Learn What Spirit Guides Are And How To Connect With Them

If you’re a bit confused about what Spirit Guides are, how they are assigned or how to communicate with them during your Reiki practice, you are not alone and this article is designed to help you answer these questions.

When I first came in contact with the idea of “spirit/spiritual guides” I have to admit that I was very confused.

Many questions came to mind: “What is a spirit guide?”, “Where do they come from?”, “Are they real and how to find your spirit guide?”.

But the most important of them all was: “ How does this fit into my daily Reiki practice?”.

Considering how important this chapter is, I don’t want to attribute it to a certain Reiki level. I believe everyone should learn this from the very beginning so that every student will understand and be aware of its importance.

What Is A Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides are spiritual entities from higher planes of existence. They can be angels, archangels as well as ascendant spiritual Masters.

More about these archetypes in a moment.

They can have multiple roles, guiding us in different activities. These may vary from sports to our working environment and psychology to our love life.

Some of them are specialized in more artistic endeavors such as music, writing, learning, drawing, philosophy or esoteric science.

A professional for example can work with her spiritual guides in order to achieve better results through her practice. Usually, they manifest unconsciously but if you are aware of them, and know how to communicate with your spirit guides, it can then become a conscious relationship.

Reiki And Spirit Guides

The idea of Spirit Guides is a relatively “new” thing in the world of Reiki. Traditionally, Reiki has no original teachings on them. However, they do not come in conflict with the regular practice.

The concept of Reiki spiritual guides (whether it was recent or not) has a positive impact. It greatly enhances meditation and takes it to a new spiritual level.

Regardless of whether it was present or not in traditional Reiki, we can’t rule out the work with spiritual guides nor their existence. It would not be wise to avoid it. This knowledge brings great wisdom to the Reiki experience.

Types Of Spirit Guides

Ascendant Masters

  • These were once ordinary humans who lived a series of spiritual evolutionary changes to a point where they’ve reached what is called “enlightenment”.
  • By enduring in many physical lives many struggles they ultimately ended their personal mission on Earth and decided to guide people who are interested in finding wisdom and spiritual awakening.

Former Reiki Masters (or practitioners)

  • Believed to be spiritual practitioners long before Dr. Mikao Usui, from more ancient origins of Reiki.
  • Through spiritual experiences, they have passed into the astral world, helping and guiding others who practice Reiki and other exotic practices.

Angels and Archangels

  • Some of the spirit guides can be in the form of more celestial beings such as angels, archangels or even seraphim.
  • Evolved Spirits from Higher Dimensions
  • These are beneficial entities that come to help other worlds such as ours in our spiritual evolution.
  • They can be invoked to guide us as long as our practice is in the service of raising the vibration and consciousness of humanity. (see Lightarian Reiki for a more direct approach)

How Many Spirit Guides Do We Have And How To Find Them

It is acknowledged that, regardless of our religion, each one of us receives an angel when we are born and another one if we get baptized.

Throughout your life, you can receive more spiritual. Here are a few ways this can be achieved:

  • Energy healing (meditation, Reiki, Qi-Gong, Radiesthesy, Yoga, etc);
  • Giving and receiving attunements (on Reiki and other practices);
  • Offering therapy (Reiki treatment) for other people; this involves also distance healing;
  • Fasting and praying for yourself or others, regardless of your religion;

By generally helping out people in need can bring you more spiritual guides that will help you throughout your life.

In the end, it will be up to you how many spirit guides you will have in your life.

Some have just a few, while others may have thousands. It can prove difficult to say for sure how many Spirit Guides a person has unless you do a specific meditation with this purpose.

A key thing to remember is that Spirit Guides belong to various, higher planes of existence and are more than willing to help us on our spiritual journey.

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned

Whenever you receive or give an attunement they are the ones that guide you.

We are channels through which the universal energy flows and manifests. Through the attunement process, you create an energetic pathway for them to ‘arrive” and help with the attunement. We are vessels and not keepers of this energy.

Once attuned as a student, you will receive more spirit guides that will stay with you indefinitely to help with your personal development if you learn to communicate with them. They will enhance your Reiki treatments and support you in your mission in life.

