How To Heal Your Mind, Soul, And Inner-Self Through Reiki

In this article, we will identify the Reiki methods that you can use to help heal the energetic and spiritual layers of the mind, soul, and inner-self.

When looking to heal yourself, you have to consider the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. Remember that these are all interconnected and should always be addressed together. It applies to the human body as well as the Universe.

So, if you’re ready to explore healing at a deeper level, this article is for you.

The Connection Between The Mind, Soul, And Inner-Self

It’s common to think that these are separate components. Most books and articles present them this way. We’re doing the same. That’s because it’s important to describe each of them clearly while being aware that they work together.

When you define them as one, you’ll develop a whole different perspective.

Think about it.

From a spiritual standpoint, these layers are linked together. But, they are also part of the physical realm.

Our physical body is made out of matter. Then, a structure of 7 subtle bodies follows, each with a specific role in our life.

We also have a very complex system of energy centers, meridians, and sets of energetic channels.

Besides this, we have our brain, soul, and inner-self, known as the Kundalini.

So, there are many levels to take into account, and they all work together as one body.

What Are Power Centers And Why Do We Need Them

There are 3 centers of concentrated energy. They are called power centers and belong to the human energetic system.

In Japanese, they are called Tandens;

In Chinese, they are called Dantiens;

It doesn’t really matter which term you choose as long as you know of their existence and learn how to use them in therapy.

  • Upper Dantien – is the center located in the forehead area;
  • Middle Dantien – is the one in the heart area;
  • Lower Dantien – is under the navel;

They are also called “seas of chi” and are considered the main energetic engines of our life.

NOTE: These 3 energy centers correspond to Ajna, Anahata, and the sacral chakras. Each dantien is a huge mass of concentrated energy that corresponds to its specific area. However, they shouldn’t be confused with chakras.

There’s a lot of hidden information behind each of them that we cannot always perceive. They all have a “story” and that’s the reason they hold such vast amounts of energy.

The Brain Is The First Energetic Power Center

Our brain belongs to the physical world. 

It is directly connected to our physical body and has a perceptible structure.

Even so, the brain can send subtle waves of energy that echo into the etheric planes of existence. This means that every thought that travels our mind can have a type and amount of energy and information.

These waves can enter the physical world as intentions or actions with unique outcomes.

The potential for materializing our thoughts and ideas is different for each individual. But, we can increase it by getting to know ourselves better and strengthening our mind’s power.

Spiritual practices have a strong influence on “conditioning” the brain. A trained mind can have a higher impact and help materialize thoughts easier.

Moreover, our soul and inner-self often send crude emanations of information. These, later on, take the form of certain thoughts and ideas.

The Brain Can Takes Us Places We’ve Never Imagined

Because the brain functions in an analytical way, the origin of our ideas is often uncertain. While the mind creates some of them, others are channeled by the universal life force energy or take birth in our deep, inner-self.

Some people have the ability to channel information by accessing their higher-self and universal life force energy. This is possible because the higher-self represents the connection with Divinity.

So, even if the brain has a palpable, material structure, its energetic and spiritual abilities are immense.

It is able to acknowledge and create a connection with the universal life force energy and guide it through our body to the affected areas.

heal your mind soul inner-self with reiki

Contrary to some beliefs, the brain is not only connected to the mental subtle layer. With the right intention and training, the brain’s waves can penetrate all the subtle bodies. This includes the ketheric template, the highest and most subtle of all.

NOTE: This power center corresponds to the sixth chakra’s (Ajna) area.

Enhancing The Brain Power Energy Center With Reiki

The more energized and cleanse this power center is, the greater the potential for manifesting clear, positive thoughts. This will help you attract more of what’s beneficial and repel the rest. Negative and residual thoughts will dissolve, leaving room for the light to enter.

There are a number of ways you can cleanse this powerful energetic center with Reiki.

Using Reiki Self-Treatment

This is perhaps the most efficient way to enhance the brain’s health and the energetic power center located here.

Include the following Reiki hand positions in your self-treatment to improve the energy level in this area.

To do so, activate your palms and keep them on each position for about 5-10 minutes:

  • Top of the head;
  • Brain hemispheres;
  • One hand on the forehead and another at the lower back of the head;
  • The ears;
  • On the eyes;
  • (Optional) – both hands on the back of the head;

Use Reiki Symbols

Add the power of Reiki symbols to the hand positions to bring new, higher levels of energy.

You can use Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen from Usui Reiki. Consider Dai Ko Myo if you are attuned for level 3.

From Karuna Reiki, I recommend using Zonar, Halu, Gnosa, and Shanti. These symbols will deeply cleanse your brain and activate the power energetic center that it generates.

