Dai Ko Myo: Reach Your Spiritual Potential And Higher Awareness Levels

Dai Ko Myo is the Reiki master symbol that belongs to Usui Reiki level 3. This is the Master Level, also known as “Mystery Teachings Level,” where you start focusing on the spiritual aspects of Reiki. 

Dai Ko Myo represents the final threshold before you can integrate the spiritual principles of Reiki into the physical realm. It acts as a sacred element that encourages emotional health, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment.

In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into Dai Ko Myo’s uses, meaning, and much more.

How to draw Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol

Dai Ko Myo And Its Meaning

Dai Ko Myo represents an existing level of enlightenment (illumination) that prevails in the spiritual world and needs to manifest into the physical one.

The general translation from Japanese is: “Great Shining Light” or “Treasure House of Beaming Light.”

Compared to other Usui Reiki level 2 symbols, you may use Dai Ko Myo for therapeutic purposes as well as a source of inspiration.

Through its energy, you can potentially access a new level of awareness and tap into a higher state of consciousness.

Dai Ko Myo is the light shining from high-vibrational planes of existence and depicts the superior levels of wisdom and purity a person can aspire to.

Dai Ko Myo is “The Embodiment of Light.”

As a Reiki symbol, it enables you to connect to the higher-self and the Divine unconditional love that surrounds and sustains us. As a result, Reiki practitioners view this symbol as the pinnacle of high, positive vibration. 

The way I see it, Dai Ko Myo is the pure manifestation of the universal life force energy which keeps our souls whole. It provides us with the ability to radiate light and compassion, freeing the path towards our ascension as spiritual entities of light.

Should we enter the 1000 years of peace and love, this is the level we should all reach.

How To Draw And Pronounce Dai Ko Myo

Like with all Reiki symbols, the intention is what matters. While it’s satisfying to learn each line and know how to draw Dai Ko Myo from memory (as I did), in the end, it is the meaning and the spiritual strength that counts.

This is how you pronounce Dai Ko Myo: Dai Kou MeOu [daɪ koʊ Mio]

When And How To Use Dai Ko Myo In Your Practice

Dai Ko Myo opens the energetic gateway towards pure light. This is why it’s present in almost all Reiki attunements.

Its energetic structure allows both the master/teacher and the student to enhance their connection to the universal life force energy. This happens when you activate it on the crown chakra.

Of course, the symbol’s influence goes beyond Reiki attunements.

Here are some of Dai Ko Myo’s most common uses:

  1. In self-treatment and treatment of others, you may activate Dai Ko Myo and the rest of the symbols on your palms and chakras. You can also include the transpersonal and secondary energetic centers at this stage.
  2. Activate Dai Ko Myo on your body’s front and back to create a strong layer of light around you. This will gradually heal your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Of course, it’s also a way to create a “shield” that will filter all residual energies and malevolent intentions you come in contact with.
  3. Activate it on the soul star and crown chakras to enhance the connection with your higher self and divine energies. Use the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo.
  4. Apply the symbol on the heart chakra to stimulate it and enhance the cleansing of your soul. Use the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Dai Ko Myo.
  5. During meditation, visualize a large Dai Ko Myo in the center and above your head to provide powerful psychic protection. In addition, this will also raise your vibration to help you manifest divine wisdom.
  6. Draw a large Dai Ko Kyo in front of you and enter the symbol as if you would walk through a door. This will cleanse your energetic fields and restore your inner energy structures.
  7. If you have a wound, you can create a patch of light using Dai Ko Myo. Always cleanse the area and address a doctor if it’s something serious. Still, you can support the healing with the combing method while applying Sei He Ki on the affected area. This will pull out the negative energy. Then, just as you would use a patch, create a layer of energy around it with the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Dai Ko Myo. Hold your hands there for about 5-10 minutes to seal the process.

We use our Reiki symbols guide to review these uses and more at a glance. It makes it easier when you don’t have the time or patience to search through your browsing history and find what you’re looking for.

NOTE #1: In general, involving Dai Ko Myo in any therapeutic action will enhance the effect and potentially accelerate the results.

NOTE #2: Using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo on a crystal will cleanse and activate its energy flow.

Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol infographic

How To Use Dai Ko Myo To Cleanse Your House

Most practitioners are aware of the benefits of using Reiki symbols to cleanse a space, but not everyone takes Dai Ko Myo into account. Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki are probably the most common, but the Master Symbol can certainly increase the overall effect.

You may use it on its own or in conjunction with other symbols. Still, for a complete and thorough cleansing, you want to incorporate all the elements in the process.

Dai Ko Myo works specifically well for the ceiling and center of the room because it spreads out to fill the entire space and support the other symbols. That’s why it’s best to use the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Dai Ko Myo sequence in the corners, on each wall, on the ceiling and floor, and in the center of the room.

How To Do A Meditation In Motion With The Reiki Master Symbol

The meditation in motion has three main roles:

  • It helps remove residual energies and negative programs from your energy fields;
  • It creates a layer of protection;
  • Restores balance at the mental and energetic levels;

You can consider performing this meditation first thing in the morning, during the day, or after the Reiki self-treatment. However, it may boost your energy levels, interfering with your sleep. That’s why daytime might be the best time.

As the name suggests, this is not a static type of meditation. “Motion” comes from the sequence of movements during the process.

This Is How To Do The Meditation In Motion

  • Activate your palms with the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo;
  • Repeat for your seven primary chakras. You can also activate a large Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki on your whole body (front and back);
  • Visualize a small Dai Ko Myo in front of your heart chakra;
  • Next, slowly take the energy of the symbol using your hands and spread it around you in a circular motion. This looks more or less like wiping a window. Your right hand will move clockwise while the left, counterclockwise;
  • The above step will guide your hands towards the belly area, where the second chakra is. This movement has the role in gathering all the residual energies from your fields into one place;
  • Repeat 3 times while pronouncing Dai Ko Myo out loud;
  • Now it’s time to cleanse the gathered residual energies. To do this, repeat the circular movements 3 times once again, but instead of stopping at the second chakra area, throw them to the ground;
  • With each move, say the following affirmation: “I declare my Divine presence here, on Earth”;

To conclude

Dai Ko Myo represents the following elements:

  • Life;
  • Love;
  • Existence;
  • Light;
  • Wisdom;
  • Happiness;
  • Success;
  • Positive power;
  • Enlightenment;
  • Spiritual evolution;

The Master Symbol is the Divine energy that manifests through us.

Dai Ko Myo And Level 3 Usui Reiki

Dai Ko Myo integrates Usui Reiki Level 3 whole structure.

As a quick recap:

  • At level 1 – you learn about Reiki and how to channel the energy at a physical level;
  • At level 2 – you discover the mental and emotional healing methods;

Now, at level 3, it’s time to move on to more spiritual concepts. This level is all about the connection with the divine, spiritual awakening, and a higher level of consciousness. Also, the universal energy flow increases as a result.

The Importance Of Level 3

Keep in mind that we are channels through which the energy flows. Therefore, our energetic structures become more pure and free of negative influences with each attunement. This helps raise the overall vibration, influencing our ability to transmit the universal life force energy.

Some Reiki schools or teachers prefer to attune and teach level 3 as a whole, while others choose to split this degree into sub-levels – 3a and 3b.

This makes sense when students want to add this extra layer to their experience but do not wish to perform attunements or teach others. – 3a.

3b is when practitioners are ready to tap into these higher vibration levels and use this experience to help and attune others.

NOTE: Some schools consider 3b a different level and even call it level 4 Usui Reiki.

Therefore, you may obtain the attunement for level 3 in 2 ways:

  1. The first attunement is for the Master Level, which includes all the advanced techniques and access to Dai Ko Myo;
  2. The second attunement incorporates all the above plus the training and information to pass on attunements. Additionally, at this level, you also gain access to symbols like the Dumo (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo), Fire Serpent, Dragon Of Fire, and Raku – symbols we’ll discuss briefly later in the article.

I believe that a “fulfilled” or “complete” Reiki Master/Teacher should be able to attune others and share their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. Still, this is a personal choice, and no path is right or wrong.

What To Expect At Reiki Level 3

Once you reach level 3, it implies you have a lot more knowledge and a tremendous potential to teach others and develop at a quicker pace.

