Archangel Gabriel: The Bringer Of Spiritual Gifts And Knowledge

Archangel Gabriel is one of the most prominent divine beings and the chieftain of many angelic hierarchies.

He provides humanity with spiritual gifts, prosperity, and knowledge to support its evolution.

He’s the divine messenger of good news and the patron of those who wish to spread the truth through the spoken and written word.

Archangel Gabriel is a fascinating divine entity who can offer both healing and protection. Throughout this article, we’ll comment on its presence in religious texts and try to understand its influence on our spiritual evolution.

Who Is Archangel Gabriel And What Is He Known For

Archangel Gabriel sits among the 12 archangels who govern the dimensions (sephira) of the Sephirotic Tree, or Tree of Life.

Archangel Gabriel

Even if part of the Archangelic order, Gabriel is somehow positioned at a lower level within the Christian celestial hierarchy. Yet, it’s one of incredible power and influence.

  • Gabriel, like most archangels, is more in tune with humanity’s desires. It delivers divine messages through which those who are ready to listen have the opportunity to improve their lives. As you develop this relationship, you gradually receive access to the universal light, knowledge, and secrets;
  • Alongside the rest of the 12 Archangels, Gabriel is the one that prays to divinity for your physical and spiritual evolution;
  • Archangel Gabriel is also known as the “Divine Governor of Paradise.” This implies acting as the patron of Heaven’s splendorous light and love. On the other hand, it gave the order for the cities of Sodoma and Gomora to fall into ruin. While this makes Archangel Gabriel a benevolent entity, it’s also one you should never underestimate;
  • Furthermore, Gabriel is known for offering the blessing of conceiving, or the “benefactor” that welcomes a child into our realm;

How To Interpret Its Name

The word “Archangel” derives from Greek, meaning “divine messenger.”

The name “Gabriel” derives from Hebrew and translates as “Man of God” or “Glory of God.”

In Islam, it identifies as Angell Jibril – the Angel of Revelation.

Archangel Gabriel In The Bible

Although Gabriel is not precisely described as an “Archangel” in the Bible, he does interpret the role of a divine messenger under an angelic form.

Its first appearance in the Old Testament is when Gabriel faces Daniel, a Jewish man loyal to God and in service to the Babylonian King.

Daniel was gifted with perceiving future events and developed a special relationship with Archangel Gabriel, who gave him this ability.

Before devoting himself to the Babylonian King, Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den. A luminous figure tells him not to fear as he’s being protected from the beast.

The second time Archangel Gabriel appears in the New Testament is in the Book of Luke.

As Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was in the temple to burn incense before God, an angel appeared before him on the altar. This was none other than Gabriel, who gave Zachariah the news that his wife, Elizabeth, would give birth to a baby boy.

Even if the news was unexpected, because both Zechariah and Elizabeth were old, Gabriel ensured them that the pregnancy would go smoothly. Also, their son’s name will be John.

Gabriel further informed them that John would be the predecessor of Lord Jesus and that both would bring many people back to the grace of God.

Later on, John baptized Jesus in the name of God. Therefore, he added to the completion of the prophecy of the Messiah.

The third time Archangel Gabriel appears in the Bible is in the New Testament’s Book of Luke.

This is probably the most iconic moment that we know of:

What Did Archangel Gabriel Say To Mary

“You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the Highest. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever. His kingdom will never end!”

Gabriel tells Mary she will conceive through the Holy Spirit while still a virgin.

After this, Gabriel departs to its heavenly realm, this being the last mention in the Bible.

Yet, from here on, other encounters presumably existed without solid support.

Notable Allegedly Encounters With Archangel Gabriel

It seems that Gabriel was the divine messenger that supported Jesus in the Ghetsimani garden and offered him strength for what was about to happen.

Also, Gabriel was the young man that sat beside the tomb of Jesus and appeared to the myrrh-bearing women telling them that Jesus had been resurrected.

Archangel Gabriel supposedly revealed to Saints Joachim and Anne that they would give birth to Mary.

Archangel Gabriel In Hebrew Texts

Jewish writings – consider Archangel Gabriel the guardian angel of Israel, defending its people from other types of entities or angels. Some scholars describe him as an intimidating heavenly figure, while others a balance between feminine and masculine features.

The first Book of Enoch – sees Gabriel as “one of the holy angels who are over Paradise, the serpents, and the Cherubim.” On the other hand, Archangel Michael is the commander of the heavenly hosts.

In Talmudic literature – Gabriel is Michael’s companion, and both are responsible for the safety of the Jewish people.

In Bereshit Rabba – Gabriel is revealed as the destroyer of Sodom and Gomorrah. At the same time, in the Babylonian Talmud, he is the destroyer of the Assyrian camp and their king, Sennacherib.

