Harth Symbol | The Path To Unconditional Love And Relationship Healing

Harth is the 3rd symbol you learn at the 1st level in the Karuna Reiki system.

This powerful symbol is a representation of pure love, compassion, and has a crucial role in healing the heart and its energy centers.

It helps us have a better connection with our spirit guides.

Harth symbol brings healing energy into our relationships.

It has a strong connection to the Feminine representations of Divinity.

Harth In Relationship With The Divine

Harth connects us to the Divine motherly nurturing energies.

Some Reiki Masters believe that Harth connects directly to the healing and compassion of Mother Mary as well as Kwan Yin, the Buddhist goddess.

Regardless of one’s belief, if there is a gateway that holds the purest vibration, that offers a feeling of love without attachment, this symbol would be the one to release that energy.

By applying Harth symbol on the Soul Star chakra and the crown chakra you can open this gateway and receive the pure, loving energies.

Meditating and drawing the Harth symbol on your superior chakras will enhance the connection with your Spirit Guides.

This will allow you to better understand the Divine message.


Harth Symbol And Relationship Healing

One of the most important uses the Harth symbol is to heal relationships regardless of their type.

Most of them have a karmic source.

However, this isn’t a bad thing.

Understanding why we are in certain relationships and making the best out of them is the path to balance. This will help us improve our karma as well.

Therefore, you can encourage a relationship to heal and flourish through the Harth symbol.

Use the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Shika Sei Ki + Harth. Send energy daily for about 5 minutes and have the greater good of that relationship in mind.

Give it a few days to see the positive results.

Shika Sei Ki and Harth Reiki symbols are the gateways of emotional cleansing, compassion, and unconditional love.

There is one concept out there that says that each relationship is guided by an entity or a spirit guide. A harmonious path to growing that relationship means being at peace with that spirit guide.

NOTE: Relationships can be karmic or not. Within a karmic relationship the partners need to consume certain emotional elements that originated in past lives. It’s also possible, that in a non-karmic relationship, you may find your twin flame. Read more about Karmic Partner and Twin Flame here >>

Harth And Spiritual Growth

You can use Harth symbol in a number of ways, from the energetic to the spiritual level.

When it comes to Reiki self-treatment, activating Harth symbol on the Soul Star chakra, Crown chakra, Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, and Heart chakra, will activate a strong flow of light through both your physical and energetic body.

This will also enhance your intuition and thirst for life.

By using Harth together with Zonar and Halu symbols on your front and back projections of your chakras will break the residual emotional energy connected to your past and present.

Through self-treatment, those energies will heal with time. They will transform into love and understanding of your past and present.

In the end, everything happens for a reason.

Understanding the source of an imbalance and learning how to heal will release you from those strings and offer a clear path to evolution.

Using Harth constantly in treatment will align your energetic structures. This outcome helps strengthen the path to spiritual growth.

Due to its very high vibration, with time Harth has the potential to bring a higher level of awareness. In turn, this will trigger self-trust and a connection with the Divine consciousness.

Harth Symbol In Relationship With Addictions And Cardiac Issues

There are a few components to be aware of before going forward.

First of all, we have to understand that there is no disease or addiction without an energetic background or spiritual source.

In the case of heart problems, there is a spiritual cause of either misjudgment or inability to offer love and forgiveness.

This causes an energetic breach through which unwanted thoughts, energies, and entities can enter. The physical problem follows shortly after.

Here’s a good and valid question from one of my students:

“What about excesses and addictions such as smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating? Should we exclude those as triggers for heart diseases?”

“Not at all!” I answered. “Actually, that’s a very good point.”

“The key here is to understand why someone would take up a habit like that in the first place.”

It’s usually because of emotional distress. This comes from blaming yourself and others. It’s the inability to forgive and forget as well as lacking compassion or love from dear ones.

The worst and most common is not loving yourself as much as you should.

Of course, you can heal these imbalances.

You can channel that energy to physical exercise or creative activities.

In theory, it sounds easy but what about putting everything in action?

This leads me to my second point.

Actively working towards understanding your imbalances should help you find the desire to change within you.

There are many people seeking help. Most of them wish to change.

Only a few do something about it each day.

The only secret is to know that it will take time. It’s hard at the beginning but progress is what counts. Don’t aim for results but rather a checkmark next to the task you have for the day.

Don’t worry about perfection. You can always optimize on the way. What’s important is to start and be consistent.

Here’s a sequence of Reiki symbols you can use:

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Harth + Dai Ko Myo.

It works great for most cardiac problems.

NOTE: This is not a prescription for people suffering from heart issues. I’m not a doctor and this is solely a recommendation from a Reiki perspective. Always consult a specialist and follow their advice. This method won’t get a person up from their hospital bed!

