The Healing Properties Of Chakra Stones And How To Pick The Right One

Chakra stones might just be the most efficient elements that can help you reach a higher level of cleansing and activation of your chakras.

In general, crystals are considered the flowers of the mineral kingdom.

Chakra Stones Present Throughout History

Crystals and semi-precious stones are present in human history and mythology since the dawn of civilization. In Egyptian and Greek texts, crystals are believed to harness magical powers.

Native Americans believed that crystals hold healing powers. 

There are stories in the legendary Lemuria and Atlantis, of how powerful and helpful stones and crystals were.

Many cultures around the world believe that crystals and certain stones have the power to help one transcend different stages of consciousness.

It’s a fact that all living things generate electromagnetic energy, energy fields. These consist of particles that resonate in contact with other types of energy or emotions.

Chakra Stones And Science

Kirlian photography has shown that even crystals and certain stones have their own type of energetic field. They were even able to capture the (increased) energy emitted from the human body while holding a simple, white quartz crystal.

Many tests show that certain types of stones and crystals resonate with our vibration. They are able to increase the energy levels in our body, down to the cellular level.

But this idea is not exactly new.

In fact, healing therapies with stones and crystals have been around for hundreds of years.

One of the most interesting things is how they influence our energy centers (chakras). These are energy centers through which certain forms of energy manifest at a physical, emotional and energetic level. Each chakra governs a specific area of the body and a certain type of energy. 

The more we take care of ourselves at the physical, emotional and energetic level, the more our chakras will be in balance. 

By cleansing and activating these energy centers, we’ll be experiencing freedom. This manifests through increased awareness as well as a smooth spiritual evolution.

What’s The Difference Between Chakra Stones And Crystals

From A Physical Point Of View

After debating this question quite a lot I’ve decided to do some research on this subject.

Even though I’m not a geologist, I was still able to understand the basic and essential information.


A crystal is a combination of minerals in a solid form. Some crystals are the result of the fusion of minerals. Others form under massive pressure while being exposed to heat within the earth’s crust. 

There are other crystals that develop when the lava from the Earth’s crust reaches the surface, melting the rock and then cooling it down.

So, some crystals start as liquids and then become solid.

Basically, they are composed of atoms, ions, and molecules that are distributed to create a solid form.

For example, the quartz crystal is mainly formed out of silica, one of the most common materials on Earth.


But, stones are always hard and solid. They are natural materials, formed out of non-metallic, mineral matter. 

Even if they both come from the same source (the Earth), stones and crystals are different from a chemical perspective. 

At The Energetic Level

This is a delicate subject.

From an energetic perspective, some types of crystals have the power to amplify energies.

The amethyst, for example, is often used in Reiki therapy and it greatly intensifies the power of the therapy.

Other crystals or stones can be used to focus the energy on certain situations.

Bottom line, they can actively take part in the healing process.

You can also use crystal obelisks that can channel energy for very deep healing. 

Generally speaking, stones have a more passive function than crystals. 

They absorb negative energies, transform them, and/or heal the damaged part of your body in a more static manner.

Again, this is just a broad overview.

Of course, there are certain stones that can be used for more direct healing. Likewise, there are crystals that can sit on a piece of furniture and simply absorb residual energies.

So there are many types of crystals and stones that can have different useful attributes. Usually, each of them is used for particular situations.

Interestingly enough, you can learn how to inform the stones or crystals to attract or channel the energy towards the desired goal.

I guess there isn’t something that makes them completely different at the energetic level.

Some crystals share similar attributes with stones while others do not.

How To Cleanse Your Chakra Stones

Before anything, you need to understand that crystals and gemstones have energy and life within them.

Their molecular structure creates vibrations and energy fields around them. They are little, living spirits within the shape of a stone.

They are not inert but they can become so by not carrying for them. This can also happen if you expose them to elements that can affect their energy structure.

Best Practices

When you have a new crystal, geode, stone or gemstone you should treat it as a living entity and not as a simple object. 

You can start by placing it under flowing water for a minute or two. 

Avoid hot water as it may damage the structure of your crystal or stone.

