Angelic Reiki: Enhance Your Connection With Angels & Archangels

Angelic Reiki is a spiritual practice that focuses on enhancing your connection with the different dimensions where angels and archangels reside.

Although similar to traditional structures, Angelic Reiki is considered a multidimensional healing method and a link between classic Reiki and the higher-vibration ascension systems.

Angelic Reiki contains important spiritual keys for healing, cleansing, and spiritual growth that one can integrate by accessing the Angelic Kingdom. 

Let’s see what the Angelic Reiki system represents and how it can assist you in your spiritual journey.

What is Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a multidimensional healing Reiki system channeled around 2002 through Archangel Metatron directly to Reiki Master Kevin Core. Since 2008, his wife, Master Christine Core, has taken over the practice.

Angelic Reiki enables the practitioner to connect to superior dimensions in which angels and archangels reside.

Through correct channeling and guidance, the practitioner can gain the ability to change the vibrational structure from the cellular level all the way up to the subtle fields. 

This implies a gradual spiritual and energetic transformation that will balance the mental, emotional, and energetic layers. In turn, it will help you expand your divine consciousness and, eventually, lead your spiritual growth.

Considering their high vibration and energy levels, it’s nearly impossible to directly interact with these divine entities. Therefore, Angelic Reiki helps you connect to their extensions.

This process will help you channel the energy and information they provide in your optimum rhythm while avoiding becoming overwhelmed by their power.

Basically, the Angelic Reiki system helps clear your spiritual path through its attunements, symbols, and practice methods.

NOTE: The following is just a broad overview of the Angelic Reiki levels to provide a basic understanding of its segmentation.

Angelic Reiki Level 1

The first Angelic Reiki level acts as an initiation that provides access to the corresponding dimensions.

This happens through a specific meditation which includes a series of steps meant to cleanse and activate the primary chakras as well as the main energy channel, Sushumna.

Within this mediation, you’ll interact with the symbol of Angelic Consciousness. This looks like a four-directional cross in the center of a golden-bright light. It’s the essential element that helps integrate the attunement in your physical and energetic body.

Once the Angelic Consciousness symbol emerges, it blends with each primary chakra and the main energy channel, Sushumna.

This process cleanses and activates your energetic structure, bringing it to the appropriate vibration level where you can now channel the manifestation of universal life force energy attributed to the Angelic Reiki system.

Angelic Reiki Level 2

Each situation and individual you encounter shares a connection with you at the astral level. This interaction takes place through energetic cords (strings) that may remain activated even after one’s passing.

That’s why most of our experiences may have a karmic base with its roots in previous lives.

Therefore, this level’s main distinction is healing these connections and freeing you from any energetic blocks that may prevent your smooth evolution.

Part of this process happens through symbols. Yet, the most significant change comes from working with angels and archangels during self-treatment.

You’ll also learn about the different sacred healing rules once you begin connecting with certain ascendant masters.

Still, before we get lost in the various spiritual concepts, it’s best to note that this second level is made out of hand positions, daily self-treatment, and a few traditional methods and Reiki symbols that will help you connect to the Angelic Kingdom.

So let’s take them one by one.

The Traditional Symbols You Learn At Angelic Reiki Level 2

The first symbols you learn are the same as Usui:

Cho Ku Rei – the “light switch” symbol that you can use for cleansing and protection. You can activate it in your palms to work with it during self-treatment or the treatment of others. You can draw it on each chakra to enhance the effect and energy flow. Consider activating it on your front and back to create a protection layer;

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Sei He Ki – the mental and emotional healing symbol that you can use in conjunction with Cho Ku Rei;

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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – the distance symbol ideal for healing your past, present, and future or sending Reiki to someone who you can’t assist in person;

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The Specific Angelic Reiki Symbols You Learn At Level 2

Once you cover the fundamental tokens, you move on to multidimensional symbols, similar to Sekhem and Merkaba.

Ta Ku Rei – the “Enhancer and Intensifier” symbol resembles the ‘infinite’ shape. It expands outwards and ends within the heart chakra, where it cleanses and activates its energy field. Ta Ku Rei also intensifies the other symbols’ properties. Consider activating it on the crown chakra before your self-treatment and visualize as it engulfs you with its energy.

Ta Ku Rei Angelic Reiki Symbol

Mai Yur Ma – the “Shining Everlasting Flower Of Enlightenment.” Mai Yur M opens the gateway towards the soul though the heart chakra. It facilitates the connection with the angels of the soul and heart while supporting unconditional love. It’s also a very potent symbol for dissolving feelings of sadness and grief.

Mai Yur Ma Angelic Reiki Symbol

The Circle – is the symbol of wholeness and eternal life force. This spiritual token creates unity, bypassing the concept of duality and promoting the existence of one being. It harmonizes polarities and balances your energy structures. The Circle also helps you become more in tune with both the universal and Earth’s energies.


