Root Chakra Muladhara | The First Primary Energy Center And Its Meaning

The root chakra or Muladhara is the first primary chakra of seven. It helps you connect to the Earth element, grounds you and coordinates the vital energy.

What Is Root Chakra And The Meaning Of Muladhara

Its meaning and name, Muladhara, originates from Sanskrit language and generally translates as “the root” or “source of physical existence”

The description is highly accurate, considering that this energy center has one of the most important roles in human survival: keeping the flow of your vital energy while being connected (grounded) to the earth. 

It is considered to be the seat of the Kundalini, the vital energy of every person, under the spiritual form of a serpent. It is from this location that this energy has the potential to rise and help us grow from a spiritual perspective

Every ascension starts from the base. 

This is the base. 

Its Attributes

Learning about its importance and how it functions can help us make the first step on our journey.

Whenever we feel drained of energy or we are suffering from a cold, illness or any type of physical imbalance, it means this chakra is deeply affected.

Our vital energy is the one that keeps us alive and rooted.

It generates the willing to survive and adapt. It is the creative energy of the spirit channeled into the physical body.

These are all attributes of the first chakra.

The Importance Of Balance

The energetic balance of the root chakra is extremely important for our practical sense and our efficiency in the physical world. That is why this chakra is connected to the concept of achieving goals, and material gains.

Although you might find among some descriptions that its color is white, it is often depicted as having four large bright red petals.

It’s important to mention that without having a healthy physical and material base, it is very difficult to focus on spiritual knowledge. 

Don’t get me wrong! There are exceptions and it can be done. The only difference is that it becomes considerably harder.

Muladhara connects to the telluric and the more grounding energies. 

Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean negative.

Being grounded or having the ability to physically control a situation is a certain type of energy with its own vibration.

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The same goes for someone who is able to connect to higher dimensions. 

Neither is good nor bad. It all depends on how you use them.

Here’s one good comparison:

Imagine you are playing the flute. 

You create music, you create the essence.

Now think of your breath as your spirit and the flute being the matter. 

Without the flute, the music is unable to manifest. 

The same happens with the spirit. Without matter, it is unable to express itself.

Where Is Muladhara Chakra Located And What Are The Functions Of The Root Chakra

Muladhara is located on the inguinal area, between the anus and the genitals.

From A Physical Perspective

It is responsible for the optimum function of our locomotory system and also for the health of our bones, teeth, cartilage, and nails.

It helps us eliminate toxins from our physical bodies. That’s why it plays an important role in keeping our lower abdomen in a healthy state. Here it coordinates the intestines, prostate, bladder and of course our sexual organs.

Also, it controls the correct function of endocrine glands which are responsible for the production of hormones released in our body.

Muladhara stimulates the survival instinct. Through its energy, you are able to gain the need for shelter, food, and self-preservation.

It helps determine your level of adaptability and flexibility within society. 

In return, it connects to your ability to earn material rewards. Among these can be money, keeping a business growing or having a workplace.

Together with the second chakra, Swadhistana, it helps keep in balance your sexual energy. They coordinate the function of reproduction.

From An Emotional And Energetic Perspective

One of the interesting features the root chakra has, it’s the ability to help with planning and perseverance for greatness, together with the transmutation of the Divine interior patterns into the exterior.

You can associate Muladhara with order, symmetry, and purity.

Many seem to believe that you have to leave behind or escape the material world. I believe that the real spiritual achievement is to learn how to blend the physical, energetic and spiritual worlds together, right here on Earth.

The whole idea is to live here where we are now and embrace the concept of harmony with our bodies, with ourselves and with mother Earth.

At the other extreme, some people have an adoration for the material world, without realizing that we take nothing with us when it’s all “over”.

So these two are a great example of emotional imbalances for the root chakra. 

Also, through the root chakra, you might express the unhealed issues that relate to parents or dear ones. This is not necessarily a negative thing. It can make you aware of your inner, emotional imbalances so you can start healing.

The root chakra represents passion, inner strength, and adaptability.

When the base chakra is in balance you feel the vital energy flowing. Additionally, you feel confident and secure. 

On an energetic level, the Muladhara chakra generates the field of vitality. 

