Sekhem Reiki: Find Your True Companion For Spiritual Evolution

Sekhem Reiki brings a distinctive flavor to the practice blending traditional methods with esoteric Egyptian knowledge.

It’s also a higher vibrational system being split into “seven facets” or levels acting as a link between Usui and higher ascension forms of Reiki.

Tracing its roots in ancient Egypt, Sekhem Reiki was channeled by Patrick Zeigler in the 80s.

Its 7-layer structure allows the practitioner to focus more on spiritual awakening and deep emotional healing.

Let’s explore Sekhem Reiki in this article and learn how its layout and vibration can enrich your practice and improve your well-being.

What Is Sekhem Reiki

Sekhem Reiki is a system of healing and spiritual ascension that combines traditional Reiki healing methods with “Sekhem,” the ancient Egyptian practice of restoring physical and energetic structures.

These two ideologies create a very potent form of improving one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Sekhem Reiki brings new symbols, meditations, and therefore access to many high-vibrational manifestations of the universal life force energy.

In turn, this creates an assertive discipline that enables you to raise your vibration at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

The Origins Of Sekhem Reiki

Sekhem Reiki came into existence through Patrick Zeigler after his travels to Egypt in 1980. During his visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza, Patrick had a spiritual experience similar to the Mikao Usui’s on Mount Kurama.

More precisely, he was initiated by the spirit guides of the Seikhem system of healing. Throughout this process, he had a vision that enabled him to open to the energy and information of this practice.

Furthermore, Patrick’s journey led to a wise Egyptian Sufi that helped him integrate the energy and knowledge he had just received. The Sufi revealed the name of Sekhem (Seichem) and guided Patrick in becoming an efficient channel.

Later on, he developed the structure we know today as Sekhem Reiki.

Patrick’s intention was to go even further and create a complex workshop through which the student could receive the energy of Reiki and Seikhim through particular meditations and healing methods.

This structure was initially called “All Love” – a concept still present.

The Sekhem Form Of Energy Healing

As we already know, Sekhem originated in Egypt. According to ancient scrolls, it is considered one of the oldest types of energy healing, dating back almost 4000 years.

Because their knowledge comes from a long-forgotten source, Egyptians were not aware of the existence of chakras. Still, they understood how the divine energy flows through the human body. They were aware of the soul and the link between us and the divine consciousness.

Therefore, the Sekhem practice was meant to restore one’s energetic structures so that the physical, mental, and emotional parts could gradually heal.

Sekhem roughly translates as “power of all powers” or “might.” Although similar to Reiki, Sekhem is considered superior in terms of vibration and intensity.

There are many ways to define this energy form. So, let’s go over the most common terms and construct a clear description.

The Different Name Variations

Sekhem Reiki – was passed on from Patrick Zeigler to Tom Seaman, Ken Lowry, and Pheonix Summerfield. This was later defined as the “7 Facet System” or “Renegade Reiki.”

Seichem – referes to Katheleen Milner’s Tera Mai Seichem system.

Sekhem – is Helen Belot’s practice which includes meditations with the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet.

Isis Sekhem or Archangelic Sekhem – represents Patrick’s latest update of the Sekhem Reiki system.

NOTE: In the Sekhem Reiki manual, Patrick states that the Sekhem transfer of energy to others is a group-oriented action and should not be separated. Therefore, even though he considers himself the founder of this system, he rejects the term “Lineage Bearer” because the nature of Sekhem’s energy is, in his view, “more holographic” than linear.

Truth be told, all Reiki systems have the same goal: to cleanse the physical and energetic structures and place them in a state of healing.

Having said that, there’s a reason why so many types of Reiki emerged in the past decades. Therefore, let’s see what sets Sekhem Reiki apart and why you should consider it in addition to Usui.

Sekhem Reiki vs. Usui Reiki

Apart from having different origins, let’s see what Sekhem and Usui have in common and the few distinct characteristics that define them.

  • While Usui Reiki focuses predominantly on physical, mental, and emotional healing, Sekhem Reiki leans toward spiritual development and working with deep-rooted traumas;
  • The first Sekhem Reiki level has the same symbols as Usui. Then, you receive access to new ones that have a higher vibration;
  • Both systems are structured in levels. Sekhem Reiki has 7 of them, and they are called “facets.” They help the students gradually enhance their sense of the inner self and better their relationship with the outer world;
  • The more you advance in this system, the more you understand and accept your potential as well as your imbalances. Similar to Usui, you learn how to harmonize with the vibration and the healing mechanism you received. Still, your ability to channel the universal life force energy at higher frequencies increases exponentially;

NOTE: From a “technical” perspective, Sekhem Reiki’s vibration is higher than Usui’s. However, let’s not forget that other Reiki systems, like Shamballa or Lightarian, are “stronger” than both. This doesn’t make any of them better than the other. They simply provide access to different (higher) manifestations of the universal life force energy. If anything, you should gradually advance from one system to another only when you have enough experience working with Usui.

