Violet Flame Reiki: Stimulate Your Divine Feminine Potential

Violet Flame Reiki is a system that was channeled through the intervention of the divine feminine concept. Therefore, it supports practitioners in aligning themselves with this specific vibration.

It blends the universal life force energy flow with the manifestation of compassion and kindness offered by the divine feminine embodiment.

The system facilitates access to a higher vibration, new symbols, and unique cleansing methods.

This article will explore the nuances of Violet Flame Reiki and how it can help the practitioner reach new levels of consciousness.

What Is Violet Flame Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki is a high-vibrational type of Reiki that helps the practitioner manifest spiritual values through various methods.

Reiki Master Ivy Moore channeled the system in 2000.

At that time, she was meditating upon the energy of Quan Yin – the Buddhist divine feminine concept – to develop better healing skills with Reiki.

The messages she had received guided Ms. Moore to recognize a pure violet light that entered her body alongside 40 unique symbols. She dedicated this system to Lady Quan Yin and became attuned to the symbols through meditation.

Within her manual, Ms. Moore mentions:

“This is not a higher, better, newer, or more improved Reiki. Violet Flame Reiki has “old” new symbols… of this, I am sure.

For six months, I did a daily rosary of this mantra to Kuan Yin: Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pu’sa. This mantra is used to summon the presence of Kuan Yin within the devotee. It is also healing to the heart.

I saw the symbols and quickly put all the information on paper. […] I wasn’t looking for new symbols. I was trying to deepen my spirituality, attain enlightenment, and improve myself by repeating this mantra multiple times, 108 per day, to be precise. Then I saw the symbols.

It was made clear to me that those being attuned to this tradition of Reiki would come to understand the uses of the symbols on their own. This would encourage the students to meditate and do spiritual work on their own. Violet Flame Reiki is a system that encourages a person to “listen” to their inner/higher self while giving a Reiki session.”

Violet Flame Reiki and Violet Flame Energy

As the name suggests, Violet Flame Reiki allows the practitioner to connect and channel this unique energy and information.

Initially, it is said that it belonged to the spiritual entity known as “Buddha” with all its extensions, including Quan Yin. Later on, everything traveled to the Count of Saint Germain.

The violet flame energy has a high vibration capable of dissolving a big part of the residual energies and negative patterns we store. From a physical standpoint, it can flush toxins and dismantle the vital energy field of viruses and bacteria.

Considering the power it has, it’s best to practice a self-treatment session before invoking this energy. This will allow any negative entities to leave the space gently before calling the violet flame.

It’s good to give them this option because each entity plays a role in one’s spiritual evolution.

How To Access The Energy

Once attuned to the Violet Flame Reiki, you can call upon this energy using a specific invocation. After you have mastered this initial step, you can then access the violet flame energy with a simple intention:

“I am a being of the violet flame. I am the purity the Divine desires!”

  • Verbally recite this three times while holding your palms facing upward as if you are about to receive this energy through them;
  • Take your activated palms and place them in the Reiki hand positions or follow your intuition throughout the self-treatment;
  • You can also visualize as the violet flame energy engulfs your body from head to toe, reaching the Earth Star chakra;

Beyond its cleansing effects, the violet flame energy activates your energy centers, enabling the universal life force energy to flow freely through your energy channels.

How Many Violet Flame Reiki Levels Are There

The Violet Flame Reiki system consists of 4 levels with similar roles as Usui.

Ms. Moore advises future practitioners to have at least the Usui level 2 attunement before working with the Violet Flame Reiki system. This will ensure a smoother transition even though the energy is described as being warm, compassionate, and soothing for the body and spirit.

The Violet Flame Reiki levels are as follows:

  • Levels 1 and 2 – the practitioner levels;
  • Level 3 – the master level;
  • Level 4 – the master/teacher level;

The Symbols

There’s a total of 40 symbols, each providing access to a unique manifestation of the universal life force energy. It’s why you can focus on various issues in your self-treatment or the treatment of others.

Compared to the Usui Reiki system, there isn’t a particular way of drawing Violet Flame Reiki symbols. Also, within self-treatment or treatment of others, it’s enough to activate them on the palms and the crown chakra area to better integrate them into your energetic structures.

Disclaimer: The following symbols belong to Ivy Moore’s channeling of the Violet Flame Reiki system. Their description is based on my experience and interpretation of Ms. Moore’s teachings.

Violet Flame Level 1

This is the beginner’s level, where you receive access to the “violet flame energy” and the first 10 sacred symbols of the Violet Flame Reiki system.

Winter Ice – brings the element of ice into the physical plane. You can use it to help lower the temperature of a space or person. For example, it’s ideal for aiding someone experiencing a high fever.

Water, Power, and Movement – the symbol promotes a more dynamic energy flow into your life.

Fertility, Rebirth – as the name suggests, you can use it to stimulate fertility. Yet, it also acts as support for the immune system and metabolism.

Heal Past Life – use it in conjunction with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to send energy to your past to heal traumatic events.

Purification – helps activate the crown chakra and the energy structures that exist within that area.

Eternal Spiritual Cleanse – cleanses your energy fields.

Nervous Disorders – helps flush negative emotions, balance your nervous system, and promote relaxation.

Breaking Through Past Life Traumas – complements the “Heal Past Life” symbol and allows you to better cope and heal unpleasant past life events.

