How To Unblock Your Root Chakra And Why This Energy Center Matters

Root chakra is the energetic center that keeps us connected to the physical world. It allows us to experiment with our physical and spiritual life together with all its elements.

Although its actual presence exists in the etheric realm, the root chakra is considered the first energetic center located within the physical body spectrum.

It has a vital role both literally and metaphorically. It serves as the generator of vital energy and is a catalyst for inner strength.

The healthier the root chakra is, the more willpower and determination we have in our life.

This article explains the root chakra’s main roles, attributes, and functions from both a physical and energetic perspective.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra’s Meaning and Importance

The root chakra’s meaning originates from the Sanskrit language. It’s also known as “Muladhara” which generally translates as “the root” or “source of physical existence.”

This description is largely accurate, given the critical function of this energy center in human activities and survival. It maintains a favorable flow of energy while being linked (grounded) to the earth’s beneficial energies.

According to Hindu philosophy, this is the place where the base or seat of Kundalini resides. The Kundalini represents the true, inner-self and it holds the vital energy of every person under the spiritual form of a serpent. 

Every ascent begins at the bottom, and it is from here that this energy has the capacity to rise and assist us in growing as spiritual beings.

In other words, this is the base.

Where Is The Root Chakra Located

The root chakra is located in the inguinal area right between the anus and genitals.

Its physical location is a direct indicator that this center holds the link between our energetic structures and our definitory physical form.

root chakra location

What Is The Root Chakra Responsible For

At The Physical Level

It’s responsible for the health and optimum function and of our:

  • locomotory system;
  • bones;
  • teeth;
  • cartilage;
  • skin;
  • nails;
  • mental stability;
  • obtaining basic needs like food, water, and shelter;

The root chakra aids in the removal of toxins from our physical bodies. As a result, it plays a vital part in maintaining the good health of our lower abdomen. It controls the intestines, prostate, bladder, and, of course, our sexual organs.

It also controls the correct function of endocrine glands, which are responsible for the production of hormones.

Muladhara has an essential role in stimulating the survival instinct. Through its energy, you are able to gain the need for shelter, food, and self-preservation.

Keeping it healthy will help determine your level of social adaptability and flexibility.

This means that an optimal functioning root chakra decides your capacity to:

  • obtain and keep a constant workplace;
  • develop yourself on a personal and professional level;
  • contribute to a coordinated work environment;
  • to earn and harmoniously receive material rewards, including money;
  • adapt to unexpected conditions in life, whether they are positive or negative;

NOTE: The root chakra is one of the main energetic “components” that balance your sexual energy. It also aids in the coordination of reproduction.

At The Emotional And Energetic Levels

One interesting feature is its ability to help with planning and perseverance. It pushes you towards greatness, together with the manifestation of the Divine, inner-potentials into the physical world.

You can associate Muladhara with order, symmetry, and purity.

Many seem to believe that you have to leave behind or escape the material world. I think that the real spiritual achievement is to learn how to blend the physical, energetic, and spiritual layers together. And should do so right here on Earth.

In fact, the root chakra is the catalyst that allows us to channel both the celestial and telluric energies harmoniously so that we can become a perfect channel. 

The entire idea is to live in the present, accept the notion of harmony with our bodies, ourselves, and mother Earth.

At the other extreme, certain individuals have an adoration for the material world, without realizing that we take nothing with us when it’s all “over”. This represents an imbalance at the root chakra level that needs to be transcendent through spiritual knowledge.

It can also help you express unhealed issues with family members. This is not necessarily a negative thing. It can make you aware of your inner, emotional imbalances so you can start healing.

To sum it up, the root chakra represents:

  • a manifestation of spiritual potentials into the physical world;
  • inner strength;
  • adaptability;

When the base chakra is in balance, it generates an energetic field called “the field of vital energy,” and, therefore, you feel the vital energy flowing. This creates a sense of confidence and safety within your inner-self.

It also aids in the development of creativity and self-confidence, together with the second chakra.

Understanding And Working With Your Root Chakra

The most efficient way to heal using the universal life force energy, is to do so mindfully. This means having a clear intention.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things at random. Yet, understanding what you are healing can make a huge difference for your overall practice.

How Do I Know My Root Chakra Is Blocked

You’ll see several indications from both a physical and energetic viewpoint that your root chakra is blocked.

This might sound strange, but one of the easiest ways to determine if it’s working properly … is constipation.

This physical unease is a real warning and one you can definitely take into account.

With this in mind, it should make more sense why this happens when we travel.

It’s because the root chakra’s energy field is used to ground itself within the “known comfortable area.” Sometimes when we change the environment, the energy fields need some time to adapt.

Another trigger is a sudden lack of orientation. This doesn’t happen to someone who’s well-grounded. However, it’s a common issue for a person who has this chakra blocked.

When you feel sluggish or tired, it means your vital energy is down. Thus the root chakra needs more attention and activation.

Weight issues are also something to take into consideration. In this case, you first have to determine the root cause. Usually, these are emotional-related imbalances. It might take a bit of time, so don’t stress too much about it. You’ll get there with patience and exercise. Still, a change in your diet will help significantly.

What Causes These Blockages

One of the most common reasons for creating an imbalance or blockage at this level is trying to manage and influence others.

