Learn To Define Your Spiritual Journey To Unravel Your Life’s Purpose

Spiritual journey means life.

Everything from the people we meet to the places we travel contributes to our evolution on all levels.

Some believe that we have a set path, while others think we shape our own destiny.

Still, there’s a lot of middle ground to cover.

The best thing is to form your own opinion, and if you want to define your spiritual journey, I’m sure this article will help.

What Is A Spiritual Journey From My Point Of View

It’s essential to remember that we’re all unique.

This gift presents a series of opportunities. One of them is the ability to design life through our own perspective.

The way we talk, dress, and behave are all part of our greater understanding of the world. It’s how we perceive things and therefore act accordingly.

Your spiritual journey will be exactly the same. Paths converge, and ideas come together, creating opportunities and choices. Based on these events, you get to handpick what resonates with you.

My experience taught me that being flexible and willing to accept change is a wonderful way to grow.

Teachings From The Hindu Philosophy

In Hinduism, two main elements represent and shape life: Karma and Dharma.

In broad strokes, Karma is the principle of “cause and effect.” It’s the sum of your actions that creates ripples in the energy of life, leading to new outcomes.

Dharma represents the virtues, moral conduct, order, and benefits of offering positive values.

These concepts relate to the events that take place in our present and past lives.

The way I see it, once you’re here in this life, there is something important to learn and balance at a karmic level. You have “flaws” that need to be fixed and eventually transformed into positive traits.

This life is your chance to “shine”!

Be an example to others and bring your own element of Dharma into this world. 

Your Presence Matters

This is the story of an old lady from a small and isolated village.

Each day she went to the fountain to get water for basic needs. She carried that water in two large pots.

One in her left hand.

One in her right hand.

The latter was new and shiny, while the one in her left hand was probably as old as her. It had several cracks, and most of the water would drip on the way back.

One day, the left pot told the other:

‘Look at you … so perfect! You have no cracks, and you can carry a lot more water than I do. I’m old and rusty. I feel so ashamed that I can’t perform as well anymore.”

‘Yes, that’s true…’ the new pot replied.

‘Still, you failed to notice that you water all the plants in your path. Because of you, they grow tall and healthy.’

We all have imperfections, and it’s easy to judge at a physical level. But we serve a higher purpose, and we’re all here for a reason. We can choose to improve, change, and be helpful to others.

Your spiritual journey begins when you decide to go beyond the apparent and use the untouchable to touch others.

The Spiritual Structure

Life is a combination of the following:

  • Karma – the debts and imbalances that need to be settled;
  • Potentials – the ability you have to improve through the transcendence of Karma;
  • Choices (free will) – to clear that Karma and manifest those potentials;
  • Personal mission – the life journey that uses your potential to acknowledge and evolve as an individual;
  • Dharma – the values and/or virtues you bring to this world through the elements presented above;

In other words, life has both destiny and free will.

Nobody can tell you how these should look like. You’re the only one who can define and manifests them.

One thing’s for sure. Once you break the chains of Karma, you are free to evolve as you please. From that point on, the only way to go is up!

Understanding The Spiritual Journey Through Karmic Debts

We all have karmic debts, and it’s advisable to balance them in one way or another.

While some are a blessing, others might look like a burden.

Still, we often perceive Karma as a punishment for the immoral deeds from past lives.

This should not be the case. Karma is the balance of the Universe, and it’s often more complex than one might think.

Some people bring a lot of “baggage” from past lives and find it challenging to balance those debts. Others are here so their spirit can experience new things and are often on a constant holiday.

The spectrum is quite large. Examples can vary from offering a hand from time to time to going through a great deal of hardship.

Relationships are often related to karmic debts. At the spiritual level, it’s difficult to progress if you don’t take care of them. It’s why we meet certain people and develop a connection with some. It’s how we solve certain issues, grow our understanding, and design our own way of interacting with the world.

An excellent example is when you replace a relationship with a similar one. Characters don’t change much, nor do the lessons. This means you haven’t yet integrated the necessary information to pass the karmic threshold.

Focus On The Whole

Life is a mirror of our past and present actions. Everyday events are a reflection of our inner-self. The quality of our life can only improve when we agree that it’s time to do something about it.

One can probably never know if this change has to be made because of Karmic debts or not. The best thing is to agree that true evolution results from working on the whole, not the individual parts.

Once you put this mechanism in motion, things will start to show. Life then becomes a medicine that heals mental and emotional wounds.

We’re the only ones who can create obstacles in our path. And, by simply becoming aware of this phenomenon we take a big step forward.

What Happens On A Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey represents life’s phases that help you gain awareness and healing. It’s a process of fulfillment and evolution.

