Explore The Best Grounding Crystals And Understand Their Role

Grounding crystals are exceptional instruments for influencing our body, mind, and spirit.

The process of grounding brings a lot of benefits. It manifests as a balance between our physical and spiritual life.

Crystals can help us find grounding in a gradual, harmonious way.

This article will explain what grounding is and how we can influence this process with certain crystals.

We’re also going to cover this process from a Reiki perspective and see how it can enhance the practice.

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Before getting into crystals, it’s crucial to understand what grounding is and its influence on us.

What Is Grounding And Why Is It Important

Many see grounding in their own way.

Generally speaking, the concept goes much deeper than its definition.

At a physical level – grounding refers to your ability to think clearly and live in the present. When grounded, you are rational and not influenced by each piece of information you come in contact with.
You become sturdy, more focused, and gain stone-cold analytical thinking.

Even though this describes grounding at the surface, it’s far from revealing its true, deeper meaning.

If you follow only this definition, the danger is that your ego will intervene and you’ll adopt an “I know better” attitude. This can lead to fabricated ideas that will limit your potential for understanding what’s beyond this level.

“The truth will set you free!”

This leads us to the next point.

best grounding crystals reikiscoop

At a spiritual level – because now you addressed the physical side, both the universal and Earth’s energy will flow better through you. At this point, you become the centerpiece of your own universe.

Being grounded means emotional, mental, and spiritual equilibrium.

  • You are in control;
  • Your mind doesn’t wander but stays focused;
  • Using intuition, knowledge, and wisdom, you can now improve your life and help others;

Grounding means that you are at peace and understand respect for yourself and other people. It’s not a technique or therapy but a state of perfect balance.

How Grounding Impacts Our Life

Being grounded can significantly improve our life. While others do this naturally, the rest of us find it challenging to stay connected to reality.

Either way, we all need to find our balance.

The Benefits That Come With Grounding

From a physical perspective – you will feel as if you are “rooted” to Earth. Your vital energy will grow, and your metabolism will function correctly. Even your sexual energy will be enhanced.

From a mental point of view – you’ll begin to feel more confident. As a result, you’ll be able to comfort others and even inspire them to manifest self-confidence.

The way you will approach different situations in life will change. You will no longer worry needlessly or overthink certain situations.

Decision making will come smoothly and with confidence.

You will easily find focus, stay active, and motivated.

Professionally – you can gain a more robust way of thinking. Your ideas will be much more precise and better communicated.

You will no longer feel “out of place”, but rather comfortable in most situations.

At the emotional level – you will be able to provide support without draining yourself of energy. In turn, you will attract the same stability and trust.

At the energetic level – this is where it all starts. Use grounding crystals and/or Reiki to activate and balance them. Knowing what chakras to focus on will help you act efficiently at the right time.

The Chakras Responsible For Grounding

The Earth Star, root, and sacral chakras are the main ones. To some extent, even the solar plexus chakra can be taken into account.

Focus first on the root chakra, or Muladhara, because it influences both the Earth Star and sacral chakras. When this chakra is opened, you gradually become more grounded.

Muladhara generates a field of vitality. When activated, it can enhance the flow of abundance and improve your physical health.

When grounded, you allow a harmonious stream of energy to flow through the crown and root chakras. This is the universal life force energy as well as the Earth’s energy.

NOTE: These chakras play a crucial part in our well-being and spiritual evolution. Grounding is just one of the effects.

What Are The Best Crystals For Grounding

Crystals and stones have the ability to influence our energetic fields and chakras. Their vibration can regulate our emotional and mental state.

Therefore, they have many beneficial uses.

Certain types of crystals can stimulate the activation of our lower chakras. This translates into us becoming more grounded, energized, and prosperous on all levels.

Let’s see what the best crystals for grounding are and why.

Smoky Quartz – the grounding crystal for chakra balancing

Smoky quartz is one of the most fascinating crystals out there.

It has been around for more than 2000 years and was once known as Scotland’s magical stone. Druids actually used it in different magic rituals.

Today you can find smoky quartz in most gem shops.

Smoky quartz stimulates the activation of the root and Earth star chakras. This way, it creates a balanced flow of the universal life force energy through these two energy centers.

A lesser-known attribute is that the smoky quartz can absorb negative and residual energies from your energetic fields while balancing them at the same time. This process increases your protection at the spiritual level.

Black Tourmaline – the grounding crystal for vital energy

This is a great absorber of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline can help the human body release toxins on both physical and energetic levels. Of course, this happens through the stimulation of the root chakra.

This crystal grounds us by increasing our confidence and feeling of safety. It’s also a great crystal for anxiety and stress because it aids in balancing our mental health.

