Money Reiki: How To Manifest Your True Material Potential

Money Reiki is a straightforward system that supports the practitioner in dissolving the energetic blockages related to money.

While many spiritual practices have the potential to manifest abundance in your life, Money Reiki is specific to personal finances.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, it’s about becoming aware of the energy of money and harmonizing with it for better decision-making and outcomes.

Let’s explore the Money Reiki system in this article and see how you can integrate the energy of money into your life as well as the spiritual concepts that come with it.

What Is Money Reiki

Reiki Master Stephanie Brail channeled the Money Reiki system in the early 2000s. It implies accessing and incorporating the energy of money into your life through the flow of the universal life force energy.

One can also see this type of Reiki as a way to combine the healing properties of universal energy with material prosperity.

Therefore, with the proper intention, you can gradually dissolve any mental and emotional blockage that may interfere with your financial potential.

But Money Reiki will support your efforts even more.

Considering that money is one of the physical forms of “spiritual gold,” the system allows you to access the universal energy’s manifestation of material prosperity.

In fact, Ms. Brail mentions in her Money Reiki manual:

“I was inspired in meditation to create the Money Reiki system when I realized that if I could be attuned to the Reik healing energy, I might also be attuned to the energy of money.”

In other words, the Money Reiki system can be both a catalyst for dissolving specific mental and emotional blockages as well as a gateway toward the energy of material gains.

Money Is Energy

Money Reiki comes with its share of controversy.

While some view this system as worthless because you already heal the required imbalances with a traditional approach, others consider Money Reiki as an opportunity to focus on manifesting material abundance.

Again, this doesn’t mean getting rich.

It can simply refer to having a comfortable life where you don’t worry about the next day and can enjoy what you value most.

Unfortunately, people rush to conclusions.

Everything we can see and touch in this physical world has an energetic correspondent in the astral plane.

Money is no exception…

Even though it’s a sensitive topic, we cannot live without it in this so-called “civilized world.”

Some indeed see money as the root of all evil.

But I would argue that the lack of spiritual guidance is responsible for more harm than anything else.

Money is just common ground.

That’s why others think of money as a catalyst for growth in the physical plane.

Regardless of one’s opinion, it’s still energy and information we use to exist.

The 3 Things You Need To Understand To Improve Your Relationship With Money

1 – Attraction – you need to acknowledge that this type of energy is required for your overall well-being. You should not repel it because it will probably do the same, nor become its servant and forget that it’s merely a tool.

2 – Positioning – how you choose to spend and earn money will highly influence the quality of your life and, eventually, define you as an individual. You can always adjust and improve. Yet, doing something for a prolonged period will lead to results that are in accordance with the nature of your actions.

3 – Karma – the third and probably the most overlooked aspect is the “Karmic factor.” The relationship you and/or family members had in past lives will greatly influence your current financial situation.

That’s why some may seem to earn their living easier than others. Of course, I’m not saying with less work. But we all know those people who struggle, work hard, and never seem to achieve what they planned for, and those who get there, still with hard work but less frustration and effort.

We all have some karmic “baggage” we carry around. Even if your financial situation is comfortable, this doesn’t mean you can work to balance some past actions.

You can do so through the following:

  • Initiations in various energy healing practices that help you resolve your Karmic debts;
  • Attending specialized courses in growing your abundance levels;
  • Attending courses that teach you how to be financially independent;
  • Helping those in need from both a physical and spiritual perspective;
  • Fasting and praying/reciting mantras;

Money Reiki can certainly help address all these points by working with a specific manifestation of the universal life force energy.

It may not solve all your financial problems overnight. Still, it’s a way to find solutions by asking better questions and focusing your efforts where you can make a difference.

It’s all about evolving as an individual, freeing your mind from unhealthy patterns, and eventually opening up to your true potential.

Money Reiki Benefits

According to Ms. Brail’s manual, you gain quite a few benefits from practicing Money Reiki. However, remember that these are meant to happen in a balanced manner, optimally for you and those involved.

