Motor Zanon | The Anti-Viral Symbol That’s Great For Your Immunity

Motor Zanon is a symbol predominantly used for healing a living organism from viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Also known as the anti-viral symbol, it’s probably the most controversial of all.

It’s part of multiple Reiki systems, including Shamballa.

This article is going to explain Motor Zanon, how to draw it, use it, and why it raises so many questions among Reiki practitioners.

motor zanon shamballa reiki symbol

Motor Zanon And Shamballa Reiki System

You gain access to Motor Zanon at the second level of Shamballa Reiki.

Here, the symbols are very different from the ones found in other types of Reiki. Each one is unique in its own way and can have no connection to the others. That’s one of the reasons why Shamballa Reiki is so complex.

A perfect example is Motor Zanon.

Its attributes are quite different and don’t resemble other symbols.

It might look similar to the Dumo Reiki symbol (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo), but the only common trait is that they both have a high vibration.

Motor Zanon is present in Sekhem Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki as well. In fact, there might be other Reiki systems that use the power of Motor Zanon. Regardless, it preserves the same properties in each system.

The Controversy Of Motor Zanon

There are many Reiki schools around the world, and each one has its own way of teaching. Furthermore, there are Reiki teachers and practitioners that have very different opinions when it comes to Reiki, symbols, and the practice itself.

Getting rid of viruses and bacteria is one subject most can’t agree with. This is not strictly linked to Motor Zanon but to all Reiki symbols and techniques.

Some practitioners believe that you can only raise the vibration. Therefore these negative entities won’t affect you as much. In contrast, others think Motor Zanon can remove the energetic print of viruses and bacteria.

Reality Check

I learned that each symbol is a key that opens the door to certain energies and entities. These can be positive manifestations of the universal life force energy. This means that our symbol can help remove viruses or bacteria due to its vibration and the spirit guides that come with it.

My experience reinforced this argument. I used it with good results, and I believe it’s beneficial.

But bear in mind that first, you have to work with yourself. This is not a pill you take to make the pain go away. Understanding love, compassion, and forgiveness is the best “medicine” of all. No destructive entity attaches itself to a harmonious, high vibrational organism unless a serious karmic debt is involved.

Also, take note that a harmful way of living is accepting everything that is thrown at you. The mainstream media does this very well. Somebody has to sell their semi-inefficient drugs to the masses, so you have to believe you need them. Even though modern medicine is a blessing, much of what’s advertised is the complete opposite. It is possible to get sick just by thinking of it. And, with a constant flow of negativity, it’s not hard. Just be cautious, listen, and assess.

You are the only one who has the power to decide what’s right for you.

Be at peace, and take care of your spiritual life.

How To Draw Motor Zanon

Motor Zanon is relatively easy to draw.

  1. Start with the spiral from right to left;
  2. Draw the middle line to form a V-like shape;
  3. The third is the anchor line;
  4. Then, the “lightning” shape line follows. Some practitioners consider this the main element that helps remove the energetic print of viruses and bacteria;
How to draw motor zanon

When you put it into practice, don’t worry if you don’t do it correctly. The intention is what matters. If you visualize the symbol while saying its name is even better. This will activate its energetic print.

How To Use Motor Zanon

Apply the following sequence on the affected area of the body. Draw each symbol three times while pronouncing its name (3 times).

Cho Ku Rei + Motor Zanon + Cho Ku Rei

If you know the exact location, focus your intention there. In most cases, you don’t know where the virus is. That’s why it’s good practice to cover a larger area with the intention of cleansing your organism and disintegrate whatever is affecting your body.

Motor Zanon has the ability to dissolve the vital energetic field of a virus or bacteria. This eventually should make it disappear.

Use this method daily, followed by a Reiki self-treatment. The results should not delay. You’ll balance your physical health and boost your immune system.

Why We Become Vulnerable To Infections

Always take into account the physical element.

It’s common sense to know that our bodies have limitations. If you are cold or expose yourself to extreme heat, your organism will react.

The problem occurs when you get sick in normal conditions.

There are entire books on how to avoid this. Obviously, having a balanced life, eating well, and getting enough sleep is key to a healthy body.

