Third Eye Chakra And How It Helps Develop Your Spiritual Awareness

The third eye chakra is the 6th energy center that allows you to generate intuition, wisdom, and a thirst for knowledge.

Even though it’s associated with clairvoyance and other extra-sensorial abilities, there are many benefits that you can get from activating this chakra.

You can find the third eye chakra within the physical body spectrum, between the eyebrows. This location matters because it facilitates this energy center to support the brain’s health.

It’s also the only chakra without a non-symmetrical back projection.

third eye chakra

Third Eye Chakra Meaning And Importance

Its Sanskrit name is Ajna, which roughly translates as “command” or “authority.”

It’s one of the most disputed body parts, with sacred significance in many civilizations. That’s because this energy center represents a crucial point in spiritual growth.

The third eye chakra has three main attributes:

  • Awareness;
  • Wisdom;
  • Extrasensory abilities (which also includes a highly developed level of intuition);

Ajna contains a variety of spiritual qualities, each of which is associated with a distinct spiritual element. You can use yoga, introspection, meditation, and Reiki to access them.

It’s why it plays a major role in developing other senses beyond the main 5. This development can occur through the third eye’s opening, which is a different element than the chakra itself. This is a vast and complex subject, but I’ll explain it briefly later in the article to give more context.

In Hindu and Buddhist teachings, if the Kundalini energy reaches this point and stays there, you can achieve near-complete detachment from the material world. As a result, interference in other people’s lives will also substantially decrease.

Even though our world is not flawless, you will view things from a new perspective when you reach this degree of Kundalini activation. You’ll see that events, people, and circumstances that you previously misunderstood will now make sense. You’ll recognize that everything is simply one concept, and we should avoid interfering unless it’s meant to be.

It’s why we see many Buddha statues and bodhisattvas with their eyes half-closed, a gentle smile, and deeply relaxed. They represent detachment through a higher state of consciousness.

In the Chinese and Japanese esoteric practices, the body area known as the third eye chakra is one of the three main energy centers that govern the intake and output of both vital and universal energy.

Where Is The Third Eye Chakra Located

We can find the third eye chakra right between the eyebrows, in the lower center part of the forehead.

Unlike other energy centers, this one has an asymmetrical back-projection in the cerebellum area, or the lower back of the head.

Third Eye Chaka Symbol

The Third eye chakra differentiates itself from the rest of the 6 primary chakras by having only 2 petals. Some scholars claim that one petal represents wisdom and the other one ignorance, but not in the way we usually understand it.

At this level, wisdom refers to the “spiritual wisdom” that engulfs the knowledge and secrets of the universe. Ignorance, in this case, means the ability to acknowledge that we are unable to comprehend and learn everything in a lifetime. Moreover, sometimes it is advisable to remain ignorant towards certain aspects in order to learn things gradually and in our own rhythm.

Therefore ignorance leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to ignorance in a more philosophical sense.

The middle circle represents unity. Within it, we find a downward-pointing triangle that symbolizes the last threshold before reaching the crown chakra. It also serves as a totem of spiritual ascension, from the lower planes of existence to the higher ones.

There is the AUM symbol in this triangle, which is one of the most powerful spiritual symbols in existence. AUM helps the inner-self connect to the divine consciousness gradually before reaching enlightenment.

The Meaning Of Its Color

Although the third eye chakra’s “natural color” is bright white, it is often depicted in purple or indigo.

Truth be told, the indigo color symbolizes only the first stage of spiritual evolution.

The true ascension offers the third eye chakra a full bright white color.

What Does The Third Eye Chakra Do

At The Physical Level

The third eye chakra shares one of its main attributes with the crown chakra. Their role is to maintain a healthy mental and physical balance of both brain hemispheres.

It also nurtures the:

  • Sinuses;
  • Breathing;
  • Eyesight;
  • Hearing;
  • Olfactory system;

Still, the pineal gland is perhaps the most important element it governs. It is seen as the physical extension of the third eye chakra.

This small gland is located in the center of our brain. It helps produce melatonin, an essential hormone for our body. This hormone is responsible for our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.

Yet, one cannot know all its uses.

Spiritual scholars believe that the pineal gland has important energetic attributes. One of them is the ability to perceive through the spiritual and energetic realms.

