Zonar Karuna Reiki Symbol – Always There For Deep Emotional Healing

Zonar is the first symbol you learn at the 1st level of Karuna Reiki.

It can help heal deep emotional scars both from the present as well as the past.

This article is going to explain the Zonar symbol as well as its uses in different types of healing.

Apart from Karuna, the Zonar symbol is present in other Reiki systems.

Its role is to protect against negative influences.

Most of the symbols in the Karuna Reiki system have a strong connection with the chief celestial Archangels.

Gabriel is the corresponding Archangel for Zonar

Like all Karuna Reiki symbols, Zonar has a deep impact over the celestial, astral, emotional, and physical body.

It was channeled through Marcy Miller from the Ascendant Master Sai Baba.

zonar reiki symbol

Zonar Symbol And DNA Healing

Karuna Reiki symbols have a multitude of attributes.

I dare to say that their healing power goes much deeper and they have a higher level of energy than the ones from Usui Reiki.

That being said, some of these symbols also have a physical healing characteristic.

In this case, the Zonar symbol has the power to heal and recalibrate DNA sequences.

But why do we need to heal our DNA in the first place?

What’s there that needs healing?

Within our DNA most of the information from this life as well as others is stored. This can include past traumas, painful events or stressful situations. These occurrences usually leave a significant emotional scar.

To become completely healed, physically and emotionally, you need to go as deep as the DNA and cellular level.

Out of all Karuna symbols, perhaps Zonar is the one that has the most direct physical impact over the human body. Therefore, by applying Zonar in self-treatment and treatment of others, dissolves all negative or unnecessary patterns.

These patterns are some of the elements that get us stuck and keep us from reaching our mental and spiritual goals.

By using the Zonar symbol in our mediations and practice we allow ourselves to become free of such elements. This will make the personal and spiritual journey much smoother.

Zonar Symbol And Karmic Healing

Most of our emotional imbalances have origins in past events.

They may come from this life as well as from previous ones.

These imbalances have their own level of discomfort and pain. In turn, these manifestations can take place at both physical and emotional levels.

The best way to heal them is to find their root and understand why they happened in the first place. But even then, when we reach the source of any problem, the process of healing can be troublesome and painful.

One of the most important things to know about the Zonar symbol is that it removes the pain that usually comes with deep emotional healing.

How Can Zonar Symbol Help Us In These Situations

The sequence from Usui Reiki: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Zonar symbol will bring those past karmic traumas into a state of healing.

Sending energy occasionally to your past traumas, for 5-10 minutes using this structure, will have a positive influence on your life.

Do not make it a daily habit! – Those emotional traumas need their own time for healing.

Everything takes time. Of course, using this method, you heal these events more efficiently. But don’t forget that you still need patience.

Zonar Symbol In Relationships

Zonar symbol is quite efficient in emotionally rebalancing and healing our relationships.

This applies to all types of relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s between spouses, parents and children, or a couple.

Most of them are usually karmic relationships. That means these connections originate in past lives. We are here to learn and make them as positive and fair as possible.

Doing so, we gain experience, exchange knowledge with each other, and become free in our spiritual journey.

By using the same procedure and sequence of Reiki symbols we can send energy to our past with the intention of healing those relationships. We can also send this energy in the present and future for the greater good of the relationship.

Using the Zonar symbol daily in self-treatment will indirectly help heal our emotional body in an optimum rhythm.

zonar karuna reiki symbol

Emotional Healing

The emotional healing through the Zonar symbol is possible because it can open and access different dimensions.

This can prove to be extremely useful when you are in a critical moment and you or someone else needs fast healing.

It can work at a distance as well. Either way, the Zonar symbol transcends certain spiritual gateways to offer healing and protection.

In case the emotional breakdown persists one of the most efficient ways for fast healing is activating the sequence: Cho Ku Rei > Sei He Ki > Shika Sei Ki + Zonar.

Activate it in the chest area but don’t forget to ask for approval when you do it to someone else.

Energetic Protection

Zonar is one of the symbols that we may use on all our primary and secondary energy centers. Together with the symbols from Usui Reiki, it will cleanse and activate them.

Remember that each energy center generates an energy field that plays an important role in our energetic protection.

Due to fatigue, illness or unwanted exterior influences, these fields can suffer and become weak or fractured.

One feature that is quite unique to the Zonar symbol is the ability to energetically reconstruct your energy fields.

By applying Zonar to your energy centers while laying your hands on that spot, you can regenerate their energy structure.

Doing so will remove residual energies from them and give you the support needed to continue with your daily life.

Zonar and the rest of Karuna Reiki symbols have a very high vibration. The continuous use of these symbols brings, in time, a certain awareness about our higher-self. We may use this for our spiritual evolution.

Zonar Symbol And Archangel Gabriel

The corresponding Archangel for the Zonar symbol is Gabriel.

Through Zonar, we benefit from the healing energies brought by Archangel Gabriel.

He is the Angel of good news, spiritual gifts and the one that brings healing and relief to our souls.