How Many Sekhem Reiki Levels Are There

As mentioned before, within the Sekhem Reiki system, there are a total of seven levels, also known as “facets.” The term symbolically describes the multiple facets of the universal life force energy or “Facets of Light,” as some may call them.

Similar to Usui, they represent spiritual advancements rather than learning stages.

NOTE: The following is only a brief description of the 7 facets. This is based on the official Sekhem Reiki manual, but there are many more teachings within each attunement.

Sekhem Reiki Facet One – The power level

At this initial stage, you learn about the Sekhem Reiki history and Patrick Zeigler’s experience in the pyramid of Giza.

Then, you move on to the Infinity Mediation, which connects you to the Sekhem energy. This process will also help dissolve any damaging programs and residual energies you may carry.

Sekhem Reiki Facet One Symbols:

The Infinity Symbol – represents ‘universal love’ that’s part of the Sekhem energy. This symbol is usually at the crown and heart chakra areas.

Cho Ku Rei – has the same uses as traditional Usui Reiki systems. It’s a versatile symbol that cleanses, activates, and protects the area where you place it.

Facet One Healing Methods:

Hand positions and treatment – there are no specific hand positions to Sekhem Reiki. The best way to go about it is to use Hawayo Takata‘s standard sequence and activate your hands with the Infinity and Cho Ku Rei symbols.

Focused Healing/Scanning – these methods, also called Byosen, belong to Mikao Usui’s traditional teachings. You start by activating your hands and scanning the patient’s body from head to toe. Focused healing means channeling the universal energy on the area where your hands feel an imbalance during the scanning process.

Creating a Chi Ball – this is a sensitive method to Sekhem energy that enables you to create a sphere of light for cleansing and protection.

Grounding – is the process that helps you establish a healthy connection with Earth’s energy and balance your lower energy centers.

Sekhem Reiki Facet Two – Body and emotional integration of the Sekhem energy

This is the physical, mental, and emotional side of Sekhem Reiki.

That’s why, at this level, you can find the Sei He Ki symbol, which you can use in self-treatment similar to Cho Ku Rei.

Sei He Ki has three main attributes:

  • Healing the mental and emotional level;
  • Bringing harmony to a space or situation;
  • Opening the energetic structures to the universal life force energy;

You also receive the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen distance healing symbol that you can use along with the Infinity Symbol.

Specifically, the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Infinity helps create an energetic bridge that transcends time and space.

This will enable you to help others by channeling the universal life force energy at a distance. It’s also a great way to heal your past, present, and future by using a positive intention for your greater good.

At this level, you’ll also learn a meditation with the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Infinity symbols for removing negative energies attached to past traumas. This will enable the healing vibrations of the universal energy to enter and balance your heart and crown chakras.

Sekhem Reiki Facet Three – Empowering Inanimate Objects

This 3rd Facet comes with a new Sekhem Reiki symbol to better manifest and channel the system’s specific energy.

Zara symbol or Cho Ku Ret – facilitates the connection with the physical and spiritual elements you interact with. It also helps increase your consciousness levels if regularly used in self-treatment.

Cho Ku Ret has a higher vibration than Cho Ku Rei. Therefore, its ability to cleanse, activate, and protect is significantly stronger, especially when combined with the rest of the symbols.

To make the most out of this level and Cho Ku Ret, meditate on it and engulf yourself in its energetic structure. With time and practice, your relationship will evolve, and you’ll better integrate the significance of this 4th Facet.

Sekhem Reiki Facet Four – Angel wings dismantle energy blockages and seal energetic processes

Like the rest of Facets, at this stage you also receive a Sekhem Reiki symbol, a meditation, and specific teachings that will help you internalize this level’s knowledge.

The symbol is Angel Wings, a high vibrational token usually used in attunements.

Angel Wings has 3 main attributes:

  • Use it with the rest of the Reiki symbols in self-treatment to dismantle energy blockages located within the chakras, energy fields, and channels;
  • It can act as an energetic seal for attunements as well as therapy sessions;
  • Meditate upon it or use it in distance healing to channel energy toward your future and stimulate your spiritual potential in the physical realm;

Angel Wings is both a symbol as well as a dynamic, energetic concept and its spirals help dissolve clogged, residual energies from your system.