The Two-Fingers Technique

I learned this method many years ago from one of my Reiki teachers. It’s rarer but works well for this power center.

two fingers technique reikiscoop
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki on both your middle fingers;
  • Take your hands and face them in a fist position. Let the middle fingers up with the tips touching each other. The rest of your fingers should be down;

Now place them right between the eyebrows, where the third eye chakra (Ajna) is located.

Stay like this for 5-10 minutes.

Alpha State – Emptying The Mind

The Alpha state of mind resembles that peaceful feeling one has right before falling asleep. It’s a procedure that can ease your transition into meditation and relaxation by emptying your mind. 

It’s the most basic way to achieving a state of calm.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down. Close your eyes and place your palms on your lap, facing up;
  2. Take several deep breaths and relax;
  3. Slowly inhale, while mentally counting to 4. You will first fill your abdomen and then your chest with as much air as possible;
  4. Hold your breath while mentally counting to 4 again;
  5. Then slowly exhale from your chest first and then the abdomen. Count to 4 while doing so;
  6. With each exhale, you will go deeper into the Alpha state, and your mind will become clearer;
  7. Repeat this exercise 10 times or as much as needed until you reach a feeling of deep relaxation. Some associate this feeling with a numbness of the body and mind;

Do not rush and be flexible!

It doesn’t matter how slow you count. After a few reps, you’ll adapt to your own rhythm. If you feel you need more time, move to a higher digit.

What’s important is to achieve a state where the surroundings won’t distract you.

That’s why I don’t recommend using this meditation prior to any activity. Its purpose is for you to relax. Avoid driving, physical exercise, and even work.

Secondary Uses

It’s very common to use the Alpha state to clear your mind and reset.

Suppose that’s your goal, you can do it during the workday. But, consider adding a grounding meditation as well.

This whole cycle will help you lower your stress levels, relax, and then bring you back with your feet on the ground.

Grounding Meditation

Just to be clear, this meditation can be used anytime you feel the need to anchor yourself in the physical world.

  1. Sit comfortably and relax;
  2. Visualize roots emerging from your hips and going down your legs, calves, and all the way to your feet;
  3. Further, visualize these roots connecting to the Earth and therefore grounding you thoroughly;

Even if you might be tempted to rush this process, I highly recommend against it. Take the time needed to do this properly.

The Heart Energetic Power Center

This is the second energetic power center. It is located in the middle of your chest.

Even if it corresponds to the heart chakra, Anahata, the middle dantien encompasses more than just this energy center.

To offer further clarity, you should know that each organ has its own energy center (chakra). Therefore, the “heart-chakra” or Anahata differs from the chakra that corresponds to the heart (organ). The middle dantien integrates both of them. It also includes the integrity of the soul.

So, knowing this, we reach a whole new subtle level. This will further help you increase your awareness of the Reiki practice.

About The Soul

The soul represents the Divine spark. We all receive it when we are born. It holds all the positive traits and programs that will help us make the right decisions later in life.

I like to call it “the light of life”.

From a spiritual perspective, I think it is one of the most important things in the whole Universe.

Unlike the brain, the soul has no physical structure. It resides in the astral plane, but it influences all the material and subtle layers. Out of all those layers, the soul has a strong connection with the emotional and celestial subtle bodies. Whenever you feel happy, excited, or sad, your soul emanates different kinds of delicate energies within these aura layers.

It’s true that most of the soul resides in the heart area. But, it is also present in every cell, organ, and structure of our body. The more cleansed and whole your soul is, the more healthy and joyful you will become.

In fact, this part needs more attention than others. You want to care for and heal it whenever possible for the reasons previously mentioned.

Most, if not all, of my Reiki teachers, highlighted the importance of healing the soul first. Whether that’s through self-treatment or treatment on others, this element plays a crucial part. So, it’s a good idea to cleanse the spiritual structure before continuing with the rest of the Reiki treatment.

It All Starts Here

In the end, we are physical manifestations of our soul.

I know that Hawayo Takata considered the digestive system essential for the overall well being. She encouraged her students to start the treatment here. That’s true. I can’t agree more. But keep in mind that this approach refers to the physical part of the treatment. It comes after accepting Reiki as a spiritual practice that can help us in the physical plane.

That’s why it’s wise to come at peace with yourself before anything else.

When your soul is cleansed and healed, it will help your body regenerate. This happens at both the physical and energetic levels. You will feel as if you have woken from the most restful and peaceful sleep.

You’ll feel “restored” and full of life.

Now that we have the overall concept covered let’s see how to achieve this healing state through Reiki.

Cleansing The Soul With Reiki

When your soul is whole and cleansed, it positively influences you on all levels.

NOTE: Having a clear intention in Reiki to cleanse your soul will help you achieve an overall beneficial result. This will have an effect on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels simultaneously. You will feel a sudden boost of confidence and happiness. In other words, a cleansed and bright soul will enhance the positive vibration of all your structures.