This is because you are now at a higher level of understanding and vibration.

Yet, this also requires work you have to do with yourself.

The attunement provides the ability to channel the universal energy at an individual level, but this also comes with a certain degree of responsibility.

Once you have been practicing for some time or if you’re naturally inclined to spiritual things, everything will become easier. But, most important, you’ll acknowledge your own connection with the divine and will better define your role at this stage in life.

Some Reiki practitioners dedicate an entire lifetime to reaching level 3. These people are determined to go deep and learn as much as possible. While this isn’t a requirement, the dominant idea is that time and work are needed to internalize the teachings for each level.

Never underestimate the potential each Reiki attunement offers and the energy your body can now channel. As you progress along the path, your responsibilities will also evolve.

What Happens At Reiki Level 3

The first two Reiki levels progress from addressing the physical imbalances to working with your mental and emotional aspects.

Reiki Level 3 takes you into a process of awakening through self-growth and higher awareness.

Although the third level gravitates around Dai Ko Myo, the values and essence you experience are strongly linked to the symbol’s spiritual significance rather than its practical uses. These are enlightenment, evolution, and the continuous flow of energy.

At this stage, you become closer to your inner-self and how you interact with the outer world and surrounding energies.

It’s a time when you clearly see that we’re all interconnected and have the universal life force energy on our side. It is always there for us, and the only thing that matters is how we choose to use it.

What Does Reiki Level 3 Mean, And How Is It Different From The Rest

Many Reiki teachers claim that one has to wait long enough before considering the attunement for level 3.

While it’s true that you need to assimilate the information from each level, we’re all different. We all evolve in our own rhythm, and sometimes hard rules don’t apply.

The third level comes with a certificate and an essential attunement. Still, this makes nobody a Reiki Master, especially overnight. While the process gradually awakens the student to a new state of consciousness, it’s more a new beginning than an end.

One of my Reiki teachers used to say:

“A true Master should be the mirror of the Universe and pass through a series of mental and spiritual transformations.”

In the “true sense,” becoming a Reiki Master refers to:

Transitioning into a mentor;

A person who always seeks to improve their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding;

Someone who inspires others to pursue positive high-vibrational values while slowly walking on the path of enlightenment;

We can all be masters in our own way. That’s why I think it’s important to seek improvement through various experiences.

This new beginning won’t help you levitate, but it can help guide yourself and others. Harmonizing with yourself is probably the most crucial step that most overlook at this stage.

It’s like when flying a plane. The instructions are clear: “In the unlikely event of cabin depressurization, secure the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Benefits Of Being A Reiki Master

  • Bring light where there is darkness and love where there is hate;
  • Spread the truth and knowledge as best as possible;
  • Guide people on the right path and in their rhythm;
  • Help humanity in the slow, continuous process of spiritual evolution (see also Lightarian Reiki);
  • Always seek to enlarge your knowledge spectrum and assist others in doing the same;
  • Learn from others and listen to them;
  • Maintain a positive attitude to improving on all levels;
  • Be kind to all living things;
  • Know and live the Reiki knowledge, meaning, and purpose;

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Reiki is more about your connection with the life force energy than it’s about symbols. Spiritual evolution is a journey, and fortunately, there are many tools to help you navigate smoothly.

Once you’re comfortable with this level, you can advance your practice with the Reiki Grand Master system >>

Describing The Other Master Symbols

Dumo Reiki Symbol (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo)

Dumo (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo) is also a Master Symbol, similar to the traditional Dai Ko Myo but with a slightly higher vibration. It is mainly used during the attunement process to unblock the receiver’s primary energy channel and activate the crown chakra.

Tibetan Dai Ko Myo Reiki Symbol

That’s why the Dumo Reiki symbol can help remove energetic blockages from within and outside the body. It can also re-align the chakras and balance them to your optimum level.

You can consider activating this symbol in the center and corners of the room for deeper cleansing. This will add a layer of protection while raising the overall vibration.

In other words, Dumo is ideal in circumstances when it’s difficult to remove unwanted residual energies.

