Enter The Alpha State Of Mind To Relieve Stress And Regain Focus

Alpha state of mind is when you reach the perfect balance between complete relaxation and physical awareness.

In this article, you’re going to learn what the alpha state is and what benefits it brings.

We’re also going to dive a bit deeper and see how the alpha state of mind should feel and how to enter it.

Let’s get started!

Understanding Brainwaves

Our brain is the physical engine that helps us connect to different types of energies and brainwaves. It’s our personal conductor that drives us towards intentions, emotions, and awareness.

It’s our duty to train and use it accordingly.

Understanding the frequencies at which our brain can function is one of the best ways to do this. These waves provide our brains with several functions that balance our lives.

For example, a certain wave of energy helps us sleep while another keeps us focused.

How Many Brainwaves Are There

As a general definition, we know that brainwaves result from electrical pulses that come from neurons interacting with each other. Even so, we don’t know much about them, and their origins remain a mystery.

Science states there are 5 main brainwaves. With special sensors placed on the subject’s head, you can measure them in hertz. They are the triggers that influence our communication and overall behavior.

Here the 5 main types of brainwaves:

Gamma Brainwaves

These provide the most brain activity.

Usually, they are within the 32-100 Hz range. The gamma waves are associated with a higher perception and peak brain activity. They are the fastest of all brainwaves and appear when a person is undertaking an act of selfishness.

Beta Brainwaves

The beta waves range within 13-32 Hz and show up when a person is alert and has active thinking. They become present when we are awake, focused, and rational.

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha waves are between 8-13 Hz and are the first measurable brainwaves discovered. They are associated with relaxation, meditation, and creativity. Alpha waves offer the perfect balance between the time right before falling asleep and being awake.

Theta Brainwaves

Their frequency ranges from 3 to 8 Hz. If you meditate when you are in the Alpha waves, after 20 minutes or so, you will eventually end up here, in the Theta. This is when you are about to fall asleep. You begin seeing fleeting images and slowly fall into the unconscious.

Delta Brainwaves

They range between 0.5 and 4 Hz. Here is where deep sleep occurs. Healing and revitalizations begin at this level. Delta waves are associated with restorative and dreamless sleep. When this happens, chances are that we will wake up fresh and ready for action.

These are the 5 main measurable brainwaves that science has discovered. Even so, there is one more wave that is the most difficult to detect. It’s called the Infra-low frequency. These waves are below the 0.5 Hz mark. Apart from being connected to our cognitive functions, very little is known about them.

Keep in mind that this is a brief description. There’s a lot more data for each brainwave. The scope here is to offer context and make sense for the core subject.

What Does The Alpha State Of Mind Feel Like

The alpha brainwave represents the best moment of interaction with your inner self. It is widely used in Reiki and Yoga as well as in many other spiritual practices.

Alpha state is when we begin to understand our true selves and the outside world from a spiritual standpoint. It’s a moment of pure creativity, free from external influences.

Here’s an example to better understand how the perfect alpha looks like:

A few years ago, during a divining course, our teacher helped us reach the alpha state. He wanted to see if we could truly manage it. At one point, he slammed a book on the floor. As expected, it made a terrifying noise. Some students got scared and were startled. Others didn’t move. Our teachers then said: “If you reacted to the noise, it means you’re not yet in the alpha state.”

With time and practice, it all made sense.

When you are in the alpha state, you create a barrier around you. No external influence will be able to reach inside. You might hear and even see them. But everything will be blurred, and in no way will they affect you.

The alpha state of mind is often compared to when you wake up or the time right before falling asleep.

The Buddhist and Hindu statues are a perfect representation of one being in the alpha state. Most of them are in a meditation pose. Their eyes are half-shut and have a small, relaxed smile on their face. They are in perfect balance.

This is how the alpha state of mind should feel like.

How To Enter The Alpha State Of Mind

Here’s an easy to follow meditation to enter the alpha state and increase the flow of these waves:

  1. Find a quiet place and sit comfortably in a chair with your back straight. You can also lie down, but there is a chance you will fall asleep shortly after this exercise;
  2. Relax and take several deep breaths;
  3. Slowly inhale while mentally counting to 4. First, fill your abdomen with air. Then, let it flow in your chest;
  4. When both your abdomen and chest are filled, hold your breath while mentally counting to 4. This is called “apnea”;
  5. Slowly exhale the air from your chest, followed by the abdomen while mentally counting to 4;
  6. Repeat for 10 up to 20 times;

With each repetition, you will go deeper into the alpha state. There is a high probability that you will feel numbness in your body.

The key is not to rush your breaths. You can always adjust the counting to a number that feels comfortable. This is used to calibrate your mind with the alpha waves.

NOTE: If you don’t have enough practice, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel clumsy. It’s normal. The first few tries should be about getting to know the procedure and understand it. Your purpose is to do it correctly and not get discouraged if you miss your counting and can’t find the balance after your first try. It’s not hard, but know that it will take a while to find the right flow. So, again, don’t rush and set the proper expectations. You will get there!

Connecting To The Alpha State Of Mind Through Music

Music has helped us get into a better mood for centuries. Whether we used it in meditation, physical activities, or relaxation, it has always been a trusted partner.

A certain type of music can help you achieve a smoother transition into the alpha state of mind. What you need to look for is the frequency of the songs. 432Hz, 528Hz, or 936Hz are your best choices. They will ease the process of getting into the alpha state of mind and cleanse your aura from negative thoughts and energies.

Here are a couple of examples:

The following video uses both the alpha state and a high vibrational frequency:

These are just a few pointers to get you started. As you can imagine, there are countless other high-vibrational songs out there. Use the above as a reference and see what you resonate with.