As mentioned, they are extremely useful in Reiki practice and they are more than willing to help us heal and to guide us to a higher level of consciousness.

The Importance Of An Intermediary

Most times, the spirit guides are coordinated by a leader, a personal guardian that can sometimes act as an intermediary between us and much higher spirit beings.

It can redirect their intentions, messages, and energies towards us so we can better receive them.

Therefore…why do we “need” an intermediary?

We are not constantly in the need of an intermediary, but we have to understand that some beings of light such as chief angels or archangels are very large and bright.

This makes it almost impossible to distinguish to whom we are talking to and what message they wish to send us.

It’s like you would look directly into a lighthouse lamp!

For example, there is the story of Moses when he arrived in heaven to receive the Torah from God.

There, he met the archangel of love called Hadraniel who was extremely bright and measured a staggering 2.1 million miles … imagine that!

The story might seem a bit “too much” for most people, but the idea stands. 

Even though the intensity of energy between this plane and others differ, it does not mean that it makes us less worthy or weak. We live in a physical realm with a type of vibration and they live in another realm with a different one.

Therefore sometimes, it happens that we need a mediator so that we may receive the correct information and energy that arrives at our level. 

NOTE: there is no such thing as a good or bad level. We are where we are supposed to be and we must always aim for better. It is said that even higher-level entities sometimes envy us for the possibility of experiencing so many amazing things on Earth.

Learn How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

Remember that deep gut feeling that you have when you know you should do differently than the current situation?

That moment when your deep intuition just screams at you to do the right thing?

That’s when you connect with your spirit guides. It’s the time when we receive attention from our guardian angel. This happens because our intuition is strongly linked to our spirit guides.

If you are attuned in Reiki, one of the best ways to communicate with your spirit guides is by sending them energy/light.

You can do this using Reiki distance healing techniques and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol.

By sending energy each day for a specific task, it will increase their power and attention towards that particular activity.

You can also send energy to your spirit guides so they can help out with a future event, or project.

Communicate With Your Spirit Guides To Help Others

Another useful way to communicate with your spirit guides is to ask them to help someone in need, whether it’s for aiding with health reasons or other incidents.

They will always listen.

Just be sure to send them light and ask them to come back to you after helping others.

When doing therapy, they can guide your hands to the area of the body that is in need of more energy. Obviously, if this happens, focus more on that spot.

Establishing a good and strong connection with your spirit guides is one of the most important things on the spiritual path. As their number grows, our power grows as well, but the connection is equally important. 

Whenever we pray or ask for help they will act. The result will always be for our greater good even though that may not always be the outcome we wanted. 

This happens because as humans we are often unable to see from a Divine perspective. Our view is limited to only what we believe is good.

How To Contact Your Spirit Guides And Ask For Help

  1. One of the simplest ways is to send them light (10-15 minutes each day). This way your connection with them will improve over time. You’ll also be keeping them empowered for anything you wish to accomplish.
  2. Another way is to pray and ask them directly for help. Be clear about your request and intention and you will receive the assistance that is best suited for you and your situation.
  3. Meditate while connecting with your Spirit Guides. Find a quiet moment and place and you may play some ambient, relaxing music. You will most likely visualize your guardian angel as well as other spiritual guides. In your meditation, you should be able to communicate with your Spirit Guides and see what they would like you to change for your greater good.

Healing Angels And Archangels Names That Might Help You On Your Spiritual Journey

Metatron – Known as “Heaven’s Chancellor”, and holder of the protective cube of light. He is the leader of all Archangels, guardian of promises, oaths and clean thoughts. He is able to remove any negative entities and help with karmic debts. Read more about Archangel Metatron >>

Raphael – Known as the healing angel, is the guardian of all healers, therapists, and doctors from all fields of medicine. It can be called upon when there are health problems. Read more about Archangel Raphael >>

Michael – Angel of protection and cleansing. He can help keep away unseen dark entities and energies. It can be invoked when there is an extra need for cleansing and protection of a person or space. Read more about Archangel Michael >>

Uriel – Archangel of saving your dear ones and guardian of travelers – always helps with a long trip. He will offer guidance and clear thinking, especially for those that go on spiritual journeys. Read more about Archangel Uriel >>

