Gnosa Symbol Raises Mental Potential To Clear Knowledge And Wisdom

Gnosa is the first symbol you learn at the 2nd level of Karuna Reiki System.

Master Marie Abraham channeled this symbol in collaboration with William Lee Rand.

Its main traits are knowledge, wisdom and amplifying mental and spiritual potential.

Gnosa symbol helps us raise our awareness and connect to our higher-self.

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Gnosa In Connection To The Angels Of Divine Wisdom

To enjoy the full potential of Gnosa, one has to first understand the power of Karuna Reiki.

The whole system is an adjuvant for our relationship with the Divine, especially with Angels and Archangels. That’s why it’s good that we develop a strong connection with them.

By activating Gnosa, with the intention of connecting to Angels of knowledge and wisdom, we gain optimum access to their energy. This enhances the effect of Gnosa and our Reiki practice.

The result is an increased level of awareness and intuition of the human-Divine relationship. Our spiritual understanding will expand. We’ll be capable of having more respect for ourselves, humankind, and Divinity.

Amplifying Your Potential And Performance

Gnosa acts as a pathway through which certain energies and entities connected to the Divine truth and wisdom. This way they gain access to the physical world to aid us. Our healthy connection with the Divine will come as a “plus” in this situation.

Therefore, Gnosa symbol will enhance what we already have within us. That’s the potential for compassion, unconditional love, wisdom, and Divine consciousness.

Through spiritual practices and our will, Reiki symbols such as Gnosa, AUM and Dai Ko Myo can amplify such potentials many times over!

On a mental level, Gnosa is excellent for stimulating performance and focus.

Using this symbol every day will help you move forward harmoniously. You can use it in self-treatment or by activating it on the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras.

It works by removing the stressful struggle we all face when trying to compete. If you imagine each day as a race to the finish line, then Gnosa fits right in.

Consider it for intellectual work too. Gnosa symbol amplifies concentration and helps us make the right decisions quickly.

If you’re about to challenge your communication skills, whether that’s for a presentation or exam, Gnosa can enhance your oratory abilities.

Overall, it helps clear your mind and find the correct response to each situation. It works great for both physical and intellectual endeavors.

Gnosa Symbol And The Divine Truth

Gnosa symbol has a strong bond with both the higher-self and inner-self, uniting them in a balanced way for each of us.

Through this connection, it is capable of helping you express only the real truth and recognize it. Gnosa will literally help “flush” out the lies or misunderstandings from a conversation.

Activating Gnosa symbol on your third eye chakra and throat chakra will help you separate the truth from the lies. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is the other person’s fabrication.

NOTE: I recommend you handle such situations with calm. You should let the person finish their story and only after subtly introduce in the conversation the subject that you suspect is a lie. Observe their reaction. The body language will tell you what the truth is.

Another method would be to activate a large Gnosa symbol between you and the person you are talking to. Never do this directly on the person!

Be aware that this action can trigger honesty and flush out the false dialog between you two. Of course, you have the right to do this when feeling something is not going well.

NOTE: This is not an act of manipulation. You or anyone else with access to this symbol has the right to filter out the truth if they feel to do so.

Manipulation is when you use the symbols directly on a person without their consent. This is considered energetic aggression and it comes with its own consequences.

How To Use Gnosa Symbol In Physical Healing

There are moments in life that bring with them stress, anxiety and even depression. They usually lead to physical imbalances like panic attacks, headaches, etc.

Gnosa symbol has the ability to heal both negative emotions and their effects. It does this by helping coordinate the proper health of our nervous system and brain hemispheres. Of course, it works better before they reach the physical state. It becomes significantly harder to eliminate the cause after.

Applying Gnosa every day on the crown chakra and using it in self-treatment can remove the potential of such imbalances. Even if we have a stressful day, by connecting to its healing energy, the negative emotions will be considerably diminished.

Gnosa And Its Connection To Other Reiki Symbols

There are various techniques where you can use the Gnosa symbol. This can be for either enhancing its power or focusing its healing energy on a certain goal.

For example, using a double Gnosa symbol on your crown chakra will help you develop an even stronger focus. This will lower your fatigue levels, dispel negative thoughts, and even help you with hangovers.

