Earth Star Chakra – Become More Grounded And Gain Self Confidence

The Earth Star Chakra can be found approximately 10-12 inches below your feet, having the lowes position of all the transpersonal chakras.

Many practitioners confuse this with Muladhara – the root chakra. The two are quite different but they do serve a similar purpose – they help you become more grounded, find abundance and health at all levels.

Some texts suggest that the Sanskrit name of the Earth Star chakra is Vasundhara, which translates as “The Daughter of the Earth”.

Also called the “super root”, the Earth Star chakra is the grounding energy center that belongs to the etheric body. It represents our “anchor” for both the physical and the spiritual world.

Together with the 12 chakra system, it forms a complete energetic structure that starts from the ground up and all the way to the highest cosmic gateway energy center.

It aligns harmoniously our energetic body with the energies from the core of our planet, grounding and nourishing us.

Just as the roots of each tree are connected with the ground and thus interconnected to the energy and information of other trees, we are also connected through our Earth Star chakras to the collective consciousness of all humanity.

This proves that we are all one and in the end, we should all serve a common spiritual purpose.

Where Is The Earth Star Chakra Located

Although some Practioner claim that this chakra is about 6 inches below the feet, other texts indicate that it may well be within the range of 10-18 inches below the feet. 

Like the Soul Star chakra, I believe it depends entirely on the person and on the activation level of the energy center.

I feel and visualize mine at 6-7 inches below my feet.

What Does The Earth Star Chakra Do

The Earth Star chakra is the energy center that connects us to Mother Earth.

It represents the deep connection with all the telluric energies, a grounding point for your life as well as the etheric body.

The Earth Star chakra presumably has the power to connect you to past lives. However, you should always perform such practices under the supervision of a qualified therapist.

Whenever you practice meditation, channeling or regression, this (together with Muladhara) is the energy center that keeps you connected to Earth’s vital force.

The more you activate and use the superior chakras, the more you have to pay attention to the lower chakras as well. It’s important to always keep things in balance.

How To Activate The Earth Star Chakra

The best and most efficient way to stimulate and open the Earth Star chakra is to spend time in nature. Anything from walking or meditating in a park, going for a hike or enjoying some quiet time at the beach would work.

Don’t forget that as much as we wish to meditate or practice any form of spirituality, we live in a physical realm. We live on Planet Earth.

Therefore we can use this to our advantage and ground ourselves as much as we can anytime we get the chance.

One Powerful And Specific Meditation For Grounding

I find this one to be very useful:

It not only focused on grounding but also on activating both the Soul Star and the Earth Star Chakras. This meditation uses Mahatma energy to cleanse the whole pillar of chakras, activate and align them.

As color visualization goes, again, it can be different for each one of us. Some practitioners see it as black and/or brown, while others see it as magenta, blue, or red with black.

There is quite a large spectrum of colors that depends entirely on each one’s level of activation.


From the 2nd Reiki level onward this energy center becomes more activated and in balance with the Soul Star chakra.

As for the Muladhara chakra, you may visualize the Earth Star chakra and send energy to it for about 10 minutes or so.

There is also the Earth Star chakra frequency of 68.05Hz. By playing music on this frequency you can stimulate its growth and activation.

Crystals And Stones For The Earth Star Chakra

Black Kyanite, Obsidian, Black Onyx, Lithium Quartz, Red Jasper, Rutilated Quartz or even Aquamarine.

Remember to keep the stones on salt for 24 hours before using them. This will ensure a thorough cleanse. You can also use Reiki symbols for crystal cleansing.

With Aromatherapy, I would recommend extract oils from Galbanum, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, and Vetiver. You may use any of these oils by simply releasing the fragrance, or rubbing a few drops on your soles.

Benefits Of Activating The Earth Star Chakra

One of the main reasons you would consider this is to manifest a more abundant and balanced life at all levels.

The Earth Star chakra facilitates spiritual healers and therapists to remove the residual energies accumulated from others.

Having this energy center activated will create a healthy and stable connection from the etheric body to the physical one. In turn, this will allow the true-self of the person to harmoniously manifest in everyday life.

If you keep a healthy Earth Star chakra, with time, you’ll notice that your ability to see “the bigger picture” will increase. This should help you feel more grounded and secure.

A strong sign of an activated Earth Star chakra is a deep connection to your inner potential and power. Once you have this, you will start feeling a spiritual connection with the whole planet and the universe.

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Earth Star Chakra Affirmations

  • I am present!
  • I am grounded on all levels!
  • I am one with the Earth!
  • I feel the connection with the Earth and with all people!
  • My past is healed and my present is healthy!
  • I am opened and grounded!
  • I love myself and all the planet!
  • I am here!

Grounding Meditation

This is an efficient way to ground you whenever you feel “lost in space” or after a deep meditation that felt like transporting you to another world.

You may do this in the morning as well, especially recommended if you are having a dynamic lifestyle and need to be focused more on the physical plane.

  • While you are sitting in a chair with your back straight (this can be after another meditation or just starting this new one for grounding), close your eyes and place your palms on your lap, facing upwards.
  • Relax
  • Visualize roots (such as tree roots) coming from your hips and they slowly go down towards your thighs, they engulf your knees, calves, all the way to your feel and soles.
  • Now the roots extend as much as the center of the Earth, connecting you to the vital, life energy and grounding you strong.
  • Stay like this a few minutes and feel the connection you have with Mother Earth and also try to be aware of your connection with the Universal Source of Life Force energy. You will realize you are in the center of all this, fulfilling your mission!

Tip: Try this in a quiet place in a park, sitting in the lotus position, barefooted. (if you don’t happen to have a portable chair with you).

Let me know how it feels!


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