How To Use Reiki To Heal Your Soul And Experience Inner Harmony

Reiki for the soul essentially means healing your soul with divine energy to promote its health, recovery, and overall well-being.

This exercise will also bring the necessary elements to expand and open its full potential.

Learning how to purify your soul can help you develop a healthier relationship with yourself and those around you. In addition, it can prevent emotional and mental imbalances like anxiety, depression, and even harmful behavior.

In this article, we’ll delve into what Reiki for the soul entails from a methodological and symbolic perspective.

What It Means To Use Reiki For Soul Cleansing

When using Reiki for the soul, you do so from both a practical and a symbolic standpoint.

Like Jack Canfield’s book “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” the core idea is that we all seek compassion, love, and caring from others.


From a symbolic perspective – it means bathing yourself in the universal life force energy for health, happiness, and well-being. This implies daily self-treatment, meditation, or any practice that allows the divine light to flow freely through your mind, body, and spirit.

At a practical level – offering Reiki to your soul implies dissolving stagnant negative energies and filling it with pure, positive elements.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Even though the Reiki self-treatment “covers” the cleansing of the soul to some extent, there are specific methods that enable you to focus directly on removing harmful programs.

It might seem tedious at first. You might even think you’re overdoing it.

Still, it can become a pleasant habit that will grow in value with time and practice.

To better understand our soul’s influence on our well-being, let’s first learn about its spiritual structure and role.

What Is The Soul

The soul represents the divine spark that most beings have.

More precisely, mammals and higher evolutionary beings (including humans) with multiple energy centers, fields, and channels have what we know as the “soul.”

Most animals have a simplified version of this type of energy. It is believed that it only manifests as a survival program.

The soul’s structure includes all the divine, beneficial programs which allow us to grow, live, and thrive in this world. In addition, it strongly connects with the mind, physical body, and inner self.

Therefore, the soul holds complex programs, such as our ability to:

  • Develop physically, mentally, and emotionally;
  • Manifest love toward ourselves and others;
  • Generate and share compassion, joy, and abundance;

What Influences Our Soul

Each soul has a specific size and can vary according to the quality of your thoughts, emotions, and the situations you encounter.

This criterion also influences how cleansed or “tainted” the soul is.

You’re constantly exposed to outside factors, which can easily damage parts of it without proper protection and regular cleansing.

For example, a person who prays and meditates daily will perceive everything differently from someone who is constantly in a stressful environment and doesn’t try to balance things out.

Sometimes our hands are tight, and certain situations are out of our control.

Yet, most of what we experience on a daily basis results from our decision-making process. This means that usually, and fortunately, you can do something about it and eventually influence your soul’s vibration.

Here Are Some Examples

When you suffer from depression, feel anxious, or miss someone dear, you begin losing pieces of your soul.

This happens because it is fully connects to your subtle body. Therefore, each type of feeling, whether good or bad, will send the necessary information to its correspondent part in this Universe. That’s how you either put pressure on or nurture your emotional body.

Your soul is the only “buffer zone.” So, you become vulnerable when it’s not in proper shape.

Your Soul’s Role In Energy Transfer

From a physical perspective – your body’s well-being strongly connects with your soul’s health. This is because each organ, bone, and cell has a place in your soul, and its energy spreads throughout your body, nourishing everything in its path.

But, of course, most of this energy will eventually concentrate on the heart area. This means that when your soul is not whole, you gradually grow vulnerable, and various physical imbalances surface.

From an emotional perspective – low-vibrational energies connect your emotional and mental bodies with your soul.

From a spiritual point of view – a “weak” soul creates breaches that allow negative energies and/or unwanted entities to enter. These lead to disconnects and broken pieces, which later manifest as feelings of depression and anxiety.

NOTE: The above will only occur according to your current vibration level and resonance. That’s why these effects are particular to each person.

The Benefits Of Having A Cleansed Soul And How Reiki Can Help

At the physical level – your body will enjoy a well-functioning metabolism, good blood flow, and a strong immune system. As a result, your cognitive functions will improve, and you’ll assimilate information faster.