In Kaballah – Archangel Gabriel governs the Yesod Sephirot, which, alongside the Malkut Sephirot, represents the foundation of the universe. From Yesod, Gabriel facilitates the connection with God through divine messages.

Archangel Gabriel is also believed to be the one who channeled the information through Moses to write the book of Genesis.

Archangel Gabriel In Islam

As mentioned before, in the Islamic religion, Archangel Gabriel identifies as Angel Gibril or Jibril.

Allah sent Gabriel to support the prophets in their preaching, Muhammad being one of them. In fact, Muhammad supposedly wrote the first verses of the Quran’s 96th chapter after Gabriel spoke to him.

When Muhammad was asked which divine entity was providing him with the information, he mentioned Gabriel.

There are several mentions of Gabriel and Michael in the Quran as one of the most powerful manifestations of God.

NOTE: In Islam, Gabriel is considered an angel rather than an Archangel. It’s the Angel of Revelation, depicted in a divine splendor.

What Is Archangel Gabriel Holding

There are many depictions of angels and archangels.

Some of them are symbolic, while others are more straightforward. Each of their portrayals reveals an extension of the original entity. This depiction follows each person’s needs, vibration, and level of understanding at that specific moment.

Gabriel usually carries a flower, scepter, spear, or even a trumpet in one hand.

Archangel Gabriel Holding A Flower (Lily)

This version describes Archangel Gabriel holding a lily in its left hand and the divine light in the other. Usually, this depiction has more feminine features.

Yet, it’s still a symbolic representation of purity, nobleness, and the offering of spiritual gifts.

It is said that this was the form Gabriel adopted when it came before Virgin Mary to deliver the news about her pregnancy.

NOTE: Lillies symbolize leadership in many noble houses throughout history.

Archangel Gabriel Holding A Trumpet

The ringing of trumpets by archangels has an apocalyptical connotation.

Gabriel is the first one that starts this trumpet ringing cycle which symbolizes the beginning of Judgement Day.

According to the Bible, this is when the dead shall rise from their graves, and the second arrival of Jesus shall occur.

It is also a call to repentance and the moment when Heaven’s open for those who are worthy to enter.

Archangel Gabriel Holding A Spear And Mirror

An often encountered depiction of Archangel Gabriel is him holding a spear in his right arm and a jasper mirror in his left.

The spear is a symbol of protection and physical intervention if required. In this depiction, Gabriel acts as a guardian rather than a messenger.

The mirror is a symbol of wisdom and of the divine hidden secrets. The letter “X” on the jasper’s mirror is the first letter of the word Christ in the Greek language. This is a symbolic reference to Gabriel as the herald of divine news regarding the arrival of the Messiah.

Sometimes, this spear is replaced with a scepter or a lighted candle representing the path toward the divine light or the way to God.

The Relationship Between Archangels Gabriel, Michael, And Raphael

These 3 archangels are the most well-known celestial beings, and each supervises an infinite number of angels and archangels.

They all hold a unique role in Heaven and helping humanity evolve spiritually.

Archangel Gabriel – is the manifestation of divine messages and spiritual gifts. It helps you heal the imbalances that may prevent you from manifesting abundance at all levels.

Archangel Michael – is the prominent leader of the heavenly armies of angels and archangels. He is also the one that offers energetic protection and awareness to help dissolve your subconscious blockages. Michael is the archangel who’s probably the most “responsive” to prayers.

Archangel Raphael – is the one that offers healing in both the conscious and physical planes as well as at the subconscious and spiritual levels. Archangel Raphael‘s unique manifestation of the divine energy brings forward the wisdom you need to heal from within.

Even so, all of them are capable of governing celestial armies and are more than able to engage in keeping the peace and balance between the forces of light and dark.

Each time you pray to them, you’ll reach only an extension of their whole being that acts in accordance with three main elements:

  • Your current vibration – that will help you perceive their presence in an optimum way;
  • Your current level of spiritual understanding – to clearly perceive their messages;
  • Your current needs – their extension will aid each person’s specific needs without derailment;

Why Do We Access Extensions Instead Of The Actual Entity

This is an excellent question and one that many never ask. That’s usually because practitioners are unaware of this phenomenon.

If you were to compare our human scale with theirs, the result would be beyond our comprehension. These 3 archangels have existed since the dawn of creation. Therefore, they are present in many dimensions, not just ours.

In short, if you were exposed to the original identity of archangels, you would evaporate due to their sheer amount of energy and vibration.

It’s like getting too close to the Sun…

One of my students once told me that this might be slightly exaggerated. Let me answer it with an example:

When Moses arrived in Heaven to receive the information that would later become the Torah, the angel that guided him through this process and Heaven was Hadraniel.