The key is to learn to keep this balance constant in your life.

Reiki Self-Treatment

The easiest and most efficient way to cleanse your soul is to practice Reiki self-treatment daily.

  • Activate your palms by firmly rubbing them against each other;
  • Go through the practice like would typically do;
  • The only thing I would add here is to dedicate a little more time in the heart area. That’s where a large part of your soul resides. Simply visualize how your heart and soul begin to gradually shine. A pure, white light grows around them, offering healing and protection;

Using Reiki Symbols

Adding the Reiki symbols is really helpful. This will enhance the self-treatment’s effect, making it more efficient.

But, there is a sequence of symbols that can help you focus directly on the soul and heart chakra.

  • Activate all the symbols you have access to on your palms and chakras;
  • Include Dai Ko Myo if you have the attunement for Reiki level 3;
  • (Optional) – add Karuna Reiki symbols, if you have access to them;
  • Draw Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Dai Ko Myo (for level 3) in the heart chakra area. For Karuna Reiki, add Harth symbol;
  • For deeper cleansing, keep your palms here for an extra 10 minutes;

NOTE: Harth is one of the most powerful symbols from the Reiki “universe”, and it helps cleanse the heart and crown chakra.


This is not precisely a Reiki method.

Regardless, praying is an effective technique for cleansing the soul. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. At the end of the day, Reiki is a spiritual practice. You can’t ignore its spiritual side forever. The good news is that it doesn’t take sides. As long as we agree that we are governed by the same energy, working to connect to It is what matters most.

I would also recommend prayers as a method of cleansing the mind and the whole energetic body. Whenever you pray from the heart, the power grows exponentially.

Choose something that makes sense for you. Aim for the same intention, and you’ll find the right words.

The Effects Of A Clean And Bright Soul In The Physical And Subtle Bodies

  1. In the higher spiritual planes, the cleansing of the soul will resemble a warm light. It slowly fills the Astral, Etheric Template, and Celestial bodies. For the Ketheric Template, considering this is the most subtle layer of all, the presence of the soul has a somewhat “softer” touch;
  2. For the Emotional, Mental and Etheric bodies, the purity of your soul has a stronger and more direct influence. A soul filled with light will dissipate negative emotions and residual energies from these layers. It’s like you light a big fire in the middle of a pack of wolfs. They will run scared in any direction;
  3. At the physical level, the presence of a cleansed soul nourishes the whole body with positive energy. It fills the heart area, organs, tissue, muscles, and bones. As mentioned before, the brighter the soul, the healthier the body;

Remember that the mind and the soul work together. They are interconnected. A cleansed soul will have a beneficial impact on your mind. And a clear mind is advantageous for everything that you do.

The Inner-Self

There are entire books on this subject. At this level, we dive into deep introspection. It’s a vast and complex topic. That’s why, in this article, I’m only going to cover the necessary knowledge. It’s what makes 90% of what matters and what anyone interested should know.

Why We Need To Travel This Far

Aren’t the first two levels enough?

It’s already more than most people think about when it comes to healing.

Reiki can penetrate many layers, and therefore influence this one as well. Without understanding what you are healing, why some imbalances occur, it’s challenging to generate the right intention. And, because in Reiki, intention is key, this is one topic you want to consider.

Being informed and having a clear view of what’s going on can help you be more efficient in your practice.

You need to know the basics to understand how you function. It’s good to learn what needs to be transformed, healed, or totally removed from your life. These are all necessary elements for healthy spiritual growth.

Making sense of the inner-self will take you one step further towards this goal.

What Is The Inner-Self

In the typical psychological terms, it is known as the unconscious or subconscious.

The ancient Indian philosophers introduced this concept to the spiritual world as the inner-spirit or Kundalini Snake.

This “snake” is basically a complex form of energy and information. It represents us. It’s our true inner-self. The “snake” holds our qualities and flaws that we learn and manifest in each life.

The inner-self has a bright side and a shadow side.

  • The bright side includes your potential of becoming much more than you think you can be;
  • The shadow side has all the unmanifested emotions and thoughts you ever created. I dare say created because they are a product of our existence. In time and with patience, you can learn how to generate less of them;

Both these parts belong to you.

They are not separate.

It’s up to you to choose which one you grow stronger. Either way, both the light and shadow need discipline. It’s a process you perfect over time by raising your consciousness.

It’s an important matter, so don’t pass this information too easily.

About Healthy Consciousness Levels

You can work to raise your consciousness through meditation, introspection, and Reiki.

Again, whatever you do, it won’t happen overnight. It takes time, like anything else.

These methods provide a steady and gradual evolution instead of a sudden change that can create more imbalances.

By raising your consciousness, you begin to understand who you are. It will help you learn to accept yourself with all the good and the bad.