Gabriel – The Divine messenger and Archangel of mercy. He is the one delivering the messages to Metatron, who in turn passes them further. Read more about Archangel Gabriel >>

Zadkiel – The angel of prayer. He is most helpful when going over temptation. When praying, and called upon, he is the one that teaches us to lean our heads to our hearts. Read more about Archangel Zadkiel >>

Hadraniel – Archangel of unconditional love and compassion. Once invocated, he can fill a whole space with love and light. He is able to bring back the spark into a relationship and helps the partners communicate from heart to heart. He resonates with the Reiki symbols Sei He Ki, Shika Sei Ki, and Harth (from Karuna Reiki).

Raziel – Archangel in wisdom and knowledge. He can guide us on our spiritual path to find the correct knowledge and truth. He coordinates the minds of wise people and brings up “bright ideas” that concerns spirituality. Read more about Archangel Raziel >>

Who Is My Spirit Guide And How To Find Its Name

Each person has a guardian (or leader) that coordinates your other spirit guides. He can be the one you receive at your birth or at your baptize and helps you throughout your life.

Once you establish a harmonious communication with your personal Spirit Guide, then you can meditate and find its name. It does not need to be a specific meditation. Follow your intuition and understand that you have a personal connection with it.

Whenever you feel like having a meditative state, ask your guardian angel/guide to help you better connect to it.

Ask for its name!

The first name that comes to mind is its true name. Keep it for yourself, don’t share it with others. It is only for you to hear.

When you are ready it will reveal its name to you. Then you’ll be able to communicate much easier.

Its name may be one that you have not heard of before or perhaps the name of an angel, archangels or ascendant master.

All Spirit Guides have names, but first, try to remember how yours is called.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!

What Do Spirit Guides Look Like

There is a multitude of features for each one of them.

Some Spirit Guides can look like people while others may have a typical angelic aspect or even wear a warrior helmet.

how spirit guides look like

It depends on their purpose and “specialization”. If a Spirit Guide is focused on healing, it will have different features than one who’s focused on protection. These features can make various facial expressions, coverings and some may even have wings.

If you want to discover how a Spirit Guide looks like, the best way to do it is through meditation.

Once again, keep in mind that this doesn’t need to be a specific one. Use your intuition and have the intention of connecting to your guides.

If this is your first time connecting to your Spirit Guides, most likely your guardian will greet you first. Determine its traits and features so that you may recognize it when you ask for guidance and help.

You will find that some angels/guides have with them instruments, weapons, gifts or even flowers. Sometimes they will offer you certain gifts. These can vary from abilities (writing, painting, memorizing) to instruments that belong to the astral plane.

Keep them with you and ask for guidance in order to develop higher awareness and raise your conscience.

Even if their original, astral appearance may be hard to comprehend, they usually appear in our prayers and meditations with a pleasant, angelic look. That’s usually for you to be more in tune with them.

It’s not rare to hear children about how they’ve seen fairies, small light beings or even angels.

If this sounds familiar, don’t panic!

It’s actually a good sign.

This indicates that your child is not yet affected by the vail of this world.

In the end, don’t forget about yourself. Listen to your intuition. Inside is the true guidance, the trust and the master of all things!

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  1. I have had many religious experiences with the spirit I thought of as my guide. The problem is, this spirit led me on for years so that I would think it was a being of light and love. When my path turned very dark and I began to be “haunted” I realized I had been tricked. The spirit had made me think it was good, but it was very bad. It isn’t hard for them to deceive us. Asking Jesus for help was what saved me.

    • Hi there Beth and thank you for writing.

      Obviously this wasn’t a Reiki spirit guide.

      Reiki spirit guides are communicating better with us when we are at peace.

      There is one more important thing: oftentimes we are the ones that “taint” the messages that we receive from our spirit guides. They can send the right information and guidance, but if we are living in a negative mindset, there is a strong possibility that we are able to interpret those messages in the wrong way.

      That is when we can also become vulnerable to other influences. Those are not the spirit guides. That is why Reiki, along with praying and/or other spiritual practices can help cleanse our body, mind, and spirit.
      From there on, we are able to understand which is which. It all depends on us and our spiritual development.

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