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In the Karuna Reiki system, OM (AUM) is the master symbol. One gains access to its energies after the Karuna Reiki Master attunement.

This symbol has one of the strongest purifying abilities in the world.

Often used in chants and prayers OM symbol raises the vibration of the area that is called upon.

Its energy print resonates with purity, creation, and light.

OM symbol is connected to the Angels of Divine purity and Divine harmony.

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OM Symbol And Its Spiritual Meaning

This is so much more than just a symbol. It is a complex physical representation of the Divine echoed within us. It is the universe and existence itself.

About AUM And Where It Comes From

The Hindu philosophy describes AUM as the sequence of sounds that unites the concepts of creation, continuity of life, and destruction. 

A – is the creation of the Universe, life, and spirit;

U – represents the sustainability of life and energy;

M – signifies the destruction of unnecessary residual energies and concepts. These need to be removed in order for the whole universe to evolve;

AUM is considered to be the source of all existing sounds and frequencies in the entire universe. It represents the primordial tones out of which all others came to be. 

AUM can be chanted without the use of the tongue and it has the most powerful vibration of all sounds.

OM Symbol’s Main Traits

In Karuna Reiki, OM symbol has a more personal influence. It is used in the attunement process but also as a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

Like Antahkarana, OM symbol has the ability to cleanse a room or space with its presence. If chanted or used in mantras, the effect is amplified many times over.

At the energetic level, the OM symbol has the purpose of cleansing our energy fields and opening the Soul Star, Crown, and Third Eye chakras. 

By activating this Reiki symbol on these three superior chakras, you will enhance the flow of the universal life force energy through your body and life. 

In self-treatment, I recommend using the following sequence: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo and then OM. You may use this for both activating your palms as well as your chakras

If you draw OM symbol in the center of a room it will bring peace, harmony, and calmness of the mind.

OM (AUM) Symbol And Its Correlation To The Human Spiritual Levels

Having its origins in ancient India, OM (AUM) symbol has multiple spiritual connotations. Among them is the connection with the levels of human consciousness.

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Here are the 5 stages contained within the OM (AUM) symbol:

The Significance Of Each Line

The Unconscious (Sushupti in Hindu) – it has the deep, dormant potentials of our inner-self. Here we have abilities we are unaware of yet. At this level, almost everyone is in a dormant state.

We can find many of our flaws and desires. We must bring those slowly into awareness and in our own, optimum rhythm. Only then we can gradually heal them and eliminate any negative aspects of ourselves.

The Waking State (Jagrat in Hindu)– this is the most common level for people. We perceive the world through our 6 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Ideally, this is the level where you need to gradually bring to the surface deep potentials and manifest them in a balanced way.

The Dreaming Stage (Swapna in Hindu) – this represents the fine line between deep sleep and being awake. The dreaming stage is neither in the conscious nor the unconscious level. However, it has a manifestation of both. In dreams, we often encounter merging manifestations of our conscious and unconscious. These give birth to storylines that have either a symbolic meaning for our deepest desires or are actual versions of our past, present, and future.

The Illusion (Maya in Hindu) – This is the veil of the physical world that stands between us and our own spiritual advancement. It represents the idea that everything that holds us back is an illusion made to anchor us in situations and ideas we don’t really need. Also called the “Maya”, this stage is all about the false beneficial idea of attachment. However, The Maya has no influence over the next and final stage.

The Infinite or the Awakened Stage (Turiya in Hindu) – This is the ultimate level where our consciousness finds peace. It has passed all the other stages and trials. It has overcome the burdens of the physical realm. There is no more stress or worries. This stage is the perfect harmony of our conscious and unconscious parts. The awareness is only growing from here on. 

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This article is a great way to learn about the deeper meanings. Still, it may feel overwhelming when looking to implement them in your practice. For a more actionable and to-the-point experience, we’ve added OM to our Reiki symbols guide. It’s a way to quickly review each symbol’s attributes and find the one that best suits your situation.

The Sacred Mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”

This refers to the purest form of words placed together to call the action and energy of enlightenment.

OM is often used as part of this sacred mantra. It purifies the body, the energy centers, the mind, and a place where it is activated.

How To Draw The OM Symbol

The OM symbol is drawn from left to right, as shown in the image below.

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Where To Place The OM Symbol In Your Home

You draw the OM symbol in the center of the room. This will cleanse and raise the vibration of that space.

Of course, it has an increased effect if used with other Reiki symbols.

If you’re looking to place it as a drawing or print, do so wherever you see fit. By drawing the OM symbol in the center of the room and using it on a regular basis, you’ll soon discover where it fits best.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. It’s intuitive and you’ll eventually find the right spot. Don’t stress too much about it. 

OM (AUM) Symbol In Connection With The Angels Of Purity And Divine Harmony

By connecting to the Angels of purity we open the channel to the purest and profound Divine manifestation. This energy will keep us stay still and unshaken by the negativity of this world.

The Angels of purity are able to offer us calm and inner clarity. Thus, we can experience a glimpse of what it ould mean to actually live in the light of Divinity.

By praying for their aid they will help us cleanse our souls and minds. They assist us in difficult moments and guide us in finding the spark of light and happiness within us.

The angels of Divine harmony teach us how to understand and live with ourselves in peace. We only need to listen to our deep feelings to learn how to heal them.

Only then we will be able to offer this harmonious vibration to us and other people.

One of the “requirements” is to heal and to let go of past experiences.

The negative emotions need to be replaced with love and forgiveness. We need to learn to “let go” and replace traumas with understanding. These are the fundamental actions of growing from a spiritual perspective.

What It Means

The blessing of harmony refers to living within a feeling of positive energy and resonance. This nourishes us and guides our life as part of the natural flow of the universe.

Our hearts and minds are open and we start living within a different vibration. 

This vibration provides a strong connection with ourselves, our goodwill, and kind-hearted people.

It helps us see the universal truth and helps us guide the universal energy. We can therefore manifest harmony at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

The angels of Divine harmony help us evolve spiritually through love, understanding, and forgiveness. They are always next to us and will act when we pray and call upon them.

You may ask: “Where does the OM symbol come into play?”

Well, to answer that question you need to understand that the whole Karauna Reiki system unlocks a great connection between you and certain types of angelic orders and energies.

Interested in working with Angels and Archangels? See Angelic Reiki >>


Should you choose to use this energy, you will do so through meditation, self-treatment and/or symbols.

Either way, the power you receive with Karuna Reiki, especially with the Master level, is huge. Your ability to manifest thoughts and intentions increases exponentially. 

OM is the master level symbol that offers the highest level of energy. It’s your job now to go beyond symbols and discover the greatness that’s out there.

Karuna Reiki has a very high vibration that has the power to unlock the great potential within you.

Be wise in what you choose to do with it.

Be good to receive good!

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      Among many other benefits, the attunement offers us a direct connection to the full energy spectrum of the attributed symbols of that Reiki system.

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