Ho Ka O Ili Ili The Reiki Symbol For Respect, Honor, And Self-Confidence

Ho Ka O Ili Ili Reiki symbol belongs to the Shamballa Reiki Level 3.

It promotes the concepts of respect, honor, and self-confidence.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili has the potential of healing images you have about yourself and does so in a harmonious way.

In this article, you will learn how to use it in your Reiki practice and life.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili And The Shamballa Reiki System

The Shamballa Reiki system is a high-vibrational “fountain” of spiritual knowledge.

It was channeled through John Armitage by the ascendant masters. Among them, Count Of Saint Germain delivered most of the necessary information on this beautiful Reiki system.


The symbols that are part of Shamballa are quite unique.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili is one of them.

Most of the time, they look like they have no connection between them. Also, they don’t follow a designated learning pattern as they do with Usui and Karuna Reiki.

The official origin of this symbol is unknown. In my opinion, most of the Shamballa Reiki symbols have their origin in the knowledge of Atlantis.

I also believe that this interesting symbol has more to offer than what we know about it. It is up to us to discover its potential and uses.

NOTE: You need to be attuned to the level 3 Shamballa Reiki system to access this symbol.

The Meaning Of Ho Ka O Ili Ili

The first thing you’ll notice is its “tribal” name. Not much is known about its origin but it is said that it sounds like a name from the Pacific islands.

While this may be true, Ho Ka O Ili Ili stands out with its unique vibration, use, and shape.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili brings the energy of respect and honor. This means that it helps you attract and offer respect to others.

How exactly does this happen?

The constant use of this symbol creates an aura around you. First of all, this aura is responsible for connecting you to self-respect. This is important because it’s quite difficult to learn and receive respect from others without generating self-respect first.

Within this aura, Ho Ka O Ili Ili integrates the energy print of respect. This means that this symbol helps you generate inspiration while attracting respect from others.

Even if this symbol can help, it needs your contribution as well. This means that you have to do a little work with your inner self.

Respecting and loving yourself in a harmonious, non-narcissistic way is quite essential for your spiritual development. When you reach this level, you’ll be able to experience freedom. This feeling will enable you to manifest your qualities and attributes into the world. You’ll inspire others while helping them achieve the same determination.

This leads us to the next topic.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili And Self-Confidence

In this symbol you can find the energy print of confidence.

By this, I mean self-confidence and confidence towards others.

Again, some work with your inner-self is always the best place to start.

Self-confidence (or inner-trust) can always be found within you.

Some people can offer guidance, but you are the one who needs to open the doors and enter. Beyond that, you can find many qualities that you didn’t even know existed within you.

It is said that respect and trust must be earned. If all people followed this idea, no one would manifest these attributes anymore! I believe this to be a faulty way of understanding confidence and respect.

Instead, using Ho Ka O Ili Ili will transcend all those erroneous concepts and help you manifest respect and trust within your inner self. This will enable you to stand up for what is right and do so with confidence.

There is also the idea of “fake it until you make it”.

Even if it sounds funny, the concept is based on psychological truth.

When you form a pattern or simply convince yourself that you manifest confidence, at one point, you will attract that specific energy. So, after some time, there is a strong possibility that you will manifest what you have “trained” yourself to show.

Ho Ka O Ili Ili will help you achieve confidence in a harmonious way by manifesting it whenever you activate it.

You are your own creator.

How To Draw Ho Ka O Ili Ili

When you draw/activate or visualize it, you can pronounce its name with the following sequence:

  • Ho – the first line;
  • Ka – the second line;
  • O – the first dot (number 3);
  • Ili – the next dot (number 4);
  • Ili – the last dot (number 5);

This will further increase the potential of bringing its energy into the physical plane and the power of the symbol.

How To Use Ho Ka O Ili Ili

Method 1

Activate it in front of you whenever you need to surround yourself with the energy of respect.

However, I noticed an amplified effect when activating it on all 4 sides: front, left, right, and back of the body. This way, you create a stronger energetic field that brings the concepts of respect, confidence, and regality around you.

I don’t suggest “abusing” this method as you are the one that needs to manifest from within all those traits.

Method 2

Another use of this symbol is in a sequence.

Draw Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki on the front and back of the body and then add Ho Ka O Ili Ili. This will create a filter of light that will keep away any disrespectful people and their negative intentions.

Keep in mind that by using this method daily, some will see you as wearing an “energetic armor”. Even though they will most likely won’t be able to define it, this will determine them to resonate and communicate harder with you.

Method 3

Use intention and visualization. This is a “quick” way to apply it.

If you find yourself in a busy place or in a meeting, declare your intention and visualize the symbol activating in front of you. This will have the same effect as previously mentioned.

NOTE: Compared to other Reiki symbols, you don’t need to activate it in your palms before using it. Obviously, this doesn’t hurt, so if you can and feel the need to do so, just use your dominant hand to draw it on your non-dominant and vice versa.


I’m confident there are many other uses for Ho Ka O Ili Ili we don’t know about. Through practice and meditation, perhaps we’ll be able to discover some at one point.

Just remember that the best “symbol” for healing and respect is you. Use it to enhance and the flow of universal energy to this purpose, but never forget that the power lies in you.

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