After making sure it is completely dry, you may place it on coarse salt for 24 hours. The salt will absorb any negative or residual energy.

During the day, it’s recommended to leave it at least once under the sunlight. At night, place it under the energy of the moon (ideally a full moon).

This will balance out its Yin and Yang energies. Additionally, it will activate its inert energetic polarities.

Another good option is burning incense or sage. You can cleanse your stone or crystal by exposing each facet to the smoke of the burning incense sticks or sage. This will also have a beneficial cleansing effect for the room where the crystal is placed.

Cleansing Chakra Stones And Crystals With Reiki

My favorite option is cleansing the stone/crystal with Reiki.

Draw Reiki symbols and keeping it between your palms for 10 minutes each day. This way you will cleanse, energize and activate the healing properties of your stone.

Compared to other methods, Reiki goes much deeper because it reaches the most inner structures.

Meditating On The Chakra Stones

Place the crystal in front of you and close your eyes.

Visualize a white bright light flowing from above. See it as it passes through all the stone’s layers. This will deeply cleanse and activate it.

When it comes to large and heavy geodes I strongly recommend the last three options because they are easier to apply for complex structures.

These are only a few but important methods of cleansing and activating your crystals and stones.

Of course, there are other options out there. Start here and then enjoy the process of discovering new ways of cleansing.

How To Use Chakra Stones And Where To Place Them On Your Body

There are hundreds of methods out there on how to use crystals and stones to activate your chakras.

Here are 3 simple and efficient ways of doing it:

  1. Place the stone facing the chakra or the area you wish to heal. Keep your hand on the stone and close your eyes. Visualize how that area is being flooded with high vibrational white light. This cleanses and energizes the whole area. After you’re done, visualize the chakra’s color. It will help clean it further while becoming brighter;
  2. While lying down, place the corresponding stones or crystals on or near the chakras. Close your eyes and relax. Visualize how each energy center and field becomes stimulated by the energy and vibration of the stone. Start from the first chakra and all the way up to the last one. Then see the bright, white light entering your crown chakra and slowly filling your body with pure white energy. This has a tremendous cleansing effect;
  3. Sit on a chair with your back straight. Have your desire crystals or stones right in front of you on a table. Take a good look at them and close your eyes. Relax and visualize how you slowly bring the stone’s energy in your body. Then visualize a bright white light engulfing that area and spreading through the rest of your body;

Even the simple presence of cleansed stones and crystals in your house or room can have healing effects. The important thing is to make sure that you take good care of them.

What Are The Seven Chakras And The Stones That Work For Each Of Them

The word itself “chakra” originates from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”. They are vortexes that govern the income and outcome of energies on different levels of the human body. 

The 7 chakras coordinate their own “departments’ even though they are strongly connected.

They may differ from person to person by size, amount of energy they manage, and the strength of the energy fields they generate.

But the most important factor is the way we generally take care of ourselves. I’m not referring only to our health but also the amount of attention and love we give to ourselves.

It’s all about how we take care of our spirit.

These factors together greatly influence the health of our chakras. 

The Structure

Every single human being has a system of 12 primary chakras. 7 chakras are located on the physical body, while the other 5 are outside.

For now, we will stick with the 7 primary chakras on the physical body.

You can read more about chakras here >>

There are many other stones with various spiritual and healing properties.

These are, in my experience, the most efficient of all.

The Chakra Stones For Muladhara

Muladhara or the root chakra is the first chakra, located at the inguinal area.

This energy center has the color red. Its role is to maintain a balanced flow of vital energy.

Muladhara connects to a wide array of physical, emotional and spiritual attributes.

It keeps the healthy function of our locomotor system and endocrine glands. Muladhara also boosts our survival instinct. It helps us stay grounded and balanced from an emotional and physical point of view.

When we have material stability, self-control, and no desire to control others, it means this chakra functions correctly.

