Discover How To Love Yourself By Healing Your Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is one of the major energy centers.

It fosters compassion, love, and understanding towards ourselves and others. The more we care for it, the healthier our emotional bodies will be.

Like the rest of the 6 primary chakras, the heart chakra’s energetic and spiritual structures spread throughout the etheric and astral planes.

It has a symmetrical back-projection that is responsible for healing past emotional traumas.

heart chakra

Heart Chakra Meaning

The heart chakra is known as the fourth primary energy center located within the physical body spectrum.

Its Sanskrit name is Anahata and is generally translated as “unhurt” or “unbeaten.”

The heart chakra represents the center of our energetic and spiritual bodies. It is responsible for the proper function of a series of organs. This makes it the spiritual center of youth, compassion, and kindness that can be manifested towards all living beings.

The divine being that promotes these qualities is Archangel Haniel.

It’s part of many cultures and religions, each with its own definition.

In Christianity – the heart chakra is where the mind must descend in order to experience genuine spiritual life. You can now transcend residual thoughts and constantly create love and forgiveness from this point on.

Jewish esoteric philosophy – considers it the power of the soul, and it resembles the Star Of David.

In Chinese culture – is associated with a vast amount of “chi,” or energy. It’s one of the three primary “dantiens,” or main energy centers required to keep and nourish the physical body.

Japanese culture – call it the Naka Tanden, which is also one of the three main centers of power that keep the body in good health.

Where Is The Heart Chakra Located

The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. It covers most of this region, including the heart area.

heart chakra location

Anahata is not the same as the energy center of the physical heart organ, contrary to popular belief. Although they are closely linked, these are two individual chakras.

Its back-projection is in the area between the lungs. This is strongly linked to past emotional issues that must be healed in order to build happiness in the present life.

How Many Petals Does It Have

There are 12 petals in total that form a complex energetic structure. This contributes to our psychological and emotional well-being.

Each petal represents a negative feature that requires a change to reach a certain level of spiritual evolution.

Heart Chakra Symbols

There are two interconnected triangles at the intersection of the heart chakra’s structure, forming a hexagram – a balance of the two main types of energy: Yin and Yang.

The connection with the lower chakras is depicted by the down-pointing triangle, while the one pointing upwards connotes a link to the higher chakras.

This symbolic representation indicates that the heart chakra is right in the middle of the spiritual ascension towards a higher level of consciousness. It also suggests the transition to perfect harmony, devotion, and wholeness through the raising of consciousness.

Heart Chakra Healing

All chakras are important for our overall health and well-being. This is because they impact us at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. But knowing what each chakra does and its specific role can help us better understand how to work with it.

What Happens When The Heart Chakra Opens

You will feel reborn, full of life, and cheerful once your heart chakra is opened.

You’ll feel less afraid, stressed, or angry. You will begin to have compassion for yourself and everyone you meet. You will see the world from a different perspective than you previously realized.

You’ll be more flexible and adaptable. You’ll have a lot more patience, tolerance, and forgiveness. It will become easier for you to accept love from others. Simply keep in mind that opening your heart does not mean giving it away.

The ability to empathize and comprehend what others are going through is enhanced by an open heart chakra. As a result, your capacity to connect with others will also improve over time.

At The Physical Level

The heart chakra is responsible for the health of the following:

  • circulatory system;
  • thymus gland
  • lungs;
  • breasts;
  • heart;
  • skin;

The thymus gland is a critical component of the immune system. It’s also known as the youth gland, and it has a fundamental link with the soul’s essence.

I brought this up because many of us tend to overlook the significance of this gland. The healthier our thymus gland is, the more lively, happy, and grateful we are.

A fantastic piece of advice for ladies is to learn how to offer love and care to their breasts. Each has its own chakra. When linked with the heart chakra, it forms a complex system of love and compassion. So, to achieve your nurturing motherly energy, provide both physical and emotional attention to your breasts.

At The Emotional And Spiritual Levels

The heart chakra governs the manifestation of:

  • compassion;
  • love;
  • forgiveness;
  • joy;
  • gratitude;
  • understanding;
  • ability to offer and receive affection;
  • self-acceptance and self-recognition;

It’s the beginning of a deeper spiritual journey where you learn how to accept and love your inner-self through the clarity of your soul.

It also generates the energy field called “the field of telluric-informational contact. When this field functions properly, it provides pure energy to the heart chakra. This also keeps the essence of the soul cleansed and protected.

Remember that even though your soul is spread throughout your body, the majority of its essence is located at the chakra level.

NOTE: The soul, in essence, is regarded to contain all of the beneficial Divine programs that each of us is “entitled” to have in this life. As a result, constantly cleansing our souls and heart chakras promotes health, prosperity, and knowledge throughout our entire existence.

You have no trouble offering and receiving compassion, love, and forgiveness when your heart chakra is in good shape. These high-vibration emotions should ideally be aimed towards your inner-self first and then others.

That’s because loving oneself is a healthy concept and one you shouldn’t ignore. It has nothing to do with selfish love but rather with self-respect. Only when we’re at peace with ourselves will we be able to bring our true potential into this world.

If our Kundalini energy were to rise and stay at this level, we would continuously express love and compassion for all living things. We wouldn’t be able to feel hatred, prejudice, or a difference in social class or race. In a nutshell, the world would be unrecognizable.

What Does It Mean When Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked

When the heart chakra isn’t operating properly or is completely blocked, consider a few things.

Any physical pain or illness at this level implies a significant amount of cumulated residual and/or negative energy. If ignored, it begins to harm and manifest the physical structures, which include the organs.