This stems from the fear of losing control over that person or situation.

You may never have to control others to your own will if you have a healthy base chakra. You will always believe in yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

Blockages can also be caused by an excessive material attachment. Although at first, this might be a symptom of an overactive root chakra, excessive devotion to material things can lead to unrealistic expectations and severely limit our thinking abilities.

As a result, emotional and energetic imbalances develop, including the blockage of the root chakra.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals who become interested in spiritual disciplines and drop touch with their physical environment. From here, they can slip into what I call “up in the air,” meaning they have a hard time grounding themselves.

It is critical for our development to maintain a balance between the spiritual world and the physical one.

Excessive eating is another physical trigger that can contribute to the blockage of the root chakra. Not only does the digestive system become clogged, but also the accumulation of residual energies from certain foods may harm the health of the root chakra.

How To Activate The Root Chakra

Sports, climbing, or even a modest stroll in the park can all benefit the activation of the root chakra. This will also have a positive impact on vital energy.

The energy absorbed through this energy center may be utilized by your whole body and throughout your daily life, thanks to physical activity.

You can also open the root chakra through meditation and breathing techniques.

If you choose Reiki as a therapeutic approach for activating your root chakra, know that it can achieve remarkable results. Focus on this energy center daily for about 10 minutes with your activated palms. This will gradually cleanse and stimulate the chakra in an optimum way for you.

Learn more about how to use Reiki healing to balance your chakras in this article >>

Also, there are a few elements that can boost the opening of the root chakra:

  • Aromatherapy – oils such as clove, cedar, nutmeg, or ginger can stimulate the energy of the root chakra;
  • Music therapy – Listening to rhythmic music, dancing, going out, when done in balance, can be a very good stimulant;
  • Chromotherapy – daily visualizing your root chakra flooded by a beautiful bright red with a bit of white will slowly activate it;

Why Would You Consider Unblocking The Root Chakra

There are many benefits to opening the root chakra. Still, here are the main ones:

  • You will feel more grounded and self-confident;
  • You will have a healthier physical condition;
  • Expressing your true emotions will be easier;
  • The potential for attracting material stability considerably increases;
  • The benefit of higher vital energy, which leads to better nourishment for the whole body;
  • Increased power in determining and handling situations in your life;
  • Gaining awareness and understanding the balance between having material wealth and not being attached to it;

Is It Possible To Have An Overactive Root Chakra

The chakra opening experience varies based on a person’s energy and resonance. Even so, there are individuals who can “suffer” from an overactive root chakra.

  • The most common consequence of an overactive root chakra is being hyper-active. This might manifest as a desire to be in constant motion, participate in extreme sports, or simply not being able to find your place at home;
  • Typically, this can lead to a few “side effects,” such as insomnia or anxiety;
  • There’s a chance you’ll feel a powerful wave of desire and never-ending arousal. This is usually the case after a spurt in this energetic center;
  • Being excessively anxious about certain events in life. The inability to relax and calmly handle those moments tends to “give away” an imbalance of this energy center. You can easily address this issue with meditations and/or Reiki;

While these are not always bad things, they must be guided and balanced out in order to get the most out of the energy hosted at the root chakra level.

Remember that everything needs to have an equilibrium.

When you open it properly, you may feel a profound renewal. Others may experience a powerful surge of vital energy flooding their system, and they become conscious of every inch of their body. In both cases, the level of self-awareness increases.

What Is The Root Chakra’s Natural Element

The root chakra is associated with the earth as its basic natural element. However, most visual interpretations do not reflect this. This is because each chakra consists of several energetic and spiritual aspects.

The root chakra is depicted as a four-petal lotus bloom. Each petal is associated with one of the four primary elements—earth, fire, wind, and water—which suggests that this chakra maintains a balance between the fundamental components required for physical existence.

Within the flower, we can find a square with an inverted triangle-shaped symbol. This structure portrays the concept of implementing your consciousness as the essence of the inner-self. And it all comes to life through the physical body.

Often the color of this flower is bright red, similar to the sun at dawn. The cleansing and activation of the root chakra can stimulate this lotus flower and all its components. This allows the divine potentials within to manifest into the physical realm.

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What Are The Best Root Chakra Crystals

There are a few crystals that can help to improve the health of the root chakra and its vital field. When you’re meditating, practicing Reiki, or you’re at your workplace, any of them may be used in this area.

Just make sure to cleanse and activate the stones. To do so, you may use incense, freshwater, or Reiki.

  • Rubies;
  • Jasper;
  • Red agate;
  • Garnet;
  • Red coral;
  • Red quartz;
  • Smoky Quartz;

All these stones are great stimulators for the energy of Muladhara. They can increase your vital energy and help ground you.


These root chakra affirmations can have a significant effect if pronounced daily. Remember that they have to come from within. Be in that present moment and allow their energy to stimulate and cleanse the chakra.

  • I am healthy;
  • I cherish the material world and my body. They are gates towards the spiritual world;
  • I acknowledge the essence, beyond appearances;
  • I am detached from what I own;
  • I value and respect the feminine side within me and others;
  • My vital energy is forever growing and strong;
  • I am grounded and financially secure;
  • I am always provided for;
  • I am safe;

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