Uncover The Abundance Reiki Symbol And Unlock Your True Potential

The Abundance symbol belongs to level 3 of the Shamballa Reiki system.

It is a totem that spreads the potential of abundance on all levels.

Abundance breaks through the energy of poverty and offers you the mental awareness needed to unlock your potential of manifesting prosperity. This translates to abundance on all levels, including different types of success.

If you’re a Shamballa Reiki enthusiast and curious about what this symbol can do, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’re going to learn how to activate and use the Abundance symbol and what impact it can have on your practice and life.

Abundance Symbol And Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Reiki

The Shamballa Reiki system offers quite a variety of unique symbols. Each of them has its own use, energy, and vibration.

Compared to other types of Reiki such as Usui or Karuna, the Shamballa Reiki symbols don’t follow a specific pattern. They are not as interconnected as others.

Having said that, they do serve a common purpose. These Reiki symbols bring to the surface the imbalances that need to be fixed for you to evolve. The Shamballa Reiki system provides the willpower and resources to overcome these challenges and help you grow from a spiritual perspective.

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Within this system, at level 3, we find the Abundance symbol. It has its own vibration and can be used in a variety of ways.

The origins of the Abundance symbol are unclear.

Considering that the whole Shamballa Reiki system was channeled from the ascendant masters, this symbol may find its origins in the lost continent of Atlantis.

NOTE: You need to be attuned to the level 3 Shamballa Reiki system to fully benefit from the energy of the Abundance symbol.

That being said, let’s get started!

The Concept of Abundance

Whether you’re into Reiki or other spiritual practices, abundance and prosperity are concepts you need to pay attention to.

Abundance is about living a better life at all levels.

Often, a simplistic approach is when people define them as money. This is not about earning more or winning the lottery. It’s about living a better life at all levels. This obviously involves money, but it refers more to dissolving blockages and receiving what it’s best for you rather than asking for being rich.

Everyone needs abundance and prosperity. It is part of life. In fact, the whole universe functions on this concept.

When a star or a planet is formed, it needs an abundant amount of elements to exist. If there isn’t enough of them, it disappears. Too many will make it explode. Each part of the Universe has a level of abundance in one way or another.

Abundance In Our Lives

We function the same on Earth.

Everyone needs a level of prosperity and abundance to function correctly.

For you to learn how to help yourself and others, you need resources. Each resource has a price. You can pay this price either with money or another element that the other party needs.

And this is what abundance, prosperity, and success are all about.

It means an optimum flow of resources towards you. These are made out of many elements, including money.

An overflow of abundance can sometimes set us off track. This means we can get overwhelmed and lose sight of our path.

On the other hand, a lower flow will create an imbalance and lead to struggle.

Even though a strong mind can cope with all this, it’s not a desirable state. This is because one can only serve others if she has peace of mind and decent living conditions.

Remember that when I say abundance, I refer to multiple aspects of the spiritual and material world. Abundance can come in the form of information, attunements, practices, courses, energy, tools, food, and money.

The truth is that this balance is different for each of us.

Still, there are ways of increasing this flow when the time is right.

Abundance Reiki Symbol

This symbol has the ability to enhance the flow of abundance and prosperity. As mentioned, this flow can be related to many elements, including earning more money.

All Shamballa Reiki symbols have high vibrations. That’s why the Abundance symbol can dissolve the energy of poverty and replace it with the one of abundance and prosperity. It does this by changing our inner perspective towards a healthy success-oriented consciousness.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. Changing our perspective is one of the most important things we have to do.

It is vital to understand that prosperity, success, and abundance are normal aspects of life. They already exist in all realms. Reiki teaches us how to integrate this understanding into our lives in a healthy way.

The Abundance symbol is a representation of spiritual understanding before material gain!

A healthy awareness of what we attain at a spiritual level by working with ourselves first is often of more value than material income. A strong material flow is always supported by a spiritual foundation of awareness and knowledge.

Having said that, the Abundance symbol can help bring the energy of prosperity in our work field. We can direct it towards our business or any other endeavor we seek improvement for.

Remember that you are a constant channel through which abundance, prosperity, and success flows. You just have to allow it to manifest.

How to Draw And Use The Abundance Symbol

This symbol is quite simple to draw. It has a total of three lines.

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There are several ways to use this symbol.

  • Draw it or print it on a piece of paper and place it under your work desk. This will enhance the necessary energies that can help you manifest abundance;
  • Draw or print the symbol and hang it on a wall. Add other Reiki symbols to enhance its effect;
  • Use it in your Reiki projects. Whenever you create one, you will draw the symbols on the back of the paper. Add the Abundance symbol to increase the energy flow towards your goals. Learn more about how to properly create a Reiki project here.
  • My favorite method of all is using it when I send energy to myself and my future. To do so, activate your palms and chakras with Cho Ku Rei > Sei He Ki > Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen > Dai Ko Myo. Open the gateway to your future in front of you, using the same sequence of symbols. Add the Abundance symbol. Send energy for health, prosperity, abundance for your greater good as much as it’s needed. Stay like this for about 10 minutes. Repeat daily;
  • Use the Abundance symbol in self-treatment and treatment of others. This way, you bring the spiritual abundance that precedes and builds the material one.

Constantly using the Reiki symbols, including Abundance, creates a spectrum of energies that will gradually integrate into your life. This process will “invite” the beneficial elements to physically manifest.

NOTE: After you draw or print your symbol(s), activate each one using your dominant hand. You can use just your index finger or your index, thumb, and middle fingers together. Pronounce each name three times and visualize how their energy integrates into your project.

8 Step Meditation With The Abundance Symbol

  1. Find a quiet place and some time for yourself. (approx 20 mins);
  2. Sit in a chair with your back straight and relax;
  3. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Use the Alpha state if it’s easier for you;
  4. Close your eyes and visualize a white, bright light descending from above your crown chakra;
  5. Visualize the Cho Ku Rei and Abundance symbols coming down through this bright light and gradually entering your subtle fields, all the way to your physical body;
  6. From this moment on, they will harmoniously manifest into your life whenever needed;
  7. Stay like this for about 10-15 minutes. See what messages and/or visions you are receiving;
  8. When you feel ready, you may slowly open your eyes;


Abundance is healthy energy that needs your contribution to manifest. This means that you first need to learn how to accept it before allowing it to become present in your life.

Abundance does not limit itself only to this symbol. This is only a guide and a more direct method to bring it into the physical plane.

Use it with confidence and respect.

Feel free to blend it with other Reiki symbols from both Usui and Karuna Reiki systems. Use your intuition and create your own personal Reiki projects.

Remember that the Shamballa Reiki symbols are activators of spiritual growth, awareness, and abundance on all levels.

(You can read more about the energy of money in this article on the Money Reiki system.)

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