Palm Master Symbol | Harnessing The Potential For Higher Consciousness

Palm Master symbol is part of the Shamballa Reiki system. You can receive access to it at level 3.

It’s a representation of raised consciousness through the unity of the mind, soul, and higher-self.

Due to its high vibration, it’s a token of spiritual unification and awakening.

In this article, you’ll learn how to activate the Palm Master Symbol and use it in your Reiki practice.

The Palm Master Symbol And Shamballa Reiki

I believe that the Shamballa Reiki system is one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration and consciousness.

It has a unique variety of symbols and energy invocations. It helps you connect to the ascendant masters and, therefore, enables deep healing meditations.

The Shamballa system was channeled from these ascendant masters, including Count of Saint Germain.

palm master symbol

Palm Master is one of the most powerful symbols in this Reiki system.

Although known as a Tibetan symbol, its origins can be traced to the existence of Atlantis.

The Palm Master symbol was channeled into our physical plane through Krijn Koetsveld, around 1998. Since then, the symbol has been a very important part of the Shamballa Reiki system.

NOTE: To activate and use the Palm Master symbol, you have to be attuned for level 3 of the Shamballa Reiki system.

The Importance Of The Palm Master Symbol

Shamballa symbols don’t need to follow a specific vibrational pattern like in Usui and Karuna.

Still, combining certain symbols from different types of Reiki can lead to a higher potential for healing certain aspects of one’s life. Adding Shamballa symbols will help transcend the healing process into a raised awareness and a gradual spiritual growth.

By using the Palm Master Symbol in your practice, you’ll bring a strong potential for higher consciousness.

But how exactly does this happen?

When activated, it creates a connection between certain energetic structures. These are on the physical body as well as in the subtle bodies. In turn, this leads the individual to a spiritual unification with the Earth and the higher dimensions above the crown chakra.

Having said that, let’s see how to draw this symbol before understanding its components.

How to Draw The Palm Master Symbol

To activate the symbol, draw it on the length of your body and visualize yourself blending with it. In this case, Palm Master will become a 3D model. If you find this difficult, you can draw the symbol on the back and front of your body with your dominant hand.

  • 1st part – Draw it above your head;
  • 2nd part – Visualize and draw it through the head;
  • 3rd part – This is at the throat chakra level;
  • 4th part – Continues down the body all the way to the Earth Star chakra;
  • 5th part – Will be above the crown chakra;

Explaining The Activation Of The Palm Master Symbol

1. Activating The Crown Chakra

The first line you draw will activate the crown chakra. This will enhance the flow of the universal life force energy.

Considering the Palm Master symbol’s complex use, this first step is crucial before diving into the following stages.

2. The Connection Between The Pineal And Pituitary Gland

The next part of the symbol activates an energetic connection between the pineal and pituitary glands.

The pineal gland helps generate melatonin. This is the hormone that keeps sleep patterns in balance. When energetically stimulated, it has a positive impact on our mood, spiritual perception, and consciousness. The pineal gland is strongly connected to our crown chakra. Activating this chakra will result in a healthy pineal gland.

The pituitary gland coordinates the hormones of physical and intellectual growth. It’s also responsible for our well being and general awareness. Once energetically stimulated, it activates a higher spiritual perception.

This gland is connected to the third eye chakra, Ajna.

3. Activating The Throat Chakra

In the third part, the Palm Master symbol activates the throat chakra, which helps us better express our emotions and feelings through communication.

This creates a liberation of latent unexpressed residual emotions that can slow down your spiritual growth.

Remember that the throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is one of the superior chakras. This translates into a greater influence over your spiritual growth. But, keep in mind that the known benefits are just a small part of their full potential. Hopefully, we’ll be able to discover them with time.

4. Grounding

The fourth part activates the rest of the energetic centers, all the way down to the Earth Star chakra.

This action will create an equilibrium between the energies of the Earth, yourself, and the higher-self. Also, it will ground and prepare you for the fifth and final stage.

5. I Am Presence!

The fifth part is the essence of the Palm Master symbol.

You draw the circle above the crown chakra to help activate the higher, celestial energetic centers; the Soul Star chakra is one of them.

This will allow you to connect to the divine concept of “Unity of the Heavenly Mother and Father”. From this point on, the symbol represents the ideal of “one”.

“I Am Presence” – this describes the fifth stage of advanced spiritual consciousness.

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Where And How To Activate The Palm Master Symbol

There’s no one way to approach the Shamballa Reiki symbols. Each practitioner has its own way.

This is my preferred way of doing it:


  • I like to activate it on my palms first to feel its energy better.
  • Use your dominant hand to draw it on your non-dominant hand;
  • Then, use your non-dominant hand to draw it on your dominant hand;
  • Pronounce its name three times for each palm;
  • When done, gently clap your hands three times;

These steps combined will bring the symbol’s energetic print into the physical world.

Activate the symbol on the body

Ideally, you should visualize Palm Master as a whole 3D structure that enters the length of your body when you draw it.

As said before, if you’re having trouble doing so, it’s enough to draw on your body’s front and back.

NOTE: I initially learned that you have to draw the Palm Master symbol on your back. I’ve noticed that it has a stronger effect if I draw it on both sides.

You can draw the Palm Master symbol before and after self-treatment.

Use the same sequence if you activate it on another person. Make sure to have their consent first.

NOTE: If you choose to draw it on your back, the best thing to do is to draw it in front and then take it back with your dominant hand.

The Plam Master Symbol In Correlation With The Other Reiki Symbols

It’s best to use Palm Master after you have activated your palms and chakras with the rest of the symbols. This is to raise your vibration gradually.


Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo

  • Activate this sequence on your palms and chakras;
  • Then activate the Palm Master symbol on your palms and body’s length;
  • Visualize how it enters your whole physical structure;

You can do this before and after self-treatment or treatment on others.

Health Benefits Of Using The Palm Master Symbol

Most of the 3rd level Shamballa Reiki symbols are used for gaining a higher awareness and improve the connection to the divine consciousness.

A higher flow of the universal life force energy means a higher vibration. When this happens, your body will enjoy a better blood flow, healthier function of the organs, and an overall cleaner body.

You’ll eliminate toxins easier and have more energy.

Most types of meditations, therapy sessions, or symbols help. But it’s not magic and can’t work in isolation. A balanced diet, as well as physical exercises, will have significant contributions to your lifestyle. Ignoring these elements will reduce the benefits any therapy can bring.


Remember to keep a positive attitude and an open heart. Have patience and understanding. Learn to love and forgive yourself and others. Become more aware of how you resonate with the world around you.

These elements are crucial for your development. They will contribute at all levels from physical to emotional and spiritual.

Palm Master is a high vibrational symbol that will help you develop higher spiritual awareness.

I’m sure there are many more uses of this great symbol. For now, this is what we know, but I trust that together we’ll discover others.

Meditate on it.

Use in Reiki treatments.

Anytime you intend to use the Palm Master symbol, you will connect to its energy and vibration. With time you’ll grasp the nuances and adapt its power to your needs. Perhaps even some “secrets” will be shared with you. Either way, patience and the desire to find and do good will deliver this wonderful symbol’s potential.

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