NOTE: Through its connection to Archangel Gabriel, the Zonar symbol can have an increased effect.

This is true for all the above.

When called upon, Archangel Gabriel is more than willing to help us in our relationships, emotional healing, and protect us.

Zonar symbol is one of the best ways of using the healing and protective energies of Gabriel.

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Zonar’s Main Trait Is Unity

This means its energy and the energy from Karuna Reiki promote wholeness, healing, and the permanent connection with your higher self.

Therefore, discovering the Zonar symbol through practice will help you build a solid foundation for your physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Now It’s Your Turn

This article represents how I use the Zonar symbol.

Did you you find it useful or were you looking for something different?

Is there anything specific you want to do with this symbol?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is the co-founder of ReikiScoop, a spiritual brand that supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources. He is a dedicated Reiki enthusiast and spiritual seeker who has reached the master-teacher level in Usui Reiki, Karuna, and Shamballa MDH.

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30 thoughts on “Zonar Karuna Reiki Symbol – Always There For Deep Emotional Healing”

    • Hi Edward.
      First, you find a quiet place. Relax and close your eyes.
      Take some deep breaths – you can use the Alpha State if it feels better for you; ask your Reiki spirit guides to help you in this meditation.
      After you have become completely relaxed, visualize the symbol and connect to it.
      See what information and what kind of energy you are receiving from it. Remain like this as much as you feel.
      When you feel ready you can open your eyes.

      In conclusion – intention, visualization, and connection are the key elements here.

  1. Hi Vlad, excellent information. I am 2nd degree Usui Reiki practitioner. Can this be used even if I am not familiar with Karuna Reiki?

    • Hi there Janelle and thank you for writing.

      I really appreciate your feedback and I am glad the information was useful.

      Trush to be told, in order to use a symbol at its full potential, you need to be attuned on it and on the system that contains it. Having said that, you can try and tap into its energy through meditation. Then you can use it in your self-treatment and see how it feels.


  2. Dear Vlad
    Your site with all the wonderful information on the various systems of Reiki is truly inspiring..
    I am 3rd degree Reiki and have mainly used it for self development and treating friends when needed..Lately I have been tuning into your site and familiarising my self with the different symbols
    I do feel stuck in my life at the moment on many levels ! So I feel drawn to work with Zonar and see if there will be a shift for me
    Just want to thank you for all the hard work and devotion you must have put into gathering all the information for reiki scoop
    Wishing you all the best

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate your feedback and it’s wonderful to know that more and more people are becoming interested in spiritual practices. Indeed it has been quite a lot of work but It’s my passion and duty to offer the best information possible.

      You can send me an email with a bit more details regarding this moment in your life and perhaps we can find the “unstuck” button 🙂 Of course that through meditation you can tap into the energy of Zonar and enjoy some of its benefits.

      We’ll keep in touch.


  3. Dear Vlad,
    Thank you for your time to describe this. It is a beautiful symbol and I am very curious of its healing abilities. I have a question, is it possible to use this symbol of healing death anxiety? I have so strange pictures coming from inside me with bones, skeletons, body, death and sickness and I get such death anxiety that I don’t understand. I am trying to heal my pain in my body as well, with reiki healing, a long with going to chock therapist. Last summer I was in a car accident when a dear run in front of me. I was fine physically but emotionally I awoke deep wounded scars from my childhood. Can I use this symbol to heal my healing journey? Thank you for your answer. Blessing and light all the way from Sweden. 🙏🏻

    • Hi there Elena and thank you for writing.

      There is a possibility that this accident (which acted as trauma at the spiritual level) forced the excessive opening of the root chakra (which, among other aspects is responsible for survival and healing past traumas). When this happens most childhood traumas start coming to the conscious level. Unfortunately, they don’t come in a gradual way, so the “speed” at which these traumas need to heal is quite faster than what you are able to manage at this point. All this situation, filtered through the subconscious, reaches the conscious in the form of anxiety that in turn, leads to the visions you are receiving.

      Even if you are not attuned in Karuna Reiki, I strongly recommend both Zonar and Halu symbols. What you can do is meditate on them and even activate them within your Reiki self-treatment. This will tap into their energy and help you gradually heal those imbalances. Also, drawing them on paper and keeping them within sight, will help you connect to their energy more often. If you are attuned in Karuna Reiki, then even better.


  4. Hi Vlad. Thanks for your detailed explanation on all the reiki symbols. I am learning reiki and I wanted to know if we activate a symbol once then for how many days after we need to reactive it?

    • Hi Susheela and thank you for writing.

      Well, the symbols don’t have a designated time of activation. This activation “time” can depend on the practitioner’s intention and her/his level of channeling the universal life force energy.


  5. Hello,
    I just used this symbol on myself treatment, while sitting on a chair . When I was with first and second chakra, I had an interesting back and forth, then circular movement to the right ,then to the left in my hips 😳 I’m not attuned to this symbol, but I will say , I felt lots of depth with it. This took me back to my late Reiki Master , Debbie Williams, who I miss so much. Anyways, she would make me stand up to adjust my hips without touching me ,I would have this fall back and then forth movement. She is no longer here to explain how she would do hip adjustments, is this something that you can help me with?