The Trine – the symbol for entering higher planes of existence. Usually used on the crown chakra, this symbol awakens the mind to the higher vibrational levels of the universal energy. Wisdom, knowledge, and divine intuition are some of the benefits you can enjoy by integrating the Trine into self-treatment. It supports your inner self in reaching new consciousness levels and “lifts” its structure so it can blend with the universal life force energy.

The three corners have a symbolic reference to:

  • Incarnation;
  • The interruption of the incarnation cycle;
  • Spiritual growth, which sits at the top of the symbol;

Therefore, the Trine is an ascension symbol representing heightened and broadened awareness through refined perfection and expansion of consciousness.


The Star – represents no beginning and no end – existence beyond existence. It’s a symbolic reference to our connection to divine consciousness that goes beyond time and space. The light shines above us and guides us toward spiritual ascension. Probably the most efficient way to use the Star symbol is to visualize it as it activates on the Soul Star chakra.


How Does The Angelic Reiki Level 2 Self-Treatment Looks Like

The Reiki hand positions are the same as the ones in Usui, but in this article, we’re going to focus on the significance and effects particular to Angelic Reiki.

As a freshly attuned practitioner, even if you practice Usui regularly, it’s best to go through an adjustment phase of 21 days. This will help recalibrate your structures and align your vibration to the Angelic level.

Before you begin the self-treatment, ask the angels and archangels you have access to for assistance. Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are among the entities you can call upon to help heal the mind, soul, and spirit.

According to Christine Core and the official website of the Angelic reiki system, the following concept summerise levels 1 and 2 of Angelic Reiki.

  • The hands-on treatment is the method of channeling and aligning with the energy level of the healing Angels;
  • Karma cutting and angel clearing of residual and negative energies;
  • The attunements are offered through 30 archangels;
  • The levels they connect to are part of the Angelic Kingdom of Light (the 11th dimension). Here you can encounter the energy of Archangel Metatron and the Angelic Collective “The Mighty Sarim;”

Angelic Reiki Level 3

This level is all about your spiritual evolution through the work you do with others.

This type of practice creates a vortex of energy through which you can invoke angels, archangels, and all the divine beings you can access through Angelic Reiki.

Then, there are a few straightforward steps to follow, similar to the traditional Usui practice.

This is called Angelic Treatment and happens in the following stages:

Mindfulness Preparation

  • Put your hands in Gassho and as your Reiki spirit guides, angels, and Archangels to assist you;
  • Let go of the conscious desire to allow the universal life force energy to flow freely;

Beginning Angelic Reiki

  • From the Gassho position, turn your palms facing upward. This represents the sacred space that allows the universal life force to enter;
  • Use the Reiki hand positions to start the treatment;

Treating and Scanning

After keeping your hands for a few minutes in each position, you can start scanning the person to see if there are any imbalances left.

Scanning is a method developed by Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. In Japanese, it’s known as “byosen.” It implies activating your hands and keeping them at a distance of about 5 inches from the student’s body.

Slowly descend from the head area all the way down to the feet. Do this on the front and back of the body 3 times;

As you navigate the different body regions, try to perceive a tingling or cold sensations in your palms;

If you do feel something, it means that area requires more energy. Therefore, stay above it for a few minutes to help remove negative energies and regenerate the corresponding energy fields and chakras;

Scanning helps you identify specific body areas that requires additional attention.

That’s why you may also use it at the beginning of the practice to understand your patient’s specific imbalances.

Ending The Treatment

After the self-treatment, you can place your hands in Gassho once more and thank the patient for offering you the opportunity to channel Angelic Reiki. Also, you can thank the Reiki spirit guides, angels, and archangels for their assistance.

After practicing Reiki on others, it’s best to cleanse your hand with water or by rubbing them against each other.

Consider adding the Raku Reiki symbol between you and the patient to cut the energetic cords that may still be present. Severing these cords will release both parties from any left-over energy transfer.

Angelic Reiki Level 4

This level focuses on distant healing through the Angelic Reiki system. You can use it to:

  • Offer Reiki to a list of recipients;
  • Send distant treatment to one person directly through visualization or use a photo or personal belonging to better connect to its energetic structure;

How To Send Distance Healing With Angelic Reiki

  • Activate the sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + the rest of the Angelic Reiki symbols on your palms and in front of you to open an energetic gateway and connect to that person;
  • Declare your clear intention of sending energy for their greater good;
  • If there’s a specific reason for sending distance healing, such as an event or goal, ask them to describe it the best they can;
  • Call the Reiki spirit guides, angels, and archangels you have access to through the Angelic Reiki system to assist and guide you in this process;

A session can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the situation and needs of the patient.