  • Cho Ku Rei can amplify any beneficial use of the Gnosa symbol;
  • Together with Shika So, Gnosa can amplify your ability to communicate as well as receive information;
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Gnosa symbol can be used in space and time for a better understanding of an event. It also works for enhancing the focus and performance of a project that will take place in the future;
  • Dai Ko Myo + Gnosa facilitates our communication with our Spirit Guides and Divinity. One thing that stands here is how we can better understand the symbolic information that we might receive;
  • Iava + Gnosa symbol is the ideal combination for bringing peace and stillness. Keep in mind that pausing from time to time can have extremely beneficial effects on our mind and body. Adding Shanti to the equation will provide a soul-soothing effect that is very efficient against anxiety;
  • Dumo Reiki symbol (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo) and Om symbols in combination with Gnosa work great in self-treatment or meditation. They will literally free your mind and remove any residual or negative thoughts. This will also help you connect to the Divine consciousness;
  • Ho Ka O Ili Ili + Gnosa will greatly enhance the already strong effect of Ho Ka O Ili Ili. Self-respect and respect for others are its main traits. This combination is beneficial for self-control as well. The best way to use this sequence is between you and another person to earn respect and have a better understanding;
  • Gnosa and Rama symbols also offer strong self-control and self-discipline. Together they are more appropriate for physical activities. The combo enhances your stamina and strength during workouts and physical endeavors;
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12 thoughts on “Gnosa Symbol Raises Mental Potential To Clear Knowledge And Wisdom”

  1. Would you use Gnosa in a spoken mantra with prayer beads? Perhaps with other symbols that speak to you. Kinda like Om Mani Padme Hum. I was thinking Om Shanti Gnosa Hum for example. What are your thoughts.

    • Hi Norja and thank you for writing.

      I have never used the symbols as a sequence of spoken mantras, but I think they can be used should you choose to do so.

      Besides, when you activate a symbol, you pronounce its name three times for bringing its energy into the physical plane… that is also similar to a mantra.

  2. I was doing a meditation about 2 months ago to connect with my spirit guides and receive a “shared” symbol from them. Afterwards, I drew up the image as best as I could with the quick vision I saw. This is how I described it to my boyfriend “it was like 2 infinity figure eights in a cross. Like a celtic knot with 4 knotloops connected by a full circle. In the center but bigger then the little center circle there was a triangle pointing up.” I searched and searched online through all the symbols I could think of it relating to. No luck. Then, I just got a phone call from my boyfriend at work with his coworker. The coworker had tested positive for COVID19 and my boyfriend was there with him all day face to face. So just before I was about to do an emergency distance Reiki session for them, I typed in “Reiki distance symbols and techniques for healing” (or something along those lines) looking for a new technique to try out and BOOM there was my symbol! And at the same time, my boyfriend finds a black sparrow feather.
    Universe and spirit are amazing.

    • Hi Jacqueline and thank you for sharing this!

      Yes. what you described guided my thought directly to Gnosa… It may not be the exact symbol like the one in your meditation but perhaps there is a connection.

      Reiki can have amazing healing effects when used properly. You can send light for an optimum and steady recovery for their greater good. I trust in the end everyone will be healthy. We will all go through this and everything will be back to normal soon enough.

      The Universe works to our intention if we know how to call upon its help.


  3. Hi Vlad,
    Your articles are really different from other and i feel very confidence on this.Firstly, I would like to thanks you for creating such an informative site.

    I have one question regarding the above statement’s. What you mean by “using a DOUBLE GNOSA SYMBOL” on your crown chakra.
    What that mean and how to use that?

    • Hi Ronak and thank you for your feedback. I am very happy that you find my articles useful.

      Double Gnosa means that you can draw a Gnosa on each brain hemisphere. This will enhance your focus, mental clarity, and cleanse your mind from negative thoughts. You can draw each one of them above each hemisphere using either one hand or both hands simultaneously. Together with your clear intention, this will activate the double Gnosa symbols.


    • Hi there Marie and thank you for your kind words!

      Indeed this system can be a “game changer” when it comes to your self and spiritual development.

      Blessings to you!

  4. Hi: I wish I could see someone doing a complete healing Karuna Ki presentation!
    I know you can increase the power of the symbols by singing, but I’ve only seen a healing session where they mentioned a couple of symbols, and they were done?
    I would love your feedback, and Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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