The way they are constructed will improve your overall state, whether you are meditating, working, or looking to relax.

The Benefits Of Being In The Alpha State Of Mind

Now that you understand how it “looks” like, let’s see the benefits of being in the alpha state.

Use Alpha State To Relax

The process of reaching the Alpha state passes through a level of relaxation. The more you dive into alpha, the more profound this relaxation becomes.

As an effect of this gradual, deep relaxation, there is a strong chance your body and mind will feel almost numb. I would describe it as a moment that filters out unnecessary movements.

Your eyes will feel heavy. Before you know it, you will find yourself in-between being awake and falling asleep. That’s when you are at the border of the alpha and theta brainwaves.

By achieving this kind of relaxation, you will already be in a stage of nourishing and healing.

alpha state of mind

Empty Your Mind By Entering The Alpha State

Reaching the alpha state creates a liberation of the mind. Stray thoughts that get you tired will dissipate. Stress and worries that pollute your brain daily will cease to exist in those moments. Your mind will be clear. You will be the only one left with your inner-self and your own energy.

Achieving this level will enable you to find focus and filter out unnecessary elements. It’s a great way to start creative work.

If you are about to start a spiritual practice or meditation, it will become significantly easier to perform.

Channeling Energy

Using Reiki or any other types of energy healing that involves channeling energy will provide a better perception of its flow.

Depending on your sensitivity level, you will be able to better receive the information and energy transmitted during self-treatment.

Most students, when practicing Reiki, they reach the alpha state by default. The process becomes easier and brings more confidence and motivation to the student.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Constantly placing yourself in the alpha state will gradually diminish dread. In fact, using the alpha state with crystals for anxiety and a form of meditation or therapy can act like medicine for your mind and soul.

I believe that mornings are best suited for reaching the alpha state. That’s when we are relaxed and “willing” to receive different forms of energy.

You can do so on the side of your bed when you wake up. Let your feet touch the ground, keep your eyes closed, smile, and relax. You can visualize happiness and prosperity, health, and confidence.

Do this for 30 days, 5 minutes each morning, and results will not delay.

Alpha State Can Help You Reduce Stress Levels

Together with anxiety and depression, stress is one of the most encountered negative elements that most of us have to deal with.

Reaching the alpha state will help reduce stress levels quite fast. You can even do this in a busy workplace with loud and annoying colleagues. Use the breathing technique presented above to pull yourself out of that environment for a while. This is not only a moment of peace but also healing. You should then be able to complete your tasks in a more focused and relaxed manner.

NOTE: Not all jobs are the same. Be aware of the type of work you do. The alpha state will relax you. Therefore, if you need to drive or work on a construction site, make sure to take the necessary time to get back to full focus and strength. If you’re in an office environment, then this procedure might be a perfect choice.

Just to highlight the point I’m trying to make, let me give you another example:

“At one point in my life, I was working in a hotel as a front desk manager. There were times, not few when things got pretty busy.

The phone was constantly ringing while guests were coming in and out. Being a small boutique hotel, I had to do most of the work.

I was anxious to serve everyone.

I had to. It was my job.

But before you know it, anxiety turns into stress, and it goes downhill from there.

Luckily I had something to work with. I always applied the alpha state method in those moments.

In just a few minutes, I was back on track, feeling more relaxed and confident in my abilities to take all tasks to completion.

The alpha state is one of the best remedies to counter the effect of stress.”

NOTE: As with many practices, intention is key. Simply having the clear intention of flowing into the alpha state will prepare your mind for doing just that. Even if you don’t follow the exact steps, a clear intention will trigger the action. You will notice how your breathing will become deeper and slower. The mind will empty itself and will help you handle stressful situations more relaxed.

Become More Creative

The alpha wave helps you connect to the part of your brain designated for creativity. It stimulates and allows it to physically manifest creations that previously seemed impossible.

Having an empty and relaxed mind can propel us in creating beautiful things.

Even scientists confirmed an increased level of creativity during the alpha state. However, I would say that it depends on the type of endeavor you wish to undertake.

For example, if you want to paint or write, reaching the alpha state is a great idea. You cannot achieve optimum results with a rushed mind.

On the other hand, if you are climbing mountains and your life depends on being present and focused, it might be best to avoid total relaxation. Even so, it could be a good exercise before you start. It can help you transition from the outside world into a focused state. Visualize the outcome and yourself getting there.

When Not To Use The Alpha State

You would be surprised to know how many professional athletes enter the alpha state unconsciously. This is the outcome of years of practice. It becomes routine, and they are able to achieve incredible results while being relaxed and confident.

Like previously mentioned, it’s recommended not to enter the alpha state before physical activities. You can use it when you are alone to visualize yourself completing a task successfully. The scope is to become robust and turn the odds in your favor. Protect yourself from outside influences and enhance your skills. Unfortunately, some people go out of this state and become stressed and fearful. It then becomes useless. Avoid this outcome by finding the optimum moment to make use of the alpha state.

Start slowly. Twice a week at first is more than enough. Compare the results with other brainwave stages. When you become familiar with everything, try to add one more session/week and so on.

Alpha State Of Mind In A Few Words

It’s highly likely that more unmeasurable brainwaves exist and that they could help us develop latent parts of our brain.

The alpha state of mind is a great way to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

It’s the wave that prepares us for creative and spiritual practices. This happens because we need a certain vibration to tap into our consciousness and express creativity.

That’s when the alpha state becomes useful. It leads us to higher awareness and, eventually, spiritual growth.

Your Turn

Have you tried entering the alpha state of mind before?

What are you looking to use it for in the future?

Drop us a line in the comments below.


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