Find Inner Balance By Tapping Into The Life Force Energy Wisdom

Life Force Energy describes the fabric of existence that flows and manifests through all dimensions, including our physical ones.

It’s the element that enables both organic and spiritual life to exist.

Through the Life Force Energy, we’re able to perceive our energetic extensions within the subtle planes of existence and the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe.

When it’s flowing freely, we experience health, vitality, and a sense of well-being.

In this article, we’ll try to surface the value of working with the Life Force Energy for a deeper appreciation and connection to the world around us, as well as a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in our lives.

The Various Names And Meanings Different Cultures Have For The Life Force Energy

Throughout history and up to the present day, there have been various names and descriptions for Life Force Energy. These vary depending on the perceptions of different cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs.

The good news is that, at its core, the fundamentals do not change.

  • Christianity – has the Holy Spirit, a direct emanation of God meant to help us connect to divinity and live a spiritual life;
  • In Buddhism and Taoism – we have “Chi,” which is the essence of life within and all around us. They consider Chi the primordial element that allows life to exist and manifest. “Ki” is the Japanese term for Chi;
  • Hinduism – has the notion of “Prana.” This translates as “before existence” and refers to the primordial energy surrounding life. Prana is, like the Life Force Energy, in everything we know and comprehend;
  • In the African culture – the name is Chukwu. It means the omnipresent and omnipotent power of the Creator that keeps life in balance;
  • In the Polynesian culture – we have “Mana.” This takes the role of vital and universal energy in every living creature;
  • Islam – introduces us to the “Divine Light” offered by Allah. This nourishes us, guiding our journey toward a higher spiritual consciousness by understanding divine values;
  • The Jewish esoteric philosophy – talks about the endless light which precedes existence within the highest spiritual dimensions. This comes under the name of “Ain Soph Aur;”

These are just a few of the many spiritual interpretations of Life Force Energy. While it may “hide” under many names, its core ideology stands.

What Is The Life Force Energy

Life Force Energy is the quintessential element that allows life to manifest throughout all dimensions.

Even if we can tap into it through the various spiritual practices we have at hand, its knowledge and potential go beyond our comprehension.

That’s because…

Life Force Energy is the emanation of creation, the source of existence, and the main element that supports life.

It’s like a divine particle in everything we see or touch. It’s present in every cell of our body and all around the Universe.

Still, to make matters more precise, it’s safe to split the Life Force Energy into two main categories:

  • Universal Life Force Energy;
  • Vital Life Force Energy;

Both have the same source but manifest different attributes, teaching us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here, on Earth.

Vital Life Force Energy

Vital Life Force is a concept that refers to the internal energy each living creature benefits from and results from the Kundalini energy.

The more evolved a life form is, the more complex the Kundalini energy becomes at the energetic and spiritual levels.

This happens because, throughout our many lives, we eventually grow into sentient beings. Therefore, our Kundalini energy also evolves, enabling us to clearly define our true purpose.

Within this Kundalini energy, an entire manifestation process of your light and shadow sides occurs, creating what we know as vital energy or the Vital Life Force.

This will further guide you toward different goals, help you overcome obstacles, and support your evolutionary efforts.

But this telluric part serves a high-vibrational purpose as well. – When you become aware of the importance of this energy, you can use it for physical, energetic, and spiritual nourishment.

In other words, you can guide it through your body so that you lift your vibration, transforming your Vital Life Force into pure light. This process leads to spiritual transcendence and allows you to tap into higher levels of consciousness.

It all depends on how we choose to use it.

From my perspective, the role of the Vital Life Force is to help us grow spiritually, whether we choose to use it for manifesting our feminine and masculine sides or lift it up even further through the gates of consciousness.

This is basically the upward current that feeds your daily necessities and nourishes your body on all levels.

Universal Life Force Energy

Universal Life Force Energy is the downward current that springs from the Creator.

Similar to Vital Life Force, it’s an emanation you can use for cleansing and activating your energetic and spiritual structures. The Universal Life Force will surround you with its protective power, ensuring your entire existence is balanced.

If the Vital Life Force’s primary role is to keep you energized and “on track,” the Universal Life Force Energy is strictly for spiritual evolution.

Tapping into its power is a feat only we humans can achieve. Due to your sentient nature and development, we can acknowledge its existence and work toward integrating it within our structures.

Paradoxically it’s easier to become “attuned” to this current than learn how to uplift the Vital Life Force. That’s because there are quite a lot of practices that allow this downward current to manifest in our daily life.

One of them is Reiki.

In fact, in Japanese, Rei means “universal,” and Ki means “energy.”