At the emotional level – you’ll reinstate balance and detach easier from people and situations you’re not in resonance with. You’ll become more objective and, therefore, helpful to those in need. This doesn’t make you superior but rather grounded and at peace. A clear mind will allow you to better understand yourself and those around providing a feeling of joy and fulfillment. Unpleasant situations will still occur, but you’ll navigate them smoothly, knowing that you’re better off focusing your efforts on creating favorable connections.

Spiritually – you’ll begin attracting beneficial energies and entities supporting your spiritual growth. The universal life force energy will also flow freely and uninterrupted, cleaning your mind and body in its path.

How To Use Reiki For The Soul

There are many methods and energy healing practices that can retrieve the lost parts of your soul. Personally, I find Reiki to have one of the most straightforward processes.

Through Reiki, you can help make your soul whole again by dissolving negative energies and projections and removing harmful programs.

Acknowledging that you need attention and proper cleansing is the first step in healing.

Let’s see how you can use Reiki for your soul:

NOTE: The reason for adding so many Reiki symbols is to stimulate the flow of the universal life force energy as much as possible. When your soul is not whole, the flow can be deficient. Therefore, the symbols will help support a proper energizing process.

  • Place your non-dominant hand within the heart area facing upward as if you were holding something;
  • With your dominant hand, draw Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen right above your non-dominant palm. Have a clear intention of connecting to the lost part of your soul;
  • Declare mentally and/or verbally: “Within my left/right hand (name your non-dominant hand), I claim all the parts of my soul right now!” Repeat this three times and wait for it to arrive within your non-dominant hand;
  • Activate all the Reiki symbols you have access to with your dominant hand directly on the energy print of the soul, which now sits in your non-dominant hand;
  • Keep sending pure energy to the structure of your soul with the intention of purifying and activating its spiritual potential;
  • Complete the process with the following affirmation to bring new, pure, and unaltered divine energy to your soul: “My soul becomes cleansed from residual/negative energies, thoughts, programs, sub-programs, information, and projections. I ask divinity to place within my hands, right now, the pure, cleansed, divine soul that I deserve to receive for my greater good!” – Repeat three times;
  • Wait for the energy to manifest within your palms;
  • Now, with both palms, place all that accumulated energy in your chest area;
  • Continue with the affirmation: “My refreshed and cleansed soul integrates itself right now within all my structures for my greater good!” – Repeat three times;

What To Expect When Using Reiki To Cleanse Your Soul

This entire process helps regenerate and heal the damaged parts of your soul and integrate them back within your energetic structures.

The soul’s energy will spread throughout your body evenly, covering the areas most needed.

As mentioned before, this seems to be a somewhat tedious process. However, after practicing it a few times, it will seem like a walk in the park.

To enhance the effect, consider lighting a candle with the intention of reconstructing your soul and guiding it back to its place. This will help facilitate a more efficient recovery and cleansing process. Ideally, let the candle burn until you finish the entire process.

Other Methods For Making Your Soul Whole

Numerous other energy healing practices can also help restore your soul and balance your energetic body. Exploring these alternatives can provide new insights and techniques that you can tailor to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Regardless of your religion or beliefs, fasting and praying will always help cleanse your mental, emotional, and energetic layers… including your soul;
  • Meditation and visualization are other excellent choices for addressing your energetic structures;
  • Theta Healing is a high-vibrational spiritual practice that not only helps cleanse your soul but also expands your consciousness;
  • Taci Chi and Qi Gong are quite useful in cleansing your energy channels and fields, including the hearth meridian. These methods allow vital energy to flow through the heart area while keeping it healthy;

The sphere of light method – visualize a bright-light sphere between your palms. Activate all the symbols you have access to within it, and place it in your heart area. Declare your intention to cleanse your soul and create a protection layer against unwanted influences.

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Why Use Reiki To Heal Your Soul

Offering Reiki to the soul is a critical aspect of self-treatment sessions.

You can even see it as the starting point.

Just as the beating heart keeps the physical body alive, the soul is equally important for the energetic layers of the body. Revitalizing the soul provides divine energy, nourishing the body’s physical and energetic aspects.

Our ability to show compassion and forgiveness, as well as recognize the vibrations of life in music, arts, nature, or loved ones, is facilitated through the spiritual gateway of the heart.

Each of us can connect to our soul and establish a healthy relationship with the divine essence that makes life possible.

Revising the soul with Reiki promotes a sense of wholeness and well-being throughout your entire structure.


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