How Reiki Healing Can Help Balance Your Chakras

Using Reiki healing to balance your chakras means cleansing and activating both your primary and secondary energy centers through the universal life force energy flow.

This is a simple process with multiple beneficial outcomes.

It’s best to have knowledge of both Reiki and the energy system to better understand where the universal energy flows and what it does in its path.

This will help maximize your efforts by assessing the information you receive and integrating the energy within your structures.

In this article, we’ll explore the basic knowledge each concept brings and how to use Reiki healing to balance your chakras.

Two Worlds In Harmony

Even though Reiki and chakras are two important holistic concepts, blending them is considered a rather “modern” approach.

Reiki finds its origins in Japan, where Mikao Usui sensei introduced it around 1922. Even so, the concept of channeling energy through your palms dates back millennia.

Chakras come from the Hindu esoteric philosophy and represent centers of spiritual power, each associated with a physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect of one’s existence.

Combining Reiki healing with the concepts of chakras might seem odd at first.

Still, if you accept that we are one with the Universe, then using the divine light to nurture our energetic body only makes sense.

In fact, the Japanese esoteric philosophy holds the theory of the “3 Tandens”:

  • One is located in the head area and is known as the center of cognitive functions;
  • The second is in the heart area and represents the soul and emotional structure;
  • The third one is the sacral area, where we can find the source of vital energy and the inner force of each person;

The three tandens, together with the energy centers of the organs and the meridians (energy channels), make up our energetic system in the Japanese esoteric philosophy.

In other words, no chakra existed in the original Reiki teachings.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t combine Reiki with other spiritual concepts and even practices.

In fact, due to its versatility, Reiki can complement various other energy healing disciplines. Its sole purpose is to place your whole body in a state of healing, raise your vibration, and eventually support your spiritual growth.

And… the same stands true when looking to balance your chakras.

Whether we’re talking about Usui, Karuna, or Shamballa Reiki, the aim remains the same. Yet, with the latter systems, you have the opportunity to work with high vibrational beings such as archangels or ascendant masters. At this stage, you go beyond balance and emotional healing and onto a path toward new levels of consciousness.

Why Consider Balancing Your Chakras With Reiki

Chakras are the “wheels of life,” as Anodea Judith prefers to name them.

They are rotative, dynamic vortexes within and outside the physical body spectrum. They facilitate the flow of beneficial and/or residual energy through our physical body.

7 primary chakras exist within the physical body range, together with numerous secondary and “mini” chakras that spread throughout the entire body.

Each chakra governs a particular area influencing its health and energetic properties. They also generate their own energy field, protecting and keeping the corresponding body region in good health.

Some chakras, known as transpersonal, reside outside the physical body. These gentle components of our energetic anatomy maintain a healthy connection to our subtle bodies and other planes of existence.

Their role is to help retrieve energy and information from the astral planes of existence and guide us toward new levels of consciousness.

Of course, to achieve these feats, it takes a lot of spiritual work and dedication. Developing your awareness and raising your vibration in an optimum rhythm is mandatory to enjoy smooth and enjoyable progress.

Chakras Are Complex Links

One of the lesser-known attributes of chakras is that they hold one end of the energy strings generated within this life and the other in previous ones. These energy strings connect you to different people, entities, and events through energy and information.

This process can be either beneficial or harmful, depending on the quality of your connection with that person or event.

Therefore, severing these unwanted ties that may prevent you from manifesting your true spiritual potential is best.


If you were wondering how to do any of the above, well… Reiki can help.

You can use it to heal these past connections, cleanse your energy centers, and gradually stimulate your entire energy system to support the proper functioning of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

How To Use The Reiki Healing Energy To Help Cleanse, Activate, And Balance Your Chakras

Somewhere around the 1960s, Reiki underwent a more modern approach and was integrated with other spiritual concepts and practices, including the idea of chakras.

As a result, the Reiki self-treatment, symbols, and methods of cleansing were all practiced with consideration for the existence of chakras.

Interestingly, the hand positions used in Reiki self-treatment already covered most of the areas where the chakras are located. Yet, this novel awareness added extra value by providing practitioners with a better understanding of what they are healing.

It helped individuals comprehend and feel their energetic structures in alignment with the flow of universal life force energy and its healing effects.

By expanding your knowledge, you become the one guiding the energy and can use it more effectively.

Although the merging of Reiki and chakras has been a somewhat controversial subject within the Reiki community, it has proven to be highly effective in promoting healing, cleansing, and overall well-being.

This is because the guided energy of Reiki helps restore, balance, and recalibrate the health and function of the chakras.

Reiki Healing Effects On The Primary Chakras

The method is the same whether you’re channeling universal energy to the primary or secondary chakras.

What you’re looking for are the different outcomes that will emerge. A better understanding of where the universal energy flows and what it does in its path can help you form a clearer intention and guide your attention to where it’s most needed.

I prefer starting from the top to open the body to the universal life force energy flow through the crown chakra. Then, as you gradually work yourself down, you push the residual energies into the ground.