The Relationship Between Reiki And The Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is probably one of the most efficient and flexible spiritual practices that allow you to tap into the Universal Life Force Energy as well as guide it systematically for your overall well-being.

Compared to other methods, Reiki offers the practitioner a segmented approach. It leaves randomness aside, and you can enjoy its potential at any level. As you progress, you can gradually reach new vibration and consciousness stages.

With each attunement, you have the opportunity to experiment with freshly acquired knowledge. In addition, you’ll get to integrate this energy and information, creating a harmonious bond with the Universal Life Force Energy.

The more you advance, the higher vibrational levels you’ll be able to work with.

While the Usui Reiki system is enough to get you there and can take you a lifetime to learn and master, the quest doesn’t stop here.

You can always choose to experiment with other systems like Karuna Reiki or Shamballa.

Similar types of Reiki also exist, offering more specific and unique approaches. For example, Angelic Reiki will help enhance your connection with archangels, Violet Flame Reiki can stimulate your divine feminine potential, and Shamanic Reiki will align you with nature’s elements.

Tapping Into The Universal Power Through Symbols

Reiki employs symbols to facilitate its practice, each serving as a key that unlocks a manifestation of the Universal Life Force Energy.

A combination of Reiki symbols can play a specific role in opening dimensions, producing healing outcomes, or enhancing the positive results of a situation.

It’s important to note that there isn’t just one designated symbol used in Reiki, but multiple that can connect practitioners to the Universal Life Force Energy at varying levels.

However, a particular sequence of 3 Reiki symbols stands out due to its unique set of features:

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The sole prerequisite for utilizing this sequence of Reiki symbols is a clear intention of what you wish to connect to.

While you must follow no standard procedure, it’s best to activate them in this order due to their energetic role.

This is just a basic combination and the first one you have access to after you receive your attunement for Usui Reiki level 2.

Still, you can always add others to enhance the effect or channel the universal energy for specific purposes.

How To Increase The Flow

As you already know by now, the Life Force Energy is all around, within our structures, and makes up everything we can define and beyond.

With any beneficial spiritual practice, you can tap into its power and increase the Life Force Energy flow through your body.

Still, while there’s nothing wrong with having a holistic but random approach, there are always methods you can deploy for a more intentional outcome.

For example:

  • Reiki helps connect and guide the universal life force energy;
  • Qi Gong helps cultivate internal strength through the rising of the Vital Life Force;
  • Theta Healing amplifies the Universal Life Force Energy flow by connecting to higher levels of consciousness;
  • Tantra is excellent for your Kundalini energy and for stimulating the Vital Life Force;
  • Meditations can help you benefit from both currents, depending on your specific approach;
  • Fasting is a spiritual concept that can certainly boost the Universal Life Force Energy flow due to the reduced amount of food your body will process. Apart from its physical benefits, fasting has the potential to purify your entire energetic system, bringing you closer to your spiritual side. Accompanied by other types of energy healing, prayer, or positive affirmations, fasting can be a very efficient and enjoyable experience. – just make sure your doctor approves, and never force your body in any manner.

What To Expect

That said, know that a more substantial flow of Life Force Energy will set things in motion.

Specifically, expect a certain detachment from people and situations. In addition, you’ll need time to get used to the higher vibration, so make sure you embrace these changes and focus on all the positive influences without disturbing your balance.

That’s why it’s best to do things mindfully and progress gradually.

Everything will feel natural if you don’t throw yourself at it. This way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your spiritual experience while learning how to cope with the changes.

Furthermore, this new perspective can make you more prone to accepting the world around you as it is.

The whole idea is to find healing and balance while repelling harmful situations. By no means should you isolate yourself from your environment. That’s why it’s best to take things slow, pause, reflect, and repeat.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With The Life Force Energy

Learning how to connect, channel, and guide the Universal Life Force Energy can bring many benefits to your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. That’s because these layers, alongside the entire physical body, depend on a smooth and uninterrupted flow.

Once you begin nurturing your relationship with Life Force Energy, you can expect better physical health, greater awareness, and gradual spiritual growth.

One of the most important outcomes is healing your soul. This will impact your entire structure, connection with the Universe, and links to past lives, relationships, or places close to your heart. Obviously, these outcomes imply more work and experience, but they are still possible through your Life Force Energy work.

Mentally – you’ll stimulate your cognitive functions, increase your awareness, and better integrate with yourself and the outside world. You’ll find it easier to make choices and feel more confident in overcoming obstacles.

Emotionally– tapping into the vast potential of Life Force Energy will help remove most of the harmful elements that prevent you from evolving or manifesting your true self. This will also create a protective layer, making you more resilient to future influences. It’s how you’ll lower your anxiety levels, diminish that bugging sense of fear, and clear most low-vibrational emotions you were unaware of.