If your fatigue levels become overwhelming, black tourmaline can work as a vital energy enhancer.

Red Garnett – the grounding crystal for sexual energy

While this is a stone that enhances sensuality and romance, it is also known for its ability to ground its wearer by stimulating the root and sacral chakras.

Red garnett brings self-confidence and honesty but also increases the flow of vital energy.

It is a stone that promotes prosperity and abundance at all levels.

Red Jasper – the grounding crystal for serenity

This crystal is a great activator for the root and Earth star chakras.

It helps reduce low-vibrational emotions like anger and aggression.

Red Jasper stimulates the vital energy of the body and helps regulate blood flow.

One overlooked attribute is its ability to support the owner to withstand emotional aggression and domination. This means that red jasper can offer a level of protection when in proximity.

Hematite – the grounding crystal for physical health

This is one of the most powerful stones for grounding.

Apart from stimulating the Earth star and root chakras, Hematite is strongly connected to the physical body and its functions.

This special crystal can help you have a good rest while absorbing the residual energies from your body.

Moreover, a properly cleansed hematite will transform these energies into positive ones.

One thing most people don’t know about Hematite is that it can protect you from pollution and radiation. This means it has a detoxifying effect, one of the factors that lead to increased anxiety levels.

Hematite also helps keep away toxic people from your life.

Black Onyx – the grounding crystal for protection

Onyx is a fascinating crystal that comes in a variety of forms. The most common yet powerful one is black Onyx.

Black Onyx is known for its ability to protect the wearer and absorb negative energies from the surroundings. It is one of the best “tools” for deflecting black magic.

It stimulates the Earth star and root chakra and helps with the development of your vital energy.

Black Onyx is one of the stones that can be used for emotional healing.

Respect Your Grounding Crystals And Cleanse Them Regularly

Crystals are living entities that should be treated with respect and cared for. Store them in a safe place and away from strangers. They will give back exponentially if you treat them right.

Here’s how to cleanse your crystals:


You can smudge your crystals with it any type of incense that you resonate with.

The ones that have higher vibration are

  • Frankincense;
  • Myrrh;
  • Palo Santo;
  • Sage;
  • Santal Incense sticks;

You can do this once a week or whenever you feel your crystals have gathered too much residual energy.


Be aware that your crystals are alive.

They have constant molecular activity, and suing salt can cause dehydration. This usually happens when you place your crystals in salted water.

A better way is to lay them on coarse salt for a couple of hours. Rinse them afterward in warm water. This is a gentle approach with a strong effect.


Considering this is a Reiki website, I believe this is the best way to cleanse your grounding crystals.

Activate your palms and hold them for 5-10 minutes each. Add the Reiki symbols you have access to both on your palms and crystals. This will enhance the overall effect.

You want to use Reiki to cleanse the crystals and connect them to the universal life force energy.

Do so once or twice per week to dissolve any residual energy.

Grounding Crystals From a Reiki Perspective

Grounding is a popular concept in Reiki.

We practice Reiki to find balance.

Many times, this means being aware of what’s around us while staying connected with our spiritual side. This is what grounding is all about, and adding crystals to the mix can only enhance the effect.

Some Reiki teachers prefer to separate crystal therapy from Reiki. They say that things should not be mixed.

While I respect their opinion, my experience shows that they blend perfectly fine.

We don’t do crystal therapy when using crystals with Reiki. Maybe that’s where the confusion comes from. We try to enhance the effect of the life force energy through a living entity that can help focus the intention.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to practice Reiki with grounding crystals.

As a general guideline, size does matter in this case. You don’t have to purchase huge pieces, but know that small crystals have limited power. They have a physical body and are governed by physical laws.

Keep them next to you in self-treatment. They will increase the effect and help activate the crown and root chakras. Do the same if you practice on others.


Being grounded is a healthy concept. You just need to understand it beyond the common definition. Grounding helps us bring the life force energy here, on Earth, while allowing us to be the perfect vessel for it.

When grounded, we also learn how to work with Earth’s energy, which is vital for our existence in the physical plane.

Grounding crystals are a wonderful addition that can help us achieve this state harmoniously. Use them in your meditations and during the Reiki self-treatment.

They will be happy to assist you.

Don’t underestimate the power of crystals or the influence grounding can have on your life. They are ways to improve at the physical level while at the same time, evolve spiritually.

I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

What grounding crystal do you resonate with the most?

Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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  2. Your article explains the advantage of being grounded. My experience is I am often distracted by my thoughts and emotions finding it difficult to focus with a peaceful clarity and stillness. I have crystals that I have been drawn to yet I didn’t understand the respect and care needed to work with them. I will add red jasper, hermalite and black onyx to support my journey. Thank you for the information you share. May your work receive abundant blessings, Vlad.

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