Most important … it will teach you how to find forgiveness towards yourself.

Judging or victimizing over things you have done in the past leads to no good. Instead, you’ll start accepting, understanding, and loving yourself more. It’s a step towards improving the inner-self, and a crucial one I might add.

We Are More Than Meets The Eye

As an encouragement, remember that you are more than what you are able to see at this moment.

You hold within your inner spirit the sum of all experiences from past lives.

This means that the strength and all the achievements are right there, within you. Fortunately, you can’t access this information freely. The energy can be overwhelming, and it’s a way to keep us protected.

Through spiritual practices and patience, this door can open bit by bit. 

You’ll probably never have access to its full potential.

But that’s not what you’re looking for. You still have to evolve in this physical life, with all its elements.

Having knowledge of this other plane tells us one thing. We are not alone, here, on Earth. So, you can, if you accept this type of help, receive part of that knowledge and wisdom. It’s not everything. But, it’s a good start towards a better you. For sure, the struggles we face will make more sense, and you’ll be able to tackle each challenge with more confidence.

Healing Your Inner-Self With Reiki

At this level, we deal with the third power center, the lower dantien.

In Chinese and Japanese spiritual traditions, this is considered the place where most of your vital energy is located.

In Hindu, it’s the first and most important threshold of the Kundalini energy that needs to be passed to start your spiritual growth.

Reiki can help cleanse this sea of energy. It will guide you to the roots of your emotional and energetic imbalances. From this point further, you learn how to work with them and heal yourself.

NOTE: The lower dantien corresponds to the Svadhishthana chakra.

When Doing Reiki Self-Treatment

As always, Reiki self-treatment is probably the most efficient way to energize this area.

  • Activate your palms and go through the treatment like would normally do;
  • Focus more on this area (under the naval);
  • The inner-spirit will benefit from the necessary amount of energy to grow and harmoniously manifest itself within your life;

It’s an action that will gradually develop self-awareness. This will determine you to focus more on your qualities while highlighting the imbalances that require healing.

Remember that there is no rush. This evolution will come in time through constant practice and dedication.

Using Reiki Symbols

Like the soul chapter, there is a sequence of Reiki symbols that can energize the Kundalini energy. I would recommend activating/visualizing them in the lower back of the body.

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Nin Giz Zida (Fire Serpent) + Fire Dragon + Tibetan Dai Ko Myo.

This is a powerful combination that will recalibrate, cleanse, and energize your inner-self.

It’s true that the last three symbols require the Reiki Master level. But, even without them, the 2nd level Usui Reiki symbols will work great.

You can continue your reading with this article on Reiki for the soul.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!


Two of the most influential Reiki teachers I had taught me to “place my mind” in my soul or inner-self. Whichever requires more attention at the time.

This concept might seem strange at first.

You might ask: “What’s wrong with simply staying at the mental level?”

A quick answer would be: “Through the soul and inner-self, we are able to manifest much more than just the rational part.”

The long answer implies accepting that all three parts are interconnected. The brain is the only component with a physical structure. Through it, we can express part of our emotions from both our soul and inner-self.

Of course, this process can reveal beautiful aspects that were not obvious before.

However, to do this requires us to know ourselves from a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

Know thyself

[Meditation] – How To Unite The Three Centers Of Power In 10 Steps

  1. Find a quiet place, free of distractions;
  2. Sit comfortably in a chair with your back straight;
  3. Place your palms on your lap, facing upwards and close your eyes;
  4. Take several deep breaths until you feel totally relaxed. You may use the Alpha state respiration technique, presented above;
  5. Visualize how your third eye area is engulfed in a sphere of bright white light. This sphere cleanses and activates this center of power;
  6. Visualize how the heart area becomes engulfed in another sphere of bright white light as it cleanses and activates this area;
  7. Visualize how the navel area is bathed in the energy of a similar sphere. This activates and cleanses the whole navel area;
  8. Stay like this until you are comfortable with this image. Feel how each one of those three areas become more and more energized;
  9. Now, visualize how the mental and navel spheres merge into the sphere located at the heart level. The three become one bright, large sphere of light;
  10. Slowly open your eyes and finish the meditation. Offer gratitude for receiving help and guidance;

NOTE: Using this particular method helps you live from the heart. Of course, it will last for as long as it’s good for you. Then, the three spheres will separate. You can always merge them back together. Just keep in mind that you won’t be starting from scratch and that you’re already on a path to healing and spiritual growth.

Best Practices

For mental activities merge them in the head area;

For manifesting love, affection, and forgiveness merge them in the heart area;

To manifest your true inner-self, merge them in the navel area;

It’s Your Turn

Has this article made things more clear for you?

If so, what was your “a-ha” moment?

Would love to continue the chat in the comments below.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

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