, whether they are positive or negative.

It’s always up to us to choose one or the other.

That is why we should think twice before vocally expressing our emotions.

“Good people should be slow at talking but hasty in actions.”


We Have The Power To Bring Ideas Into The World

Vishuddha has within its structures energy that teaches us how to interact with people.

One of the most beautiful things of the physical realm is that we are able, as humans, to bring the energy of any thought, feeling, or idea into the material world.

One of those ways is through verbal expression.

In its purest form, the throat chakra represents the redemption through expression so we may manifest our true selves and feel free.

It encourages us to honestly communicate with ourselves and then others.

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Have you ever had the feeling of “Speaking from the heart”?

That’s the moment when you express that stagnant form of energy that had to be released sooner or later.

While the idea of speaking wisely sounds ideal, in reality, it’s hard to control every word that comes out.

What’s important to remember is that expressing ourselves can do a lot of healing.

It just depends on how we use this ability.

Where Is Vishuddha Located

Vishuddha chakra is located near the thyroid gland, with the center in the pit of the throat.

It has a symmetric back projection, between the upper shoulder blades, at the back of the neck.

The Functions Of The Throat Chakra

At A Physical Level

The throat chakra is responsible for the good functioning of the thyroid gland, the esophagus, and larynx.

It is also connected to the endocrine and lymphatic systems and the arterial tension.

An interesting fact is that if this chakra is not working properly you can feel physically lethargic. The more it is activated, the more you will feel the need for physical activity.

This is another proof that the chakras are all interconnected. In fact, the physical and energetic bodies always work together in perfect harmony.

Separation simply doesn’t exist.

The throat chakra is the most stress exposed energy center.

A healed throat chakra helps for example overcome shyness when speaking in public speaking and even enhances your sense of humor.

The Emotional And Spiritual Level

The throat chakra governs self-expression, communication, and listening.

Vishuddha is responsible for your ability to be clairaudient.

Together with the sixth chakra (Ajna), it forms a spiritual connection that enables our telepathic ability.

The throat chakra is the telepathic emission center, while Ajna is the telepathic receiver energy center.

One attribute that is shared with the second chakra, Svadhishthana, is the manifestation of certain creative abilities such as writing, acting, and singing.

When Vishuddha is working properly we tend to listen and respond to people with more self-confidence and balanced emotions.

The throat chakra generates the energy field of emission.

Throat Chakra Frequency

The throat chakra resonates with mantras, sounds, and music having 192Hz or 384Hz. There are certainly others, but these are the main frequencies that stimulate the activation of the throat chakra.

About The Throat Chakra Symbol And The Meaning Of Its Color

The bright blue color of the throat chakra refers to purity, wisdom, trust, openness, and faith.

Inside the representation of a 16 petal blooming lotus flower, we can find a downward pointing triangle with a circle within.

This downward pointing triangle is often compared to a pure channel that connects with the consciousness of the soul. This leads the throat chakra to be a direct expression of our highest self and truth.

The full circle is believed to symbolize the clear and whole spiritual mind under the form of a full moon.

The 16 petals refer to the 16 steps we have to take in order to develop any ability.

How To Open The Throat Chakra

Learning how to express ourselves is easier said than done.

You first have to decide how you’re going to communicate and also with whom.

However, through meditation and Reiki, you can create a smooth path to healing Vishuddha and of course, the other chakras as well.

At this point, I feel there is something I should share with you: simply spending time in nature, especially by the sea, and just having a moment of peace and silence while taking deep breaths, is a form of meditation in itself.

This act alone will balance your energy centers and activate most of them.

The key here is to make this sustainable and help it last beyond the meditation.

To do this, make it a habit and use simple techniques that you can implement without much effort.

If you believe that all meditations or spiritual practices need to have complex procedures, you are deeply wrong.

“Foolish people complicate things, the wise simplify them!”

Albert Einstein

By having the courage to express yourself, whether it involves other people or through some form of creative activity, you will unblock your throat chakra.

Communicating your true deep emotions in a harmonious way, will activate and slowly heal Vishuddha chakra. It’s like removing a cork from a bottle.

Why Do Throat Chakra Blockages Appear

I will start with one of the lesser-known factors that negatively influence the throat chakra: gossips.

Excessive gossiping can negatively impact your chakra. This could very well happen when we speak wrongly about other people.

Constant lying has the same effect.

On the other hand, introverts also suffer more than other people from an unbalanced throat chakra.

Stress, fatigue, and depression are probably the most common factors for having these blockages.

The throat chakra closes slowly, whenever we refuse to express our emotions. This leads to negative physical symptoms such as chronic throat issues or laryngitis.

Unspoken words at the right time can accumulate under the form of residual energy at this level leading to hyperthyroidism, gum issues or throat pain.

These are all signs of Vishuddha being out of balance.

Fatigue, frustration, depression and lack of motivation can also lead to blockages.

They can later manifest as stutter or shyness.

Be aware of them and don’t let these emotions take control of you.

The Symptoms You Might Experience When Opening Your Throat Chakra

One of the most common symptoms you can have when experiencing an opened throat chakra is motivation.

The desire to communicate with certain people that were “left out” will certainly be present now.

If you were suffering from laryngitis or throat pain and got better, that is a good sign that Vishuddha chakra is healing.

You’ll become less interested in gossip and the call for self-expression will also develop. It is ideal to learn how to express yourself because it will make such a huge difference.

When Vishuddha is activated you will start feeling more alive, more outgoing, curios for trying new things and exploring new places.

4 Affirmations To Help Heal Vishuddha Chakra

  • I am clear and honest in my communication;
  • I express my gratitude towards all life;
  • I love to share my wisdom and experiences;
  • I display my spirituality through harmonious communication;

Crystals And Stones That Work Best With The Throat Chakra

Crystal therapy for Vishuddha includes stones like aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite, azurite, blue kyanite, blue apatite and of course Lapis Lazuli.

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Be sure to cleanse any stone by laying it on salt for at least 24 hours prior to using it. You can place any of those stones/crystals near your throat chakra for activation.

A few minutes each day can do wonders.

What Is Lapis Lazuli And Its Relationship To Vishuddha Chakra

Together with the aquamarine crystal, lapis lazuli is probably the most recommended stone for healing the Vishuddha chakra.

lapis lazuli for vishuddha chakra

Lapis lazuli has quite a history, and in ancient times, it was believed that it possessed magical healing properties.

It facilitates self-expression and enhances self-awareness.

Lapis lazuli helps stimulate clarity and creativity. It boosts confidence in speaking the truth and helps you see situations objectively.

Other important qualities offered by this beautiful stone are helping you express compassion and honesty to the ones around you.

Essential Oils For Vishuddha Chakra

Extracted oils from plants such as sage, eucalyptus, frankincense, jasmine, cloves, and peppermint are very useful for stimulating Vishuddha chakra.

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