Even so, from time to time, we become vulnerable to physical and energetic elements. These situations are very unpleasant.

So, is there another reason for this, maybe something that goes much deeper than the obvious?

It is possible that even when we think we are in a state of balance, within our inner-self, things are different.

The inability to accept, forgive, and love ourselves creates disharmony in our energetic system. “Breaches” then occur, and through them, negative energies and entities enter. This can easily affect our physical level, and therefore illness sets in.

Reiki and other spiritual practices are there to help us regain and maintain balance. Before anything, it’s crucial to change your perception and accept change.

We all make mistakes. We have busy lives, get upset, and lose our patience. It’s life. You shouldn’t repel it but learn from your experiences and work to grow on all levels. Negative influences won’t go away, but you can become more and more resilient to them for sure.

Connecting to the universal life force energy helps us focus on what is truly important in our lives.

It is up to us to keep this connection active.


Even with all the controversy, many Reiki practitioners have used Motor Zanon with excellent results. This is because they understand Reiki and allow themselves to explore it. If you use Reiki just to relax and disagree with anything that sounds absurd to you, then you’ll never be able to progress.

Healing comes from within. Having a positive attitude and a healthy perception of life is vital.

Realizing that our physical world is just the tip of the iceberg is an essential first step. This will enable you to expand your consciousness, reach a higher level of understanding, and improve yourself at all levels.

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14 thoughts on “Motor Zanon | The Anti-Viral Symbol That’s Great For Your Immunity”

  1. I am enjoying your information immensely. Very interested in working with Motor Zanon symbol. Just wondering is there a particular sequence of symbols that has been effective for cancer patients?

    • Hi Sarah and thank you for writing.

      For cancer things are a bit more complicated. There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration.

      You can email me and if you are interested we can discuss this in more detail.

      • I was also interested in what symbols are good for treating cancer patients and also failing organs.Anyone have suggestions?

        • Hi Christy.

          There is a symbol called “The Anti Cancer Symbol” which is also included in my Ultimate Symbols Guide.

          I don’t have an article about it yet, but it is mainly used for potentially disrupting the formation of those cells.

          There’s also the “Lon Say” symbol that you may want to search for.


  2. Lost my book .with motor zanon symbol in it.
    So glad to see it turn up here also dident really get it coz I thought it only applied to h.i.v…and help c…but dident have a clue how to use it…iam finding my interest again ..thank you vlad.

    • Hi Fiona,

      I am grateful that the article was useful for you. I really have confidence that the present way of using this symbol can be of help.

      If you have any questions you can also email me.


  3. 🙏 Vlad,

    Wonder if your name is short form of Vladimir.

    BTW, it’s Chaitanyo (Spiritual name) from Australia. I am happy to read the information it’s very tempting. I practice reiki healing myself, am a certified healer so to say.

    Like to ask a question, are there reiki symbols that works for Attraction of anything that one desires (legitimately). Had come across the much talked about Motor Zanon, I tried using it but dint really feel it worked as expected, i was unaware of the need to use as combo symbol. May give it a try.

    Have you developed any symbols by yourself.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Vlad is not always short for Vladimir but rather its origins are Slavic (from Vladislav). However, Vlad is just a standalone name in this case 🙂

      Motor Zanon works best in combination with Cho Ku Rei – is presented in the article. Also, you do need to be attuned to it in order to use it at its full potential.

      If there are symbols that work for attraction – well each symbol accesses a certain type of energy from within the universal source of life force energy. So, in a way, they can all work for this depending on what you want to achieve specifically. Having said that, the best “attractor” is you. When you are calibrated and the energy flows through you in a healthy way, you attract what your inner vibration dictates.


      • La información que tenia antes de leer este artículo, se aproxima bastante. Solo que esta es más ampli6y explícita. Gracias infinitas.
        Tengo entendido que se traza el símbolo de poder, luego el motor Zanon.. se ventila 3 veces, nombrandolo. Luego se traza de nuevo el símbolo de poder y dirigiendo las palmas, hacia afuera, se ventila tres veces, diciendo, Zanon…
        Así me explicaron..


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