In general, you’ll get to cleanse, activate and even add a protection layer by sending Reiki healing to your chakras. This will result in physical, emotional, and mental balance.

The Crown Chakra

Balancing the crown chakra will considerably enhance the connection with your higher self and the source of universal life force energy.

By placing your activated palms on the brain hemispheres, you’ll stimulate the healthy function of the pituitary gland, growing your understanding of your spiritual role.

The Third Eye Chakra

Channeling the Reiki healing energy to the third eye chakra will enhance your intuition and thirst for knowledge. This is where you receive divine and telepathic messages and filter unuseful pieces of information.

Together with its back projection, the third eye chakra connects with the pineal gland and your cognitive functions.

Still, when you stimulate this energy center, it doesn’t mean you’ll develop clairvoyance abilities. This is a complex topic that relates to the concept of the third eye. Therefore, it’s best to make this distinction right from the start and not to confuse the two.

The Throat Chakra

This is the center for communication and one of the main gateways that enable our interaction with the physical world. Emotions, thoughts, and intentions flow through this energy center.

The throat chakra is responsible for the health of the thyroid gland, esophagus, and larynx. Its back projection stores unexpressed and unmanifested thoughts and emotions. Therefore, healing this chakra with Reiki allows us to express ourselves harmoniously, both at a physical and emotional level.

The Heart Chakra

This energy center is responsible for emotional balance.

When your heart chakra is balanced, it radiates compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. This is the area that lets you manifest feelings of caring, altruism, and love.

This is the seat of the soul, and offering Reiki to your soul is essential for many aspects of your well-being.

Its back projection stores past emotional wounds and unmanifested emotions. That’s why healing the heart chakra and working to make your soul whole again will help balance these past experiences, freeing you from emotional chains.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

This energy center is responsible for your drive and governs your intentions and actions.

Its back projection stores past low-vibrational emotions and residual energies related to unfulfilled goals.

A healed solar plexus chakra can transform feelings of anger or anxiety into confidence, tranquility, and fulfillment.

The solar plexus chakra is also responsible for the healthy function of the pancreas, stomach, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. And, because each organ has multiple intersecting meridians, it acts as a gateway toward your overall physical health.

The Sacral Chakra

This is the center for creativity, sensuality, and social interactions.

Sending Reiki healing energy to this chakra will help you open up, express things with honesty and interact with others without constraints.

At the physical level, the sacral chakra governs the reproductive and digestive systems.

Its back projection can store sexual frustration and low-vibrational feelings like unfulfillment and unworthiness. Reiki can help dissolve these blockages so you can begin expressing your emotions and manifest yourself harmoniously.

The Root Chakra

Send Reiki to your root chakra to “anchor” yourself and regain that sense of grounding. Finding balance at this level will help you perform better in your daily activities, find emotional stability, and nurture your physical body. In fact, the root chakra influences your bones, tissue, and even your immune system.

This is an important energy center that stores many of the imbalances that occurred throughout your childhood. You now have the opportunity to grow aware of them through Reiki and eventually heal them by dissolving the negative energy that got stuck with you all these years.

Reiki Healing For Secondary Chakras

At this stage, you deal with 2 main categories:

#1 Transpersonal chakras – these sit outside the physical body range.

Some examples include:

The Soul Star chakra connects you with the superior, divine consciousness and is the grounding center for all your subtle bodies. Therefore, healing this energy center with Reiki can help you experience your physical form through a spiritual understanding.

#2 Secondary chakras for the physical body – these include the charkas for your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, or feet but also for each organ like the heart, stomach, pancreas, liver, or spleen.

Other Chakras You Can Balance With The Reiki Healing Energy

It’s good to know that counting chakras doesn’t stop here because they are present all around our bodied. Each meridian intersection and even the smallest area holds a tiny chakra.

Still, you should know that they play a crucial role in circulating energy.

The good news is that you stimulate all your chakras through the Reiki self-treatment. But, to maximize the effect, it’s best to know each chakra’s role so you can focus on that area in unique circumstances.

Also, with time and practice, your palms and intuition will guide you to the regions that require your attention. For example, when you feel tingling, cold, or heat, you’ve reached such a point. Knowing where you are will help form a better intention and eventually arrive at a more satisfying outcome.

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One Final Word

The body contains numerous chakras. They are all interconnected yet serve a distinct purpose.

Reiki is an excellent energy healing practice that you can use to nourish each of your chakras for specific outcomes or general balance.

Even if you practice Reiki randomly, you’ll still influence your energy centers.

However, understanding the fundamentals of energetic human anatomy and the specific areas you’re healing can lead to greater mindfulness.

This means you can place your hands in positions with targeted healing effects and send Reiki to both the affected area and the corresponding chakra to enhance the effect.

But using Reiki on your chakras goes beyond physical healing and emotional balance. It’s a way toward new consciousness levels and a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Thus, I believe it’s essential to incorporate chakras in your Reiki practice and consciously address each one for a more complete experience and better results.


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