Together with the second chakra, it helps grow the energy that generates creativity and self-confidence.

How To Open Your Root Chakra And How Do You Know If It’s Activated

First of all, let’s analyze the signs of the “unhealthy” root chakra.

I know this will sound a bit funny, but to be honest, one of the easiest ways of telling whether your root chakra is not working properly is constant constipation.

This physical unease is quite a warning of proper functionality. 

Remember that time when you are traveling abroad and this happens?

That’s because the energy field of Muladhara is used to ground itself within the “known comfortable area”. Sometimes when you change the environment, the energy fields need some time to adapt.

Another trigger is a sudden lack of orientation. This doesn’t happen to strongly grounded people, however, it can very easily happen to the rest. 

When you feel lethargic or fatigued, it is a sign that your vital energy is down, thus the root chakra needs more attention and activation.

One other common sign is weight issues. If you have this you must realize what triggered it. Most of the times this has an emotional cause. But sometimes you just need to control your diet.

If you have the desire to manipulate and control people or situations, this too is a sign of imbalance at this level.

In return, this derives from another sign of root chakra imbalance which is insecurity. Having a healthy base chakra, you will never need to be or desire to control others to your own will. You will always have trust in yourself and feel good in your own skin.

How To Unblock And Then Heal Your Root Chakra

Perhaps one of the most “handy” solutions is a physical activity such as yoga, sports, climbing or even a simple walk in a park that can slowly stimulate the root chakra.

Not only physical activity will enhance the energy of the root chakra, but the whole vital energy of your body. It will nourish it with energy absorbed through the root chakra and use it for your daily life.

As an energetic method, Muladhara is able to open within certain types of meditations. If you are attuned, you can use Reiki as the best solution for cleansing, activating and energizing it. Keeping your palms for 10 minutes each day can bring amazing results.

There are also a few less known ways:

  • Aromatherapy – oils such as clove, cedar, nutmeg or ginger can stimulate the energy of the root chakra;
  • Music therapy – Listening to music, dancing, going out, when done in balance, can be a good stimulant;
  • Muladhara also resonates with the mantra LAM;
  • Chromotherapy – daily visualizing your root chakra flooded by a beautiful bright red with a bit of white will slowly activate it;

Root chakra stones

Crystal therapy – rubies, carnelian, jasper, agate, garnet, red coral.

Be sure to keep them for at least 24 hours on salt before using them.

Any of these stones can help the root chakra grow its energy level. 

You may use them when lying down and placing the stone next to your root chakra. As you relax, you visualize how to absorb the energy of the stone through your root chakra.

A Few Root Chakra Affirmation To Help Stimulate It

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These affirmations can have a great effect if repeated each day from within. 

They can stimulate and have the power to cleanse the root chakra.

  • I am healthy;
  • I cherish the material world and I cherish my body. They are gates towards the spiritual world;
  • I acknowledge the essence, beyond appearances;
  • I am detached from what I own;
  • I cherish and respect the feminine side within me and others;
  • My vital energy is forever growing and strong;
  • I am grounded and financially secure;
  • I am always provided for;
  • I am safe;

Root Chakra Symbols

The Muladhara chakra looks like a four-petal lotus red flower.

As the bright red color of a sun-rise, the red color of the root chakra represents the dawn of the new spirit that is about to come to existence.

Inside we can find a square, which indicates the four main elements – earth, fire, wind, and water. They are the main elements of the physical world. 

The inverted triangle-shaped symbol within the square refers to the concept of implementing the consciousness into the base chakra. The essence of the true self becomes concentrated, coming to this world in a physical form.

Such as a flower blooms, the unraveling of the potential of human consciousness comes to life when you heal and activate the red chakra.

7 Main Benefits To Consider When Healing Muladhara Chakra

There are 7 main benefits I consider important when having the root chakra in a healthy state:

  • You will feel more grounded and self-confident;
  • You will have a healthier physical condition;
  • Expressing your true emotions will be easier;
  • The potential for attracting material stability considerably increases;
  • The benefit of higher vital energy;
  • Increased power in determining and handling situations in your life;
  • Gaining awareness and understanding the balance between having material wealth and not being attached to it;

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