At The Energetic And Spiritual Levels

As mentioned, one of the main attributes of the third eye chakra is to stimulate awareness, wisdom, and intuition.

When these three elements are trained and enhanced, the third eye chakra will help you perceive people and events differently. You will begin to see beyond what happens at the physical level and understand that the spiritual, energetic, and physical planes are interconnected.

This brings us to a crucial point.

What Is The Connection Between The Third Eye And Third Eye Chakra

Although they are part of one structure, the actual third eye and the third eye chakra (Ajna) are two different things. 

The third eye chakra is the energy center vortex through which a certain level of energy is generated and released. By activating it, you can enjoy an influx of wisdom and intuition as well as a spiritual awakening.

This awakening can take place in various ways.

For some, it manifests as a thirst for knowledge, while for others, it creates a tendency to train in energy healing practices

Still, the activation of the third eye chakra can bring entirely new spiritual and energetic elements to some people. This is when the third eye starts manifesting.


The third eye can lead to unlocking one or more extrasensory abilities, the most important being clairvoyance.

This is the ability to perceive and gain information about future events and see a person’s energy fields or the entities that exist in a certain place.


Another skill is synaesthesia. This has the power to connect and stimulate several senses.

For example, synaesthesia enables a person to sense fragrances by merely looking at a picture or hear sounds from a text. They can visualize a place in full detail through meditation.


Other scholars suggest that clairaudience is also an attribute of the third eye-opening. This implies hearing sounds and conversations that are way beyond your normal range of hearing.

Having said that, know that activating Ajna (the third eye chakra) does not mean you’ll gain any of these abilities. You can only unlock them, if ever, through specific training and with rigorous discipline. The true mastery is to open and close it at will.


Telepathy is another ability you may be able to gain by working with your third eye chakra. This enables you to transfer information in the form of thoughts through the power of the brain. The receiver may perceive this information and send their own thoughts back. Most likely, this can only happen if the two are in a strong connection.

How can you tell that two people have a high resonance with each other:

  • Both “feel” what the other is doing;
  • Thoughts may align, resulting in some sort of physical communication or speaking the same idea simultaneously;
  • Both become open emotionally to each other and empathize;
  • They might interact in their dreams;
  • Each can predict what the other is going to do next;
  • Even when they don’t speak, they understand and know what they are thinking;

Opening The Third Eye By Accident

There are situations when the third eye might open due to a sudden event. This may be the result of an accident or shocking occurrence. 

Usually, it happens without the option to “shut it down.” This can lead to dire consequences because most of us are not ready to receive information from other planes of existence.

NOTE: I know that everybody is interested in opening the third eye, but be aware that it’s a powerful process, even a life-changing event. Once opened, you may receive messages, images and connect with entities from lower and higher vibrational realms.

Bear in mind that once you see them, they will understand that, and their attention will most likely be drawn to you.

The brain needs to be trained and have the right level of vibration before it can control such extrasensory abilities.

How To Unblock The Third Eye Chakra


Knowledge acquired through reading, seminars, or spiritual practices stimulates the brain. It raises the frequency of the energy flowing into the third eye chakra. The higher its vibration, the better quality information you’ll receive.


Meditation is one of the best ways to stimulate the opening of the third eye chakra. Those that involve chanting the AUM (OM) mantra or focusing on the symbol are often helpful. This symbol cleanses and activates the superior energy centers, including the third eye chakra.

There are several different types of meditations available, and there is no set method to follow. Instead, simply select a time and location to unwind. For beginners, guided meditations are an excellent place to start. Still, after that, you may move on to self-directed ones.


Expose yourself to music with an 852Hz frequency while meditating or relaxing. The third eye chakra will gradually open as a result.


Essential oils and incense from juniper, sandalwood, lemon, rosemary, jasmine, eucalyptus, and patchouli are quite efficient in cleansing the energy field of the third eye chakra.


You can also try sunbathing. Even though it’s a less productive approach, it can be beneficial.


Last but not least, I believe Reiki is the most efficient way to unblock the third eye chakra.

Activate your palms and place one hand on the forehead and the other at the lower back of your head. Stay like this for about 10 minutes and repeat each day.

This will cleanse, energize, and gradually activate the chakra’s structure. Add Reiki symbols for an enhanced effect. You may also draw them directly on your chakra and its back projection.

