Anahata – Discover How To Love Yourself By Healing Your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata is the fourth primary chakra located on the human body.

It’s also called the chakra of the soul.

Located in the center of the chest, Anahata chakra coordinates the feelings of pure and unconditional love, compassion, self-trust, and forgiveness.

The meaning of Anahata originates in Sanskrit and it generally translates as “The Unbeaten”, or “The Unstruck”. 

What’s The Meaning Of Anahata

Although the chakras exist in the energetic realms, the meaning of Anahata has a very deep significance, here on Earth: No matter how hard your past experiences were, and how much you got hurt, there is a place of purity and inner strength within.

This Divine energy manifests and spreads itself through Anahata and then to all the other chakras.

There is indeed some confusion among spiritual practitioners that Svadhishthana is the energy center of the soul. Others suggest that Anahata is the place where the soul resides.

Truth to be told, the soul or the Divine spark, is spread throughout our body from the cellular level and all the way to the heart. And yes, the heart incorporates most of this Divine spark.

The soul holds within its essence all the positive Divine programs that each one of us is “entitled” to have in this life. It’s important to keep the Anahata chakra clean and harmonious because it will also help heal the soul within us.

In a way, we can consider Anahata the “seat” of the higher self, just as we have Muladhara the seat of Kundalini.

The concept of living in, or through the heart, means that if we center our mind and our true-self within the field of the heart.

We become whole.

There will be no more separation of the mind, soul, and spirit. If all humanity would be able to live like this, the world would be literally unrecognizable, in a positive way.

Whether we choose to manifest anger and hate or compassion and forgiveness, Anahata’s role is to help us in our spiritual evolution. We are the ones who decide what to manifest through it. 

Whatever we choose to express, it affects all the other energy centers and the rest of our body. This can equally happen in a positive as well as a negative manner.

Where Is Anahata Chakra Located And The Significance Of Its Color

Anahata chakra is located in the center of the chest, next to the heart. 

It has symmetric back-projection located between the lungs and the shoulder blades.

NOTE: Each of our organs has a smaller chakra, therefore do not confuse Anahata with the energy center of the heart itself. They do have similar attributes but they are two separate chakras.

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Its color is bright green with a fiery pink center and represents the perfect harmony between nature and life. Through the Anahata chakra, these elements are in permanent connection with peace and happiness. 

Heart Chakra Symbol

The main element of the heart chakra is air. 

The heart chakra is made up of 12 petals, each one representing either a quality or a negative aspect that needs to be conquered.

The 12 negative parts that need to be transformed are longing, arrogance, anxiety, fraud, lust, indecision, incompetence, discrimination, defiance, repentance, impartiality and vain hope.

Through spiritual growth, these have to transmute into the 12, positive and divine qualities: harmony, understanding, love, peace, empathy, bliss, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

There are also two interconnected triangles forming a hexagram.

The triangle that points down, represents the connection with the three lower chakras, while the triangle pointing up represents the connection with the superior chakras.

This indicates that the heart chakra is right in the middle of the spiritual ascension towards higher consciousness.

The heart chakra keeps a perfect balance between the two realms of energy and matter.

In Hindu philosophy, the hexagram represents a symbol for combining two of the most powerful balanced energies: female and male.

The concept indicates their passing through the consciousness in perfect harmony and devotion, becoming one whole being.

The Functions Of The Heart Chakra

At A Physical Level

The heart chakra governs the circulatory system and influences the health of the heart.

It is responsible for the well-being of the thymus gland which is considered to be the “youth gland”.

An active thymus gland gives you the ability to enjoy all the beautiful things in life so perhaps we should pay more attention to this one!

The heart chakra coordinates the functions of the lungs and the respiratory system.

It also influences the health of your skin.

For women, Anahata helps to keep the breasts healthy. Let’s not forget that they have their own small energy centers that govern the ability to offer affection and love.

Emotional And Energetic Level

The heart chakra is responsible for the healthy flow of compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy towards every moment and living being in your life.

It represents the beginning of a spiritual journey where you learn how to be one with your higher-self. This depicts the Divine energy (the Divine soul) that contains all the positive traits we deserve to have in this life.

For certain spiritual practices such as divining, Anahata chakra generates the energy field of telluric informational contact.