Spiritually – the previously mentioned obstacles will clear your mind and free you up to think beyond your physical existence. This will enable you to develop a unique and personal relationship with the Universal Life Force Energy. It will set you for a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth.

Pursuing The Life Force Energy Awakening Process

There’s so much you can do as a physical being. Whether it’s about solving daily issues or manifesting a specific goal, we’re limited by our earthly knowledge.

That’s why we can say that our entire purpose is to tap into the Life Force Energy for spiritual awakening.

It might sound simplistic or even out of reach.

Still, if you think about it, finding solutions, making important decisions, or choosing a particular direction in life are things that don’t result from statistics.

There’s always something more than what we are able to understand that guides us toward the best outcome.

Of course, we can only connect the dots looking backward. That’s why you may disapprove of a particular situation or be happy with an outcome that may prove detrimental in the long run.

Without a healthy, disciplined, and gradual spiritual awakening, we are destined to be trapped in the karmic cycle and the obstacles presented to us through daily social interactions.

However, the awakening process through the Life Force Energy does not require isolating oneself from the world or becoming a monk. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your home and throughout your routine.

It implies growing aware of yourself as a spiritual being and understanding your role in this life. It also entails accessing higher levels of consciousness and promoting understanding towards all living creatures, as each plays an essential part in this dimension.

With this freshly acquired knowledge, you can now be at peace with yourself and change your vibration. This will attract people, situations, and events that are in accordance with your vibration level.

This phenomenon is called resonance.

What To Prepare For

Therefore, the Life Force Energy awakening process is based on three elements:

  • Working with your spiritual side to develop a higher level of understanding;
  • Growing the relationship with your inner self and its connection with the world;
  • Paying attention to the pieces of information that come to the surface and use them to nurture your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies;

For some, this may take less than a year.

For others, significantly more.

Regardless of how this happens for you, the Life Force Energy awakening process should remain a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth.

That’s because we all have the opportunity to evolve in this life. Still, each will certainly do so in their own rhythm and to a different level.

It’s important to know that changes will occur.

Some may disapprove of the “new you,” and your behavior might even compromise the relationship.

Avoid going to extremes.

While this can mean that those people were simply passengers in your life and you’re better off without them, also remember that this is an evolutionary process that doesn’t make you superior in any way.

Stay humble, try to understand, learn and strive for the best version of yourself without affecting those you interact with.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

One Final Word

If there were a fifth element that exists beyond the four primordial ones known as Earth, fire, wind, and water, then it’s Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy comprises two main currents:

  • The upward current, which involves increasing the internally generated life forc;
  • The downward current, which consists in channeling the Universal Life Force Energy from the source;

To become a complete practitioner, ideally, you should learn and work with both.

The Universal Life Force Energy flow is endless. You may always use it for healing, energizing, activating, and modifying internal structures for your benefit.

It’s how you call upon the Divine Force to improve your physical body. Yet, it’s the perfect path to enlightment, abundance, and spiritual growth.

We will never know what’s best for us.

That’s why staying humble, asking for everything to happen for your greater good, constantly learning, and being grateful for what you receive is the “quickest” path to riches.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is the co-founder of ReikiScoop, a spiritual brand that supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources. He is a dedicated Reiki enthusiast and spiritual seeker who has reached the master-teacher level in Usui Reiki, Karuna, and Shamballa MDH.

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  1. Aloha from my little world here in Hawaii….I received my 1st & 2nd level Usui reiki about 10 years ago but never took it seriously.Now trying to put it into play & understanding what I was taught way back is to wake up, remember & maintain..
    This journey will definitely be a slow one for me but I believe it’s time..I so want to put the missing pcs together again & make it apart of my life.. with you by my side..thankyou

    • Hi Kristy and thank you for sharing your story.

      Indeed, that’s what I’ve been trying to put on paper in the last few years – explaining the potential and essence of Reiki through a different perspective so that students/practitioners/teachers can benefit from this information.

      Each person has their own journey – some take it slow, and others prefer a faster-paced evolution. I think the best way is to allow the energy to flow and become aware of the process of healing and changing the energetic structures. That’s when you will find the optimum rhythm for you and for your greater good.


  2. Vlad, I find your articles so profound, encouraging, educational and inspiring. As I read them, I can resonate with all that is being said and shared. I can also feel your goodness and selflessness through your articles. I have long accepted you as my 3rd reiki teacher; if I may; the first being Master Usui for choosing me ,2nd my own physical teacher Andrew and 3rd you my dear Vlad.
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    • Hi there Inthira. Your words mean so much and I am truly grateful that you find the offered information useful to you!

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