Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol: Learn About Its Meaning And Attributes

Fire Serpent Reiki symbol is a spiritual token that provides a particular manifestation of the universal life force energy.

Although it does not belong to the traditional lineage, it is vastly used in attunements, balancing chakras, and grounding.

Few Reiki practitioners have ventured into understanding the true essence of the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol because it’s pretty challenging to find related information.

This article promises to go beyond the standard descriptions and help you explore its mysteries more in-depth.

What Is The Meaning And Role Of The Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol

The Fire Serpent is a non-traditional symbol found in most Reiki systems at the master/teacher level.

NOTE: The master/teacher stage can be either 3b or 4, depending on the school.

It belongs to this higher attunement level because of the energy it manifests. This energy is part of a specific segment within the universal life force energy that corresponds to but is not limited to the Reiki attunement process.

It’s why the Fire Serpent is the first symbol used in most Reiki attunements. Still, you can also find it in healing sessions but applied slightly differently (which we’ll discuss later in the article).

The Fire Serpent Reiki symbol also plays a crucial role in preparing the student for the initiation as well as stabilizing the energy flow acquired through the attunement.

Name and Origins

One of its “non-official” names is Nin Giz Zida.

The name “Ningishzida” dates back to the Mesopotamian era, roughly 4300 years ago. Some research on the topic did emerge in the last decade, but relatively inconclusive.

What is almost certain is that “Ningishzida” was a personification of a god that could often become human.

Some scholars claim that he was the god responsible for crops and wine. Its transition to the underworld led to the end of the life-death cycle for these vital elements.

Other scholars consider Ningishzida the extension of his father, Ninazu, the god of healing. Both act as a catalyst for balance between life and death. They are often associated with snakes and fertile land, a depiction that leads to Caduceus – the healing symbol that consists of two coiled snakes.

Even if it’s known that both gods have their thrones in the underworld, there is no mention that they are evil in any way. That’s because this dimension was seen differently than today.

The underworld was a vital place that kept the life-death cycle alive. This enabled the world to revive each season, develop, and thrive through constant feedback.

Of course, there’s no straight answer.

What’s certain is that “Ningishzida” has many stories attached to its origin that are not necessarily linked to the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol.

The most important thing is that the symbol and the energy it efficiently brings work, and it certainly holds attributes beyond what we presently know.

How To Draw And Activate The Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol

This is the sequence of moves that you should typically follow to activate the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol:

Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol

When And Where It’s Best To Activate The Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol

On yourself:

  • On each palm – use the dominant palm to activate/draw it on the non-dominant palm and vice-versa. This is the first step in connecting and bringing the energy of the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol into the physical realm. Activating it on your palms precedes the self-treatment and treatment of others;
  • Back of the body – visualize the symbol on the back of your body before self-treatment. Do so with the symbol’s arch starting from your left shoulder to the right. The coils go all the way down to the sacral area. This will help enable an energetic alignment and activate the back projections of the primary chakras. It also dissolves residual energies, supporting your body’s healing power in back-related issues. Another benefit is grounding. You’ll enjoy a stable mental and emotional state, boost your confidence levels, and promote abundance in your life;
  • Front of the body – visualize the symbol on the front of your body to complement the previous step. You’ll stimulate the front side of your chakras while providing a grounding effect. It’s a great exercise for women because it can help alleviate menstrual-related pain;
  • Feet – activate the Fire Serpent + Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki parallel to the ground under your feet to help clear your path of any energetic blockages. Consider this sequence anytime you go to work, return home, or travel;

On others:

  • When offering attunements – this is the first symbol you use when initiating most Reiki attunements. As mentioned before, activating the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol on the back of the student prior to the attunement itself will prepare the future practitioner for receiving the new flow of energy. It will align, cleanse, and activate the back projection of the primary chakras and stimulate the energy flow through the Sushumna channel;
  • Back of the body – before offering Reiki therapy to others, activate the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol on the back and front sides of the body to balance the chakras’ back projections. This will also stimulate the residual energies and gradually transform them into beneficial ones. As an overall effect, the patient should feel more grounded and confident;

How To Use The Fire Serpent Reiki Symbol To Stimulate The Kundalini Energy

One of the lesser known effects of activating the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol on the length of the body (front and back) is stimulating the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine.

This action will gradually smoothen the energetic connection between the Kundalini and the conscious self.

You’ll become more aware of your potential as well as imbalances and take the necessary steps to improve certain mental and spiritual aspects all the way to the inner-self level.

NOTE: The difference between forming this link and rising the Kundalini energy is that the first one leads to a gradual understanding of oneself. On the other hand, the actual rising of the Kundalini energy is perpetual and implies a powerful spiritual awakening. Therefore, at the beginning of their spiritual journey, most practitioners experience the first stage. However, this doesn’t happen randomly. It prepares the main energetic channel Sushumna for the second stage – the rise of the Kundalini.

A Method For Stimulating And Raising The Kundalini Energy

I recommend this exercise to practitioners who already have experience with the energy flow and the use of symbols because it can help energize as well as raise the Kundalini energy.

  • After the Reiki self-treatment, activate the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol on your back as described above – start from the arch, down towards the sacral area;
  • Then, slowly visualize as the symbol begins to activate backward. Specifically, it will go from the bottom coil, finishing with a large arch over the shoulders;
  • Stay like this for a few minutes and try to listen to your body and feel the changes that occur;

There is a chance that you will feel tingling through the back of your spine. These are normal reactions to the rising of the Kundalini energy.