Consider the sequence: Sei He Ki + Angel Wings + Sei He Ki to release energy blockages and balance that area.

Another way of using Angel Wings is to make it part of the “Writing Release.” This implies writing down, on a piece of paper, any situation you don’t have an answer for and feel like it’s keeping you still.

Then, draw the Angel Wings, Infinity, and Cho Ku Ret symbols on the paper. Place your activated palms on the paper and transfer Sekhem’s energy to it. This will gradually help unblock the situation and receive guidance for the optimum solution.

Sekhem Reiki Facet Five – Male And Female Balance

The sense of unity, completion, and emotional balance resides in our ability to heal our body’s Yin and Yang energies. More precisely, the one found within your inner self.

Male and Female Balance symbol – stimulates and promotes that equilibrium by connecting you to the divine Yin and Yang concepts.

Even if there is no such thing as duality in the source of all things, masculine and feminine have to exist to make the physical dimension possible. (Read more about the divine feminine concept in the Violet Flame Reiki article.)

You can use this symbol:

  • Within the self-treatment by activating it on the crown, third eye, and heart chakras and allow its energy to spread throughout the whole body;
  • By meditating on it and engulfing yourself within its energy;
  • In distance healing to help others balance their Female and Male energies;

Sekhem Reiki Facet Six – Align Higher and Lower Selves

After learning how to balance our Yin and Yang energies, further improvements are required. These imply aligning the vital energy of your inner self with the superior one emanated by the universal life force energy.

High-Low God selves symbol – stimulates this alignment.

Specifically, it helps adjust the universal energy flow and information through the inner self, soul, and higher self.

You can integrate this symbol within your self-treatment by visualizing it as it shines around your whole body. These will help align the three main aspects of human consciousness (inner self, soul, and higher self).

You may also meditate on it to transmute residual energies into positive ones. This process will clear the flow between your inner self and the universal life force energy.

One crucial aspect is that this 6th Facet “functions” similarly to the Usui, Karuna, or Shamballa master/teacher level. This means that it includes instructions on how to attune others in Sekhem Reiki.

Sekhem Reiki Facet Seven – Becoming Infinity, Vision, and Insight

The 7th Facet is a continuation of the previous level, taking the practice beyond the master teachings.

This is possible through the Eeef Tchay symbol, which represents “endless inner sight.”

Eeef Tchay – is the Eye of Horus, mainly used on the third eye chakra because it helps connect the energy between the pineal and pituitary glands.

Therefore, Eeef Tchay has the power to stimulate your psychic sight and awareness needed to understand your connection with the divine energies and the outer world.

It’s a special symbol that can enable you to recognize what you need to heal, balance, and improve at all levels.

It also opens the thirst for knowledge and stimulates intuition. This paves the way toward wisdom and enlightenment.

Within the seventh Facet of Sekhem Reiki, you receive access to the master symbol, Dai Ko Myo, also known as the “Great Shining Light.”

You can use Dai Ko Myo in a similar way as in the Usui Reiki system:

  • Activate it on the primary energy centers to integrate its energy into self-treatment;
  • Allow it to raise your vibration and balance your physical body;
  • At a spiritual level, visualize Day Ko Myo as it cleanses your aura, removing negative patterns and residual energies;

Overall, it’s a stage of connection where you facilitate the universal energy to enter your body and gradually become a link between the physical and spiritual realms.

Dai Ko Myo represents one the purest forms of the universal life force energy because it brings light, good health, and abundance on all levels.

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One Last Word

Sekhem Reiki is a truly unique ascension healing system.

Because each type of Reiki brings its own benefits, it’s hard to say if Sekhem has a higher vibration than Shamballa or Lightarian.

I guess that’s up to each of us to discover.

Still, Sekhem Reiki enables the practitioner to access unexplored levels of spirituality through its 7 facets of light.

It’s an enlightenment concept that harmoniously blends the healing methods of ancient Egypt with the Japanese approach. This allows us to expand our awareness and consciousness in a particular way.

In turn, it will help you better understand your inner self and improve your relationship with your higher self and the outer world.

Usui Reiki is where you want to start. It provides the ideal tools to balance your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It’s the first step in healing your energetic system and opening you up to spiritual growth.

Sekhem Reiki can act as the perfect companion from there on. Therefore, if you feel comfortable with the Usui practices and vibration and want to focus more on spiritual evolution, then Sekhem might be a great addition.


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