Here are some common reasons behind heart chakra blockages:

  • Having a hard time forgiving yourself and others;
  • Difficulty in receiving love and affection;
  • Developing excessive animosity or prejudice;
  • Not being able to cope with different opinions others might share with you;
  • The inability to accept that everyone has the right to live by their own rules and not as you think is best for them;
  • Having a hard time recovering after past traumas or break-ups;

And … the list goes on.

If left unchecked, most of these methods result in a tainted soul essence. We may also lose portions of our souls through suffering. In addition, these harmful procedures frequently result in a sequence of physical imbalances and illnesses.

How To Cleanse Your Heart Chakra

Method 1

Perhaps the most basic and effective technique to activate the heart chakra is self-reflection. Whether you engage in meditations or simply sit quietly at home, a personal “session” with yourself is always appreciated.

This implies analyzing your inner-self in relationship with your emotions. Notice the high or low-vibrational feelings within you and how you manifest them.

Your reactions belong to you whenever they happen due to external pressure or not.

But how can you change this?

  • Accept your feelings, emotions, and reactions as they are. This is the first and most important step in healing the heart chakra;
  • Raise your vibration through spiritual practices;
  • Constantly work with yourself by acknowledging the things you like and dislike;
  • Support your growth by doing the things you love more often. The more dynamic they are, the better. Regardless of the type, spending time in nature is always the preferred choice;
  • It’s important to try to adapt and control your actions when things go wrong. This is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult things to do, but the results are extremely rewarding;

Method 2

Reiki is another option you could use to heal the heart chakra. Through Reiki, you address the energetic structures directly. It’s how you bring to the surface the aspects and elements that require attention in order to overcome certain imbalances.

  • Simply place your hands over your heart chakra region. If you can, you may also position one hand on its back-projection and one on the chest;
  • Stay like this for ~10 minutes each day;
  • It will gradually cleanse the heart chakra and allow you to manifest the positive high-vibrational traits that are found within;

The emotions that require healing will also surface in your optimum rhythm, making you aware of them. You can now begin to heal them from this point forward.

Method 3

A wonderful alternative is to listen to music with a frequency of 341.5Hz and 528Hz.

While the 341.5Hz frequency will stimulate the opening of the heart chakra, the 528Hz helps clear residual energies from the emotional body.

Exposing yourself to a certain vibration will allow that level of energy to integrate within your energetic structures.

Method 4

Specific guided and self-guided meditations for opening and cleansing the heart chakra offer amazing benefits over time.

If you’re looking for a good meditation to help open the heart chakra, several are available online. You may pick and choose from a wide range of possibilities based on your own tastes.

Personally, I like to play some soothing music and meditate on my own through introspection. I do this by picturing myself going into my heart chakra region and looking at the “pains and gains” that need recognition.

To achieve this, it’s important to enter the alpha state before starting.

NOTE: Fasting, especially the full (black) fasting, together with Reiki, meditations, or prayers, enhances the cleansing and activation effect. In fact, it reaches the whole energetic system, including the rest of the chakras.

Opening The Hart Chakra In Connection With Someone

One of the easiest ways of opening your heart chakra is to slowly start offering more attention and patience to the people around you.

By listening to what people have to say, you will eventually offer a response in accordance with their issue.

This will later create empathy, which will then transform into caring for someone.

In return, all these steps will help you generate more affection and compassion for the people you come in contact with.

Keep in mind that this can be a slow process but with amazingly positive results. 

A healthy heart chakra means a higher vibration and a better flow of healing energy.

How To Do It

There are many types of meditations out there that are very useful, but what I really recommend is Reiki.

Systems like Karuna Reiki have specific meditations and symbols that guide you to open your heart chakra.

Also, as mentioned, placing your palms each day for 10 minutes can do wonders. (more on Reiki hand positions here)

Not only this technique will facilitate the Anahata chakra to function correctly but the universal energy will cleanse your soul as well.

Therefore, through Reiki, you receive multiple benefits at once.

Heart Chakra Crystals

Crystals are one of the most effective “tools” for stimulating and activating your chakras.

Here are some of the main heart chakra crystals:

  • Emerald;
  • Amazonite;
  • Pink/Rose Quartz;
  • Malachite;
  • Green Flourite;
  • Green Calcite;
  • Malachite;
  • Moss Agate;
  • Green Aventurine;
  • Pink tourmaline;
  • Green jade;

Before using these crystals, cleanse them by washing them thoroughly with clean lukewarm water. You may also smudge them with frankincense, myrrh, or palo santo for a stronger effect.

Perhaps the finest strategy is to cleanse them with Reiki. Simply hold each stone in your activated hands for 10 minutes or so. You may add extra Reiki symbols to enhance the effect.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

Rose Quartz And The Heart Chakra

A healthy heart chakra is usually perceived as having an intense green color with a pink center. When strongly stimulated, this becomes a dominant, vibrating pink. In that case, you can manifest compassion beyond an ordinary level.

The pink color is what makes rose quartz one of the best choices for cleansing the heart chakra. Also, its energy can be described as gentle and feminine, linked to unconditional love. (Learn about the divine feminine concept in this Violet Flame Reiki article.)

Rose quartz is also used for attracting all types of positive energies, especially self-love. This gemstone is also believed to open the heart chakra so that it can start vibrating on a healthier level. The result is an improvement in the way you perceive yourself.

Additional Methods For Balancing The Heart Chakra


Some of the best oils and fragrances that the heart chakra resonates with are:

  • Lavender;
  • Rosewood;
  • Jasmine;
  • Geranium;
  • Orange;
  • Tangerine;
  • Pink pepper;


  • I am compassionate;
  • I open my heart to anyone who deserves it;
  • I am peaceful and centered;
  • I love myself and everyone else in a harmonious way;
  • I forgive myself and others;
  • I respect myself and others;
  • I am in balance with everything!;
  • I trust in the healing power of love;

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