Ajna – Grow Your Intuition And Wisdom Through The Third Eye Chakra

Ajna or The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth energy center located on the human body, positioned right between the eyebrows. It is the energetic point of intuition, wisdom and psychic powers.

What Does Ajna Chakra Mean And Why Is It Important

The name derives from Sanskrit and it generally translates as “command” or “beyond wisdom”.

As with all the chakras, Ajna represents much more than an energy center.

It is a spiritual threshold.

If mastered, this higher spiritual place brings an incredible level of awareness. Everything we see around us and within us will be from a totally different perspective.

You will perceive the world differently and you will understand that everything is the way it has to be.

Your “battle” and struggle with everything you don’t agree or understand will end. Even though the world is not perfect, you will start the process of perfection within you.

Your view upon everything you know will now become very loose.

Understanding Ajna Chakra

Ajna chakra plays a major part in developing the abilities of clairvoyance and telepathy. For the latter, Ajna chakra needs to be in a perfect connection with Vishuddha chakra.

I’ve been discussing this topic with many students and teachers quite extensively over the years.

Some claimed that the clairvoyance ability is an ability one is born with, while some claimed that it is developed with practice when Ajna is perfectly cleansed and optimized.

Who’s right here?

Well, strangely enough, they all are.

How so?

Let me explain.

An opened and cleansed Ajna does not necessarily mean a full development towards clairvoyance or telepathy.

Contrary to some beliefs, these are abilities that need special preparation over the years. They need to be properly guided and stimulated in a disciplined manner.

Our brain is strict of earthly origin, thus it needs to be “lifted up” to a certain vibrational level. At this point, it can receive and process higher types of information and energy.

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Even if you are able to gain access to incredible spiritual knowledge forget that the brain itself needs to be in tune with that type of vibration.

Long story short, if you wish to develop such abilities you need discipline and training.

There are of course exceptions to the rule. That’s the case when a person is born directly with this kind of ability.

However, even they need proper guidance.

There are people who lost their control over such power and ended up under medical care. Clairvoyance should never be underestimated.

Remember, the true clairvoyance also means that you are able to see all the beautiful spiritual energies and entities as well as the dark ones. And from that point on, they can understand that you “see” them.

Clairvoyance can be a heavy lift.

When Kundalini Reaches Ajna

If the Kundalini reaches this point and stays there, you can expect a massive detachment from material possessions and a lack of need to intervene in the lives of others.

Many Buddhist statues are depicting very relaxed forms of Boddhisatvas or representations of Buddha. He has his eyes half-closed with a gentle smile on his face. He is deeply relaxed and completely detached.

On some statues, we can see the Ajna chakra activated between his eyebrows.

This is a somewhat accurate description of the gained level of awareness at this stage.

But considering we live in this fast-paced and dynamic world it is considerably hard to remain at this level.

Where Is The Third Eye Chakra Ajna Located

The third eye chakra is located right between the eyebrows, in the lower- center part of the forehead.

Unlike other chakras, Ajna has a back-projection which is not exactly symmetrical.

This back-projection is located in the cerebellum area, or the lower back of your head.

The Functions Of Ajna Chakra

From A Physical Perspective

Ajna is strongly connected and helps coordinate the pituitary gland. The healthier the pituitary gland, the higher potential for the third eye chakra to open.

It helps maintain the health of the sinuses, the eyes, and the olfactive system.

Also, it coordinates the sense of sight.

The third eye chakra has a good connection to the ears and the sense of hearing.

The Emotional And Energetic Level

Throughout Buddhist and Hindi philosophies, the third eye chakra is well-known for governing the psychic powers.

One of the main attributes of Ajna is that it enhances wisdom and intuition.

Memory, alertness, and focus are also features managed by the third eye chakra.

As mentioned, abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy are coordinated through the third eye and throat chakra Vishuddha. However, a fully open and cleansed Ajna does not mean you get the ability of clairvoyance just like that. Special training and discipline are required.

Ajna generates the energy field of reception.

About The Ajna Chakra Symbol And Its Color

The Third eye Chakra is represented as a two petal lotus. Its colors are purple and indigo.

Within the Ajna chakra, we find a downward pointing triangle. Inside this triangle, there is a sacred, holy symbol named AUM or OM.

The Meaning Of The Symbols

The two petals represent the two hemispheres of the brain and the two main parts of the pituitary gland.

On a more spiritual level, the two petals indicate the concept of duality that exists only within our minds. This is the last threshold that needs to be passed to see the truth: that there is no duality.

The downward-pointing triangle reminds us that we evolve from a small to a higher form of existence. The upper base of the triangle represents the first step in our spiritual evolution.