Sometimes what you may think will happen will differ from reality because everything will unfold for your greater good.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Stimulating abundance and supporting a comfortable life;
  • More focus on quality rather than quantity and aligning yourself with your spiritual mission rather than personal desires;
  • Encourages an ethical use of money;
  • Earning money for your higher good and those involved;
  • More enjoyable work that can support your spiritual growth;

The Structure Of The Money Reiki System

The Money Reiki system has a three-level structure. Compared to Usui, there is no fourth (or 3b) level. Therefore, you can begin offering attunements from level 3.

Another difference is that you won’t receive any other symbols besides those from traditional systems. Yet, it’s unclear if you can use them only with the Money Reiki attunements.

The way I see it is you first have to start with Usui Reiki and then add this specific knowledge to better focus the universal energy on dissolving financial blockages.

Level 1 Money Reiki

Level 1, or the “Practitioner Level,” includes a series of methods that allow you to bring the energy of money into your life.

You can use either the traditional or modern hand positions from Usui Reiki. This is another reason I believe it’s best to start there before advancing to this more specialized system.

Remember that the goal is to bring the energy of money into your life by clearing emotional and energetic blockages.

So, in Money Reiki, your intention will be directed toward stimulating and cleansing the root chakra because most related imbalances are present at this level.

Therefore, you should spend more time and attention on this energy center to better understand and, eventually, heal the imbalance.

While working with yourself is an important part of Money Reiki, sending this energy to physical objects is also part of the process.

If you are building a business, you can channel the universal energy toward your strategic plan and even related documents or machinery.

If you’re looking for a better job, you can send energy to your resume or pitch to find the guidance required to improve your chances of success.

Yet, considering the nature of Money Reiki, probably the most efficient way to use this system is to channel energy to money directly.

When doing so, have a clear and pure intention of dissolving any residual energy and spending it wisely.

NOTE: Avoid using “I wish” because this means your desire is manifesting but not your goal. Instead, use positive affirmations in the present tense, like: “I have the optimum job for my family and myself. I earn enough money for a comfortable lifestyle, and what I do is aligned with my values and spiritual mission.”

Additional Elements

To help manifest the money energy into your life, you’ll also receive access to a symbol at this level. This has more of a symbolic role than a sacred significance.

Meditate on it and visualize as it glows in a golden-bright light. Engulf yourself in its energy and allow it to guide your intuition for your greater good.

Together with this first symbol, you’ll also learn a few specific meditations for manifesting a healthy material abundance in your life.

Level 2 Money Reiki

Level 2, or the Money Reiki Master Level, enhances the flow and helps imprint the energy of money into your structures.

This happens by clearing your mental and emotional blockages to gain the required abilities to manifest this specific material abundance in the best way for you.

Basically, this second level is more about implementation than preparation.

Ms. Brail mentions in her manual: “You may not have realized it yet, but by taking the Money Reiki Master level course, you are now committing yourself to a new life!”

Money Reiki level 2 provides access to new symbols to better support the practitioners in their efforts.

The Currency Symbol

Even though Ms. Brail has the Euro currency symbol attached to this level, you can use any other you resonate with.

That’s because, from a spiritual perspective, this level of Money Reiki acts similarly to the Usui Reiki level 2.

Specifically, in the traditional Reiki systems, level 2 is the gateway through which you can access a higher level of the universal life force energy and receive symbols.

Each token represents a manifestation of the universal life force energy you can use to better focus your intention toward precise objectives.

The Euro sign is just one of them.

Yet, the same principles apply to any other currency.

Manifestation Symbol

As the name suggests, the “manifestation symbol” is all about manifesting your material goals.

You can activate it above your crown chakra to facilitate the connection with the spiritual correspondent of your desired outcome. Then, allow this energy to descend slowly through your body and play its role in the physical realm.

Consider including the manifestation symbol in Reiki projects on the back of the paper.