The root chakra vibrates in contact with the following stones and crystals:

Red garnet – stimulates sexual energy, sexuality, romance, and self-confidence;

red garnet chakra stone

Red carnelian – influences the circulation of the blood. It activates the flow of prosperity and courage in your life. This stone is also very good for the next chakra – the sacral energy center;

red carnelian

Red jasper – It strengthens internal organs, deepens self-acceptance and activates self-awareness. It’s a stone that also stimulates our mental abilities;

red jasper

Red coral – at the physical level it stimulates the kidneys and tissue regeneration. At the emotional level, the red coral absorbs negativity. In turn, this supports friendship, stimulates passion, optimism, and romantic love. This is also recommended for the heart chakra;

red coral

Rubies – precious gemstone that offer strong protection against vampirism and psychic attacks. It helps build up courage and authority;

The sacral chakra or Svadhishthana is located about 1 inch under the navel. Its color is bright orange.

This chakra plays an important role in keeping our flow of fluids healthy. It helps to balance out the hormones and sexual energy. 

It manages our ability to become more socially open. This chakra is strongly connected to creativity, sensual and sexual expression. 

Sacral Chakra Stones:

Sunstone – this is a special gemstone with strong emotional healing properties. It helps heal repressed feelings and frustrations. It reduces the effects of anxiety and depression;


Tangerine quartz – this special type of quartz brings out the inner child. It helps stimulate passion, creativity, and sexuality while improving self-acceptance;

tangerine quartz

Red amber – this is a sort of rock formation that also helps us balance our emotions. It has the ability to clear the mind and remove negative energies. Amber is also very good for the next chakra, Manipura.

The Chakra Stones For Manipura

Manipura or the solar plexus chakra is the third chakra in the human body. Located at approximately 1.5 -2 inches above the navel, it has the color bright yellow.

It keeps a healthy balance of the digestive system, kidneys, and the vital organs present in this area.

It’s the energy center for protection and managing certain emotions. 

This chakra governs feelings such as courage, strength, and self-confidence. The need for proper organization and order is a sign of a good functioning Manipura.

The following stones and crystals stimulate the solar plexus chakra:

Citrine – this probably is the most well-known crystals for activating the solar plexus chakra. It brings prosperity, clarity of mind while removing depression and anxiety;

citrine chakra stone

Tiger eye – a very powerful stone that brings feelings of optimism and confidence. It has the ability to help heal psychological imbalances and bring clarity of mind;

tiger eye chakra stone

Yellow tourmaline – this stone dissolves negative energies while providing happiness and vitality. It helps you attract the people that best fit your vibration;

Golden topaz – this beautiful stone brings affluence and good health. It helps you relax and promotes self-control. Golden topaz can stimulate honesty and bring the highest beneficial good to your life.

The Chakra Stones For Anahata

Anahata is also known as the heart chakra. Although it does not govern directly the heart as an organ, it does manage the emotions of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

The heart has within another chakra that is strongly connected to Anahata.

It’s located in the center of the chest and has a bright-green color with a pink core.

Anahata coordinates the thymus gland. This is an important part of our body, also called the “youth gland”.

Through the heart chakra, we can manifest our emotions and feelings. This is possible for both people as well as certain situations.

Heart Chakra resonates with the following crystals and stones:

Emerald – a precious gemstone that helps stimulate your intuition, emotional healing, and romance. It’s one of the gemstones that stimulates clairvoyance.

Green jade – this is the stone for protection and longevity. It resonates with the heart chakra and it brings tranquility and wisdom. The Chinese have great respect for this stone because they believe it brings good luck and friendship.

green jade

Green Fluorite – this stone has a detoxifying effect – both physical and energetic. Through its vibration though, it can cleanse and energize the main energy centers. Like many other stones and crystals, it does maintain an emotional balance within us.

green fluorite

Rose quartz – one of the well-known variations from the quartz family. This crystal helps relationships form a strong bond. It brings compassion, caring, love and emotional balance. It resonates strongly with the heart chakra and helps it heal from any residual and negative emotions.

rose quartz chakra stone

The Chakra Stones For Vishuddha

Located in the throat area, near the thyroid gland, the throat or communication chakra, Vishuddha has a bright blue color.