Spiritual Healing – complements the “Breaking Through Past Life Traumas” symbol. Together, they will make you more aware of the source of past life traumas in connection to the current imbalances that require healing.

Heat Purification – it can potentially help heal chronic or auto-immune diseases due to its high-vibrational energy.

Violet Flame Reiki Level 2

This second Violet Flame Reiki level comes with a more abundant energy flow, and the symbols complement the previous ones.

Uniting – helps restore damaged energetic and/or physical structures like bones, muscle tissue, the heart, or the spirit.

Protection Amplified – offers an additional layer of protection on top of the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. I like visualizing this symbol around the entire energy field, with the round segment at the head area.

Extraction Of Anything Undesirable – as the name suggests, this symbol helps remove unwanted energies, information, or even addictions.

9th Power Cleansing By Heat – complements the “Heat Purification” symbol from Violet Flame Reiki level 1. It guides the practitioner to a higher frequency within the universal energy.

Return To Transcendental Consciousness – can be of great use in profound meditations. It works well especially with regressions or family constellations therapy for healing past life connections.

Scale Of Yin/Yang – mainly used in meditation, this symbol balances the Yin and Yang energies of the energetic and physical layers.

Clasping The Divine – a symbol for helping us manifest the desire to embrace our inner divine side and merge with it.

Balance – restores and balances the emotional and energetic bodies.

Amplifies Healing Though Divine Intervention – enables the high vibrational energies to intervene in the physical, mental, and emotional healing process for yourself or others.

The Divine Human Soul – this symbol facilitates the cleansing of the soul through the violet flame energy.

Violet Flame Reiki Level 3

This is known as the Master Level. It holds the potential to take your abilities even further by accessing specific vibrations within the universal energy spectrum.

Violate Flame Reiki level 3 focuses more on physical recovery and the awareness required to start healing from within.

Let now talk about the symbols:

Heat And Blood Purification For Immunodeficiency Syndromes – both symbols work together to clear the physical body of the energy and information that cause the imbalance.

Deep Tissue Healing – further helps regenerate the organic parts of the body.

Joints, Arthritis – a symbol for restoring the physical and energetic part of your joints and prevents related issues.

Strengthens Intuition And Opens The 3rd Eye – activate it on the crown and third eye chakras to receive the necessary guidance for better decision-making. It’s also a way to help prevent future physical and emotional imbalances.

Releasing – it continues building awareness and strength to let go without pain or emotional stress.

Thyroid or the 3rd Eye Clearing – this symbol usually works best on the third eye and throat charkas. It helps raise awareness and intuition and allows you to harmoniously express your thoughts and emotions.

Water/Cleanse/Water Retention – a symbol for balancing the flow of fluids at both the physical and energetic levels.

Opening Oneself To Divine Guidance – allows you to connect to the higher self and discover your life’s path from a spiritual perspective.

Divine Three – represents the Divine Trinity as spiritual elements for balancing the three primary levels of consciousness – the inner self, the soul, and the higher self.

Violet Flame Level 4

This is the Master/Teacher level that provides you with the ability to offer attunements. At this stage, in your Violet Flame Reiki journey, you’ll also receive an additional 10 symbols. These come with a rather mystical significance than a functional one.

Protection – complements the concept and amplifies the power of protection symbols.

Life Energy/Chi – symbolizes vital energy and stimulates its flow through your entire body and consciousness.

Anti-Depression – helps dissolve the negative energies attributed to depression.

To Remove/Lessen Pain – helps remove both the mental and physical perception of pain.

Mist Of Invisibility – this is the fabric of light through which we are all united, in my view. The name is a symbolic representation of the vastness of the infinite universal energy.

Fertility, Rebirth – has the same role as its correspondent in Violet Flame Reiki level 1 but amplifies its energy and healing effect.

Insomnia Chronic Fatigue – helps remove the effects of low vibrational energies that manifest through fatigue or insomnia.

Youthful Health – resembles Antahkarana and has a symbolic representation of reversing the aging process by removing residual energies.

Master Symbol For Passing Attunements – used for passing and sealing the attunements within the Violet Flame Reiki system.

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One Last Word

Violet Flame Reiki is quite complex. And… Ms. Moore was the optimum channel for bringing this fascinating type of energy healing into the physical realm.

Only through practice and dedication can one aspire to learn the secrets of such a powerful healing system.

The Quan Yin mantra, violet flame energy, and sacred symbols make Violet Flame Reiki a remarkable healing system that anyone attuned to Usui can access.

In my opinion, this system may just be the type of Reiki that complements Karuna and Seikhem in terms of deep emotional healing. This includes past and present life traumas, detachment from the energy of unpleasant situations, and managing the forgiving and healing process towards others.

Yet, a unique approach is working with the divine feminine concept. So if you feel like you need to bring this side forward for overall balance, maybe the Violet Flame Reiki system is what you’re looking for.


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    I was just wondering if someone who may have some reservations about connecting to St.Germaine but loves the violet ray/flame could still receive an attunement to this form of Reiki? Thank you ✨

    • Hi there,

      Actually, I do believe that the two are connected as the Violet Flame is one form of manifestation of the universal life force energy. This was presented and offered to the world through Saint Germain and later on accessed through Kwan Yin by Ivy Moore.


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