Consider protecting yourself energetically before offering treatment to others. At the very least, activate the Reiki symbols on your primary and secondary chakras before you start the session.

An Overview Of The Angelic Reiki Levels 3-4

To summarize what we’ve learned so far and make it more clear to everyone, here are the main elements that make up the Angelic Reiki levels 3-4:

  • The Angelic Ray attunement;
  • Masters Archangelic attunement;
  • Understanding the Soul Family as introduced in healing with the Divine Presence;
  • Grounding and the Feeling Body Meditation;
  • Review of the Nature of Angelic Energy and Archangels;

Angelic Reiki Level 5

This is the master/teacher level, where you gain the ability to pass on attunements.

To do this, you’ll have to connect to the divine Angelic entities you have access to and ask for their support and assistance throughout the attunement process.

It’s also important to know your student’s first name.

The exact method one should follow is presented in the Angelic Reiki association’s manual.

Angelic Reiki vs. Angel Reiki

At first glance, the two systems seem pretty similar. However, there is one key difference that separates the two.

Angelic Reiki – focuses on working with the four main archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Specifically, it’s a way to connect with these celestial beings and manifest their beneficial energy through Reiki.

Angel Reiki – uses prayers and invocations to strengthen the connection between the practitioner and the archangels.

Angelic Reiki

The Angelic Reiki attunements create bridges with Reiki symbols between each archangel.

  • Cho Ku Rei is for Archangel Gabriel – the angel of life who represents the power of Divinity that manifests loving energy in our lives;
  • Sei He Ki is for Archangel Raphael – the angel of healing, joy, miracles, and grace. Together with Sei He Ki, archangel Raphael supports mental and emotional healing;
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is for Archangel Uriel – the angel of transformation, transmutation, and timelessness of the connection with the divine source of light;
  • Dai Ko Myo is for Archangel Michael – even if Michael is the commander of the heavenly host, he is also the bringer of light, empowerment, enlightenment, and completion;

The presence of these powerful archangels is meant to further extend the cleansing and healing ability of each Reiki symbol.

Angel Reiki

The prayers used in this type of Reiki are meant to complement the self-treatment and treatment of others while enhancing the healing effect.

Although there are manuals indicating that Angel Reiki contains three levels through the attunement process, it’s rather challenging to determine how these are separated.

Other sources suggest that there are no actual levels within the Angel Reiki system, which, if true, makes it unique.

Overall, Angel Reiki is a more straightforward and less complex system compared to Angelic Reiki. Having said that, both Reiki types bring their own spiritual value.

I believe they can complement each other well to create an optimal healing modality for well-being and spiritual growth.

Angelic Reiki vs. Usui Reiki

The first noticeable difference is the number of attunements. Instead of 3 + 1 Usui Reiki attunements, Angelic Reiki has 4 + 1. In both cases, the last represents the master/teacher level.

A second distinction is the formation of different symbols. Each brings its own vibration level and perception of the astral dimension it connects to.

But, perhaps, the most significant difference is the one that Kevin Core mentions in one of his descriptions of the Angelic Reiki system: 

“Angelic Reiki shares the characteristics of traditional Reiki in as much as it is a hands-on practice with the option of self-healing and distance treatments.

Although it uses symbols common to other Reiki systems, the healing power of the Angelic Reiki Vibration sets it apart.

The Divine Vibration attunes both the healer and the client to their Soul energy, raising consciousness and re-awakening awareness of what it is to become a divine being, whole, healthy, and living in joy.”

This makes Angelic Reiki a system through which you receive access to higher levels of manifestation of the universal life force energy. 

By receiving and passing on Angelic Reiki attunements, you become a channel through which divine beings such as angels and archangels have the potential to manifest.

As a result, you evolve into a link between them and the physical world.

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One Last Word

Regardless of the Reiki system you use, you become a channel through which the universal life force energy manifests in the physical plane.

The positive intention always remains. It’s just the form that changes, the approach, and maybe the nuance of the goal.

With that in mind, each type of Reiki provides a distinct way of doing things and the possibility to access information and entities that only exist at a certain level.

Angelic Reiki helps the practitioner connect to the energy of angels and archangels. It’s a transcendent link between the traditional approach, such as Usui or Gendai, and a complex ascension system, like Shamballa or Lightarian Reiki.

No system is better than the other as they all aim to heal the mind, soul, and inner self while supporting your spiritual potential.

The best system is the one that suits your current vibration and knowledge level. Ideally, one should progress only when the experience allows this to happen harmoniously and for the greater good of those involved.

It might sound abstract. But internalizing this last thought is a more straightforward way of understanding what you might need and when.