The OM symbol has ancestral origins. It is probably the most important symbol in all Hinduism. OM or AUM is the mantra that connects the human part with the Divine light and principles. OM is pure energy that represents higher consciousness. When meditating or chanting this mantra, it “pierces” the human concept of duality and makes us one with Divinity.

What Are The Causes For Third Eye Chakra Blockages

This came to mind when I was having a chat with my father.

He used to say: We are not more than just a speck of dust in this Universe. We don’t really represent much, you know.

I replied: Yes, you might be right, if we limit ourselves only to the telluric elements, we are just dust.

But what if we think of all the people who overcame this condition and made humanity realize that we have enormous spiritual potential? What if without this acknowledgment we are nothing, but through it we are everything?

Just as the amazing lotus blooms from the deepest swamps, what if we have a lesson to learn here on Earth?

Flourish and rise from our simple human condition.

Being Stuck In Everyday Life

That being said, I believe the most common cause for the eye chakra to block is the lack of desire to see beyond the physical realm.

I don’t mean to force yourself to gain clairvoyance, but rather understand that there is a lot more going on beyond what we normally perceive.

On the other hand, living in a world of imagination or daydreaming is the other extreme. Fabricating our manifestations of a more “spiritual” world can be a sign of an imbalanced third eye chakra.

You may ask… “So how can we tell when we truly understand the energetic and spiritual world?”

By studying, meditating, being calm and at peace, you will slowly be able to get information about our energy fields, our energy centers, and our Divine potential.

Paranoia and moodiness are signs of an imbalanced Ajna chakra. Of course, these can be more easily healed that the ones mentioned above.

Sinus issues or blurred vision may be signs of a blocked third eye chakra.

Do not worry!

Even if you’ve been having sinus issues all your life, it doesn’t mean your third eye chakra cannot be healed. These are just signs that tell you to pay more attention to the health of your chakras.

How To Activate And Heal The Ajna Chakra

Meditating on the OM symbol and visualizing it on the third eye chakra is one of the easiest ways of starting to activate and heal Ajna.

As a Reiki teacher, the most efficient way to cleanse, harmonize and activate the third eye chakra is through Reiki self-treatment. To be honest, it is the energy center that needs the most attention.

There are also certain symbols in the Karuna Reiki system that, when used properly, can help cleanse and open the third eye chakra.

The simple desire to pay more attention to what people have to say, even trying to memorize texts, can become a very good practice for opening the third eye chakra.

Also, the study of spiritual practices is highly recommended. This will enable Ajna to open towards multiple fields of knowledge.

Some Of The Ajna Chakra Activation Symptoms

Once the third eye chakra starts to activate, you will have a different perception of the world and life itself. You will notice a significant detachment from everything you used to enjoy and love.

Wait one second!

How is this a good thing?

How can this be beneficial?

By detaching from daily life, the energetic strings that hold you anchored to a certain spiritual level will be severed.

This will lead to your potential in growing and understanding an even higher level of awareness and consciousness. Of course, not many people are ready for such a big leap.

NOTE: once you are able to reach this level of detachment, you can do so again at any time.

One other symptom of the opening of Ajna is the ability to quickly remember and memorize texts, books, and even conferences.

You will notice an increased capability of collecting and remembering the information you have studied.

When Ajna is working properly we tend to see things clearly from all perspectives. We become more optimistic, focused and intuitive.

Your awareness and intuition will also be significantly increased when the Ajna chakra is in balance.

The “inner voice” within you will have a stronger resonance especially when the seventh and the sixth chakra are opened.

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Your focus determines your reality.

Third Eye Chakra Stones And Crystals

The chakra stones and crystals that stimulate Ajna:

Amethyst, sapphire, purple fluorite, amazonite, white quartz, aventurine, and moldavite.

As always, remember to keep them for at least 24 hours on salt before using them on your chakra.

Crystals and stones can be also cleansed with Reiki.

What Music Works Well With The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra resonates with cosmic and meditation music.

Also, relaxing and ambient music will help stimulate the third eye chakra.

Ajna resonates with the beej seed mantra AUM or OM.

11 Affirmations To Help You Stimulate Ajna

  • I awake my consciousness in an optimum and harmonious way;
  • I align my consciousness with the source of all life;
  • I open myself to my inner guidance and deepest wisdom;
  • My intuition is aligned with my higher-self;
  • I release myself from the past and I forgive everyone;
  • I open myself to new energies, people, places, and experiences;
  • I live in the light and I am full of energy and love;
  • I bring to the surface the best of myself!
  • I trust myself!
  • I am wise, intuitive and aligned with my highest good!
  • I become the source of light, truth, and love in my life!

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