Let’s break it down a little more.

Although your karma is connected to your personal spiritual journey, they are not the same.

Karma represents the part that needs to be balanced out in order to free yourself.

Your spiritual journey is when you live the necessary experiences that develop you as an individual.

Still, both lead to a certain level of spiritual growth and can converge at one point.

Two Ways Of Perceiving The Spiritual Journey

  • The spiritual journey taken as a whole – relates to our experiences here, on Earth, and how we choose to integrate them to reach a meaningful purpose;
  • Our personal mission – manifests in relation to certain people or events, and our interactions will influence the overall spiritual journey;

Both concepts are defined through the number of circumstances you are exposed to, and the decisitions you take in those moments. These differ according to your level of understanding at that time.

That’s why our approach is more straightforward when we are young than when we grow wiser.

Still, regardless of your perception, the outcome will be higher awareness and healing.

This can result involuntarily or as your understanding develops.

Awareness – means that you are mindful of the phase you’re going through. You learn new skills and grow as an individual. It’s a time when you’re resilient to negative influences and only focus on what brings value.

Healing – you are mindful of the phase you’re going through, and you’re at peace with yourself, confident in your abilities, and ready to internalize the result. Therefore, spiritual evolution will follow.

Example #1:

You start a new job, and everything you’re going to learn there will help you develop new skills. These are going to be vital for what you see yourself doing in the future. You know that this is a crucial part of your journey that doesn’t have to last forever. You go through a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

This is the awareness phase.

The healing starts when you internalize everything that you have gained, and you’re now confident and willing to move on without being tied to this experience.

Example #2:

You have a personal mission with a person.

You are aware that it may be temporary but continue to learn and play your part.

At one point, both of you reach a turning point when the lessons have been learned. It’s when karmic healing becomes present. From here on, you can choose to move on separate ways or build a life together.

So, how do you choose…

Each situation has clues you can follow. They might not be obvious but are always present.

It’s time to look beyond the feelings and visualize your future self in relation to your higher self. This way, you’ll discover the right answers for your greater good.

Both the overall and personal spiritual journeys should help you form the correct perspective on life. This is how you harmonize with yourself and the world. It’s when the healing of your inner-self begins.

The Choices Or The Free Will

During our lifetimes, we have the opportunity to travel many paths. The number of choices differs from one person to the other.

Having said that, there are a few things to consider.

From A Karmic Perspective

A fellow Reiki practitioner once asked me:

‘Ok … I understand that we can make choices, but what about the karmic debts? Where do they fit in, and how can they influence our decisions?’

There are times when Karmic debts are linked to one person or situation. In this case, we end balancing those energies and nothing else.

Other karmic events don’t depend on something in particular.

We might create some sort of negative energy in the past that we need to heal in this life. We can do this consciously or not. But in this case, we are presented with options and get to choose what to do next.

So, even if Karmic debts exist and influence our present, they still act in our life’s context. Maybe a lot of what we do gravitates around them, but we’re still the ones who choose how to handle each situation.

Still, everything depends on the weight they carry. We might be able to choose how to do it, but our options could be limited. You can ignore them temporarily but you can’t avoid them entirely because at one point you have to solve them.

From A Spiritual Journey Perspective

When it comes to our spiritual journey, the range of options can be wider.

Let me illustrate this with a metaphor:

You’re climbing a mountain. The summit is the place of full acknowledgment, inspiration, and healing. There are many paths you can take, but all lead to the top. The number of options, though, differs from one person the next.

According to our given moment of knowledge and wisdom, we choose one way. Sometimes we stray from it, but eventually, we get to the place of healing.

Each path has its own events, people, and lessons. So, regardless of what we choose, we’ll gain a unique experience that will shape our lives.

Some experiences are optional, while others mandatory.

But, in the end, each one of us has her/his own mountain to climb…

Starting Your Spiritual Journey Through Personal Potentials

There are things you are good at and others you barely grasp. With time, you pick your favorites and even become great at some.

While this looks like a random outcome, in reality, you discover your potentials.

What’s random is how you begin to see inside yourself.

But it doesn’t always have to be.

Through meditation and Reiki, you can tap into your inner-self and see what you’re good at. Maybe it’s not written in black and white. Still, you can learn about the potentials encrypted within the energy of your soul and translate them into actions.


You might be passionate about driving. You take special lessons and even enter a few competitions. It’s a lot of fun, and you identify with a type of person. Your skills develop, and they start to shape your own understanding of life.

At one point, it’s possible to be presented with the opportunity of becoming a professional race car driver. It’s a decision only you can make.

