Archangel Haniel: Learn Kindness Toward Yourself And Others

Archangel Haniel represents love, faith, joy, and the splendor of the divine source – God.

It’s the key bearer of the multiple celestial levels and the leader of the divine Principalities.

Although associated with Enoch’s rise to the heavens as a protective being, Haniel is the patron of compassion and harmony between people.

Let’s understand its role throughout humanity’s evolution and the unique characteristics that set it apart.

Who Is Archangel Haniel And Its Role In The Celestial Hierarchy

Haniel is the messenger of love, compassion, joy, and harmony.

Its name finds its roots in the Hebrew language and roughly translates as “God’s Grace,” “Greatness of God,” or “The Majesty of God.”

You may also find it as follows:

  • Anael;
  • Aniel;
  • Oniel;
  • Hamael;
  • Hanael;

Compared to more prominent archangels, Haniel brings a relatively peaceful energy.

Although archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael always try to help humanity, they can also become proficient warriors. Therefore, they might seem tough on people occasionally.

Archangel Haniel, on the other hand, cannot portray this feature because of the love and compassion it carries.

It always aligns with positive thinking and sees the glass as “half full.” It likes to highlight our material and spiritual achievements to fill us with meaning and motivation.

Because of this kindness and compassion towards the divine creation, Haniel holds the spiritual keys to all dimensions included in the celestial realms.

It rules over the order of Principalities, which are, theoretically, above the angles and archangels rank-wise.

NOTE: Principalities are the protectors and spiritual guides of large groups of people like nations, the Church, or governments. They can intervene as long as they are called upon and act following God’s will. Principalities can either be passive (assist) or dynamic (intervene) to lead administrations toward the best outcome.

How Does Archangel Haniel Look Like

Specialized texts rarely describe this loving archangel.

Even so, there is one compelling depiction of Haniel dressed in a bright emerald cape, with ample light grey wings, holding a lantern in its right hand.

How Does Archangel Haniel Look Like

Each of these elements comes with a symbolic meaning:

  • The bright emerald color resonates with the heart chakra. It relates to emotional healing, love, and compassion, the elements Archangel Haniel chose to manifest in our lives;
  • Its light-grey wings are a symbol of purity. They keep the minimum amount of energy allocated for divine interventions;
  • The glowing lantern lights endlessly and represents “God’s eye,” or the permanent, unmovable spark of divinity that keeps all souls immortal;

Archangel Haniel In The Book Of Enoch

In the third book of Enoch, Archangel Haniel is the one that takes Enoch to the skies in a fiery chariot. Its role is to escort Enoch through multiple dimensions to reach “Heaven.”

Before becoming Archangel Metatron, Enoch reflected on his heavenly ascension, which shocked him.

The rest of the celestial hierarchies, like the Ophanim, Seraphim, and Cherubim, welcomed him rather unsympathetically because they could “smell” its human scent from 1.2 million miles away.

Archangel Haniel intervenes to let everybody know that this happens with God’s will and that Enoch must enter heaven in this form without passing through the threshold of death.

Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, are also present throughout this journey of multiple heavenly levels.

Enoch’s Journey

There’s a specific chapter that describes Enoch’s passing:

“When the Holy One, blessed be He, desired to lift me up on high, He first sent ‘Anaphiel (another name for Haniel) the Prince, and he took me from their midst in their sight and carried me in great glory upon a fiery chariot with fiery horses, servants of glory. And he lifted me up to the high heavens together with the Shekina (manifestation of God within the Malkuth Seraph).

As soon as I reached the high heavens, the Holy Chayyoth, the ‘Ophannim, the Seraphim, the Kerubim, the Wheels of the Merkaba (the Galgallim), and the ministers of the consuming fire, perceiving my smell from a distance of 365.000 myriads of parasangs, said: “What smell of one born of a woman and what taste of a white drop (is this) that ascends on high and low. He is merely a gnat among those who divide flames of fire?”

The Holy One, blessed be He, answered and spake unto them: “My servants, my hosts, my Kerubim, my ‘Ophannim, my Seraphim! Be ye not displeased on account of this! Since all the children of men have denied me and my great Kingdom and are gone worshipping idols, I have removed my Shekina from among them and have lifted it up on high. But this one whom I have taken from among them is an ELECT ONE among (the inhabitants of) the world, and he is equal to all of them in faith, righteousness, and perfection of the deed, and I have taken him for (as) a tribute from my world under all the heavens.”