What Happens When Your Third Eye Chakra Opens

When your third eye chakra is balanced correctly, you’ll have a new perspective on the world and life itself. This implies that you will be detached from material positions, people, and events in your past that struck a nerve with your emotional side.

You’ll also begin to exhibit a tendency toward letting things take place without interfering.

How does this help?

By detaching from these elements, the energy strings that anchor you will begin to break.

You can develop your full potential and advance to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Of course, this evolution will be in keeping with your present state of knowledge and vibration.

An opened and healthy third eye chakra will enable you to have a clear perspective, be more optimistic and focused.

Your ability to learn, memorize and use information will increase.

If your intuition is not yet developed, it will become more apparent as an “inner voice.” This implies that you will start to feel and understand when something is good for you or not.

Is It Possible To Have An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

The short answer is: “Yes! It is.”

First off … overactive means the chakra is imbalanced. In our case, two major manifestations occur. Both can lead to an increased ego that makes it difficult to understand and accept other opinions.

  1. You overthink issues, ideas, and theories. Trying to recall intricate details from a logical viewpoint can lead to an overactive third eye chakra. While this is not always a bad approach to looking at things, it does develop a pattern. In turn, this may cause anxiety and a lack of acceptance of others’ viewpoints.
  2. You become highly attuned to the high vibrational realms, making it more difficult to ground yourself. Spiritual novices who have previously experienced the magnificent connection to the cosmic source of vital energy are most likely affected by this. It’s not a negative thing, but it can be a problem when talking to more grounded people.

Personally, I’ve been through both phases, and it took a long time to get everything back in order. In my experience, the middle way is always the best option, and it all depends on each individual to discover, understand, and employ it in daily life.

How Do You Know That Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

One of the most frequent causes of third eye chakra blockages is a lack of awareness about what exists beyond the physical world. Some people simply refuse to believe there’s anything else, while others are afraid to delve into this topic because it makes them feel excluded.

On the other hand, remaining in a world of fantasy, daydreaming, and inaction is a behavior that can obstruct the third eye chakra.
Paranoia, moodiness, and lack of patience are also signs of an imbalanced third eye chakra.

By studying, meditating, and learning to be at peace, you may gradually integrate knowledge regarding chakras, energy fields, and your Divine potential. As a result of this balance in your mind and you can slowly unblock the third eye chakra.

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Third Eye Chakra Crystals

The crystals that resonate and therefore stimulate the cleansing and activation of the third eye chakra are:

  • Amethyst;
  • Sapphire;
  • Purple fluorite;
  • Amazonite;
  • White quartz;
  • Sodalite;
  • Moldavite;

Use Reiki to activate and cleanse these crystals. Then, hold each of them in your activated hands for 10 minutes or so.

Another option is to put them under lukewarm water from time to time. This will help cleanse their energetic field and stimulate their ability to channel universal energy.

How To Open Your Third Eye Chakra With Crystals

The third eye chakra crystals can aid in the cleaning and healing of the brain by clearing your mind and improving Ajna’s characteristics.

  1. If you’re resting on your back, focus one on the designated crystals in the middle of your forehead and relax. Visualize how the crystal activates the third eye chakra as it stimulates you. Also, picture how your head is cleansed with pure light-indigo-colored energy. Stay in this position for 10 minutes or as long as your intuition guides you;
  2. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and position it over your forehead’s midpoint if you’re sitting or standing. Visualize how the universal energy travels towards the third eye chakra;
  3. You may simply keep these crystals at home, at your job, or even in your pocket. An activated crystal will improve your energy fields and stimulate energy circulation through your chakras, particularly the third eye chakra;

Just remember to cleanse it at least once per week in order to use its full potential.

11 Affirmations To Help Stimulate The Third Eye Chakra

  • I awake my consciousness in an optimum and harmonious way;
  • I align my consciousness with the source of all life;
  • I open myself to my inner guidance and deepest wisdom;
  • My intuition is aligned with my higher self;
  • I release myself from the past and I forgive myself and everyone;
  • I open myself to new energies, people, places, and experiences;
  • I live in the light and I am full of energy and love;
  • I bring to the surface the best of myself!
  • I trust myself!

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