For less severe cases, especially for those suffering from emotional traumas, it will definitely have a healing effect.

Remember that it will take time but it’s better than doing nothing. Plus, it’s an easy, pleasant, and beautiful way of getting better.

The role of this sequence is to bring to the surface the issues and imbalances that need to be acknowledged. Additionally, it provides a boost of emotional healing.

This leads to having your mind and heart at ease while helping to diminish any cardiac health issues.

Unwanted Patterns

When it comes to addictions remember that any type of habit brings a mental and energetic pattern with it.

This is transferred later on to the physical level and becomes rooted in your system.

With the correct intention, the energy of Harth symbol will gradually dissolve those patterns.

By using it you’ll develop a discipline that will help you either keep a constant balance or remove those patterns for good. It all depends on what you want to do.

Remember that Harth symbol has the role of opening your heart and help you find compassion and self-esteem.

It brings the necessary awareness necessary to learn emotional self-control.

Harth Symbol And Healing An Entire Space

One of the best uses of Hearth is to activate it in the center of a room (or space) for cleansing. I use it frequently and also like to draw it on each wall.

You can visualize Harth within any type of space you feel needs harmony and love.

Harth symbol will go beyond cleansing. It will bring the healing love, compassion, and peace into that room.

This will either dispel or transform any negative energy. It depends on its type but it usually works very fast.

It can also be visualized above an entire crowd for calming and bringing more joy and love to a certain event or meeting.

The Harth symbol works well over crowds for bringing calm and peace. It’s suitable for joy and love in meetings or events.

NOTE: “over crowds” or above them is a very important distinction. Never use Reiki symbols directly on people without their consent!

You may use them above the head where the transpersonal chakras are. Your intention, in this case, is to bring calm to the situation but not intervene at a personal level.

Each individual has the right to an opinion and to manifest it as she sees fit.

Harth symbol is a very powerful gate for opening pure, unconditional, and Divine love.

Use it wisely.

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15 thoughts on “Harth Symbol | The Path To Unconditional Love And Relationship Healing”

  1. You have mentioned to use Harth symbol on heart chakra and chakras above heart. What would be the impact of the symbol if used on lower chakras?

    • Hi Naaz and thank you for writing.

      The Harth symbol is usually used on the superior and heart chakras due to its high vibration. Placing it on the lower chakras will not have any significant impact. Rather, the symbol will not be of much use when placed on the lower chakras because its energetic structure especially resonates with the vibration of the crown and heart chakras.

  2. I saw this symbol. I haven’t ever seen it before, but tonight it appeared before my eyes for a long while…

    I trawled through pages and pages and pages of sigils and symbols until I found it.

    I have completed Usui Reiki 1 & 2, but haven’t used or seen this symbol before.

    Do you have any thoughts on this,

    Many thanks,


  3. Hi Vlad
    I really appreciate all of the info you provide us. I’m a 3rd level Usui Reiki; my ?, the impact in using symbols of other reiki systems ?
    Thank You Marie

    • Hi Marie.
      There’s no problem if you wish to use symbols from other Reiki systems and integrate them into your self-treatment.

      However, in order to use their full energetic potential, an attunement is required on the system and level that offers that particular symbol.


    • Hi Kiran.

      You can tap into the vibration of Harth by connecting to its energetic print. You can do this through meditation or by connecting to its energy using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

      But in order to access the full potential of this symbol you need to be attuned in Karuna Reiki.


  4. Hi Vlad,
    Thank you so much for the information on your website.
    I look forward to reading every last thing you have on here. For today you have given me the gift of working with Harth which being a symbol of compassion and love I was working with the Heart, Crown and Sacral Chakra’s but now understand that the Sacral Chakra is not the best option with Harth.
    Thank you again.

    • Hi Donna. I am truly grateful that the offered information resonates with you.

      The reason why it’s recommended that such a high-vibrational symbol should not be used on the lower chakras is because of the difference of energy structures and vibrations between the two elements. More exactly, the sacral or root chakras have a type of vibration that require a certain type of symbols and level of energy. In conclusion, nothing bad will happen ( per se) if you apply a symbol such as Heart on the sacral chakra. It’s just that it doesn’t really “fit” from an energetic perspective. At least this is my opinion though my own experience.

      Keep in touch. Blessings to you!

    • Hi there Ema.
      Yes. When they “close” themselves – meaning that they either don’t believe in the effects and naturally there’s an energetic closing effect that doesn’t allow the energy to flow properly. Or, when they simply are self-sabotaging themselves and go into depression and believe that nothing or nobody can help them.
      It’s like a water tap – the more you tighten the tap, the less the energy flows. The more you open it, the more water flows.


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