Your life will definitely change, so there are implications you have to consider. You can also choose to pass on this opportunity which may or may not return.

Whether you take on a challenge like this is another story.

The important thing is that through work and dedication, you have discovered one of your potentials.

Most people are too busy with life to see them. Also, they think “potential” equals super-start status. This is not the case. You might love cooking or gardening. You might be a great husband and passionate about raising your children. Maybe you build things with ease that other people can enjoy.

These are all untapped “secrets” that lie in each and every one of us.

You don’t have to change the world, just the one around you.

Whether you choose to pursue them or not is a matter of personal preference. It’s neither right nor wrong.

The lesson here is that you can use Reiki and meditation to find them. It’s a way to learn more about your inner-self and maybe focus on what you’re good at instead of struggling to improve on something you hate.

The practice of Reiki and connecting with your spirit guides can do a lot of the heavy lifting. That’s why learning to communicate with them is so important.

The Connection Between Your Life’s Purpose And Spiritual Journey

Time will reveal how your life’s purpose looks like.

And, you’re the only one who can see it.

Most believe that it has to be something out of this world. Something that has an impact on a global scale and even beyond.

But we’re the heroes of our own journey.

The good, apparently small deeds we do every day are a huge part of our life’s purpose. They don’t have to be goal-driven. Whatever you choose to believe in, the Universe and Divinity are looking for your acts of compassion and forgiveness.

Sure, big things count as well. They are exciting and make headlines.

But we’re all part of the whole and all our actions matter.

Once you understand this, you become more aligned with your life’s purpose. When you start carrying for yourself and others with joy, things will gain meaning.

In fact, is it even worth the effort if we are uncaring, selfish, and judgemental?

Absolutely not.

How you behave in relationship to others reflects in your own life. It slowly defines who you are and, with that, your mission as well.

We can’t please everyone, and we don’t have to. This shouldn’t be anyone’s purpose.

Be yourself, and the rest will follow.

Be the change you want to see in the world but make your presence matter around you first.

Find Purpose In Simplicity

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho is often considered a simple book. Still, it’s an extraordinary guide to pure spiritual understanding.

In this book, the main character, Santiago, learns how to be kind and wise. He takes all the positive elements from each and every person he meets. He learns compassion, love, and forgiveness before reaching the main goal, his personal spiritual mission.

The book is not about applying formulas to transform metal into gold. It’s about the inner alchemy that breaks the chains of residual and discordant life patterns.

Your inner-self is the metal that needs to be turned into gold!

Many Reiki books have the same role – of guiding us on different journeys until we find the answers that best work for us.

How To Start Your Spiritual Journey With Reiki

Meditating on Reiki symbols, connecting with spirit guides, or working with others are all ways to support your spiritual journey.

It’s not always a straight path.

Sometimes there are many avenues one can take.

Reading articles like this and asking questions is one of them. Who knows where this might lead?

The beauty of this journey is that you don’t have to worry but enjoy each step and listen to the messages. They will reveal to you at the right time.


How Can You Improve Your Spiritual Journey With Reiki

First of all, remember that you can adapt. Nothing is set in stone.

Reiki is just one of the many ways to do this.

Still, for best results, you have to understand Reiki beyond its obvious benefits. That’s why I always present it as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Using the Reiki self-treatment is where it all begins. This is how you tap into your inner-self and get to raise your vibration. It’s when you remove negative patterns and discordant energies from your life. It’s how you clear your mind and get to reach levels beyond our understanding.

You don’t have to rush. Always take your time and evolve in your own rhythm. You’ll know when you’re ready to add new techniques and symbols.

Providing or getting attunements is another way to work on your spiritual journey with Reiki. These are special moments when you receive untapped energies.

Connecting with your spirit guides is a wonderful way to support this process. Ask the questions you can’t find answers to and allow them to offer their help.

Regardless of the method, give it time. Practice constantly and be thankful for each session.

Once you understand that the connection to the universal life force energy is the trigger to an inner alchemical process, your perspective upon life and people will change.

Reiki can guide you on the right path, but you are the one who has to walk on it. No one else can.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!


We all receive a personal mission once we are born. It might not be obvious at times, but the details become more visible once we decide to follow it.

It’s hard to believe that our lives are random. I think we’re here to learn and evolve. We can have many teachers, but the best one is us.

Also, we are never alone. We’re constantly connected to the universal life force energy, and whether we choose to use Reiki or not, we can always ask questions about our spiritual journey.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is the co-founder of ReikiScoop, a spiritual brand that supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources. He is a dedicated Reiki enthusiast and spiritual seeker who has reached the master-teacher level in Usui Reiki, Karuna, and Shamballa MDH.

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