NOTE: This symbol’s energy is amplified by the Kriya symbol from Karuna Reiki.

Golden Pyramid

This is a 3D, four-sided, golden pyramid. Its role is to help heal and clear karmic issues related to money.

According to your intuition, visualize it spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Use the Golden Pyramid in meditation and visualize it as it surrounds your energy fields. It will gradually dissolve any negative patterns and residual energies that may prevent you from manifesting your material potential. Still, never force its will but allow it to work in your best interest.

NOTE: To make the most out of this level, meditate on each symbol, visualize it in a bright-golden light, and engulf yourself in its energy.

Money Reiki Level 3

Level 3, or the “Grandmaster Level,” focuses on clearing and protecting the practitioner from unwanted influences that may clog the flow of money energy.

It’s also where you learn how to attune others to Money Reiki.

NOTE: The Money Reiki system manifests its energy to the practitioners and teachers through the presence of Archangel Raphael. Although Raphael is not precisely known for enhancing abundance or prosperity, he is the archangel of healing.

The Grandmaster level supports your connection with Archangel Raphael, which helps restore your mental, emotional, and energetic bodies from self-made material obstacles. This can lead to several changes you may experience physically and spiritually.

The symbols:

The system offers various healing methods for working with karmic debts, self-sabotage, or energy projections. This third level takes you closer to balancing these more profound issues with three higher vibrational symbols.

Clearing Symbol

Similar to the Golden Pyramid from level 2, the Clearing Symbol helps clear karmic debts and their corresponding energies.

You can:

  • Activate it on the back of your Reiki project;
  • Visualize it in meditation as it gradually clears out negative energies attached to karmic debts;
  • Include this symbol when sending distance healing to yourself;

Affirmation Symbol

The Affirmation symbol resembles two dollar signs united together as an infinite. Its role is to empower any affirmation.

Yet, you may want to add this symbol when you practice affirmations to support their energy in manifesting material abundance in the physical plane.

Grand Master Symbol

This is a 3D coil that acts as a money magnet, according to Ms. Brail.

You can visualize the Grand Master symbol from the bottom up or within you as it magnetizes the energy of money.

Money Reiki And Angels

Each Money Reiki attunement brings its own number of Reiki spirit guides or angels. They either “specialize” in healing your mental and emotional imbalances in regard to money or work toward creating the optimum money flow for your greater good.

When receiving and/or offering Money Reiki attunements, you’ll also enjoy the assistance of Archangel Raphael, who will support you in clearing the energy strings and harmful programs that may prevent you from integrating the energy of money.

Can Money Reiki Replace Usui

First and foremost, it’s essential to acknowledge that Reiki is only one. It enables the practitioner to channel the universal life force energy for healing and balance.

Still, it’s a complex spiritual practice that allows us to enjoy various manifestations and vibration levels.

Money Reiki handles the flow of material abundance in one’s life while preserving the traditional legacy. It brings specific methods for releasing energy blockages and patterns that may prevent the true potential from materializing.

Because of its attunements, Money Reiki is more of a system than an extension of Usui Reiki. It’s a skill you can consider adding after mastering the fundamentals of traditional practice.

Abundance and prosperity are a by-product of using Reiki to find balance at all levels. Still, this particular system offers the opportunity to focus more on this aspect if required.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

One Last Word

Once you understand the value of a healthy financial situation, making steps toward improving this part of your life will naturally occur. It’s when controversies won’t matter, and your intentions will follow your core principles.

Money Reiki may hold the “spiritual keys” for unlocking the door toward material abundance, but it’s possible to take you beyond what money represents in the physical plane.

By clearing these energies, you may realize that your spiritual potential looks different from what you imagined. At this stage, you won’t be tempted to force results, and you’ll let yourself be guided toward the ideal outcome.

Finding meaning in your actions is what Reiki is all about and coming at peace with your financial philosophy is what Money Reiki can help you achieve.


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