Constantly performing this exercise after the self-treatment will enable a gradual ascend of the Kundalini energy alongside an energizing effect.

If you feel like the energy overwhelms you, apply the standard activation method for the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol to settle the initial effect and calm down.

The Fire Dragon Reiki Symbols

These two symbols are very similar in how they look and behave.

The Fire Dragon Reiki symbol doesn’t belong to the traditional systems. Yet it’s present in most of them.

Unlike the Fire Serpent, we don’t use the Dragon of Fire directly in the attunement process but alongside the rest of the symbols.

Regarding its actual use, the Fire Dragon complements the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol. Together, they enhance each other’s vibration as well as different functions within the sessions.

How To Draw The Fire Dragon Reiki Symbol

As you can see, the Fire Dragon looks like a mirrored Fire Serpent.

Fire Dragon Reiki Symbol

How to Activate and use the Fire Dragon Reiki Symbol

On yourself:

  • Activate it on your palms before the self-treatment to bring its energy into the physical plane and enjoy its full potential;
  • Visualize it on the back of your body to help remove the energetic blockages that lead to back pain. Similar to the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol, the Fire Dragon comes with a grounding effect, providing a healthy connection to Earth’s energy. It’s also an excellent method to alleviate menstrual pain for women;
  • Activate it on the front side of your body to further enhance the grounding effect and remove any residual energies and blockages from this area;
  • Activate the Fire Dragon + Fire Serpent on the back of your body to boost the vital energy flow. This can be very efficient if you are about to engage in physical activity;
  • Activate both symbols on the front side of your body to help sublimate negative energies and create a layer of energetic protection;
  • Whenever you feel negative energy has been projected on you, activate the Fire Dragon + Ho Ka O Ili Ili in front of you. If you don’t have the Shamballa attunement, you can always use Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki for a similar effect. Make sure that the projection was intentional and conscious. Abusing this method can create karmic distortions between you and the sender;

On others:

Use the above steps.

The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide

One Last Word

The Fire Serpent Reiki symbol is important in attunements and in one’s energetic purification.

Combining it with the Fire Dragon Reiki symbol will amplify each other’s potential for cleansing and protection.

Their constant presence in self-treatment alongside the rest of the Reiki symbols will significantly increase the overall vibration. This can lead to better physical, mental, and emotional health. In addition, it will clear your spiritual path and better align you with your divine purpose.

Keep in mind that we’re merely scratching the surface, and many uses are yet to be discovered. Once you resonate with a symbol or find a method that suits your lifestyle and needs, it’s a great idea to experiment within that “narrow” field. This will gradually surface insights otherwise hidden at first glance.

Follow your intuition, and don’t spread yourself too thin. The information is always there for your benefit. Start broad, be flexible, and slowly direct your focus to what matters most to you.


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    • Hi Lynne.

      In order to fully benefit from the energetic potential of a symbol, an attunement is needed.

      Even so, considering that you already have access to the flow of the universal life force energy though your attunements, you can integrate their essence through meditation and through the energetic gateway by activating Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen towards the desired symbol. Then you can integrate their energy into your daily practice.

  1. Hi Vlad,
    When I learned the symbols Fire Serpent en Fire Dragong, I was taught to draw the Fire Dragon in upside direction, starting at the tail and the horizontal part last, so the energy would flow upwards cleaning the chakras. Glad to hear your thoughts about that.
    Thanks and blessings for being so generous sharing your knowledge!

    • Hi Marianne.

      You can also do that method its just that it has quite different effects. Normally, that sequence is used in the Karuna Reiki attunements – and for a good reason.


      • Hi Vlad,
        Thanks for replying.
        So there are differences; that is what I expected already. I would be grateful to learn more about those differences and that “good reason”; would you please be more specific and tell me more?
        Thanks a lot for answering my questions.

        How interesting! Thanks for explaining, Vlad!
        I am a Reiki Master and have an attunement for Tera Mai.
        Glad to learn from you, thanks a lot!


  2. Hi Vlad,
    Thanks for replying.
    So there are differences; that is what I expected already. I would be grateful to learn more about those differences and that “good reason”; would you please be more specific and tell me more?
    Thanks a lot for answering my questions.

    • Hi Marianne.

      The “good reason” was that Karuna Reiki has a higher vibration (as a whole system) than the Usui one. Through Karuna Reiki, you receive a more powerful inner-self awakening and access to various angels, archangels, and high-vibrational divine entities.

      Because of all this, in the moment of attunement in Karuna Reiki, the Fire Serpent is drawn both the usual way and imidiatly afterwords from the bottom upward.


  3. How interesting! Thanks for explaining, Vlad!
    I am a Reiki Master and have an attunement for Tera Mai.
    Glad to learn from you, thanks a lot!


  4. I’m so glad I found your site – its brilliant, thank you! I have subscribed too.
    I have just returned to Reiki, after a dark decade of the soul. Long story. To regain my self-confidence and refresh my knowledge, I have re-studied & passed with a Distinction as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher Diploma (even though I was already attuned and qualified in 2008) and will be performing my first Reiki treatment this evening. Exciting times!

    Jules x

    • Hi there Jules and thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it and it means a lot!

      Happy to hear that you are able to get back on track. That’s what Reiki does – cleanses the mind and soul and allows you to perceive life from a healthy and spiritual perspective. We’ve all been to that point where there seems to be an unending darkness but even that fades away in the presence of light! Hopefully, this first treatment will be the first of many and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It’s all up to you.



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