Archangel Haniel In Kabballah

One significant mention of Archangel Haniel is governing the seventh Sephirah, Netzach.

This dimension is at the base of the “Pillar of Mercy” within the Sephirotic Tree. Its description is as follows:

Netzach is a spiritual victory but in a different way than one might think.

Spiritual victory means achieving the desired result as a conscious agent serving the universal light. This implies having patience, endurance, and fortitude within a divine vibration and sense rather than just through the vital earthly energy.

According to Hebrew writings, this dimension is described as “eminence, everlastingness, and perpetuity.”

They mean perpetual, long-lasting glory obtained through spiritual victory. This results from going beyond the threshold of our limitations and understanding that everything is a manifestation of divine energy.

So, this is the dimension of Haniel – spiritual victory through compassion and endless dedication to the light.

And, with that being said, it seems these are the only two religious sources that mention Archangel Haniel.

What Is Archangel Haniel’s Role In Our Evolution

According to these writings, we can consider Archangel Haniel the one that “escorts” our souls to heaven when we pass. It is the soul’s protector and spiritual guardian, representing the divine spark we receive at birth.

Within the soul, numerous beneficial elements, such as programs, energies, and information, are specific to our current incarnation. These components allow us to live, manifest, and thrive within this life.

Due to a benevolent and compassionate nature, Archangel Haniel may support us in our quest to find healing and balance for our souls. When using Reiki or other spiritual practices, Haniel sends “specialized” angels under its tutelage to assist us.

It also acts as a “link” between the Earth and celestial planes of existence regarding beneficial moments and emotional experiences.

When you do something you enjoy, you likely have “earned” the divine right for that experience. This takes place with Archangel Haniel’s support, who is thrilled that you’re doing something you love.

You can always choose to pray and connect with its presence in those moments to further enhance that feeling of happiness.

How To Connect To Archangel Haniel

Since Archangel Haniel is keen on helping you become more compassionate and forgiving, it is relatively easy to create a connection.

You can start with this prayer:

“Dear Archangel Haniel, please be next to me in this moment and allow me to take the most beneficial decision for my greater good! Also, allow me to enjoy these moments as much as I deserve, and may your divine grace watch over me every second! Amen!”

Connect with Archangel Haniel through Reiki:

  • Activate your palms with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (+ Dai Ko Myo if you have the level 3 Usui Reiki attunement). Add any other symbols you feel comfortable with;
  • Activate your primary chakras and their back projections with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki;
  • Open the connection toward Arcahgnel Haniel’s dimension in front of you with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen;
  • Send energy as a sign of gratitude. Have the clear intention to establish a healthy connection with its energy. Ask for its support and guidance in your life’s journey;
  • Remain like this for about 10-20 minutes;
  • End the session by offering gratitude for its time and assistance;
reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

A Final Word

When it comes to improving your emotional health, Archangel Haniel is one of your best choices.

It will stimulate your ability to understand divine messages and learn how the heavenly light may guide you for your greater good.

Because Archangel Haniel is the keeper of the keys of heaven, it’s also a symbol of the purest spiritual values: compassion, patience, peace, and forgiveness.

Work with this divine being to learn more about offering yourself to others. Let Haniel teach you how these experiences can enrich your life and support your spiritual growth.


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  1. Why do you refer to Arch Angel Haniel as an it? I understand Haniel is feminine. In a world, whether transcended or not dominated by masculine energy why are there few if any feminine Arch Angels?

    • Hi there Cathi.

      Truth is that even if a divine entity has dominant masculine or feminine energy, naming them “he”, or “she” is not exactly definitory as they have no gender. They don’t belong to the physical realm where genders are attributed at birth, therefore it may be strange (to say the least) to assign genders to them as we do here, on Earth.

      Having said that, most archangels are presented with more masculine energy due to their dynamic presence and actions throughout history. If they ever were to manifest in the physical plane of existence, I believe that each archangel (and any divine being for that matter) can pretty much identify with which ever gender they wish to at that moment of their existence.


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