It handles the health of our communication and self-expression both with ourselves and others. It does this by facilitating the expression of our thoughts and emotions.

A healthy throat chakra will always make us feel energized.

Throat Chakra resonates with the following crystals and stones:

Lapis Lazuli – may be the best-known stone out there for stimulating the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli has ancient healing qualities. It helps us speak the truth in honesty and harmony. It increases creativity and its simple presence helps heal the throat chakra.

lapis lazuli chakra stone

Light blue obsidian – It helps cleanse the throat chakra, bringing serenity and peace. Its energy can influence us to become calmer and focused on our inner strength.

light blue obsidian

Sodalite – a stone that stimulates both intuition and rational thinking. It keeps away panic attacks and enhances self-esteem. It encourages the expression of truth through objectivity.


Blue kyanite – it helps open the throat chakra, stimulating self-expression and communication. It helps dissolve any blockages that prevent us from properly communicating. This stone also encourages rational thinking.

The Chakra Stones For Ajna

This is the sixth primary energy center and has the color indigo. Ajna is also named the third eye chakra or the brow chakra due to its location between the eyebrows.

This energy center helps the pituitary gland stay healthy. 

It’s also the center of intuition, wisdom, and knowledge. Our focus and determination have their source here, in this center.

Ajna is strongly connected to the throat chakra and crown chakra. Together they form an incredibly strong system of potential psychic abilities.

Third Eye Chakra is stimulated by the following crystals and stones:

Amethyst – a well-known crystal that helps activate the third eye chakra. It has the ability to channel the universal life force energy and open intuition. It can enhance psychic abilities and remove anxiety, fear, rage or anger. This stone can help us grow our spiritual awareness;

amethyst as a chakra stone

Moldavite – its forest-green aspect makes it one of the most powerful gemstones for spiritual evolution and growth. It helps us raise our consciousness and see the spiritual truth. It brings health on all levels;

Purple fluorite – This crystal helps with psychic communication. It protects us from negative energetic influences. The Purple fluorite can stimulate your immune system and heal emotional scars. It’s known for helping with insomnia;

Blue aventurine – a beautiful gemstone with the ability to calm one’s mind. We know it for its power to cut down stress and help heal anxiety. Blue aventurine can help you have a good night sleep by calming your subconscious mind;

The Chakra Stones For Sahasrara

Sahasrara or the crown chakra is the seventh primary chakra.

Located right on top of the head, Sahasrara is violet with bright white.

The crown chakra is the coordinator of all the other energy centers. 

It represents pure consciousness and is the physical receptor of the universal life force energy.

Divine inspiration, pure wisdom, and enlightenment are part of the abilities that can flow through this energy center.

The following crystals and stones stimulate the Crown Chakra:

White / clear quartz – this crystal resonates with all chakras but has a special connection with the crown chakra. It plays a great role in stimulating Sahasrara because of its ability to amplify beneficial energies. It can enhance psychic abilities and concentration. Quartz can cleanse and balance the energy fields generated by chakras.

clear quartz

Opalite – a beautiful stone that enhances psychic abilities and stimulates spiritual growth. It has the ability to remove energetic blockages. This is a stone of spiritual transition, inner strength, and physical purification.


White jade – this stone has a strong ability to purify the body of negative feelings and energies. It enhances the healing ability of the physical body and stimulates spiritual growth.

My Take On Chakra Stones Jewellery And Short Conclusion

I believe that precious, semi-precious gemstones or crystals are more than simple jewelry that bring good luck. As mentioned before, they are living entities and we should treat them as such.

Having said that, if you at least cleanse and energize them from time to time, it should help their energy grow.

They are treasures of the earth. Beyond their physical beauty, they can also be amazing spiritual activators in your life.

Chakra Stones and Crystals are filled with healing and stimulating energies. This can only benefit and assist you on your spiritual journey.

That is why we should treat them with respect and care.

Open your heart to them and you will attract the stones that are best for your health and growth on all levels.

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I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Are you using stones and crystals for your chakras or are you new to this?

Do you have a favourite stone?

Is there a particular chakra you would like to focus on?


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