    Also, words are not enough to tell you how grateful I am for you and all the work you put into this to help us 🙏
    Thank you 💓

    • Hi there Hilda and thank you for your kind words!

      I am not exactly aware of how to do physical hip adjustments. For this, you should consult a doctor. From a Reiki perspective, you can always use the Reiki hand positions and symbols to release the trapped energy that resides in that area. Having access to Zonar in the way you described means that you may have a special connection to this symbol and Archangel Raphael. Perhaps if you manage to heal yourself you will become of great service to others who need healing as well. This usually happens in this rhythm so that we can overcome our personal obstacles and learn how important is to help others.


  6. I am connecting from Mongolia. I am Usui Reiki master. I want to develop Usui Reiki for myself. Can I use there symbols?

    • Hi Otgon.

      Usually, an attunement is required in order to use the potential and energy of a Reiki symbol fully. Having said that, you can gradually incorporate them within your practice individually (I refer to the Karuna Reiki symbols in general). Meditate on each of them and you will notice that you will be able to use their energy and information to some extent. That’s because the symbols are connected to certain spirit guides that can help you gain awareness and knowledge within that Reiki system.

      Keep in touch.

  7. Hello Blad. Thanks, for the your advice. I read your article very carefully. I appreciate the clarity of the brief. I use the Antahkarana symbol as you suggested. I really liked it. But I drew it with my own hands. It felt good to me. How much is Karuna Reiki E-Learning Fee?. Sorry, I am not good English. But understand a little.

    • Hi Otgon. You are most welcome!
      As for the Karuna e-learning free… I really don’t know any free Karuna Reiki courses online so far.

  8. Hi Vlad – I am Reiki Master & ART trained/practicing. This information is really great to have, however it says to use the Usui reiki symbols + Zonar symbol to heal past traumas – but not every day as it takes time to heal. My question then is, how often should this sequence be done .. once a week, a month?

    Thanks so much for all the information contained on your site!!

    • Hi Jeanne. What I was trying to explain is that past traumas need time to heal. Even if you are sending universal life force energy for healing the past this should be done no more than twice per week. too much energy send too often may not allow the past emotional scars to heal and thus, that low-vibrational energy from the past may influence your present.
      In other words, your goal is to heal the past not bring it back.

  9. Hi Vlad,

    How can I protect myself from bad energies I feel some bad energies and felt like someone did to me I feel fearful chest palpitation and anxious. Please help me with what symbol I can draw to clean this bad energy.


  10. Hi Vlad
    Thank you for the valuable information. I appreciate it. I recently became a master of Karuna Reiki a couple of days ago. The first time I used Zonar, I had a negative experience from the past. It reminded me of some unpleasant memories associated with the symbol. Even felt a bit pain on my left knee after years.

    • Hi Reza and thank you for your kind words!

      As mentioned in the article, one of the purposes of Zonar is to heal past traumas up to the cellular level. That’s because the energy and information that is emanated though an event can remain in that deep level. Together with the rest of the symbols from Karuna and Usui Reiki, they can complement each-other for deep mental and emotional healing. You can write to me about your experience on contact@reikiscoop.com

      Keep in touch and blessings to you!

  11. Zonar is my fave. I was Usui 2 for ages until a mate told me his guides told him to attune me to Usui master + Zonar + Motor Zanon. My Guides gave me Gnosa about 5 months later.

    I was a scientist first until spirit woke me up with a bang and much chaos (it’s like this for most people) so intuitively those two had to go in first before Gnosa.

    Zonar is a dimensional tool for me. We can start Zonar as a point bottom left at zero dimensions (0D), move that straight up to a line (1D) Slide that line left to right to form a square (2D) then pull the cube towards us (3D)

    So I’ve been playing with that and Motor Zanon. Feeling into Motor Zanon, it’s an attractor, for all sorts of stuff, not just viruses.

    So if we make a cube this way near our field, another one next to a black hole, Use Cho-Ku-Rei and HSZSN to connect them. Then we can use Motor Zanon to suck out bad stuff into that space and out of this universe.

    Using this technique I’ve dealt with a ton of Trauma and if we look at dark spots in the energy field, careful use of Motor Zanon to pull on that trauma just a little can help us find it in our bodies.

    I use Reiki plus EFT and those two together are a super combination. Reiki can do almost everything but the mind gets in the way. So EFT is a great way to collapse limiting beliefs around Reiki working. We can do this with Reiki too of course, I just find EFT a lot faster.

    • Hi there Jonathan.
      Thank you so much for your insight. I believe you have channeled new ways of using Motor Zanon, in this case using it for healing certain emotional traumas. Alongside Zonar, which is a catalyst for healing deep emotional wounds, the two might work together just as you presented. Very interesting! Thank you!



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