The Fire Serpent (Nin Giz Zida)

The Fire Serpent Reiki symbol belongs to several types of Reiki where it’s mainly used at the beginning of the attunement process.

It’s ideal for going deeper during a healing session. Activate it on the back of the body to help align and cleanse the back projection of the chakras.

Serpent of Fire Reiki symbol

While drawing it, think of the main arch that connects the left shoulder with the right one and visualize it down the spine. This ends at the sacral area, where we find the central spiral, symbolizing the Kundalini energy.

The process also creates a series of effects such as:

  • Cleansing the main energetic channel;
  • Flushing most of the residual energies;
  • Increasing the vital energy while gradually removing fatigue;
  • It helps with grounding;

When you use it on the front part of the body, it may induce a state of inner peace and calm before meditation or receiving a Reiki treatment.

The Fire Dragon

This symbol mirrors the Serpent of Fire drawing structure.

It plays a significant role in establishing our connection with the spirit of the Earth and balancing the telluric energies with the higher, celestial ones.

Fire Dragon Reiki Symbol

Used mostly on a person’s back, it can relieve the pain in that region and other affections related to the female genital organs.

Works great when you engage in physical activities, such as sports. In fact, you can visualize it on the back of your body with the Fire Serpent to provide a boost of physical energy.

Another way to activate it on your back is by drawing the symbol in front of you. Then “bring” it backward with your energetic hands.

The same goes for the Fire Serpent.


You receive this symbol at the Usui Reiki level 3b, and it is mainly drawn on a person’s back.

Raku Reiki symbol

Raku has three prominent attributes:

  1. It provides a firm grounding effect;
  2. After the attunement process or Reiki treatment, Raku enables the separation of the energetic fields between a Reiki teacher and student(s);
  3. Helps “cut” through the residual energies that support addictions and prevents them from occurring;

Naturally, the Raku Reiki symbol has several other applications, like the other symbols. Therefore, it is up to each individual to contribute to the growth of the Usui Reiki system and discover new uses for each and every symbol by practicing, meditating, or assisting others in need of Reiki.

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Dai Ko Myo is the Reiki master symbol that belongs to Usui Reiki level 3. This is the Master Level, also known as “Mystery Teachings Level,” where you start focusing on the spiritual aspects of Reiki.

Dai Ko Myo represents an existing level of enlightenment (illumination) that prevails in the spiritual world and needs to manifest into the physical one.

Compared to other Usui Reiki level 2 symbols, you may use Dai Ko Myo for therapeutic purposes as well as a source of inspiration.

Through its energy, you can potentially access a new level of awareness and tap into a higher state of consciousness.

Dai Ko Myo is the light shining from high-vibrational planes of existence and depicts the superior levels of wisdom and purity a person can aspire to.


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      You can gradually incorporate Dai Ko Myo into your self-treatment, even if you are level 2. Still, in order to benefit from the whole potential of that symbol, an attunement to level 3 Usui Reiki is required.

  3. Hi, thank you for your helpful explanations. I’m attuned to Reiki level 3. Am I permitted to use karuna Reiki symbols without being attuned to it? Or, is it possible to be attuned online? Is there any free online attunement to Karuna Reiki? Thanks

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      You are most welcome. You can use the Karuna Reiki symbols, but to use their full potential and ability, an attunement on that system and level which contains the symbol is required. As far as I know, there are no online free Karuna Reiki attunements.

      William Lee Rand’s website offers quite a comprehensive platform for attunements in Holy Fire (which is basically Karuna at its essence). That website is called Reiki.org.

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    • Hi there Win.

      The Dai Ko Myo symbol found in the Shamballa Reiki system has the exact same role as the one in Usui Reiki. However, in Shamballa Reiki you receive this symbol in the first two levels of the system , where as in Usui Reiki, Dai Ko Myo is received at the master level.

    • Hi there.

      You can always use a self-guided meditation in which you visualize the Tibetan DKM in front of you and connect to it using the CKR + SHK + HSZSN. this will allow a gradual integration of the energy, vibration, and information of the Tibetan DKM into your structures. While this method helps tap into its energy, an attunement on the master-teacher level would be required to harness the full potential of the Tibetan DKM.

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