Dumo Reiki Symbol: Explore The Power Of The Dragon Breath

Dumo Reiki symbol, also known as the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo, represents a high-vibrational spiritual token meant to support the attunement process and enhance the vibration of the traditional master symbol, Dai Ko Myo.

You can use it for cleansing at the inner-self level, to remove energetic blockages, and optimize the flow through the main energy channel.

In this article, we’ll explore the Dumo Reiki symbol more in-depth and see what it represents and how to use it in your daily practice.

What Is The Dumo Reiki Symbol

Dumo reiki symbol is a non-traditional version of the original Dai Ko Myo, both serving as master symbols.

Also known as Tibetan Dai Ko Myo, it is believed to have its origins in the kingdom of Atlantis. It allegedly reached Tibet through the descendants surviving the sunken continent’s cataclysm.

Since its first use in Reiki by Arthur Robertson, the Domo Reiki symbol has been incorporated in most Reiki attunements to provide more efficient access to the universal life force energy.

NOTE: Arthur Robertson belongs to the Reiki lineage of Hawayo Takata – Iris Ishikuro – Arthur Robertson.

Dumo helps remove energetic blockages and stimulates the universal energy’s flow through our energetic structures and physical body. Therefore, it’s very useful in attunements because it supports the student in this transition phase.

Yet, with minor differences from its traditional counterpart, you can use it in self-treatment and treatment of others.

How To Draw The Dumo Reiki Symbol

Dumo Reiki Symbol

The Main Uses Of The Dumo Reiki Symbol

The examples below do not limit the symbol’s potential. Use them as starting points but feel free to explore as your intuition guides you.

In The Attunement Process

  • Before starting the attunement, the teacher connects to the flow of the universal life force energy while keeping the tongue on the palate, the roof of the mouth;
  • The energy is then guided through the front main meridian, Ren Mai. It continues its journey all the way down to the inguinal area where the Hui Yin point is located;
  • It then travels up the spine along the Du-Mai meridian towards the center of the head;
  • Here, the accumulated energy starts rotating counterclockwise as it turns from bright white to violet;
  • The master/teacher activates the Dumo Reiki symbol within the energy that forms inside the head while keeping its tongue on the roof of the month the whole time;
  • Now, the Dumo Reiki symbol is once again activated behind the upper incisors by using the tip of the tongue;
  • The next step is the most important. The master/teacher exhales (breathes) the Domo Reiki symbol and the violet light directly on the student’s crown chakra. Again, intention and visualization are critical elements in this last step, called the “Dragon Breath”;

Of course, a complete attunement consists of many more parts, but this is the one that enables the universal life force energy to flow through the body.

On Yourself

  • Activate it on the palms as you would with any other Reiki symbol before performing the Reiki self-treatment. It will help remove the energetic blockages from your meridians and energy fields;
  • While you’re in the heart chakra hand position within the self-treatment, visualize the symbol entering and cleansing the soul’s structure. This effect will go further to the thymus and heart. Consider adding the Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki sequence to enhance the overall effect. It’s possible to feel like yawning or crying. These are normal reactions when working with such a potent symbol;
  • Activate the Dumo Reiki symbol above the head before self-treatment to stimulate the energy flow on the Soul Star and crown chakras. This will enhance the connection with the divine consciousness and wisdom;
  • Create a strong protection layer by activating the symbol on the front, back, left, and right sides of the body;
  • Visualize the Dumo Reiki symbol on the pineal and pituitary glands to cleanse and stimulate them. If you have the Karuna Reiki attunement, consider adding Shanti to this method;

On Others

  • Activate it on top of the patient’s head with the intention of cleansing the Soul Star and crown chakras. Guide the Dumo Reiki symbol down the main energy channel to dissolve residual energies;
  • If the student has at least the level 2 Usui Reiki attunement, you can activate the symbol on their back of the body to stimulate the rise of the Kundalini energy;
  • Perform the Reiki treatment on the student with your palms activated with the Dumo Reiki symbol. This will help remove energy blockages and restore the integral structure of the energy fields;
  • You can always take into account the activation method for the pineal and pituitary glands. Of course, first make sure that the patient is aware of the potential intense effects;

How The Dumo Reiki Symbol Works With The Kundalini Energy

As you can see, the Dumo Reiki Symbol resembles the Kundalini energy from its coiled base to its rise through the Sushumna main energy channel.

