Discover Halu Symbol From Karuna Reiki And Its Psychic Protection Ability

Halu is the second symbol you learn at the 1st level of Karuna Reiki.

This symbol completes Zonar making them stronger together.

Halu symbol represents protection and healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

It is extremely useful in safeguarding against psychic and energetic manipulations. It helps reconstruct the energy fields of living organisms.

Halu has a very strong connection with Archangel Raphael.

Halu Symbol In Connection With Physical and Psychic Protection

This enhanced Zonar symbol has a pyramidal structure that enables it to protect against all types of negative influences.

While physical aggression is visible and more predictable, psychic aggression can be very subtle.

It can manifest through emotional exploitation, manipulation, and even the well known “evil eye”.

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If you find yourself in a situation like this the best thing to do is draw or visualize Halu on all your superior chakras. (Crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakra)

This will immediately create a field of protection around them and remove any mental or energetic disruption.

When it comes to physical aggression, you can use Halu + Cho Ku Rei sequence of symbols. You draw it between you and the aggressor, whether that’s a person or an animal.

There isn’t a rule for timing. You may very well be in the middle of a conflict when you feel the need to add a protective energy field.

Halu Symbol And Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is also known as the Angel of light and joy, of providence, of prayer and healing. He is the patron of all medics, nurses, holistic healers, and therapists.

His energies can be used efficiently through the Halu symbol. 

Remember that first you need to become aware of what needs healing.

In order to evolve, you first have to want to be healed.

By being aware of the connection between Halu and the healing presence of Raphael, you enhance the symbol’s use. This works in self-treatment, meditations or treatment of others.

An Exercise For Cleansing And Protecting Against Psychic Aggression

This is very useful when you:

  • know that you are about to go into a crowded place;
  • easily absorb the residual energies around you and don’t know any other form of protection;
  • want to protect yourself in advance from psychic aggressions;
  • are looking to balance your energetic fields;

This exercise triggers the potential of Halu to align the mind with the soul and spirit.

  1. Place your tongue on your palate (roof of the mouth). The tip of your tongue should be behind your upper incisors;
  2. Keep your pubococcygeus muscle contracted;
  3. Visualize Halu in the center of your head;
  4. Call upon Archangel Raphael to offer his help and protection;
  5. Visualize/activate Halu on all your primary chakras;
  6. Feel how the energy of Halu fills your whole body, energizing and protecting it. You can now relax your pubococcygeus muscle;

Thank Archangel Raphael and your spirit guides for their help.

Halu And Self-Awareness

Most of our personality and character is a result of past events and experiences. 

Even if it’s a good and strong personality it doesn’t mean we cannot improve or change for the better. 

We all have our “dark areas” that need attention.

We tend to bury deep the unwanted energy that comes with our past, unresolved traumas, and issues. By doing so, we believe they will somehow disappear or heal in time. 

The real fact is that the more we leave them “unattended” the deeper they will succumb to our subconscious.

Eventually, over time, they can have an unwanted impact on our life. 

They might manifest through various forms of frustration or sadness.

This leads us to have a hard time accepting and understanding our own mistakes. Eventually, we end up pointing fingers instead of taking responsibility.

Meditating with Halu symbol will help you become self-aware of unresolved past issues. Understanding your mistakes without blaming others is the first step to self-healing.

Have the clear intention of healing your past events while using the following sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Zonar + Halu.

Doing so will call upon the healing energies of Archangel Gabriel and Raphael.

They will come to assist you in the healing process. 

The two Archangels will help you detach from those issues at an emotional and mental level.

Halu Will Help You Accept Yourself For Who You Are

The energy of Archangel Raphael can help heal your inner-self and guide you to accepting the way you are.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop improving yourself. 

On the contrary.

You should start this process from within.

Use Halu and Raphael only for support, to enhance the effect and receive guidance when needed.

The process should become easier, but it’s on you to do the work.

By seeing the reality you’ll be able to better understand what requires healing and what needs the stay the way it is.

At a spiritual level change means improvement and evolution. 

Halu And Energetic Cleansing

Here are 3 energetical cleansing methods where you can use Halu Reiki symbol.

For The Energy Fields

Draw Halu on all seven main chakras as well as the secondary chakras.

This will amplify the energy level of your fields and create a protective aura that will keep away negative influences.

Cleansing A Room

Use Halu on each wall, ceiling, floor, center and in the corners of the room.

This practice will dissolve residual energies and bring the vibration of Karuna Reiki into that room.

Activating Halu Symbol On Candles

Place the candles in the corners of the room and apply Halu on each of them. This will create a strong protective energy field.

Halu Karuna Reiki Symbol And Global Protection

As extreme as it may sound, certain Reiki symbols have the potential to positively influence humanity and guide it to a higher state of mind.

However, this cannot be done by a single person.

Many times at Reiki seminars my colleagues and I would send energy for 10 minutes to the whole planet for healing and protection. During this process, we include Halu and Kriya symbols.

Both of them play a crucial role in aiding humanity and the whole planet guiding it to a brighter future. Considering the times we live in, we need all the help we can get.

Kirya helps raise consciousness while Halu helps heal and protect the mind, body, and spirit.

Together, they bring the necessary energy for those who resonate with the change. This should guide them to act in their best interest and make the right decisions.

The more people involved, the stronger the flow of energy.

To do this use: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo + Halu and Kriya. 

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Always remember that together we can change things. Even in Reiki the power increases if there are more people involved.

Halu helps us connect to Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. 

Asking him for guidance and help will amplify the beneficial effects.

I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

I like using Halu on my chakras and when cleansing a room.

Are you using Halu or thinking about it?

Is there anything else you know about Halu that I didn’t mention in this article?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I was getting confused with the difference between halu and Harth and while journaling I realized the complete zonar in halu indicates finality and thus isn’t for future healing specifically, but rather past and current energy. The Zonar version here is great for distance, time/space that reaches the top of the cone shape for communication with source or the reiki energy. (However One interprets it). The shape and path of the symbol reminds me of a crystal energy extractor tool that self cleanses but also recycles/reintegrates the energy interacted with. Very helpful article, thank you

  2. Hi
    I am Tejasa Arolkar Reiki Teacher from India,
    I have gone through your article. it’s very informative.

    I am Usui Reiki practitioner, and rarely use karuna reiki symbols for healing, as u mentioned in the last part about the combination of symbols, I used it frequently but it’s always intuitive.

    Divine energy always guide us during healing we need to flow our intuition….. and it’s very true


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