When it functions correctly you have a natural and intuitive ability to offer and receive love and respect. At that point, you tend to easily forgive and forget with no hard feelings.

When the thymus gland is open, and together with the heart chakra, you begin to feel gratitude, the joy of life, and trust within yourself and others.

Through the manifested affection you will learn how to love and forgive yourself.

Perhaps this is the first step in a healthy spiritual evolution.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t refer to the narcissistic love, but rather to having respect for yourself.

Love, as balanced energy, is strong and gentle at the same time.

When the heart chakra is in balance, you can get a glimpse of what unconditional love and compassion truly mean.

Heart Chakra Frequency

You can find online tones, meditations, and music with the 528Hz and 341.5Hz frequencies. Apparently, these are the main parameters that stimulate the activation of the heart chakra. 

I’m sure there are more examples out there, so feel free to open your heart and see with which one you resonate with.

Here are a couple of my favorite tunes that have these two frequencies:

What Causes Heart Chakra Blockages

There are quite a few signs that signal the bad functioning of the heart chakra.

These can be arterial hypo and hypertension, hostility, and paranoia.

Heart issues generally mean that at a deep, emotional level we have issues with offering and receiving love.

At an emotional level, a blocked heart chakra will create the inability to offer and receive forgiveness and affection. 

Not having the will to open yourself to dear ones from an emotional point of view will cause the heart chakra to block for some time.

Feelings like excessive jealousy and loneliness are also strong factors for blocking the heart chakra.

A person having the illusion of constant betrayal has a clear imbalance at this level.

A good indicator for a blocked heart and solar plexus chakra is the desire to emotionally manipulate others.

This has a deeply negative emotional root that needs to be healed in order for Anahata to function correctly.

How To Open Your Heart Chakra In Connection With Someone

One of the easiest ways of opening your heart chakra is to slowly start offering more attention and patience to the people around you.

By listening to what people have to say, you will eventually offer a response in accordance with their issue.

This will later create empathy, which will then transform into caring for someone.

In return, all these steps will help you generate more affection and compassion for the people you come in contact with.

Keep in mind that this can be a slow process but with amazingly positive results. 

A healthy heart chakra means a higher vibration and a better flow of healing energy.

There are many types of meditations out there that are very useful, but what I really recommend is Reiki.

Systems like Karuna Reiki have specific meditations and symbols that guide you to open your heart chakra.

Also, placing your palms each day for 10 minutes can do wonders. (more on Reiki hand positions here)

Not only this technique will facilitate the Anahata chakra to function correctly but the universal energy will cleanse your soul as well.

Therefore, through Reiki, you receive multiple benefits at once.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms You Might Experience When Activating Anahata

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Symptoms for an open heart chakra can include:

  • Feeling considerably more joyful than before;
  • Having more empathy with the people around you;
  • Fewer hours needed for resting;
  • Having the desire to emotionally open more to people;
  • Feeling the need to travel and meet more people;
  • Having more affection for everyone around you;
  • An ability to easily get over issues and forget them;
  • Forgiving becomes much easier;
  • In a relationship, the desire to offer more affection than before;

8 Affirmation To Help Heal Your Heart Chakra

  • I am compassionate;
  • I open my heart to anyone who deserves it;
  • I am peaceful and centered;
  • I love myself and everyone else in a harmonious way;
  • I forgive myself and others;
  • I respect myself and others;
  • I am in balance with everything!;
  • I trust in the healing power of love;

The Essential Oils And Stones That Work Best For Anahata Chakra

Anahata Aromatherapy

Oils from rosewood, lavender, jasmine, geranium, orange, and tangerine are very useful for stimulating the senses of the heart chakra.

Crystals And Stones

Emerald, amazonite, green aventurine, green Flourite, green calcite, malachite, moss agate, pink quartz, pink tourmaline, green jade.

It’s important to have these cleansed on salt for 24 hours. After that, you can take one or as many stones as you like and place them next to your heart chakra. 

Use your hand to send energy filtered out through those stones. You will receive a feeling of warmth and relaxation.


Visualizing as the heart chakra becomes flooded with bright green and pink light all over. This will nourish and cleanse the heart chakra deep down to its spiritual core.

Music Therapy

Gregorian chants, sacred music or classic music resonate best with the heart chakra.

Anahata also resonates with the beej seed mantra “YAM”.

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