That’s because the primary purpose of the Dumo Reiki symbol is to enter the body through the attunement process. Then, as it descends through the Sushumna energy channel, it reaches the Kundalini energy.

Here it produces a spark representing the initial spiritual momentum that helps the student acknowledge the potential for change and evolution. This moment acts as a stimulus. From here on, it’s up to them how they’ll choose to travel their spiritual path.

Another way to use the Dumo Reiki symbol is to activate it on the back of the body to cleanse and stimulate the rise of the Kundalini energy. This will happen in the practitioner’s optimum rhythm to avoid any mental and energetic distortions. It’s best to consider this method only after you have some experience and are comfortable with higher vibration levels.

Using The Dumo Reiki Symbol In Cleansing Your House

Dumo has a relatively high vibration, making it ideal for adding to the cleansing process.

This method will significantly increase the vibration in that area. It will also dissolve the residual and negative energies while repelling malevolent influences.

Another option is to print the symbol and place it in the room. The effect will be less intense but long-lasting if you activate it from time to time.

Variation Of The Dumo Reiki Symbol

Besides the traditional and the non-traditional Dai Ko Myo, there is another less encountered version of the Dumo Reiki symbol.

This is known as the Atlantean Dai Ko Myo, and, as far as I know, you receive as part of the Shamballa Reiki master/teacher level.

Atlantean Dai Ko Myo Reiki Symbol

It has a very similar vibration to Dumo, and it’s used generally for cleansing the three most important “floors” of the human body:

  • The mind;
  • The soul;
  • The inner-self;

The Atlantean Reiki symbol helps stimulate the Kundalini energy for better spiritual growth, soul healing, and mind cleansing.

I like to use it when working on my inner self to stimulate that particular energy. Yet, it’s just the way I resonate with this symbol. You may feel the same or not. Only time and practice will tell.

The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide

One Last Word

All three symbols – The traditional Dai Ko Myo, Tibetan Dai Ko Myo, and Atlantean Dai Ko Myo – have similar uses. Still, it is believed that the last two versions hold more ancient energy than the first one.

I would add that we are yet to unveil what each symbol can genuinely offer and, like with everything else, it’s highly likely that we’ll discover new attributes and uses through practice and meditation.

It’s true that you need an attunement to access the full potential of a symbol. Still, even without one, you can gradually incorporate part of their energy into your self-treatment. Become aware of the changes that occur and how you feel at a mental and emotional level.

The goal is to let yourself be guided by all these elements as they all contribute to inner healing and spiritual evolution.


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    Please clearify following doubts….🙏🙏🙏

    1) How to use Tibetan Dai ko myo symbol with other Reiki symbols …? Means For self healing what should be the sequence of symbols….?

    2) Should we use tibetan dai ko myo before all other symbols as it has higher vibrations than other Usui symbols including Usui Dai ko myo…..?

    • Hi there.

      1) Due to its high vibration, you can add the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo (TDKM) after activating the rest of the Reiki symbols; this means activating CKR, SHK, HSZSN, DKM, and TDKM on your palms and chakras. then start the self-treatment. You can also use TDKM as described in the article;
      2) It’s better to start with lower vibrational symbols such as CKR and SHK. That’s because a gradual ascend is always better then suddenly starting with the higher one;

      I hope this helps.

      • But I always heard that Master symbols like Usui Dai ko myo should always be drawn first as it empowers other symbols which we will draw and the other activities which we are initiating…….What are your opinion about this….?

        Thank you very much for your Reply 🙏🙏🙏

      • But I always heard that Master symbols like Usui Dai Ko Myo should always be drawn first as it empowers other symbols which we will draw afterwards or the other activities which we are initiating…..What is your opinion about this….?

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        • Hi Sharathzaas.

          Usually, the higher-vibrational symbols are used in the beginning of attunements in order to cleanse the main energy channels that allow the universal life force energy to flow.

          Using them in the same manner for therapy is not exactly wrong. It’s just that I prefer using a gradual sequence for removing residual or negative energies. This method is a bot more “less invasive” meaning that it helps the patient/student gain a gradual cleansing and understanding of what actually happens within the treatment process.



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