At the time, there were units of measurement different from what we have today. Yet, if we were to transform those units, then Hadraniel would reach approximately 2.1 million miles (3.4 million kilometers) in length. Each word that Hadraniel spoke released 12000 flashes of lightning.

Even though this may have just been a vision of Moses, the main idea still stands.

Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael are more than willing to support and guide us toward spiritual healing and growth.

Until we are worthy of meeting them “in person,” they offer their angelic extensions. This will give us the necessary lessons to optimally proceed in our life’s spiritual journey.

What Is Archangel Gabriel’s Mission

Archangel Gabriel has a multitude of assignments in multiple dimensions and planes of existence.

Having said that, he has a particular goal for us and our planet:

Archangel Gabriel’s mission is to help each person who desires to heal their past, present, and future emotional and spiritual imbalances to manifest abundance at all levels.

This can translate as:

  • Learning the spiritual practices that are necessary to achieve healing;
  • Becoming aware of the existence of the specific issues that prevent your evolution;
  • Understanding why these imbalances exist and how to fix them. These can be part of your past or present lives;
  • Bringing light to these elements to remove the negative energies, programs, and entities attached to them;
  • Gaining the necessary awareness to understand how the process flows and heal each aspect of your life;
  • Abundance will then manifest naturally once you start balancing these past issues;
  • The process will also help raise your consciousness and unite your higher self with the source of universal life force energy;

Eventually, everything will result in spiritual growth.

Archangel Gabriel will help you find answers for all the above in your own optimum rhythm and according to your current vibration level and spiritual knowledge.

How To Connect With Archangel Gabriel

Each religion has its own prayers that will help you reach Archangel Gabriel. If that’s not your thing, you can always meditate on its presence and enhance the process with candles and incense.

Still, considering this is a Reiki-focused website, let’s see how we can use this energy-healing practice to connect with Archangel Gabriel.

For Usui Reiki:

  • Activate your palms with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (add Dai Ko Myo for level 3);
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki on your primary chakras to cleanse and stimulate them and raise your overall vibration;
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo in front of you. Have a clear intention of connecting to Archangel Gabriel;
  • Send energy toward this divine being, focusing on your intention. Gradually ask for support and guidance in achieving your goals in the best way for you;

Repeat these steps as often as possible until things clear out in your life. Then, each time you end the Usui Reiki session, offer Archangel Gabriel your gratitude and love.

For Karuna Reiki:

Things get a lot easier with Karuna Reiki because you now have access to Zonar, which is a specific symbol that helps practitioners connect to Archangel Gabriel.

  • Activate your palms with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo + Zonar;
  • Use the same sequence in front of you to activate the interdimensional gateway;
  • Visualize the spiritual connection with Gabriel and how you begin receiving all the necessary pieces of information to balance your energetic body;

Through Meditation

  • Find a quiet moment free of distractions when you can be with yourself;
  • Play some relaxing, high-vibrational music. Consider lighting a candle and some incense;
  • Sit in a chair with your back straight while your feet are touching the ground;
  • Place your palms on your lap facing upward;
  • Close your eyes, relax, and transition into a meditative state. Use the Alpha State method or any other breathing technique you like;
  • Visualize a door of any shape or color in front of you;
  • Activate Zonar on this door and channel energy in this direction. Visualize as both the door and symbol start to glow with the divine light;
  • The door will slowly open, allowing you to enter a room;
  • This is where you’ll meet Archangel Garbiel’s extension. You may very well encounter a personal angel or Reiki spirit guide that is in connection to Gabriel;
  • Offer your gratitude for sharing the same space and ask what you can improve to heal yourself and serve others while being aligned with your spiritual mission;
  • Ask what is expected from you and which aspect of your life requires more attention;
  • Then, offer a hug, love, and compassion that is appropriate for that moment;
  • Before returning through the door, say ‘Thank you!’ for the time spent with this unique divine being and the assistance it offered;
  • Visualize as you slowly come back into your body and open your eyes. Stay like this for a few moments to connect with your physical state and avoid dizziness or confusion;
reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

One Last Word

Archangels are here to help all beings in the universe, including us. They will offer their support and guidance each time we pray to them.

While all 12 major archangels have unique characteristics, they lead us toward spiritual evolution. The only thing that can make a difference is our desire to grow and become aware of their presence and influence.

Archangel Gabriel is the divine entity that provides inner healing, protection, and spiritual gifts. Even if some may not seem helpful or related to your needs, they will prove so in the future.

Only when we look back can we connect the dots. The benefit of working with higher entities of light is that they can see in perspective, whereas we cannot.

Once you start communicating with archangels through the fabric of the universal life force energy, answers will reveal to you, and your spiritual path will become much smoother.


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